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Day 13

Now, my child, listen to Me. I had just turned three years old when my parents let Me know that they wanted to consecrate Me to the Lord in the temple. My heart rejoiced in hearing this – about consecrating Myself and spending my years in the house of God. But beneath my joy there was a sorrow: the privation of the dearest persons one can have on earth – my dear parents. I was little, I needed their paternal cares; I was depriving Myself of the presence of two great saints. Moreover, I saw that as the day approached on which they were to deprive themselves of Me, who rendered their lives full of joy and of happiness, they felt such bitterness as to feel they were dying. But though suffering, they were disposed to make the heroic act of taking Me to the Lord.

My parents loved Me in the order of God, and considered Me a great gift, given to them by the Lord. This gave them the strength to make the painful sacrifice. Therefore, my child, if you want to have an invincible strength to suffer the hardest pains, let all of your things be in the order of God, and hold them as precious gifts given to you by God.

 Day 15

Now listen to Me, my child; I arrived at the Temple only to live of Divine Will. My holy parents delivered Me to the superiors of the temple, consecrating Me to the Lord; and while they were doing so, I was dressed up in a festal manner, and hymns and prophecies were sung, which regarded the future Messiah. Oh, how my Heart rejoiced!

Afterwards, with courage, I said good-bye to my dear and holy parents; I kissed their right hands, and I thanked them for the care they took of my childhood, and for having consecrated Me to the Lord with so much love and sacrifice. My peaceful presence, without crying and courageous, infused so much courage in them, that they had the strength to leave Me and to depart from Me. The Divine Will ruled over Me and extended Its Kingdom in all of these acts of mine. Oh, power of the Fiat –You alone could give Me the heroism to separate myself from those who loved Me so much, even though I was so little and I saw that they felt their hearts break in separating themselves from Me!


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Jul 18

Feast Day of Saint Camillus Of Lellis

Feast Day of Saint Camillus Of Lellis

July 18

St. CamillusThe story and history of Saint Camillus Of Lellis. The early years of Camillus gave no sign of sanctity. At the age of nineteen he took service with his father, an Italian noble, against the Turks, and after four years’ hard campaigning found himself, through his violent temper, reckless habits, and inveterate passion for gambling, a discharged soldier, and in such straitened circumstances that he was obliged to work as a laborer on a Capuchin convent which was then building. A few words from a Capuchin friar brought about his conversion, and he resolved to become a religious. Thrice he entered the Capuchin novitiate, but each time an obstinate wound in his leg forced him to leave. He repaired to Rome for medical treatment, and there took St. Philip as his confessor, and entered the hospital of St. Giacomo, of which he became in time the superintendent. The carelessness of the paid chaplains and nurses towards the suffering patients now inspired him with the thought of founding a congregation to minister to their wants. With this end he was ordained priest, and in 1586 his community of the Servants of the Sick was confirmed by the Pope. Its usefulness was soon felt, not only in hospitals, but in private houses. Summoned at every hour of the day and night, the devotion of Camillus never grew cold. With a woman’s tenderness he attended to the needs of his patients. He wept with them, consoled them, and prayed with them. He knew miraculously the state of their souls; and St. Philip saw angels whispering to two Servants of the Sick who were consoling a dying person. One day a sick man said to the Saint, “Father, may I beg you to make up my bed? it is very hard.” Camillus replied, “God forgive you, brother! You beg me! Don’t you know yet that you are to command me, for I am your servant and slave.” “Would to God,” he would cry, “that in the hour of my death one sigh or one blessing of these poor creatures might fall upon me!” His prayer was heard. He was granted the same consolations in his last hour which he had so often procured for others. In the year 1614 he died with the full use of his faculties, after two weeks’ saintly preparation, as the priest was reciting the words of the ritual, “May Jesus Christ appear to thee with a mild and joyful countenance!”

Camillus was beatified by Pope Benedict XIV in the year 1742, and canonized by him four years later in 1746.

Popularly, Camillus is the patron saint of the sick, hospitals, nurses and physicians. His assistance is also invoked against gambling.

