Jun 29

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June 29

St.Peter-St.-PaulPope: Grace of Christ transformed Peter and Paul

(Vatican Radio) Peter and Paul were “transformed” by the God’s mercy, Pope Francis said at his weekly Angelus address on Sunday.

The Church in Rome, the Pope noted, has always celebrated a single feast for the two great Apostles of Rome. “Faith in Christ made them brothers, and martyrdom made them one,” he said.

Both Saint Peter and Saint Paul were personally chosen by Christ, “and they responded to the call by offering their whole lives.” Although Peter had denied Christ, and Paul had persecuted the Church, “the grace of Christ accomplished great things in them, it transformed them!” the Pope said. “Both welcomed the love of God and allowed themselves to be transformed by His mercy; they became friends and apostles of Christ.” And so, Pope Francis said, “they continue to speak to the Church, and still today they show the path of salvation.”

The Holy Father pointed out that God can transform us, too. Even “if we should happen to fall into the gravest sins, and into the darkest night,” he said, “God is always able to transform us, as He transformed Peter and Paul, to transform our hearts and forgive us everything, thus transforming the darkness of sin into a dawn of light.”

God is able to change our lives, as He changed the lives of Peter and Paul. The grace of God, Pope Francis said, “pushes us to overcome the selfishness that we have in our heart in order to follow decisively the Master who has given His life for His friends.” The Lord can transform us, and is always ready to forgive us for anything, as long as “we open our hearts and ask for forgiveness.”

The Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul “evokes in us a great joy,” the Pope said, “because it confronts us with the work of mercy in the hearts of these two men… who were great sinners.” God, he said, “wants to fill us with this grace, as He filled Peter and Paul. The Holy Father prayed that Mary might help us to welcome the grace of God as Peter and Paul did, and “to support us in the hour of trial, in order to bear witness to Jesus and His Gospel” – and asked his hearers to pray especially for the Archbishops who a little earlier had concelebrated Mass with him in Saint Peter’s.



V2 – “All Heaven is veiled in my Church. Just as in Heaven one is the head, which is God, and many are the saints, of different conditions, orders and merits, so in my Church, in which all Heaven is veiled, one is the head, which is the Pope, and the Sacrosanct Trinity is veiled even in the triple tiara that covers his head; and many are the members that depend on this head – that is, different dignities, various orders, superior and inferior, from the littlest to the greatest, they all serve to embellish my Church. Each one, according to its degree, has the office entrusted to it, and by the exact fulfillment of the virtues it comes to give from itself a splendor so very fragrant to my Church, that the earth and Heaven are perfumed and illuminated, and the people are so drawn by this light and by this fragrance, that it is almost impossible for them not to surrender to the truth.

V4 – “My daughter, how terrible it can be for those souls who have been much fecundated by my grace, but have not corresponded to it. The Jewish nation was the favorite one, the most fecundated, and yet, the most sterile; and the whole of My Person could not obtain that fruit which Paul obtained in other nations, less fecundated, but more corresponding. In fact, lack of correspondence to grace blinds the soul, it makes her deceive herself, and disposes her to obstinacy, even in the face of any miracle.”

V8 – Even more, I tell you that if to Paul I gave my efficacious grace at the beginning of his conversion, to you I give it almost continually – and this is the sign of it: that you continue in your interior everything that you used to do when I was with you almost continually – doing what now you seem to do by yourself. Your feeling all immersed in Me and bound to Me, always thinking of Me even though you do not see Me – this is not your own thing, nor an ordinary grace, but special and efficacious grace. And if I give you much, it is a sign that I love you much, and I want to be loved much by you.”


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