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We Must Ask God for the Desire to do His Will

Pope Francis: We Must Ask God for the Desire to do His Will

2015-01-28 Vatican Radio

(from Vatican Radio)

Pope Francis and Crucifix(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis says we need to pray to God every day for the grace to understand His will, to follow it and to carry it out fully.  This was the core message of his homily at the morning Mass on Tuesday at the Santa Marta residence.

 Taking his cue from the day’s readings, the Pope reflected on one of the cornerstones of our faith: obedience to God’s will. This, he explained, is the path to holiness for each Christian, namely that we carry out God’s will.

“The opposite began in Paradise with Adam’s failure to obey.  And that disobedience brought evil to the whole of humanity.  And sins too are acts of disobedience towards God, of not doing God’s will.  The Lord teaches us instead that this is the path, there is no other one.  And it begins with Jesus in Heaven, in his desire to obey the Father.  But here on earth it begins with Our Lady: what did she say to the Angel?  ‘Let it be done to me according to your word’, namely that God’s will is carried out.  And with that ‘Yes’ to the Lord, our Lord began his journey amongst us.”

Many options on the tray

Pope Francis, stressed, however, that following God’s will is not easy.  Even for Jesus it wasn’t easy when he faced temptations in the wilderness or in the Gardens of Olives.  And, continued the Pope, it wasn’t easy either for his disciples and neither is it easy for us, when each day we are faced with a tray of so many different options and that’s why we need the gift of God’s grace.

“Do I pray that the Lord gives me the desire to do his will, or do I look for compromises because I’m afraid of God’s will?  Another thing: praying to know God’s will for me and my life, concerning a decision that I must take now… there are so many things.  The way in which we handle things…. Praying for the desire to do God’s will and praying to know God’s will.  And when I know God’s will, praying again for the third time, to follow it.  To carry out that will, which is not my own, it is His will.  And all this is not easy.”

Desire to do God’s Will

In conclusion,  Pope Francis said,  we need to pray to have the desire to follow God’s will, pray to know God’s will and once we know this, pray for the strength to go ahead and do His will.

“The Lord grants His grace to all of us so that one day He can say about us  the same thing  that He said about that group, that crowd who followed Him, those who were seated around Him, just as we have heard in the Gospel: ‘Here is my mother and my brothers and sisters.  Whoever does the will of God is my brother, my sister and my mother.’ Doing God’s will makes us become part of Jesus’ family, it makes us his mother, father, sister, brother.”


LUISA-READING-HOLY-SCRIPTUEV21 – 3.10.27 - “My daughter, You Must Know that, before sinning, Adam did his acts in the Divine Fiat. This meant that the Trinity had given him possession of this Kingdom, because, in order to possess a kingdom, it takes one who forms it, one who gives it, and one who receives it. The Divinity formed It and gave It; man received It. So, in his first period of creation, Adam possessed this Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat, and since he was the head of all human generations, all creatures received the right to this possession.

“By withdrawing from Our Will, Adam lost the possession of this Kingdom, because by doing his own will, he placed himself as though in a state of war against the Eternal Fiat, and—poor one—not having enough strength to fight, nor an army well equipped to be able to wage war on a Will so holy, that possessed an invincible strength and a formidable army, he was defeated and lost the Kingdom he had been given by Us. More so, since the strength he possessed before was Our own, as We had given him also Our own army at his disposal; but as he sinned, the strength returned to Our source, and the army withdrew from him, placing itself at Our disposal. However, all this did not take away from his descendants the rights to reconquer the Kingdom of My Will.

V21 – 4.8.27 - I was thinking to myself: “How is it that, by withdrawing from the Divine Will, from such height Adam fell so low?”

And Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, in the natural order, one who falls from a very high point either perishes completely or remains so wrecked and deformed that it is impossible for him to recover his original state of health, of beauty, of stature. He will remain as a poor cripple, blind, bent over and lame; and if he is a father, from him will come the generation of the cripple, of the blind, of the hunchback, and of the lame.

“In the same way, in the supernatural order, Adam fell from an extremely high point. He had been placed by his Creator at a point so high as to surpass the height of the heavens, of the stars, of the sun. By living in My Will, he dwelled above everything—in God Himself. Do you see, then, from what point Adam fell? Given the height from which he fell, it was a miracle that he did not perish completely; but even though he did not perish, the blow he received with the fall was so violent, that it was inevitable for him to remain crippled, wrecked, and deformed of his rare beauty. He remained shattered in all his goods, numb in operating, dazed in his intellect. A continuous fever debilitated him, such that, as it weakened all his virtues, he no longer felt the strength to dominate himself. The most beautiful character of man—the dominion of himself—had vanished, while passions took over, to tyrannize him, and to render him restless and melancholic. And since he was father and head of the generations, from him came the family of the cripple.

“They think that not doing My Will is something trivial, but instead, it is the total ruin of the creature; and as many more acts of her own will as she does, so many times does she increase her evils, her ruin, and she digs for herself the most profound abyss in which to fall.”

Then, I was thinking to myself: “If by withdrawing from the Divine Will only once, Adam fell so low and turned his fortune into misery, his happiness into bitternesses—what will happen with us, who withdraw from this adorable Will times upon times?”

But while I was thinking of this, my beloved and only Good, added: “My daughter, Adam fell so low, because he withdrew from an expressed Will of his Creator, that enclosed the test in order to prove his faithfulness toward He who had given him life and all the goods he possessed. More so, since after the so many goods He had given to him for free, God asked of him to deprive himself of one fruit alone of the many fruits He had given him, for love of He who had given him everything.

“And in this little sacrifice that God wanted from him, He had let him know that it was for nothing else but to be sure of his love and of his faithfulness. Adam should have felt honored that his Creator wanted to be sure of the love of His creature. His fault was greater because the one who attracted him and convinced him to fall was not a being superior to him, but a vile serpent—his major enemy. His fall brought graver consequences, because he was the head of all generations, therefore, as though naturally, all the members were to feel the effects of the evil of their head.

“See, then: when My Will is expressed, wanted and commanded, the sin is graver and the consequences are irreparable; and only My Divine Will Itself can make up for such great evil, as it happened with Adam. On the other hand, when It is not expressed, even though the creature has the duty to pray to Me in order to know My Will in her operating, if there is some good in her act, it is My pure Glory, while—if My Will is not expressed—the evil is not so grave, and it is easier to find a remedy.

“And I do this with each creature, in order to test their faithfulness, and also to secure the love that they say they have for Me. Who would not want to be sure about a property he has acquired, to the point that they write the deed? Who would not want to be sure about the faithfulness of a friend, or about the true loyalty of a servant? So, in order to be sure, I let them know that I want some little sacrifices, that will bring all goods and sanctity to them, and they will fulfill the purpose for which they were created. But if they are reluctant, everything will be upset in them, and all evils will swoop down upon them. Therefore, not doing My Will is always an evil—more or less grave, depending on the knowledge of It that one possesses.”

V35 – 8.23.37 - “You Must Know that the more the creature seeks My Will—wanting to Know It, Loving It, and not letting It escape in each of her acts—the more My Will grows to Its Fullness. One more little attention is enough to make It grow—a sigh, a Desire for Its Life. O, how wonderfully It grows, pushing It so high, up to the heights of the Divine Sphere, to know the Highest and most Intimate Secrets. My Will is Life, and as Life It does not want to stop. It wants to grow continuously, and to grow It awaits the most tiny act, a loving invitation from the creature; even more so, since It doesn’t want to grow by force, but It wants the creature also to Desire the continuous Growth and Fullness of My Will. As Its Fullness grows, so does the Divine Strength within the soul—the Sanctity, the Beauty, the Happiness, the Knowledge—and the Fullness of the Innumerable Goods that My Divine Fiat possesses.

“See then, how much it means one additional act—a sigh, a Desire for It, a call: it is acquiring more of a Divine Strength; it is being embellished, so much so, that We Ourselves remain enraptured. So We look and look at her again and again, and We recognize in her Our Strength and Our Beauty, and O, how much We Love her! We feel even more Happy because she is for Us the Bearer of Our Joys and of Our Goods. Before this creature Our Love swells up, It overflows from Ourselves and pours into her so much that It fills her up, forming around and inside of her Our Maze of fidgeting Love—the ardent Desire to make grow the Fullness of Our Will.

“My daughter, there is a great difference between those who are all attentive, all eyes and all heart for My Will, and the ones who just want It, but without any special attention. It seems that these don’t have eyes to see It, heart to love It, and voice to call It in all things. Maybe they possess My Will in small part, but Its Fullness is far away from them.”

V35 – 9.6.37You Must Know that when We Love without finding anyone who Loves Us, Our Love does not know where to lean to be Loved in return. So It goes wandering around, bursts into delirious fidgets, and if It doesn’t find even a little ‘I love you’ from a creature on which to lean, It withdraws back into Ourselves—to where We keep Our Center of Love. But it does it with a Pain that a created mind cannot comprehend. The sufferings of a Love not returned are unspeakable. They surpass all other pains. We want to Give always—We are in continuous Act of Giving—but We want to find her (human) will willing to receive: a desire, a sigh, as the place—the little shelves on which to place Our Will, and all that We Want to Give and do. These Desires and Sighs are like ears that listen to Us, eyes that look at Us, hearts that love Us, minds that comprehend Us. If We don’t find these little shelves, We cannot give her anything, and she remains blind, deaf, mute and with no heart. Therefore, Our Will is put into flight, and It returns to the shelter of Our Celestial Regions.”