His mortal remains are located in the altar in the Church of St. Mary Magdalene in Rome, along with several of his relics. Also on display is the Cross which allegedly spoke to Camillus, and asked him, “Why are you afraid? Do you not realize that this is not your work but mine?” which has become the motto associated with St. Camillus, as well as healthcare workers who were inspired by him.

The Congregation of the Servants of the Sick of St Camillus, the Daughters of St Camillus, the Secular Institutes of Missionaries of the Sick Christ Our Hope, of the Kamillianische Schwestern (Camillan Sisters) and of the Lay Camillian Family, were born later of the charism and spirituality of St. Camillus.

St. Camillus’ feast day was originally inserted in the General Roman Calendar in 1762 for celebration on 18 July, since 14 July, the day of his death, was at that time taken by the feast of Saint Bonaventure. It was then given the rank of Double, later it was changed in 1960 to that of “Third-Class Feast”[5] and in the liturgical changes of 1969 to that of an obligatory “Memorial“, when it was also moved to the anniversary of his death, 14 July. In the U.S.A. it is currently an optional Memorial celebrated on 18 July, because on 14 July there is the obligatory Memorial of St. Kateri Tekakwitha.


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Jul 16





Since the 15th century, popular devotion to Our Lady of Mount Carmel has centered on the Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel also known as the Brown Scapular, a sacramental associated with promises of Mary’s special aid for the salvation of the devoted wearer. Traditionally, Mary is said to have given the Scapular to an early Carmelite named Saint Simon Stock. The liturgical feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel is celebrated on 16 July.[1]

The solemn liturgical feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel was probably first celebrated in England in the later part of the 14th century. Its object was thanksgiving to Mary, the patroness of the Carmelite Order, for the benefits she had accorded to it through its rocky early existence. The institution of the feast may have come in the wake of the vindication of their title “Brothers of the Blessed Virgin Mary” at Cambridge, England in 1374. The date chosen was 17 July; on the European mainland this date conflicted with the feast of St. Alexis, necessitating a shift to 16 July, which remains the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel throughout the Catholic Church. The Latin poem Flos Carmeli (meaning “Flower of Carmel”) first appears as the sequence for this Mass.[2]

The Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel is known to many Catholic faithful as the “scapular feast,” associated with the Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, a devotional sacramental signifiying the wearer’s consecration to Mary and affiliation with the Carmelite Order. A tradition first attested to in the late 14th century says that Saint Simon Stock, an early prior general of the Carmelite Order,[3] had a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary in which she gave him the Brown Scapular which formed part of the Carmelite habit, promising that those who died wearing the scapular would be saved.[4]

That there should be a connection in people’s minds between the scapular, the widely popular devotion originating with the Carmelites, and this central Carmelite feast day, is surely not unnatural or unreasonable.

Prayer to the Blessed Mother of Mount Carmel

carmel11“Oh most beautiful flower of Mt. Carmel, fruitful vine, splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity. Oh Star of the Sea, help me and show me you are my Mother. Oh Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and earth, I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to succor me in this necessity (make request). There are none that can withstand your power. Oh Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee. Sweet Mother I place this cause in your hands. Amen.

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Jul 14



“It is to the Cross that the Christian is challenged to follow his Master: no path of redemption can make a detour around it.”
― Hans Urs von Balthasar, Unless You Become Like This Child


Luisa1By the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta

O please! You Yourself, O Lord, make me comprehend how easily I can become holy, if only I embrace with love that daily cross which your love offers me; if only I do, as best I can, the daily actions which duty or charity require of me.


V1 -“Holy Spouse, give me suffering, give me crosses.  From this alone will I know whether You Love me – if You content me with crosses and with sufferings.”

V2 -“Yes, my Jesus, I yearn for nothing but the cross.”

V3 - “Ah, Lord, I pray You to keep me always nailed to the cross, so that, having this Divine Mirror ever before me, I may clean all my stains and embellish myself ever more in Your Likeness.”

V3 - “My Beloved, who can say to You what the Cross is?  Your mouth alone can speak worthily of the sublimity of the Cross; but since You want me to speak, I will do it.

