Sep 18

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Pope Francis Makes New Appeal for Peace

09/18/2013 12:35

Pope: Syrian “tragedy” “can only be resolved through dialogue and negotiation.”

Vatican City ( AsiaNews ) – The Syrian ” human tragedy ” ” can only be resolved through dialogue and negotiation , respect for justice and the dignity of every person , especially the weakest and most defenseless .” Another appeal of Pope Francis for “a diplomatic and political solution to outbreaks of war” in the world and particularly in Syria. An appeal launched at the end of the general audience ahead of next Saturday , 21 September, which the UN has dedicated to peace. An appointment for which the World Council of Churches has called people to prayer.

“I invite Catholics from around the world to join with other Christians to continue to ask God for the gift of peace in the most troubled parts of our planet. May peace, the gift of Jesus, always live in our hearts and support the intentions and actions of the leaders of nations and all people of good will”.

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