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 Thy Kingdom come

“Everybody can, and should, propagate the Glory of God, and work for the salvation of men, by leading a Christian life, by praying constantly to the Lord: ‘ Your Kingdom Come, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.’ This is what we should do, offering yourself completely and continually to the Lord for this purpose.”

~Padre Pio~


V20 – 10.24.26

I was doing my usual round in the Divine Volition, and in each thing I placed my “I love You,” and I asked that the Kingdom of the Fiat come and be known upon earth. And reaching all the acts that my sweet Jesus did in Redemption, asking, in each act, “Your Kingdom come,” I thought to myself: “Before, in going around so much, both in all Creation and in Redemption, I used to place only my ‘I love You,’ my adoration, my ‘thank You.’ And now, why can I not do without asking for the Kingdom of the Fiat? I feel I would want to overwhelm everything—the smallest and the greatest thing, Heaven and earth, the very acts of Jesus and Jesus Himself—and force them, so that everything and everyone may say together with me: ‘We want the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat. We want It reigning and dominating in our midst.’ More so, since all want It; the very acts of Jesus, His life, His tears, His Blood, His wounds, say from within: ‘May our Kingdom come upon earth.’ And so I enter into the Act of Jesus, and I repeat along with it: ‘May the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat come soon.’”

Now, while I was thinking of this, my beloved Jesus came out from within my interior, and with unspeakable tenderness told me: “My daughter, one who is born in My Will feels Its life flowing within her, and as though naturally, she wants for everyone what she possesses. And since My Will is immense and encloses everything and everyone, one who possesses It goes around through all the things It encloses, to pray It and win It to descend upon earth to form Its Kingdom. However, you must know that in order to have dominion and make them say what you want, in all the things that came out of My Will and enclose It, first you had to know them and then love them, so that love might give you the right to possess them and to make them do and say whatever you want.

“Here is the reason why, before, in going around through all of My works, you would impress your ‘I love You,’ ‘I adore You.’ ‘I thank You’—it was the knowledges of My works that you were acquiring, and the possession of them that you were taking. Now, after the possession, what greater, holier and more beautiful thing, more bearer of all happinesses to the human generations, can you ask in the midst of My works and together with them, than the coming of the Kingdom of My Will? More so since, in Creation just as in the Kingdom of Redemption, it was the Kingdom of the Fiat that I wanted to establish in the midst of creatures.

“All of My Acts, My very Life, their origin, their substance—deep within them, it was the Fiat that they asked for, and for the Fiat were they made. If you could see inside each one of My tears, each drop of My Blood, each pain, and all of My works, you would find, within them, the Fiat that they were asking for, and how they were directed toward the Kingdom of My Will. And even though, apparently, they seemed to be directed to redeeming and saving man, that was the way that they were making in order to reach to the Kingdom of My Will.

“This happens also to creatures, when they decide that they want to take possession of a kingdom, of a house, of a land: they do not just find themselves in it and in possession of it immediately, in one instant, but they have to make their way. Who knows how much suffering, fighting and climbing of stairs, in order for them to be in it, and then take possession of it. My daughter, if all the acts and pains that My Humanity suffered did not have the restoration of the Kingdom of My Fiat upon earth as their origin, substance and life, I would have moved away from and lost the purpose of Creation—which cannot be, because once God has set Himself a purpose, He must and can obtain the intent.

“And if in everything you do, suffer and say, you do not ask for My Fiat, and do not have My Will as origin and substance, you move away from and do not fulfill your mission. And it is necessary that you go around time and time again in My Will, in the midst of My works, to ask, all in chorus, for the coming of the Supreme Fiat—so that, together with all Creation and with all My works that I did in Redemption, you may be filled to the brim with all the acts that are needed before the Celestial Father to make known and to impetrate the Kingdom of My Will upon earth.

“Now, you must know that all Creation and all My works done in Redemption are as though tired of waiting, and find themselves in the condition of a noble and rich family, whose children are all of proper stature, good looking, of uncommon intelligence, always well dressed, and with marvelous neatness. They are the ones who make always the best impression among all others.

“Now, after such great fortune, this family has had a misfortune: one of these children, degrading himself, descends from his nobility and goes around always dirty; he does unworthy and vile acts that dishonor the nobility of the family, and as much as they do so that he may appear together with the other brothers, they do not succeed; on the contrary, he keeps getting worse and worse, to the point of becoming the mockery and the laughingstock of all. The whole family has a constant sorrow; and as much as they feel the dishonor of this son, they cannot destroy him and say that he does not belong to them, and that he did not come from that same father to whom they belong.

“Such is the condition in which all Creation and all the works of My Redemption find themselves. They are all a Celestial Family, their origin is Divine Nobility; all of them have the Will of their Celestial Father as their insignia, dominion and life, and therefore they all maintain themselves in their nobility—beautiful, decorous, pure, of enchanting beauty, and worthy of that Will that possesses them. After so much glory and honor for this Celestial Family, they have had the misfortune that one alone—man—who came from their same Father, has degraded himself; and in the midst of such great glory and beauty of theirs, he is always dirty, he does foolish actions—unworthy and vile.

“They cannot deny that he belongs to them, but they do not want him in their midst so dirty and foolish. Therefore, as though tired, they all pray that the Kingdom of My Will may come into the midst of creatures, so that one may be the nobility, the honor and the glory of this family. And in seeing that the little daughter of My Will comes into their midst, and, animating them, asks and makes everyone ask for the coming of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat into the midst of creatures, they all feel delighted, because their sorrow is close to ending.”

 V23 – 11.27.27

Then I continued my acts in the Divine Fiat, and I offered everything in order to obtain Its Kingdom upon earth. I wanted to invest the whole Creation, animate all created things with my voice, so that all of them might say, together with me: “Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven. Hurry, hurry—let Your Kingdom come.”

But while doing this, I thought to myself: “How can this Kingdom so holy come upon earth? In creatures there is no change; no one occupies himself with It; sin and passions abound. How, then, can this Kingdom ever come upon earth?”

And Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, what is most necessary in order to obtain a good so great, which is the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat, is to move God to decide to give My Divine Will reigning in the midst of creatures. When God moves and decides, He overcomes and conquers everything, even evils themselves. The other necessary thing is that the creature who seeks It and prays God to give such a great good, must possess within herself the life of the Kingdom that she asks for for the other creatures.

“One who possesses It knows the importance of It, and will not spare sacrifices in order to impetrate for others the good that she possesses. She knows the secrets, the ways she must follow; she will make herself importunate in order to conquer God Himself. She will be like sun, that keeps all the fullness of its light restricted within itself, and, unable to contain it within itself, feels the need to spread it outside, to give light to all and do good to all, so as to render them happy of its own happiness. One who possesses a good, possesses the virtue of asking for it and of giving it.

“The same happened in Redemption. Sin was flooding the earth; the very people called the people of God, was the smallest people, and if it seemed that it occupied itself with it, it was in a superficial way. In fact, they did not possess within themselves the life of that Redeemer whom they were asking for. It can be said that they occupied themselves just like today, the Church, consecrated people and religious, occupy themselves by reciting the Our Father. But the fullness of the life of My Will that they ask for in the Our Father is not in them, therefore their petition ends up in words, but not in facts.

“But when the Queen of Heaven came, who possessed the fullness of the Divine Life, everything She asked for for the good of the peoples moved God, conquered Him, made Him decide; and in spite of the evils that were present, the Eternal Word came upon earth by means of She who already possessed Him, as He formed the whole of Her life. With the fullness of this Divine Life, She was able to move God, and so came the good of Redemption. What all others together were not able to obtain, She obtained—the Sovereign Queen, who had conquered, first within Herself, Her Creator and the fullness of all the goods that She was asking for for others; and, being the Conqueror, She had the virtue of being able to impetrate and give the good that She possessed.

“There is great difference, My daughter, between one who asks and possesses, and one who asks and does not possess the Divine Life. The first one asks by right; the second does it as alms, and one who asks as alms is given money, lira, at the most, but not entire kingdoms. On the other hand, one who asks by right, possesses, she is already the owner, the queen, and one who is queen can be given the kingdom; and because she is queen, she has her Divine empire before God to be able to impetrate the kingdom for creatures.

“So it will happen for the Kingdom of My Will. Therefore, I so much recommend to you: be attentive, let It form the fullness of Its life in you; in this way, you will be able to move God, and when God moves, no one can resist Him.”

 V23 – 1.22.28

I was doing my round in the Divine Fiat, and I wanted to overwhelm everything—Heaven and earth—so that all might have one single Will, one single voice, one single heartbeat. I wanted to animate everyone with my voice, so that all might say together with me: “We want the Kingdom of Your Will.”

And in order to obtain this, I wanted to be sea, to make the waters speak; sun, to give my voice to the light; heavens, to animate the stars and make everyone say: “Your Kingdom come—Your Fiat be known.” I wanted to penetrate into the Celestial Regions to make all Angels and Saints, and the very Celestial Mama, say: “Adorable Trinity, hurry, delay no more; we pray You, we press You, that Your Will descend upon earth, make Itself known, and reign on it as It does in Heaven.”

