Feb 22

Novena for the 70th Anniversary of the Transit of Luisa into Heaven – Begins February 23

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Jan 29

70th Anniversary of Luisa’s Birth in Heaven – Mar. 4, 2017 Schedule

March 4, 2017- Schedule

70th anniversary of the birth in Heaven of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta and 30th birth anniversary of the Association Luisa Piccarreta Little Children of the Divine Will

On March 4, 2017 on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the birth in Heaven of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta and of the 30th birth anniversary of the Association Luisa Piccarreta Little Children of the Divine Will, the Association in accordance with the Archbishop of Trani, Mons. Giovanni Battista Picchierri will hold a two days event on the theme “The Precious Pearl of the Kingdom” and it developed a program rich in religious and cultural initiatives that we report below. Everything will also be preceded by a concert in honor of Luisa Piccarreta on the evening of March 3 and will be concluded with the Eucharistic Celebration presided by Archbishop Giovanni Battista Pichierri at the Cathedral of Trani, on March 5.

70th anniversary of the birth in Heaven of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta

30th anniversary of the birth of the Association Luisa Piccarreta–L.C.D.W.Corato

March 3-4-5, 2017

The Precious Pearl of the Kingdom


March 3


8:00 pm               Concert in honor of Luisa Piccarreta

March 4


                6:00 am – 9:00 am           “The Time of the Call”

Commemoration of Luisa’s death

Meeting at Luisa’s tomb and procession to the Mother Church

Adoration “24 hours for the Lord”


                10:00 am             Eucharistic celebration presided by Archbishop Giovanni B. Pichierri

                11:30 am             Community Reflection

                1:00   pm             Lunch break

                3:30   pm             Prayer. The Rounds in the Divine Will

                5.00   pm             Community Reflection

                VISIT TO  LUISA’S  PLACES          

March 5                              

                MOTHER CHURCH OF CORATO 

                9:00 am                Praises to the Divine Will

                10:00 am – 12 noon        Community Reflection

                12.30 pm             Lunch break

                TRANSFER TO TRANI CATHEDRAL           

                3:00 pm                 Prayer. The Hours of the Passion

                4:00 pm                 Presentation of The New Mysticism Dictionary published by Vatican Publishing House

                 6:30 pm               Concluding Mass presided by Archbishop Giovanni B. Pichierri


Tel e fax 080 898 2221

Cell 3892497597




Associazione Luisa Piccarreta

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Feb 23

Gospel Reading for February 23, 2017 with Divine Will Truths – Perfect Order that Generates Peace

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Feb 22

Gospel Reading for Feb. 22, 2017 with Divine Will Truths – Keys to the Kingdom, Keys to the Divine Will

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Feb 22

The Crown and Completion of All Sanctity

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Feb 21

Gospel Reading for Feb. 21, 2017 with Divine Will Truths – Man was to Serve to Maintain God’s Amusement

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Feb 20

Gospel Reading for Feb. 20, 2017 with Divine Will Truths – Power of Prayer in the Divine Will

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Feb 19

VII Sunday in Ordinary Time – 2017

VII Sunday in Ordinary Time

We are children of a Father to be taken as a model

Dear brothers and sisters, Fiat!

The love of neighbor was already recommended in ancient Israel,as reported in the first reading (Lev. 19); but the concept of “neighbor” concerned only compatriots: “Do not hate a fellow Israelite in your heart.Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among your people.”With Jesus, things have changed, as today’s Gospel (Mt 5:38 – 48), testifies on the subject, since it presents two essential features of the Christian revolution in social relations.

Continuing to explain the deeper meaning, the fulfillment of the precepts that were already in the Old Testament, Jesus invites us to overcome the so-called law of retaliation (“an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth”), and He commands: no revenge, never violence, even to those who have harmed us. Indeed, He said, “Love your enemies, pray for those who persecute”, that you may be children of your heavenly Father, and thus take Him as a role model.

