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The Feast of Christ the King, Prelude of the Kingdom of the Divine Will

The Feast of Christ the King is the Last Sunday in October on the Traditional Calendar.
In the Novus Ordo it falls on the Sunday before the First Sunday of Advent.


Christ the King“That in the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those
that are in Heaven,
on earth and under the earth:
And that every tongue should confess that
the Lord Jesus Christ
is in the glory of God the Father.”

Philippians 2:10-11


Volume 25 – October 28, 1928

The Feast of Christ the King, Prelude of the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

I was thinking about today’s feast—that is, the Feast of Christ the King; and my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), the Church does nothing but intuitively grasp what She must know on My Divine Will and how Its Kingdom must come.  Therefore, this Feast is the prelude of the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat.  Indeed, the Church is doing nothing other than honoring My Humanity with those titles that, by right, are due to It; and when She has given Me all the honors that befit Me, She will move on to honor and to institute the Feast to the Kingdom of My Divine Will, by which My Humanity was animated.

“The Church proceeds step by step, and now She institutes the Feast to My Heart, now She consecrates the century, in all solemnity, to Christ the Redeemer, and now She moves on, with greater solemnity, to institute the Feast to Christ the King.  Christ the King means that He must have His Kingdom, He must have peoples worthy of such a King.  And who will ever be able to form for Me this Kingdom if not My Divine Will?  Then, yes, will I be able to say:  ‘I have My people—My Fiat has formed it for Me.’

“Oh! if the leaders of the Church knew what I (Jesus) have manifested to you (Luisa) about My Divine Will, what I want to do, Its Great Prodigies, My Yearnings, My sorrowful Heartbeats, My anguishing Sighs, for I want My Divine Will to Reign, to make everyone happy, to restore the human family—they would feel that in this Feast of Christ the King is nothing other than the Secret Echo of My Heart that, echoing in them, without their knowing it, has them institute for Me the Feast of Christ the King in order to call their attention and reflection:  Christ the King….  And His true people—where are they?

“And they would say:  ‘Let us hasten to make His Divine Will known; let us let It Reign, that we may give a people to Christ the King, whom we have called so.  Otherwise, we have honored Him with words, but not with facts.’”

Christ the King. 3

Christ Himself speaks of His Own Kingly Authority [see link for Bible Citations]: in His last discourse, speaking of the rewards and punishments that will be the eternal lot of the just and the damned; in His reply to the Roman magistrate, who asked Him publicly whether He were a king or not; after His Resurrection, when giving to His Apostles the mission of teaching and Baptizing all nations, He took the opportunity to call Himself King, confirming the title publicly, and solemnly proclaimed that all Power was given Him in Heaven and on earth. These words can only be taken to indicate the greatness of his Power, the infinite extent of His Kingdom. What wonder, then, that He Whom St. John calls the “Prince of the kings of the earth” appears in the Apostle’s vision of the future as He Who “hath on His garment and on His Thigh written ‘King of kings and Lord of lords!’.” It is Christ Whom the Father “hath appointed Heir of all things”; “for He must Reign until at the end of the world He hath put all his enemies under the feet of God and the Father.”

It was surely right, then, in view of the common teaching of the sacred books, that the Catholic Church, which is the Kingdom of Christ on earth, destined to be spread among all men and all nations, should with every token of veneration salute her Author and Founder in her annual liturgy as King and Lord, and as King of kings. And, in fact, she used these titles, giving expression with wonderful variety of language to one and the same concept, both in ancient psalmody and in the Sacramentaries.

Pope Pius XI, Encyclical Letter, QUAS PRIMAS, #11-12



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