Now, while I was doing this and other things, such that I would be too long in saying them on paper, I thought to myself: “And why so many insistences and cares of mine, such that it seems I can do nothing if I do not ask for His Fiat dominating upon earth?”

And blessed Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter, if you knew who it is that pushes you, that makes you insist so much, that would want to move everything in you to call the life—the Kingdom of My Will upon earth, you would be amazed.”

And I: “Tell me, my Love, who is it?”

And He, all tenderness, added: “Do you want to know? It is My Will Itself that pushes you to this, because It wants to make Itself known, It wants to reign, but It wants the insistence of Its little daughter who, pressing It in every way and moving everything, would call It with everyone, with the most powerful means, to come upon earth. Your insistences are the sign and the image of Its yearnings and of Its infinite cares and insistences for It wants to give Itself to creatures; and just as you want to move everything, so would It want to move everything—the sea, the sun, the heavens, the wind, the earth—so that all might move the creatures to recognize It, to receive It, to love It.

“And as soon as It sees Itself desired, It will tear the veils of all created things, and, like Queen and Mother longing for Her children, It will come out of their bosoms, in which It was hidden, and revealing Itself, It will embrace Its children and will reign in their midst, giving them goods, peace, sanctity and happiness.”

V23 – 2.5.28

So, while I was thinking about the Kingdom of the Divine Will, and Its reigning upon earth seemed as though difficult to me, my Beloved Jesus, coming out from within my interior, told me: “My daughter, as Adam sinned, God made him the promise of the future Redeemer. Centuries passed, but the promise did not fail, and the generations had the good of Redemption. Now, as I came from Heaven and formed the Kingdom of Redemption, before departing for Heaven, I made another promise, more solemn, of the Kingdom of My Will; and this was in the ‘Our Father.’

“And so as to give it more value, and to obtain It more quickly, I made this formal promise in the solemnity of My prayer, praying the Father to let His Kingdom come, which is the Divine Will on earth as It is in Heaven. I placed My very Self at the head of this prayer, knowing that such was His Will, and that, prayed by Me, He would deny Me nothing; more so, since I prayed with His very Will, and I asked for something that was wanted by My Father Himself.

“And after I had formed this prayer before My Celestial Father, certain that the Kingdom of My Divine Will upon earth would be granted to Me, I taught it to My Apostles, that they might teach it to the whole world, so that one might be the cry of all: ‘Your Will be done, on earth as It is in Heaven.’ A promise more sure and solemn I could not make. Centuries are like one single point for Us, but Our words are accomplished acts and facts.

“My very praying to the Celestial Father: ‘Let It come—let Your Kingdom come; Your Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven,’ meant that with My coming upon earth the Kingdom of My Will was not established in the midst of creatures; otherwise I would have said: ‘My Father, let Our Kingdom, that I have already established on earth, be confirmed, and let Our Will dominate and reign.’ Instead, I said: ‘Let It come.’ This meant that It must come, and creatures must await It with that certainty with which they awaited the future Redeemer, because there is My Divine Will, bound and committed, in those words of the ‘Our Father’; and when It binds Itself, whatever It promises is more than certain. More so, since everything was prepared by Me; nothing else was needed but the manifestation of My Kingdom—and this I am doing.

V23 – 2.9.28

“And, oh! how pleasing to Us did your repeated refrains in the wind, in the sun, in the water, under Our steps, reach Us upon the wings of Our Fiat: ‘I love You, I love You—let Your Kingdom come.’ It was Our echo that We could hear in you, as We wanted nothing but the Divine Will to reign and be the conqueror of all. Therefore, even from that time We loved Our tiny little one, who asked for and wanted but what We Ourselves wanted.”

V24 – 5.26.28

I continue what is written above. As I was concerned about all that regards the Kingdom of the Will of God, my always lovable Jesus added: “My daughter, God is order, and when He wants to give a good to creatures, He always places His Divine order in it, and everything that is done in order to obtain a good so great begins from God, as He places Himself at the head of it to take on the commitment, and then orders the creature for the same purpose.

“I did this in order to give, Myself, the Redemption, and so that creatures might receive It; and I am doing this, Myself, to give the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat, and so that creatures may receive It. By forming, Myself, the ‘Our Father,’ I placed Myself at the head of it and took on the commitment to give this Kingdom; and by teaching it to My Apostles, I placed in the creatures the order of how to be able to obtain a good so great. So, the whole Church is praying—there is not one soul who belongs to Her that does not recite the ‘Our Father.’

“And even though many recite it without interest in wanting and asking for a Kingdom so holy—that the Divine Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven—since the interest is in He who taught it, by their reciting it, My interest is renewed, and I hear My own prayer asking: ‘May Your Kingdom come, so that Your Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven.’ However, if the creature, in reciting the ‘Our Father,’ had this interest of wanting and longing for My Kingdom, she would take part in My own interest, and her will would be fused in Mine for the same purpose. But, regardless of this, My Will and interest always run in each ‘Our Father.’

“See then, the Divine order: all asking for one thing. Among these who ask there are some who want to do My Will, others who do It. All this is braided together, and they knock at the doors of My Divine Will—they repeat the knocking, and some knock strongly, some slowly. However, there is always someone who knocks and asks that the doors be opened, so that My Will may descend to reign upon earth. And since everything is established and ordered by the Divinity, It awaits the one who must give the strongest knock, who, forcing the doors with invincible strength—the very strength of my Divine Will—will open wide the doors, and with her sweet chains of love will bind the Eternal Will to make It come to reign in the midst of creatures. She will be like a bride who, bejeweling the groom with her loving chains, will carry him as though in triumph into the midst of creatures. And just as the Holy Virgin put an end to the night hours of the Patriarchs and Prophets, and formed the dawn to make the Sun of the Eternal Word rise, so will this one form the dawn to make rise the Sun of the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as It is in Heaven.

“Do you think that My Will, that has made Itself known with so much love and has manifested so much interest in wanting to come to reign upon earth, pouring Its sorrow out with you, has done this without anyone praying to It? Ah, no! no! The knocks of My Church have been continuous, and I Myself was knocking in those knocks, but I used them to knock at the door of the Divine Fiat which, tired of hearing them knocking at Its Divine doors, has used you to be knocked more strongly; and opening the doors to you, It made you share in Its knowledges.

“And for as many truths as It made known to you, so many means has It given you to form the loving chains, to let Itself be bound to come to reign upon earth. And all the times It calls you to live in Its Divine Volition, making known to you Its qualities, Its power, Its joys, Its immense riches, are as many pledges It gives you, with which It assures you of Its coming upon earth. In fact, in Us there is this prerogative: if We make known a good of Ours, a truth, a knowledge that belongs to Us, it is because We want to give it to the creature as gift. See then, how many gifts My Will has given you; how many of Its knowledges It has made known to you. They are such and so many, that you yourself cannot count them.”

And I: “My Beloved Jesus, who knows when this Kingdom will come!”

And He: “My daughter, in order for Redemption to come it took four thousand years, because the people that prayed and longed for the future Redeemer was the smallest one, of limited number. But those that belong to My Church are more peoples and—oh! how much greater in number than that one. Therefore, the number will shorten the time; more so, since religion is making its way everywhere, and this is nothing but the preparation for the Kingdom of My Divine Will.”

V24 – 5.30.28

Then, I continued on with my round, and I kept placing my Divine Fiat, not only in all Creation, but also in all the acts done by Adam in his state of innocence, in those done by the Virgin Queen, as well as in those done by Our Lord, sending them like an ordered army around the Divinity, to ask for Its Kingdom.

And Jesus added: “My daughter, Heaven and earth are praying. All of My Acts, those of the Sovereign Queen as well as those of innocent Adam, that were all invested by My Divine Fiat—they all have one voice that, resounding among them as a most sweet and strong echo, asks: ‘Your Kingdom come.’

“My daughter, in creating man, I acted like a most rich father who, having had his child born to the light, would want to amuse himself with his little one by giving him all his riches; and he says to him continuously: ‘Son, take whatever you want and as much as you can.’ The little one fills his pockets and his little hands, but so much that, as he is unable to contain them, they flow down to the ground; and the father, inciting him, says: ‘Is this all you have taken? Come, take some more—take everything.’ The child sees himself hampered; bravely he returns to take, but his capacity can take nothing else, and the father smiles and amuses himself with his little one.

“So I did with man: I gave him all My riches as gift, and he, like a little child, was incapable of taking them all; and playing with him, I would say to him: ‘Take—take, my son. Take much—take everything if you can; the more you take, the more I will enjoy and make feast.’

“Am I not doing this with you, to the point of wanting to give you the Kingdom of My Divine Will? This is why I make you go around in the whole Creation, in the works of My Redemption, nor do I deprive you of the dominions of the Sovereign Queen of Heaven. And while you go around through Our works and dominions, I keep whispering to your ear: ‘Take whatever you want, My little daughter.’ And to give you the right to it, I have you mark all of Our works and Our dominions with your ‘I love You’; and in this ‘I love You’ of yours that repeats its refrain, ‘Give me your Divine Fiat,’ it seems that ‘Fiat’ and ‘I love You’ are braided together. And I, knowing that what you want and ask for is the greatest thing, and a Divine Kingdom in which, not only you, but all those who will be in this Kingdom, may all be kings and queens….