“The Cross, suffered by You, freed me from the slavery of the devil, and espoused me to the Divinity with an indissoluble bond.  The Cross is Fecund and gives birth to Grace in me.  The Cross is Light, It disillusions me of what is temporal, and reveals to me what is eternal.  The Cross is Fire, and reduces to ashes all that is not of God, to the point of emptying my heart of the tiniest blade of grass that might be in it.  The Cross is Coin of inestimable Value, and if I have, O Holy Spouse, the fortune of possessing it, I will be enriched with Eternal Coins, to the point of becoming the richest in Paradise, because the currency that circulates in Heaven is the Cross suffered on earth.  The Cross, then, makes me know myself; not only this, but It gives me the Knowledge of God.  The Cross grafts all Virtues into me.  The Cross is the Noble Pulpit of the uncreated Wisdom, that teaches me the highest, the finest and most sublime doctrines.  So, only the Cross will reveal to me the most hidden Mysteries, the most secret things, the most perfect Perfection, hidden to the most erudite and learned of the world.  The Cross is like Beneficent Water that purifies me; not only this, but It administers to me the nourishment for the Virtues, It makes them grow, and only then does It leave me, when It brings me back to Eternal Life.  The Cross is like Celestial Dew, which preserves and embellishes for me the beautiful Lily of Purity.  The Cross is the nourishment of Hope.  The Cross is the Beacon of Operating Faith.  The Cross is like Hard Wood, which preserves the Fire of Charity, keeping it always lit.  The Cross is like dry wood, which dispels and puts to flight all the smokes of pride and of vainglory, producing the humble violet of humility in the soul.  The Cross is the most Powerful Weapon that offends the demons, and defends me from all of their claws.  Therefore, the soul who possesses the Cross is the envy and admiration of the very Angels and Saints, and the rage and indignation of the demons.  The Cross is my Paradise on earth, in such a way that if the Paradise of the Blessed up there, is of delights, the Paradise down here is of sufferings.  The Cross is the Chain of most Pure Gold that connects me to You, my Highest Good, and forms the most intimate union which can possibly be given, to the point of making my being disappear.  And It transforms me in You, my Beloved, to the point that I feel lost within You, and I Live from Your very Life.”

V6 - O please! do not permit, after You have suffered so much, that I look at the things of this earth as anything other than dung and mud, that I take any other pleasure but in You alone, and that all my honor be anything else but the Cross.”

V8 - O please, my Love, I don’t have the heart to leave You alone – I want to share the weight of the Cross with You; and to relieve You from the weight of sins, I cling to Your Feet.

My Jesus, let me place my shoulder under the Cross to relieve You and repair with You for all hidden sins.


Hour 19 - My Love, before You lay Yourself on the Cross, allow me to hold You more tightly to my heart, and to kiss Your Loving and bleeding Wounds.  Hear me, O Jesus, I do not want to leave You; I want to come with You, to lay myself on the Cross and remain nailed to It with You.  True love does not tolerate separation, and You will forgive the daring of my love.  Concede that I be crucified with You.  See, my Tender Love, I am not the only one to ask this of You, but also Your Sorrowful Mama, inseparable Magdalene, faithful John:  we all say to You that it would be more bearable to be nailed with You to Your Cross, than to see You crucified alone!

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Jul 13

We are Ground upon which the Lord Tirelessly Sows the Seed of His Word and His Love

We are Ground upon which the Lord Tirelessly Sows the Seed of His Word and His Love

Pope Francis 2After having greeted those present, Pope Francis reflected on the reading of the day according to which Jesus preached to great crowds along the shores of the lake of Galilee and spoke to them in parables of the sower who sowed his seed on different grounds where it did not thrive. But some seed fell on rich soil and produced fruit. A well-known parable that speaks to us today – the Pope said – as it did to those who listened to Jesus 2000 years ago. It reminds us – he explained – that we are ground upon which the Lord tirelessly sows the seed of his Word and his love.

And he reminded us that we too are sowers and we must ask ourselves what kind of seed falls from our hearts and from our lips? Our words – Pope Francis said – can do good, but they can also do evil; they can heal and they can hurt; they can encourage and they can depress.