No violence, but love for all: a true revolution, which, even though it is far from being fully realized, it has already made this world, although all its ugly things, certainly better than two thousand years ago. This is evidenced at least by the fact that while oppression, abuse, exploitation, in short the violence of the strong over the weak once was considered normal, civilized countries have now abolished it in their legislation, and when it happens, it arouses in all at least a start  of consciousness and the formal condemnation

The underlying reason for these teachings of Jesus lies in His appeal to the dignity of man, who God has adopted as a son. In the second reading (1 Corinthians 3:16-23) Paul reiterates it strongly: “Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in your midst? If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy that person; for God’s temple is sacred, and you together are that temple.. ” And again, at the end of the passage: “all are yours, and you are of Christ, and Christ is of God. “

Temple of God! Jesus’ listeners knew only one Temple, that of Jerusalem. It was the center of their lives, pride of the nation, place of the mysterious but real presence of God among His people, a most holy place, where nothing and nobody that could desecrate it was admitted. Today, even because of Paul’s words, the concept oftemple according to the Christians has changed; more than being the dwelling of God, it is the house where the faithful gather to celebrate Him.

The Church founded by Jesus Christ is not a stone building, it is made up of all Its  faithful; then the word was used to designate the buildings where the members of the Church usually gather. So the churches are made for men; As the dwelling-place of God, He is pleased to dwell in man,more than between four walls, that is in the only creature that He made in his image and likeness, that He made able to communicate with Him and receive His gifts; the only creature authorized to call Him Father.

All the care that instinctively men dedicated to the stone temples should not prevail over the attentions for the true temple that is made up of body and soul, of intelligence and heart. If God dwells in man, an incomparable dignity is given to man, that nobody is allowed to crush, not the state, for example with the practice of torture, denial of freedom to citizens, or by tolerating situations of injustice; not the individual,  by adopting behaviors that in fact do not recognize that dignityin other people:it will be permissible to protect one’s good right, but never offending, cheating, taking advantage of the neighbor, and even neglecting his difficulties, when you are able to alleviate them. Nor it will be permitted to trample our own dignity: no matter whether in public or in private, the consciousness of being the temple of God prevents us to dishearten ourselves with thoughts and actions that we would be ashamed to show even to our earthly father.

Luisa lived her life in the full knowledge that the Lord Jesus was always with her, she was aware that her heart was the permanent dwelling of the presence of Jesus’ love within her. For this reason, Luisa in her writings repeatedly describedher affliction when she didn’t feel the Lord inside her. She felt tortured, exhausted of strength, so much so, that as she had tried to write what Jesus had told her in the previous days, she felt herself in the impossibility of doing it. So, Jesus,seeing that she could not, and the great efforts she was making in order to write, came and consoled her with His loving presence and His words.

What martyrs Luisa is the Divine Will, that is immense and eternal, and therefore her littleness feels all the weight of Its immensity, and feels itself being crushed under It.

But this is God’s great love for Luisa and its light wants to restore, not only her soul, but also her body. It wants to as though pulverize it; and animating the atoms of her dust with Its light, with Its heat, It wants to remove any germ or humor of human will, so that both her soul and her body, everything, may be sacred in her. It wants to tolerate nothing, not even one atom of her being, which would not be animated and consecrated by the Divine Will.

Therefore, her hard martyrdom is nothing other than the consummation of what does not belong to It. The human will is the profaner of the creature. When it has its little ways, the slightest holes through which to enter into her, it profanes the holiest things, the most innocent ones. And God’s Will, which made of man Its sacred and living temple, in which to place Its throne, Its dwelling, Its regime, Its glory, feels that if the creature gives the little entries to the human volition, It feels Its temple, Its throne,Its dwelling, Its regime and Its very glory being profaned.