“If you knew what you are asking Me for! Heaven and earth are astonished, and all are watching the braveness of your request and My Goodness, all paternal, that longs for you and smiles at you with totally excessive love, to give you more confidence in asking for It with more braveness. In fact, My daughter, since it is so great a Kingdom that I must give, I want an entire people to ask Me for It, and the first people is the whole Creation; and by going around in the midst of It, you move all to ask for the coming of the Kingdom of My Divine Will upon earth.

“The second people are all My works and those of My Celestial Mama that were done on earth. These peoples are Divine and interminable peoples. Then there is the people of the low earth, that is formed of those who recite the ‘Our Father,’ and of the few who, in some way, know My Divine Will and ask that It come to reign upon earth. And when entire peoples pray Me, having at the head of them her to whom a mission so great has been entrusted, what We want to give, and that We are asked for with insistence, is conceded more easily.

“Does the same not happen in the low world? If a king or the leader of a country must be elected, there are those who incite the people to cry out: ‘We want such and such as king, or such and such as the leader of our country.’ If some want a war, they make the people cry out: ‘We want the war.’ There is not one important thing that is done in a kingdom, for which some do not resort to the people, to make it cry out and even tumult, so as to give themselves a reason and say: ‘It is the people that wants it.’ And many times, while the people says it wants something, it does not know what it wants, nor the good or sad consequences that will come.

“If they do this in the low world, much more do I, when I must give important things, universal goods, want entire peoples to ask Me for them. And you must form these peoples—first, by making all the knowledges about My Divine Fiat known; second, by going around everywhere, moving Heaven and earth to ask for the Kingdom of My Divine Will.”

V26 – 7.24.29

“Now, before My coming upon earth, even though My Divine Will was present in the midst of creatures with Its immensity, the relationships that existed between It and them, however, were as if It lived in a foreign land, and they received from afar the scarce communications, the brief news, that announced to them My coming upon earth. What sorrow, for It to be in their midst, while they do not recognize It, and they keep It so far away from their wills, as if It were in a foreign land. With My coming, since I possessed It as life and My Humanity recognized It, loved It and let It reign, through Me It drew closer to the creatures, and the relationships It had with them were as if It lived no longer in a foreign land, but in their own lands.

“But since they did not know It, nor did they give It dominion in order to let It reign, it cannot be said that My Divine Volition formed Its Kingdom. Therefore, My coming upon earth served to draw the two wills, human and Divine, closer to each other, and to place them in intimate relations, and to increase the news in order to make It known; so much so, that I taught the ‘Our Father,’ making them say: ‘Your Kingdom come, Your Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven.’ If My Will does not live on earth as It does in Heaven, it cannot be said that It has Its Kingdom in the midst of creatures. And therefore, in the time of Its Kingdom, It will be present not only in their midst, but inside each one of them as perennial life; and in order to come to this, It must be recognized—how It is like head and primary life of each creature; and because this head is not recognized, Its strength, Its sanctity, Its beauty, does not flow to the members, nor can It let Its noble and Divine blood flow in their veins, and therefore the life of Heaven cannot be seen in creatures. So, this is why I love so much that My Divine Will be known—knowledge will make love arise; and feeling loved and longed for, It will feel drawn to come to reign in the midst of creatures.”

V29 – 5.19.31

“Now, My daughter, listen to Me; the most serious doubts, the gravest difficulties that they found in your writings are precisely these: that I told you that I was calling you to live in the Kingdom of My Divine Will, giving you the special and unique mission to make It known, so that, as I Myself said in the ‘Our Father,’ and the Holy Church says still now, ‘Thy Kingdom come’—that is, Your Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven. It does not say in the ‘Our Father’ that this Kingdom is on earth, but it says: ‘Come;’ and I would not have composed a prayer if I were not to obtain its effects. Therefore, in order to reach this, was I not to elect another woman, whom the infernal serpent so much fears; and as he, by means of the first woman, ruined mankind for Me, I, to confound him, make use of another woman to make up for the ruin he caused, and make the good that he tried to destroy, arise for all?

“Here, then, the necessity of the preparations, of the graces, of My visits and communications. This sounded bad to those who have read; therefore doubts and difficulties—that it cannot be possible that among so many other great Saints, no one has lived in the Kingdom of My Will. So, it is She alone that is preferred to all; and when they have read that I was placing you near the Sovereign Queen, so that, She having lived in the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat, you might imitate Her, wanting to make of you a copy that resembles Her; and I placed you in Her hands, that She might guide you, assist you, protect you, so that you might imitate Her in everything—this seemed so absurd to them; and sinisterly misinterpreting the sense, they spoke as if I had told you that you were as though another Queen. How much nonsense—I did not say that you are like the Celestial Queen, but that I want you similar to Her, just as I have said to many other souls dear to Me that I wanted them similar to Me; but with this they would not become God like Me. And then, since the Celestial Lady is the true Queen of the Kingdom of My Will, it is Her task to help and teach the fortunate creatures who want to enter, to live in It. By this, they show as if I did not have the power to elect whom I want, and when I want. But, after all, time will say everything, and just as they cannot deny that the Virgin of Nazareth is My Mama, so will they not be able to deny that I have elected you for the sole purpose of making My Will known, and that, through you, I will obtain that the ‘Thy Kingdom come’ may have Its fulfillment. It is certain that creatures are an instrument in My hands, and I do not look at who it is, but I look at whether My Divine Will has decided to operate by means of this instrument. And this is enough for Me to fulfill My highest designs; and of the doubts and difficulties of creatures I make use, in due time, to confound them and humiliate them. But I do not stop, and I move forward in the work that I want to do by means of the creature. Therefore, you too—follow Me and do not draw back. Besides, it shows from their way of thinking that they have calculated only your person, but have not calculated what My Divine Will can do, and what It knows how to do, and when It decides to operate in one creature in order to fulfill Its greatest designs in the midst of the human generations, It lets no one dictate to It the law—neither who it must be, nor the time, nor the way, nor the place—but It acts in an absolute way. Nor does it pay heed to certain limited minds, who are unable to elevate themselves in the Divine and supernatural order, or to bow their forehead to the incomprehensible works of their Creator; and while they want to reason with their own human reason, they lose the Divine Reason, and remain confounded and incredulous.”

V30 – 7.14.32

“My Love, even though I try to operate always in Your Volition, and I pray and pray that Its Kingdom come upon earth, nothing is seen yet.”

And Jesus: “Good daughter, this says nothing; in fact, you must know that the prayers, the acts done in Our Volition, because they enter Our Divine Act, have such Power that they must bring to the creatures the Good they contain. They place themselves as Guards of the centuries, and they Guard them with so much love, and with Unconquered Patience they wait and wait, and with the Light that they possess they knock at the hearts, they make themselves Light for the minds; and without ever tiring, because they are not subject either to tiredness or to diminution of Power, they act as sentries, as faithful sentinels, who do not leave other than when they have given the Good that they possess.

“These acts are the Possessors of My Volition, and in an absolute way they want to give It to creatures; and if one escapes them, they take aim at another; if one century does not receive them, they do not stop, nor do they depart, because We have given them the centuries in their Power, and they form and will form Our Divine Army in the midst of the human generations, to form the Kingdom of Our Will. In these acts there is the human, crowned with Divine Power, and they give to the creatures the Right to possess such a Kingdom. There is Our Will Operating in these acts, and It gives God the Right to Reign and Dominate the creature with Our Omnipotent Fiat. They are like the down payment and capital that pay God on behalf of creatures, and have the Right to give what they have paid for to the human generations; and like sun that does not withdraw or ever tire of beating on the earth with its light to give the goods it possesses, so do they, more than suns, go around through each heart, they go around the centuries, they are always in motion, nor do they ever give up, until they have given My Operating Will which they possess. More so, since they know with certainty that they will obtain their intent and victory.

“Therefore, if you see nothing, do not be concerned; you—continue your life and your acts in My Will. This is more necessary than anything—to form the currency in order to pay for a Kingdom so Holy on behalf of your brothers. And besides, you must know that My very Life spent on earth, and My own Acts, find themselves in the same condition. I paid up for all, and My Life and what I did is at everyone’s disposal, and want to give Themselves in order to give the Good they possess. And although I departed for Heaven, I left and I stayed to go around the hearts, the centuries, so as to give to all the Good of My Redemption. It has been about twenty centuries, and My Life and My Acts continue to go around; but not all of Them have been taken by creatures; so much so, that various regions still do not know Me. So, My Life, the Fullness of My Goods and My Acts, do not withdraw, They run and go around always, They embrace the centuries as though one, to give to all the Good that They possess. Therefore, it is necessary to do, to pay, to form the capital—the rest will come by itself. So, be attentive, and let your flight in My Fiat be continuous.”



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Jan 19

Loneliness in Which Jesus is Placed by Those Who Receive Him Sacramentally


1/18/33 – Vol. 31

            Having received Holy Communion, I was making my usual thanksgivings, and my Highest Good Jesus made Himself seen afflicted and taciturn, as if He felt the need of company. And I, clasping Him to me, sought to console Him by offering to be always united with Him in order to never leave Him alone.