The Pope concluded his reflection pointing out that Our Lady teaches us, with her example, to receive the Word, to guard it and to make it yield fruit.


LUISA14V14 – 3/3/22 – Then He seemed to take a little rest, and afterwards He added: “My daughter, now it is appropriate that I get down to work again – to work the soil of your soul, so as to be to able sow the seed of my word with which to feed you. I act like a farmer when he wants to sow in his field: he forms little trenches, makes the furrows, and casts the seeds into them; then he again covers with earth the little trenches and furrows in which he has sown the seeds, so as to keep them sheltered and give them the time to germinate, to then harvest them increased a hundredfold, and make of them his food. But he is careful not to put in too much earth, otherwise he would cause his seeds to suffocate and die under the earth, and he would run the risk of remaining on an empty stomach. Now, so I do: I prepare the little trenches, I form the furrows, I enlarge the capacity of her intelligence to be able to sow my divine word, and therefore form the food for Me and for her; then I cover the little trenches and the furrows with earth – which is humility, nothingness, the annihilation of the soul, and some little weakness or misery of hers. This is the earth, and it is necessary that I take it from her because I lack this earth; and so I cover everything and I wait for my harvest with joy. Now, do you want to know when too much earth is placed over the seed? When the soul feels her miseries, her weaknesses, her nothingness, and she afflicts herself. She thinks about it so much as to waste time, and the enemy uses this in order to throw her into disturbance, discouragement and despondency. All this is earth in excess over my seed. Oh, how my seed feels like dying – how it struggles to germinate under this earth! Many times these souls tire the Celestial Farmer, and He withdraws. Oh, how many are the souls like these!”

And I: ‘My Love, am I one of these?’ And He: “No, no; one who does my Will is not subject to forming earth that suffocates my seed; rather, many times I find not even humility in her, but only her nothingness, which produces little earth, so I can place just one layer over my seed. And the Sun of my Will soon fecundates it, and it germinates; and I make great harvests, to then quickly return to sow my seed again. Besides, you can be sure of this; don’t you see how often I return to sow new seeds of truths into your soul?”

V28 – 9/30/30 - “See, then, in all Our works, directed for the good of creatures, We want to find a shelf, a place, a little ground in which to lay Our work and the good We want to give to creatures. Otherwise, where do We put it? In the air?—without one at least who would know it and would draw Us with her acts, forming her little ground; and We, as the Celestial Sower, sowing the good We want to give? If this were not so—that on both sides, Creator and creature, they feel drawn together: she, preparing herself to receive with her little acts; and God, by giving—it would be as if We did, or wanted to give, nothing to the creature. So, the acts of the creature prepare the ground for the Divine Sower. If there is no soil, there is no sowing to hope for; no one goes to sow if he does not have a little ground; much less does God, Celestial Sower, cast the seed of His Truths, the fruit of His works, if He does not find the little ground of the creature. The Divinity, in order to operate, first wants to place Itself in agreement with the soul; after We have agreed together and We see that she wants to receive that good, to the point of praying Us and forming for Us the ground in which to lay it—then, with all love, We give it. Otherwise, it would be like exposing Our works to uselessness.”

V30 – 11/16/31 – “See then, each act is a committing of Ourselves to give greater Graces, and a Correspondence that you open between Heaven and earth, and a Game in which you call your Creator to be with you. More so, since each Act done by the Divine Will in the act of the creature is a Divine Seed that Germinates in her; the act prepares the soil in which My Will sows Its Seed, to make it Germinate into a Divine Plant. In fact, according to the seed that is sown into the womb of the earth, that is the plant that is born: if the seed is of flowers, the flower is born; if the seed is of fruit, the fruit is born.

“Now, My Divine Will sows a distinct Seed in each act of creature: in some It sows the Seed of Sanctity, in some the Seed of Love, in others the Seed of Goodness, and so forth. The more acts she does in It, the more soil she prepares in which My Will prepares Its Distinct Seed, to fill the earth with these human acts. So, one who lets herself be dominated by My Divine Will is Beautiful, is Striking; each of her acts, containing the variety of the Divine Seeds, is a note of her Creator: one act says Sanctity, another Mercy, others Justice, Wisdom, Beauty, Love. In sum, a Divine Harmony appears, with such order, that it shows the Finger of God Operating in her.