God’ Will wants to touch everything about the creature – even God’s very presence, to see whether Its dominion is absolute over her and she content herself that It alone dominate her and have primacy in her. Everything in the creature must be Divine Will, so that It may be able to say: “I am sure, she has denied Me nothing – not even the sacrifice of the presence of her Jesus, whom she loved more than herself.Therefore, my Kingdom is safe.”


don Marco

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Feb 18

in Memory of Archbishop Carmelo Cassati

“The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep” (John 10:11)

A loss on the earth one more light in Heaven


This is the memory of an enlightened Pastor who led the diocese of Trani-Barletta-Bisceglie, as well as the Association Luisa Piccarreta in Corato: Archbishop Carmelo Cassati whom the Lord called to His house.

He was Pastor and father for ten years, for the children of the Divine Will who remember him as paternal guide, wise and at the same time of holy prudence.

After two months from his entry into the diocese, Archbishop Cassati, on April 10, 1991, made his first visit to the Association Luisa Piccarreta.

After visiting the chapel and adoring the Most Blessed Sacrament he visited Luisa’s room and prayed at her bedside.

After a dialogue with the members he celebrated the Eucharist in the chapel of the association, which was recently restored, and promised to return soon and often. So it was that on the 25th of every month he concluded that day of adoration with the Eucharistic blessing.

Having received from the Holy See the “Not obstare” at the request of the Association, on November 20, 1994 he began the diocesan process for the cause of beatification and canonization of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta in the Mother Church, the presence of many faithful also from different parts of the world.

A small excerpt of his homily: “Luisa is not a saint like any other. She is a saint who was put on the cross and that’s because she could resemble Christ Crucified who had asked her to join Him in His Passion.  Even though Luisa was born, died and was buried in Corato, you can not explain why in some countries people Know and love her more. To understand Luisa we must go only to one point: “FIAT! Your Will be done. ” We have no choice. This meant her entire life.

Archbishop Cassati never missed an opportunity to spread the figure of Luisa and manifest the importance of her writings.

In 1995 he made the journey to America, Costa Rica, to open the 1st international conference with the participation of 17 nations. From Corato some priests and Sister Assunta left together with the Archbishop.

The presence of the Archbishop of Trani gave a favorable impression to the figure of Luisa in distant lands.

His exact words: “I was pleased to see those souls who welcomed with humility the message of the Divine Will”.

He promoted the message of Luisa at the Congregation of the Faith, and thanks to him, the Association obtained the writings of Luisa photocopied. To him we owe the gift of this treasure that is, Luisa’s Diary that describes the transformation of men’s lives  into the life of heaven even while we are on earth.

March 4,1947 -1997: 50th anniversary of the death of Luisa.

The commitment and participation of Archbishop Cassati was an example for the city of Corato and the many pilgrims who came from foreign nations. At the invitation of the Archbishop there was the participation of all the clergy of Corato and many priests of the diocese. Finally, he issued an edict in which he asked all those who possessed manuscripts and things that had belonged to Luisa to donate them to the Association to be well kept and give the right value to them.

It was an edict which gave positive results.

A brief excerpt of the homily of March 4, 1997 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Luisa’s death: “Fifty years ago for several days the body of Luisa Piccarreta passed throughout Corato. The testimony of this evening suggests that her name is still alive among you and I would like it to be alive even in the whole diocese, because it is a glory for Corato but it is also a glory of the diocese. I wish that all of us could start to fall in love with this figure, meditating a little of her life. “

During those ten years lived among us, the Archbishop strengthened his paternal relationship and an authority that invited us to trust and filial confidence. So the Association Luisa Piccarreta reminds us of him.

Thanks to the Lord who chooses the Pastors according His own heart, so that the Church is ever more dedicated to raising Its children in imitation of Jesus the King, so that the Kingdom of the Fiat Voluntas Tua can have its fulfillment “as in heaven, so on earth“.

Suor Assunta

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Feb 18

Gospel Reading for Feb. 18, 2017 with Divine Will Truths – Jesus asked Luisa for the Sacrifice of her Life

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Feb 17

Gospel Reading for Feb. 17, 2017 with Divine Will Truths – Lay Down Life to Save It

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