            And Jesus seemed all content, and in order to pour out His Sorrow, He said to me: “My daughter, be faithful to Me, never leave Me alone, because the pain of loneliness is the most oppressing, since company is the food of relief for one who suffers. On the other hand, without company, one suffers sorrow and is constrained to feeling famished because he lacks one who gives the relief of food. He lacks everything, and perhaps he lacks one who could offer relief, be it even a bitter medicine.

“My daughter, how many souls receive Me Sacramentally in their hearts and leave Me in loneliness. I feel Myself in them as within a desert, as if not pertaining to them; they treat Me like a stranger. But do you know why? They don’t take part in My Life, in My Virtues, in My Sanctity, in My Joys and in My Sorrows. Company means to take part in all that the person near does and suffers; therefore receiving Me and not taking part in My Life is for Me the most bitter loneliness. And remaining alone I can not tell them how much I burn with Love for them, and therefore My Love, remains isolated, isolated My Sanctity, My Virtues, My Life, in sum, everything is loneliness inside of Me and outside of Me. O! how many times I descend into their hearts and I cry, because I see Myself alone. And when I descend, seeing Myself alone, I feel neither cared for, nor appreciated, nor loved, so much so that I am constrained by their not caring, to being reduced to silence and to sadness. And since they do not take part in My Sacramental Life, I feel Myself isolated in their hearts. And seeing that I don’t have anything to do, with Divine and invincible Patience, I await the consummation of the Sacramental Species that My Eternal Fiat had imprisoned Me inside of, leaving hardly any traces of My Descent, since I could not leave anything of My Sacramental Life, except perhaps only My Tears, because not having taken part in My Life, there lacked the void for where to be able to leave the things that belong to Me, and that I wanted to put in common with them.

“Therefore, many souls are seen who receive Me Sacramentally, and they are not like Me; they are sterile of Virtues, sterile of Love, of Sacrifice. Poor little ones, they eat of Me, but since they do not keep Me company, they remain hungry. Ah! in how many straights of sorrow and of cruel martyrdom My Sacramental Life is placed! Many times I feel My Love drowned, I would like to free Myself, and I yearn to descend into hearts, but alas! I am constrained to leaving more suffocated than before. How can I pour out if they have not paid attention to the Flames that burn Me?

            “Other times the flood of Sorrow inundates Me, I yearn for a heart to have a relief for My Pains, but what! they would want that I take part of them, not they of Me. And I do it, hiding My Sorrows, My Tears, in order to console them, and I remain without the longed for relief. But who can tell you the so many Sorrows of My Sacramental Life, and how there are more of those who receive Me and place Me in loneliness in their hearts, but bitter loneliness, than those who keep Me company?

“And when I find a heart that keeps Me company, I place My Life in communication with her, leaving her the deposit of My Virtues, the fruit of My Sacrifices, the participation of My Life, and I chose her for My Residence, for the hiding place of My Pains, and as a place of My Refuge. And I feel as though reciprocated for the sacrifice of My Eucharistic Life, because I find one who breaks My loneliness for Me, who dries My Tears, who gives Me the freedom of letting Me pour out My Love and My Sorrows. It is they who serve Me as Living Species, not like the Sacramental Species that gives Me nothing, that only hides Me, the rest I do by Myself, all alone, they do not tell Me a word that breaks My Loneliness; they are mute Species.

“On the other hand, in souls who use Me as Living Species, our life develops together, we beat with one single heartbeat, and if I see her disposed, I communicate to her My Pains and I continue My Passion in her. I can say that from the Sacramental Species, I pass to the Living Species in order to continue My Life on earth, not alone, but together with her.

“You must know that pains are no longer in My Power, and I go asking for love from these Living Species of souls, who make up for what is lacking to Me. Therefore, My daughter, when I find a heart who loves Me and keeps Me company, giving Me the freedom to do what I want, I arrive at excesses, and I do not care about anything else, I give everything, so that the poor creature feels drowned by My Love and by My Graces, and then My Sacramental Life does not remain sterile anymore when It descends into hearts, no, It reproduces Me, bilocating and continuing My Life in her. And these are My conquerors who administer their life to this poor indigent Man of Sufferings, and they say to Me: ‘My Love, you had Your turn at sufferings, and it is ended, now it is my turn, therefore let me make up for You and suffer in Your place.’ And O! how content I am! My Sacramental Life remains at Its place of Honor, because It reproduces other Lives of Itself in creatures. Therefore, I want you always together with Me, so that We live together, and you take to heart My Life, and I yours.”

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Jan 08

All that Enters into the Divine Will Acquires Eternity, Infinity, Immensity


V12 – 1.8.19

nativity 2“My beloved, Courage. Enter into Me, come and swim in the immense sea of My Volition, of my Love. Hide yourself inside the uncreated Will and Love of your Creator. My Volition has the Power to render infinite all that enters into My Divine Will, and to raise and transform the acts of the creatures into Eternal Acts. In fact, all that enters into My Divine Will acquires Eternity, Infinity, Immensity, losing all that has a beginning, that which is finite, little. All that My Divine Will is, so It renders their acts. Therefore, say – shout loudly in My Divine Will: ‘I Love You’. I will hear the note of My Eternal Love; I will feel the created love hidden inside the Uncreated Love, and I will feel Myself being loved by the creature with an Eternal, Infinite, Immense Love – a Love worthy of Me, which stands in for Me, and which can compensate Me for the love of all.”

I remained surprised and enchanted, and I said: ‘Jesus, what are You saying?’ And He: “My dear, do not be surprised. Everything is Eternal in Me – nothing has a beginning, nor will it have an end. You yourself and all creatures were Eternal in My Mind. The Love with which I formed Creation, which was unleashed from Me and which Endowed every heart, was Eternal. What is the wonder, then, if the creature, leaving her own will, enters into Mine, and uniting herself to the Love which Longed for her and Loved her from Eternity, and binding herself with that Eternal Love from which she came, performs her acts,Lloves Me, and acquires Eternal, Infinite,Iimmense Value and Power? Oh, how little it is Known about My Divine Will! This is why It is neither Loved nor Appreciated; and because of this, the creature is content with remaining down below, operating as if she did not have an Eternal Origin, but a temporary one.”

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Dec 31

Te Deum – Plenary Indulgence if Recited Publicly on the Last Day of the Year

Te Deum

Te Deum,also sometimes called the Ambrosian Hymn because of its association with St. Ambrose, is a traditional hymn of joy and thanksgiving. St. Ambrose was also traditionally credited with composing the hymn Te Deum, which he is said to have composed when he baptised St. Augustine of Hippo, his celebrated convert. It is used at the conclusion of the Office of the Readings for the Liturgy of the Hours on Sundays outside Lent, daily during the Octaves of Christmas and Easter, and on Solemnities and Feast Days. The petitions at the end were added at a later time and are optional.

A partial indulgence is granted to the faithful who recite it in thanksgiving and a plenary indulgence is granted if the hymn is recited publicly on the last day of the year By a plenary indulgence is meant the remission of the entire temporal punishment due to sin so that no further expiation is required in Purgatory.


Te Deum laudamus:
te Dominum confitemur.
Te aeternum Patrem
omnis terra veneratur.
Tibi omnes Angeli;
tibi caeli et universae Potestates;
Tibi Cherubim et Seraphim
incessabili voce proclamant:
Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus,
Dominus Deus Sabaoth.
Pleni sunt caeli et terra
maiestatis gloriae tuae.
Te gloriosus Apostolorum chorus,
Te Prophetarum laudabilis numerus,
Te Martyrum candidatus laudat exercitus.
Te per orbem terrarum
sancta confitetur Ecclesia,
Patrem immensae maiestatis:
Venerandum tuum verum et unicum Filium;
Sanctum quoque Paraclitum Spiritum.
Tu Rex gloriae, Christe.
Tu Patris sempiternus es Filius.
Tu ad liberandum suscepturus hominem,
non horruisti Virginis uterum.
Tu, devicto mortis aculeo,
aperuisti credentibus regna caelorum.
Tu ad dexteram Dei sedes, in gloria Patris.
Iudex crederis esse venturus.
Te ergo quaesumus, tuis famulis subveni:
quos pretioso sanguine redemisti.
Aeterna fac cum sanctis tuis in gloria numerari.

[added later, mainly from Psalm verses:]
Salvum fac populum tuum,
Domine, et benedic hereditati tuae.
Et rege eos, et extolle illos usque in aeternum.
Per singulos dies benedicimus te;
Et laudamus Nomen tuum in saeculum, et in saeculum saeculi.
Dignare, Domine, die isto sine peccato nos custodire.
Miserere nostri Domine, miserere nostri.
Fiat misericordia tua,
Domine, super nos, quemadmodum speravimus in te.
In te, Domine, speravi:
non confundar in aeternum.


O God, we praise Thee, and acknowledge Thee to be the supreme Lord.

Everlasting Father, all the earth worships Thee.

All the Angels, the heavens and all angelic powers,

All the Cherubim and Seraphim, continuously cry to Thee:

Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of Hosts!

Heaven and earth are full of the Majesty of Thy glory.

The glorious choir of the Apostles,

The wonderful company of Prophets,

The white-robed army of Martyrs, praise Thee.

Holy Church throughout the world acknowledges Thee:

The Father of infinite Majesty;

Thy adorable, true and only Son;

Also the Holy Spirit, the Comforter.