“Do you see, then, the necessity of the act of the creature in order for Us to be able to find the soil in which to enclose Our Divine Seed? Otherwise, where to sow it? As for Us, We have no soil; therefore she must form it for Us with her acts, so that, with Our Seeds, We may Germinate Our Divine Being in the creature. Therefore, one who does and Lives in Our Divine Will can be called she who Reproduces her Creator and Hosts within herself He who Created her.”

V30 – 7/14/30 – “Blessed daughter, it is I who form the Celestial Atmosphere inside and outside the creature. In fact, as soon as she enters into My Divine Volition, I place Myself as Guard of the act that she is doing, and she forms the soil with her acts, and I form the Divine Seed, to cast it into the act of the creature. So, her acts serve as soil; and I, Celestial Farmer, by filling her with My Seeds, use this in order to reap the harvest of the works that are done in My Will. Do you see, then, what the continuation of the acts done in My Divine Will is for? It serves to give Me the Work and the occasion never to leave the creature, because she gives Me always something to do, and I do not want to, nor can I leave a soil so precious, formed in My Will and exposed to the vivifying Rays of the Divine Sun, empty. Therefore, It calls you to work in My Volition, and you call Me, and—O! how sweet it is to work together in My Fiat. It is a Work that does not tire; on the contrary, it is Bearer of Rest and of the Most Beautiful Conquests.”


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Jul 11





By Luisa Piccarreta, the Little Daughter of the Divine Will
L_Luisa_Reading-a2At the beginning of her mystical life

Teach me – I will say to You with Saint Ignatius – to be generous unto heroism, to serve unto sacrifice, to give without measuring, to fight without being afraid of the wounds, to consume myself without lamenting.

O Jesus, by your infinite Mercy, make me holy!

O my Love, who will give me enough to repay You and to satisfy You if not Yourself?  O please, reign, You alone, in this heart of mine, so meager.  May I love You alone, O Jesus, and may I love You equally, when your love caresses me and when it scourges me.  May my spirit rest in You alone, O Jesus.  And when the whirlwind of my passions or the breath of your tests put my soul in agitation, even then, let it be, O Jesus, that each beat of my heart be a praise, a thanksgiving, an adoration for your Divine Heart.  Let is be that, any tie being broken, I may once and for all make a generous leap, and immerse myself inside your Crucified Heart, divine center of charity, of zeal, of purity, of annihilation and of most perfect abnegation….

O Jesus, by your infinite Mercy, make me holy!


(St. Ignatius of Loyola)










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Jul 10

Jesus Wants to Cover all Souls with His Blood and Burn them with His Love


van-dyck-crucifixion-1622V33 – (Luisa says): I am in the Arms of the Divine Will, but with a nail in my heart for the privation of my sweet Jesus. I wait, and wait again, and just waiting is the suffering that tortures me more. The hours seem like centuries to me; the days, interminable. And if, may it never be, doubt presents itself that my dear Life, sweet Jesus, will not come anymore, O! then I do not know what happens to me. I want to undo myself of me, of the same Divine Will that holds me imprisoned on this earth, and with rapid flight go from it to Heaven. But not even this is given to me, because Its chains are so strong that they are not subject to breaking, and I feel myself bound more strongly, so much so that hardly is it given to me to think about it, and I end with a more intense abandonment in the Supreme Fiat.

            But while I was delirious, not being able to endure anymore, my always Lovable Jesus returned to His little daughter, making Himself seen with a Wound in His Heart that poured Blood and Flames, as if He wanted to cover all souls with His Blood and burn them with His Love. And all Goodness He told me: “My daughter, Courage, your Jesus also suffers, and the sufferings that give Me more Sorrow are intimate sufferings that make Me shed Blood and Flames. But My greater suffering is the continuous waiting. My Gazes are always fixed on souls, and as I see that a creature is fallen into sin, then I wait, and I wait again, for her return to My Heart in order to pardon her. And not seeing her come, I wait with the pardon in My Hands. That waiting embitters the suffering and forms such a torment for Me, as to make Me shed Blood and Flames from My transfixed Heart. The hours, the days, that I wait, seem years to Me. O! how hard it is to wait.