O Christ, Thou art the King of glory!

Thou art the everlasting Son of the Father.

When Thou tookest it upon Thyself to deliver man, Thou didst not disdain the Virgin’s womb.

Having overcome the sting of death, Thou opened the Kingdom of Heaven to all believers.

Thou sitest at the right hand of God in the glory of the Father.

We believe that Thou willst come to be our Judge.

We, therefore, beg Thee to help Thy servants whom Thou hast redeemed with Thy Precious Blood.

Let them be numbered with Thy Saints in everlasting glory.


  1. Save Thy people, O Lord, and bless Thy inheritance!
  2. Govern them, and raise them up forever.
  3. Every day we thank Thee.
  4. And we praise Thy Name forever, yes, forever and ever.
  5. O Lord, deign to keep us from sin this day.
  6. Have mercy on us, O Lord, have mercy on us.
  7. Let Thy mercy, O Lord, be upon us, for we have hoped in Thee.
  8. O Lord, in Thee I have put my trust; let me never be put to shame.

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Dec 30

The (Human) will of the Soul as a Christmas Gift for Baby Jesus.

Immaculate-Heart-of-Mary-icons-immaculate-heart-of-mary-19300636-165-200FROM THE BOOK OF HEAVEN

V20 – 1.1.27

I was meditating on the old year which was setting, and the new one which was rising. My state continued in the flight of the light of the Divine Will, and I prayed the pretty Little Baby that, just as the old year was dying never to be born again, He would make my will die and live no more; and as gift for the new year, He would give me His Will, just as I gave Him mine as gift, placing it as footstool at His tender little feet, that it might have no life but His Will alone. Now, while I was saying these and other things, my sweet Jesus came out from within my interior, and told me: “Daughter of my Will, how I love, want and yearn that your will may end in you. Oh, how I accept your gift! How pleasing it will be for Me to keep it at my feet as a soft footstool. In fact, as long as it remains in the creature, outside of its center, which is God, the human will is hard; but when it enters once again into the center from which it came, serving as footstool at the feet of its Little Baby Jesus, it becomes soft, and I use it to amuse Myself. Is it not fair that, being little, I have my amusement? And that in the midst of so many sorrows, privations and tears, I may hold your will to make Me smile? Now, You Must Know that one who puts an end to his will, returns to the origin from which he came, and the new life, the life of light, the perennial life of my Will, begins in him.

See, when I came upon earth, I wanted to give many examples and similes about how I wanted the human will to end. I wanted to be born at midnight, so as to break the night of the human will with the refulgent day of Mine. And even though at midnight the night continues and does not finish, it is yet the beginning of a new day; and my Angels, to honor my birth and to point out to everyone the day of my Will, from midnight on, enlivened the vault of the heavens with new stars and new suns, such as to turn the night into more than daylight. This was the homage that the Angels gave to my little Humanity, in which dwelled the full day of the sun of my Divine Will, and the call of the creature into the full day of It. Still little, I submitted Myself to the cruel cut of circumcision, which made Me shed bitter tears for the pain – and not only to Me, but with Me cried my Mama and dear St. Joseph. It was the cut of the human will that I wanted to make, so that all might let the Divine Will flow within that cut, and so that a broken will might have life no more – but only Mine, which had flowed within that cut in order to begin Its life again.

Still little, I wanted to flee to Egypt. A tyrannical and iniquitous will wanted to kill Me – symbol of the human will which wants to kill Mine; so I fled, in order to say to all: ‘Flee the human will, if you do not want Mine to be killed.’ My whole life was nothing other than the call of the Divine Will into the human. In Egypt I lived like a stranger in the midst of that people – symbol of my Will, which they keep as though estranged within their midst; and symbolizing that whoever wants to live in peace and united with my Will, must live as though estranged to the human will. Otherwise, there will always be war between the two of them, because they are two irreconcilable wills.

After my exile, I returned to my fatherland – symbol of my Will which, after Its long exile of centuries upon centuries, will return to Its dear fatherland, to reign in the midst of Its children. And as I went through these stages in my life, I kept forming Its Kingdom in Me, and I called It with incessant prayers, with pains and with tears, to come and reign in the midst of creatures. I returned to my fatherland and I lived hidden and unknown. Oh, how this symbolizes the sorrow of my Will which, while living in the midst of the peoples, lives unknown and hidden! And with my hiddenness, I impetrated that the Supreme Will might be known, in order to receive the homage and the glory which are due to It.

There was nothing I did which did not symbolize a sorrow of my Will, the condition in which creatures put It, and the call I made in order to return Its Kingdom to It. And this is what I want your life to be: the continuous call of the Kingdom of my Will into the midst of creatures.”

Then, after this, I was going around throughout the whole Creation in order to bring the heavens, the stars, the sun, the moon, the sea – in sum, everything, to the feet of Little Baby Jesus together with me, to ask Him, all together, that this Kingdom of His Will may come soon upon earth. And in my desire, I said: ‘See, I am not the only one who is praying You, but the heavens are praying with the voices of all the stars; the sun, with the voice of its light and of its heat, the sea with its murmuring – they are all praying that your Will may come to reign upon earth. How can You resist listening to so many voices that pray You? They are innocent voices – voices animated by your own Will, that are praying You.’

Now, while I was saying this, my little Jesus came out from within my interior to receive the homage of all Creation, and to listen to their mute language; and squeezing me to Himself, He told me: “My daughter, the easiest means in order to hasten the coming of my Will upon earth are the knowledges about It. The knowledges bring light and heat and form the prime act of God within themselves, in which the creature finds the prime act on which to model her own. If she does not find the first act, the creature does not have the virtue of forming the prime act; therefore the acts and the things which are most necessary in order to form this Kingdom, would be missing. See then, what one additional knowledge about my Will means. By carrying the prime act of God within itself, it brings with itself a magnetic force– a powerful magnet in order to draw the creatures to repeating the prime act of God. With its light, it will bring the disillusionment of the human will; with its heat, it will soften the hardest hearts, moving them to bend before these Divine acts; and they will feel enraptured, yearning to be modeled on this act. Therefore, the more knowledges I manifest about my Will, the more the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat will hasten Its coming upon earth.”

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Dec 29

How the New Creation of the Kingdom of the Supreme Will was Formed in the Humanity of Our Lord


V20 – 12.29.26

“My daughter, as My Humanity was conceived, so I began a new creation, in order to lay the Kingdom of My Will over all the Acts that My Humanity did. All the Acts I did, both inside and outside of My Humanity, were animated by a Divine Will that contained the Creative Power; therefore My Acts underwent the new creation and converted into Acts of Divine Will, and I extended Its Kingdom in My interior and in all of My external Acts. In fact, who destroyed and rejected this Kingdom of My Will in man? His human will, that, rejecting Mine from itself, did not let itself be dominated and animated by It, but let itself be dominated and animated by its own, and so it formed in it the kingdom of miseries, of passions and of ruins.

“Now, before anything, My Humanity was to redo and to call back this Kingdom of the Supreme Will within Myself, within My human nature, that I might be all set to form the Redemption, and therefore able to give mankind the remedies in order to be saved. Had I not placed this Kingdom in safety within Me, had I not given to It Its rights of dominion, I could not have formed the good of Redemption. My Divine Will would have been inexorable in not conceding Its goods to Me, had I not had the prime right to form Its Kingdom in Me; only then, as second act, It would grant to Me the remedies to save creatures.

“So, My Supreme Will lined Itself up within all of My Acts; It dominated, and, triumphant, It invested My tears, My baby moans, My sighs, heartbeats, steps, works, words, pains—in sum, everything, with Its Creative Power. And as It invested them, It pearled them with Its endless light, and formed the new creation of Its Kingdom in all My Acts. Therefore, in every additional thing I did, the Divine Fiat expanded the boundaries of Its Kingdom within My Humanity.

“Now, if the Creation was called from nothing, and was formed on the foundation of My creative word, that spoke and created, it commanded, and all things took their place of order and harmony, in the creation of the Kingdom of the Supreme Will, instead, It was not content with forming It from nothing, but It wanted, as guarantee of safety, the basis, the foundations, the walls and all the acts and pains of My Most Holy Humanity, in order to form the creation of Its Kingdom.

“See then, how much this Kingdom of My Will cost; with how much love I developed It within Me. Therefore, this Kingdom exists—there is nothing left but to make It known, so as to let all the goods It contains go out into the field. So, what I want from you is that, just as My Humanity left My Will free to form Its Kingdom, you may leave Me free, without opposing in anything, so that, finding no opposition in you, My Acts may flow in you, and taking their place of honor, they may line up, all in order, to continue in you the life of the Kingdom of My Will.”

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Dec 27

Feast Day of St. John the Evangelist


V1 – “My beloved, in the cross are all the triumphs, all the victories, and the greatest gains. You must have no aim other than the cross, and it will be enough for you, in everything. Today I want to make you content; that cross which until now has not been enough to lay you (Luisa) on and crucify you completely, is the cross that you have carried up to now. But since I have to crucify you completely, you need new crosses which I will let descend upon you. So, the cross you have had until now, I will bring to Heaven, to show it to the whole celestial court as pledge of your love, and I will make another one descend from Heaven – a larger one, to be able to satisfy the ardent desires I have upon you.”

While Jesus was saying this, that cross which I had seen the other times made itself present before me. I took it and I laid myself on it. As I was in this way, the Heavens opened and Saint John the Evangelist came down, carrying the cross that Jesus had indicated to me. The Queen Mother and many Angels, when they arrived near me, lifted me from that cross and placed me over the one which they had brought me, which was much larger. Then, an Angel took the cross I had before and took it to Heaven with him. After this, with His own hand, Jesus began to nail me to that cross; Queen Mama assisted me, while the Angels and Saint John were handing the nails.

V4 – 12.4.02 – “…when I (Jesus) resurrected Lazarus, I went there, I had them remove the sepulchral stone, then I had him released, and then, with the empire of My Voice I called him back to life. In resurrecting the young girl, I took her by the hand with my right hand, and I called her back to life; and in many other things which are recorded in the Gospel, and which are known to all, I wanted to be there with my presence. This teaches the way in which the priest must behave in his operating, since the future life of the Church was enclosed in mine. And these are things that pertain to you, though in general; but your specific circumstance they will find on Calvary. I, priest and victim, lifted up on the wood of the cross, wanted a priest to be present, to assist Me in that state of victim – and he was Saint John, who represented the nascent Church. In him I saw everyone – Popes, bishops, priests and all the faithful together; and while assisting Me, He offered Me as victim for the glory of the Father and for the good outgrowth of the nascent Church. The fact that a priest assisted Me in that state of victim did not happen by chance, but everything was a profound mystery predisposed ab aeterno [from eternity] in the divine mind, intending that when I choose a soul as victim for the grave needs present in the Church, a priest must offer her to Me, assist her for Me, help her and encourage her to suffer. If these things are understood – fine, they themselves will receive the fruit of the work they offer; just like Saint John: how many goods did he not receive for having assisted Me on Mount Calvary? If then they are not understood, they do nothing but put My Work amid continuous contrasts, diverting My most Beautiful Designs.

V13 – 10.9.21 – “My daughter, while I (Jesus) was having supper with My disciples, I was surrounded not only by them, but by the whole human family. I had all creatures near Me, one by one; I knew them all, and I called them by name. I also called you (Luisa), and I gave you (Luisa) the place of honor between Me and John, constituting you the little secretary of My Will. And as I divided the lamb, in offering it to My Apostles, I gave it to all and to each one. That lamb, bled dry, roasted, cut to pieces, spoke about Me; it was the symbol of My Life and of how I was to reduce Myself for Love of all. And I wanted to give it to all as delicious food, which represented My Passion, because everything I did, said and suffered was converted by My Love into food for man. But do you know why I called everyone and gave the lamb to all? Because I too wanted food from them. I wanted everything they would do to be food for Me. I wanted the food of their love, of their works, of their words – of everything.”

V15 – 7.11.23 – “My daughter, the greater the work I (Jesus) want to do, the more necessary it is that the creature I choose be unique and singular.  The Work of Redemption was the greatest, and I chose only one creature, endowing Her with all gifts, never conceded to anyone, so that this creature might contain so much grace as to be able to become My Mother, and so that I might deposit in Her all the goods of Redemption.  And in order to keep My own gifts safe, from the moment She was conceived until She conceived Me, I kept Her hidden in the light of the Most Holy Trinity, which was Her custodian and had the office of directing Her in everything.  Then, when I was conceived in Her Virginal Womb, being the true Priest and the head and the first of all priests, I Myself took on the charge of keeping Her and directing Her in everything, even in the motion of Her heartbeat.  And when I died, I entrusted Her to another priest – Saint John.  A soul so privileged, who contained all graces, unique in the divine mind, unique in history – I did not want to leave Her without the assistance of a representative of Mine up to Her last breath.  Have I perhaps done this with other souls?  No, because they did not contain so much good, so many gifts and graces, and therefore so much custody and assistance was not necessary.”

“…Therefore, just as We entrusted Our Mama to St. John, that She might deposit in him, and from him to the Church, the treasures, the graces and all of My teachings which I had deposited in Her during the course of My Life, when She was entrusted to Me and I acted as Priest to Her – as I deposited in Her, as in a sanctuary, all the laws, the precepts and the doctrines which the Church was to possess; and She, faithful as She was, and jealous of even one word of Mine, deposited them in My faithful disciple John, so that they might not be lost, and therefore My Mama has Primacy over the whole Church – so I did with you:  since the ‘Fiat Voluntas Tua’ must serve the whole Church, I entrusted you to a minister of Mine, that you may deposit in him everything I Manifest to you about My Divine Will – the goods contained in It, how the creature must enter into It, and how the Paternal Goodness wants to open another Era of Grace, placing His Goods, which He possesses in Heaven, in common with the creature, and giving back to her the lost happiness.  Therefore, be attentive, and be faithful to Me.”



DAY 27 – “I (Mary) was inseparable from My Son; His pains were reflected in My Heart, liquefied by sorrow and by love, and I felt them more than if they were My own. So I followed Him all night. There was not one pain or accusation they gave Him, which did not resound in My Heart. But at the dawn of the morning, unable to endure any more, accompanied by the disciple John, Magdalene and other pious women, I wanted to follow Him step by step, also corporally, from one tribunal to another.”

DAY 29 – “Now, listen to Me, dear child. You Must Know that after the death of My Son I (Mary) withdrew in the cenacle, together with beloved John and Magdalene. But my Heart was pierced because only John was near Me, and in My sorrow I said: “And the other apostles…where are they?”

DAY 30 – “Then the time came for the Descent of the Holy Spirit, promised by My Son, in the cenacle. What a transformation, my child! As they were invested, they acquired new science, invincible strength, ardent love. A new life flowed within them, which rendered them intrepid and courageous, in such a way that they scattered throughout the whole world to make Redemption known, and to lay down their lives for their Master. I remained with beloved John, and was forced to leave Jerusalem, as the storm of persecution began.”

DAY 31 – “Now, You Must Know that before departing for the Celestial Fatherland, I (Mary) returned again to Jerusalem with My beloved John. It was the last time that I went past the earth in mortal flesh, and the whole Creation, as though realizing it, prostrated itself around Me. From fish of the sea which I crossed, to the tiniest little bird, they wanted to be blessed by their Queen; and I blessed them all, giving them My last good-bye. So I arrived in Jerusalem, and withdrawing into an apartment where John brought Me, I enclosed Myself in it never to go out again.”


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Dec 26

Tu scendi dalle stelle

Nativity 7Tu scendi dalle stelle


Tu scendi dalle stelle,

O Re del Cielo,

e vieni in una grotta,

al freddo al gelo.

O Bambino mio Divino

Io ti vedo qui a tremar,

O Dio Beato

Ahi, quanto ti costò

l’avermi amato!

A te, che sei del mondo

il Creatore,

mancano panni e fuoco;

O mio Signore!

Caro eletto Pargoletto,

Quanto questa povertà

più mi innamora!

Giacché ti fece amor

povero ancora!

Tu scendi dalle stelle


From starry skies descending,

Thou comest, glorious King,

A manger low Thy bed,

In winter’s icy sting;

O my dearest Child most holy,

Shudd’ring, trembling in the cold!

Great God, Thou lovest me!

What suff’ring Thou didst bear,

That I near Thee might be!

Thou art the world’s Creator,

God’s own and true Word,

Yet here no robe, no fire

For Thee, Divine Lord.

Dearest, fairest, sweetest Infant,

Dire this state of poverty.

The more I care for Thee,

Since Thou, o Love Divine,

Will’st now so poor to be.

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Dec 25




V4 – 12.25.00 – As I was in my usual state, I felt I was outside of myself; after wandering around, I found myself inside a cave, and I saw the Queen Mama in the act of giving birth to Little Baby Jesus. What a wonderful prodigy! It seemed that both Mother and Son were transmuted into most pure light. But in that light one could see very well the human nature of Jesus containing the Divinity within Itself, and serving as a veil to cover the Divinity; in such a way that, in tearing the veil of human nature, He was God, while covered by that veil, He was Man. Here is the prodigy of prodigies: God and Man, Man and God! Without leaving the Father and the Holy Spirit – because true love never separates – He comes to dwell in our midst, taking on human flesh. Now, it seemed to me that Mother and Son, in that most happy instant, remained as though spiritualized, and without the slightest difficulty Jesus came out of the Maternal womb, while both of them overflowed with excess of Love. In other words, those Most Pure Bodies were transformed into Light, and without the slightest impediment, Light Jesus came out of the Light of the Mother, while both One and the Other remained whole and intact, returning, then, to their natural state.

Who can tell the beauty of the Little Baby who, at the moment of His birth, transfused, also externally, the rays of the Divinity? Who can tell the beauty of the Mother, who remained all absorbed in those Divine rays? And Saint Joseph? It seemed to me that he was not present at the act of the birth, but remained in another corner of the cave, all engrossed in that profound Mystery. And if he did not see with the eyes of the body, he saw very well with the eyes of the soul, because he remained enraptured in sublime ecstasy.