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Jul 03

July 3 A.D. 1963 – The Transfer of the Mortal Remains of The Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta

July 3 A.D. 1963 – The Transfer of the Mortal Remains of
The Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta

Calvi Family Chapel Transfer to Santa Maria Greca
A chosen soul, a seraphic bride of Christ, humble and devout, whom God had endowed with extraordinary gifts, an
innocent victim, a lightening conductor of Divine Justice, bedridden for sixty-two years without interruption, she was a
herald of the Kingdom of the Divine Will.
Luisa died at the age of eighty-one years, ten months and nine days, on March 4, 1947, after a fortnight of illness, the only
one diagnosed in her life, a bad attack of pneumonia. She died at the end of the night, at the same hour when every day the
priest’s blessing had freed her from her state of rigidity. Archbishop Francesco Petronelli (May 25 A.D. 1939-June 16
A.D.1947) archbishop at the time.
For four days her mortal remains were exposed for the veneration of an immense throng of the faithful who went to her
house to have a last look at Luisa the Saint, so dear to their hearts. The funeral was a realm triumph; Luisa passed like a
queen, borne aloft on shoulders among the lines of people. All the clergy, secular and religious, accompanied Luisa’s
body. The funeral liturgy took place in the main church with the participation of the entire chapter. In the afternoon, Luisa
was buried in the family Chapel of the Calvi family.
July 3 A.D.1963 – Her mortal remains were definitively laid to rest in Santa Maria Greca.

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Jul 03





V24 -Then, after I wrote what is written in these past days, my mind was molested by fears and doubts—that it might not be true that blessed Jesus had told me so many things, but rather, they were the fruit of my imagination.

And I said to myself: “‘If it was not Jesus that spoke to me, these will be writings without life, because only when Jesus speaks does life run within His Word; and as I write, the life of the truths that Jesus has told me remains in them, in such a way that those who will read them will feel the communicative virtue of a life that is being infused in them, and will feel transformed into the very life of the truth that they will read. But if it is not Jesus, these will be writings without life, empty of light and of goods—so, why make the sacrifice of writing?”

Now, while I was thinking of this, my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior, and placing His head close to mine, with an air of sadness, told me: “My daughter, you embitter My feast. In fact, when I manifest a truth, I do it because I want to celebrate with the creature; and if she does not have full trust in Me and begins to doubt, the feast is interrupted and turns into bitterness.

“I act like one of two close friends who, loving his friend very much, wants to pour what his heart contains into the heart of his friend; and as he entrusts to him his secrets and his hidden joys, he makes him aware of everything he possesses. But the friend who is listening shows he does not believe him, and begins to doubt what his friend is telling him. This person embitters his friend and turns his outpouring into bitterness; and so, grieving, he almost regrets his entrustment, and full of bitterness, he withdraws. On the other hand, if his friend believes him, not only does he not embitter him, but he takes part in his goods; together they celebrate the joys that his friend possesses, and their friendship remains bound with double bonds of love.

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Jul 02





V17 – How beautiful and touching it was to hear Jesus pray! And since I was accompanying Him in the sorrowful mystery of the Scourging, He made Himself seen pouring out Blood, and I heard Him say: “My Father, I offer You this Blood of Mine. O please, let It cover all the intelligences of creatures, rendering vain all their evil thoughts, dimming the fire of their passions, and making holy intelligences rise again. May this Blood cover their eyes and be a veil to their sight, so that the taste of evil pleasures may not enter them through their eyes, and they may not get dirty with the mud of the earth. May this Blood of Mine cover and fill their mouths, and render their lips dead to blasphemies, to imprecations, to all of their bad words. My Father, may this Blood of Mine cover their hands, and strike terror in man for so many evil actions. May this Blood circulate in Our Eternal Will in order to cover all, to defend all, and to be a defending weapon for the creature before the rights of Our Justice.”


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