Now, in the act in which the Little Baby came out to the light, I had wanted to fly and take Him in my arms, but the Angels prevented me, saying that the honor of holding Him first belonged to the Mother. Then, the Most Holy Virgin, as though stirred, returned into Herself and from the hands of an Angel received Her Son in Her arms. In Her ardor of love, She squeezed Him so tightly that it seemed that She wanted to draw Him into Her womb again. Then, wanting to let Her ardent love pour out, She placed Him at Her breast to suckle. In the meantime, I was completely annihilated, waiting to be called so as not to be scolded again by the Angels. Then the Queen said to me: “Come, come and take your Beloved, and you too, enjoy Him – pour out your love with Him.” As She was saying this, I drew near Mama, and She gave Him to me, into my arms. Who can say my contentment, the kisses, the squeezes, the tendernesses? After I poured myself out a little, I said to Him: ‘My beloved, You have suckled the milk of our Mama, share it with me.’ And He, all condescending, poured part of that milk from His mouth into mine, and then He told me: “My beloved, I was conceived united to suffering, I was born to suffering, and I died in suffering. And with the three nails with which they crucified Me, I nailed the three powers – intellect, memory and will – of those souls who yearn to love Me, keeping them all drawn to Myself, because sin had rendered them infirm and dispersed from their Creator – without any restraint.” As He was saying this, He gazed at the world and began to cry over its miseries. On seeing Him cry, I said: ‘Lovable Baby, do not sadden with your tears a night so happy for one who loves you. Instead of pouring ourselves out in crying, let us pour ourselves out in singing’; and as I said this, I began to sing. Jesus was amused at hearing me sing, and He stopped crying; and completing my verse, He sang His own, with a voice so powerful and harmonious that all other voices disappeared at the sound of His most sweet voice. After this, I prayed to Baby Jesus for my confessor, for those who belong to me, and lastly, for everyone, and He seemed all condescending. At that moment He disappeared from me, and I returned into myself.

christmas-nativity-scene-1sepiaV25 – 12.25.28 - I was thinking about the birth of Baby Jesus, and I prayed Him to come to be born in my poor soul. And in order to sing His praises and form a cortege for Him in the act of His birth, I fused myself in the Holy Divine Volition, and flowing in all created things, I wanted to animate the heavens, the sun, the stars, the sea, the earth and everything with my “I love You.”

I wanted to place all created things as though in waiting, in the act of Jesus’ birth, so that all would say to Him, “I love You,” and “We want the Kingdom of Your Will upon earth.”

Now, while I was doing this, it seemed to me that all created things would come to attention in the act of Jesus’ birth, and as the dear Baby came out of the womb of His Celestial Mama, the heavens, the sun, and even the tiny little bird, as though all in chorus, were saying, “I love You,” and “We want the Kingdom of Your Will upon earth.”

My “I love You” in the Divine Will flowed within all things in which the Divine Will had Its life, and therefore all sang praises to the birth of their Creator; and I saw the newborn Baby who, flinging Himself into my arms, all shivering, told me: “What a beautiful feast has the little daughter of My Will prepared for Me; how beautiful is the chorus of all created things saying to Me, ‘I love You,’ and wanting My Will to reign. One who lives in It can give Me anything, and can use all stratagems in order to render Me happy and make Me smile, even in the midst of tears. Therefore, I was waiting for you, to have a surprise of love of yours by virtue of My Divine Volition.

“In fact, you must know that My Life on earth was nothing but suffering, operating and preparing everything that was to serve the Kingdom of My Divine Will, that must be Kingdom of happiness and of possession; therefore, it is then that My works will have their full fruits and will change for Me and for creatures into sweetnesses, into joys and into possession.”

Now, while He was saying this, He disappeared from me; but after a little while He came back, inside a little cradle of gold, clothed with a tiny little garment of light.

And He added: “My daughter, today is My birthday, and I have come to render you happy with My presence. It would be too hard for Me, on this day, not to render one who lives in My Divine Will happy, not to give you My first kiss and tell you, ‘I love you’ as a requital of yours, and, clasping you tightly to My little Heart, make you feel My heartbeats that unleash fire, and would want to burn everything that does not belong to My Will, while your heartbeat, echoing within Mine, repeats for Me your pleasant refrain: ‘May Your Will reign on earth as It does in Heaven.’ Repeat it always, if you want to render Me happy and calm My baby crying. Look—your love has prepared for Me the gold cradle, and the acts in My Divine Will have prepared for Me the little garment of light. Aren’t you happy?”


nativity 2DAY 22

The soul to her Celestial Mama:

Today, holy Mama, I feel an ardor of love, and I feel that I cannot be without coming onto your maternal knees to find the Celestial Little Baby in your arms. His beauty enraptures me, His gazes wound me, His lips, in the act of moaning and bursting into tears, capture my heart to love Him. My dearest Mama, I know that You love me, and therefore I ask You to give me a little place in your arms, so that I may give Him my first kiss, pour my heart into little King Jesus, and entrust to Him my interesting secrets, which so much oppress me. And in order to make Him smile, I will say to Him: “My will is Yours and Yours is mine; therefore, form the Kingdom of your Divine Fiat in me.”

Lesson of the Queen of Heaven to her child:

My dearest child, oh, how I long for you to come into my arms, to have the great contentment of being able to say to our little Baby King: “Do not cry, my pretty one. See, here with us is my little child, who wants to recognize You as King and give You dominion within her soul, to let You lay in her the Kingdom of your Will.”

Now, child of my Heart, while you are all intent on longing for little Baby Jesus, pay attention and listen to Me. You must know that it was midnight when the little newborn King came out of my maternal womb. But the night turned into day; the One who was the Lord of light put to flight the night of the human will, the night of sin, the night of all evils; and as a sign of what He was doing in the order of souls, by means of His usual omnipotent Fiat the midnight turned into most refulgent daylight. All created things ran to praise their Creator in that little Humanity. The sun ran to give its first kisses of light to little Baby Jesus, and to warm Him with its heat; the ruling wind purified the air of the stable with its waves, and with its sweet moaning said to Him: “I love You”; the heavens were shaken from their very foundations; the earth exulted and trembled down to the abyss; the sea roared with its gigantic waves. In sum, all created things recognized that their Creator was now in their midst, and they all competed in singing His praises. The very Angels, forming light in the air, with melodious voices which all could hear, said: “Glory to God in the highest, and peace on earth to men of good will! The Celestial Baby is now born in the grotto of Bethlehem, wrapped in poor swaddling clothes…” – so much so, that the shepherds who were in vigil, listened to the Angelic voices and ran to visit the little divine King.

My dear child, continue to listen to Me. As I received Him into my arms and gave Him my first kiss, I felt the need of love to give something of my own to my little Son; and offering Him my breast, I gave Him abundant milk – milk formed in my person by the Divine Fiat Itself, in order to nourish little King Jesus. But who can tell you what I felt in doing this, and the seas of grace, of love, of sanctity, that my Son gave to Me in return? Then I wrapped Him in poor but clean little clothes, and I placed Him in the manger. This was His Will, and I could not do without executing it. But before doing this, I shared Him with dear Saint Joseph, placing Him in his arms. Oh, how he rejoiced! He pressed Him to his heart, and the sweet little Baby poured torrents of grace into his soul. Then, together with Saint Joseph, we arranged a little hay in the manger, and detaching Him from my maternal arms, I laid Him in it. Your Mama, enraptured by the beauty of the divine Infant, remained kneeling before Him most of the time. I put all my seas of love into motion, which the Divine Will had formed in Me, to love Him, adore Him, and thank Him.

And what did the little Celestial Baby do in the manger? A continuous act of the Will of Our Celestial Father, which was also His. Moaning and sighing, He wailed, cried and called to everyone, saying in His loving moans: “Come all of you, children of mine; for love of you I am born to sorrow and to tears. Come all of you, to know the excess of my love! Give Me shelter in your hearts.” And there was a coming and going of shepherds, who came to visit Him, and to all He gave His sweet gaze and His loving smile, even amid His tears.

Now, my child, a little word to you: You must know that all my joy was to hold my dear Son Jesus on my lap, but the Divine Will made Me understand that I should place Him in the manger, at everyone’s disposal, so that whoever wanted, could caress Him, kiss Him, and take Him in their arms, as if He were his own. He was the little King of all; therefore, they had the right to make of Him a sweet pledge of love. And I, in order to fulfill the Supreme Volition, deprived Myself of my innocent joys, beginning, with works and sacrifices, the office of Mother – of giving Jesus to all.

My child, the Divine Will is demanding and wants everything, even the sacrifice of the holiest things; and according to circumstances, even the great sacrifice of depriving oneself of Jesus Himself. However, It does so in order to extend Its kingdom even more, and to multiply the life of Jesus Himself. In fact, when the creature deprives herself of Him out of love for Him, her heroism and sacrifice is so great that she has the virtue of producing a new life of Jesus to be able to form another dwelling for Jesus. Therefore, dear child, be attentive, and never deny anything to the Divine Will, under any pretext.

The soul:

Holy Mama, your beautiful lessons confuse me; but if You want me to put them into practice do not leave me alone, so that, when You see me succumb under the enormous weight of the divine privations, I may cling to your maternal Heart and feel the strength never to deny anything to the Divine Will.

Little Sacrifice:

Today, to honor Me, you will come as many as three times to visit little Baby Jesus, and to kiss His little hands; and you will speak to Him five acts of love, to honor His tears and to calm His crying.

Ejaculatory Prayer:

Holy Mama, pour the tears of Jesus into my heart, that He may dispose in me the triumph of the Will of God.

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