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St. Augustine’s City of God and Christian Doctrine and the Divine Will

St. Augustine’s City of God and Christian Doctrine and the Divine Will

Chapter 14.—Of the Damnation of the Devil and His Adherents; And a Sketch of the Bodily Resurrection of All the Dead, and of the Final Retributive Judgment:

After this mention of the closing persecution, he summarily indicates all that the devil, and the city of which he is the prince, shall suffer in the last judgment.  For he says, “And the devil who seduced them is cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, in which are the beast and the false prophet, and they shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.”  We have already said that by the beast is well understood the wicked city.  His false prophet is either Antichrist or that image or figment of which we have spoken in the same place.  After this he gives a brief narrative of the last judgment itself, which shall take place at the second or bodily resurrection of the dead, as it had been revealed to him:  “I saw a throne great and white, and One sitting on it from whose face the heaven and the earth fled away, and their place was not found.”  He does not say, “I saw a throne great and white, and One sitting on it, and from His face the heaven and the earth fled away,” for it had not happened then, i.e., before the living and the dead were judged; but he says that he saw Him sitting on the throne from whose face heaven and earth fled away, but afterwards.  For when the judgment is finished, this heaven and earth shall cease to be, and there will be a New Heaven and a New Earth. 

From the Book of Heaven:

V13 – 5.1.21 – “…the souls who Live in My Divine Will: they are the New Heavens, the New suns, the New Earth, all flowery – even more, More Varied with Beauty and Enchantment.”

V13 – 10.27.21 – “My daughter (Luisa), it is fair after I Carried you in My Interior for My Whole Life, that your duty be to Carry Me in your interior for all of your life. If I Placed you in My Interior, it was in order to Perfume your soul, and to Extend a New Heaven within you, so as to Render it a Worthy Residence for My Person.”

V15 – 1.5.23 – ‘My Love, what are You doing?  It seems that You want to show me to everyone, to let everyone point at me.  What repugnance I feel.’  And Jesus:  “Ah! My daughter, it is My Divine Will that I want everyone to Know and to Point at, as New Heaven and means of New Regeneration; and you will Remain as though Buried in My Divine Will…”

V17 – 2.15.25 – I was Abandoning all of myself in the Most Holy Will of God, and in this Total and Full Abandonment I felt within me a New Heaven, an Air all Divine, which Infused New Life in me. And my Always Adorable Jesus, Moving in my interior, seemed to stretch out His Arms toward me, to Receive me and to Hide me within Himself, Placing me under this New Heaven of His Will which had Formed in me, by His Grace. With great Contentment, I breathed the Balsamic and Sweet Air of His Most Holy Will; and taken by Amazement, I said: ‘My Love, my Jesus, how Beautiful is the Heaven of Your Will! How Enjoyable is to be Under It! Oh, how Refreshing and Salutary is Its Celestial Air!’

And Jesus, pressing me more tightly to Himself, told me: “Daughter of my Will, each act in my Will is a New Heaven which extends above the head of the soul – one more beautiful than the other. The air of these heavens is divine, and brings with itself Sanctity, Love, Fortitude, and contains all flavors together. This is why one can feel a balsamic and sweet air. My Will in Heaven confirms, beatifies, brings happiness, and penetrates everywhere; It transforms and divinizes everything within Itself. While in the soul who possesses these New Heavens of my Will on earth, It operates, and as It operates, It delights in extending New Heavens. Therefore, my Will works and operates more in the pilgrim soul than in the Celestial Jerusalem. Up there, the works of the Saints are complete – there is nothing left to do; while here, my Will has always something to do in the soul in whom It reigns. This is why It wants everything for Itself, and does not want to leave even one act to her human will – because It wants to do much, and for every act It were to leave to the human will, It would fail to extend one more heaven, and it would be one work less for It. Ah, you do not know what happens in the soul when she gives my Will all the freedom to operate within her.

V18 – 12.6.25 – Man is the New Heaven – more than the heavens above the earth.

V19 – 4.4.26 – See, each knowledge of my perfections which I manifest, each truth which
pertains to the Divinity, is a New Heaven that I extend within the soul.

V19 – 4.28.26 – But the one who surpasses all is my Celestial Mama. She is the New Heaven, the most refulgent sun, the brightest moon, the most flowery earth; She encloses everything – everything within Herself.

V20 – 1.4.27 – Therefore, the Divine Will operating, which issues an act from Itself, is the greatest thing that can exist in Heaven and on earth. New Heavens, more beautiful suns, can come out of one more act of my Will.

V21 – 5.8.27 – “Therefore, as much as I may give to a creature, I would always give her little in comparison with giving her the great Gift of My Will; New Heavens, more refulgent suns, unheard-of things, surprises never before seen, can be seen in her. Heaven and earth tremble and fall on their knees before a soul who possesses the great Gift of My Will—and with reason, because they see, coming out from her, the vivifying and creative virtue and strength that preserves them in the New life created by God.

V25 – 12.29.28 – So, each knowledge about My Divine Fiat is a heaven, a sun, it is a wind, one distinct from the other, that, having the speaking virtue and possessing the Divine Life, have the virtue of producing New Heavens and suns more beautiful, and winds more mighty, such as to invests the hearts and make conquests of them by their sweet ruling moaning. .. “Therefore, I feel happy in your soul because I am in the midst of My speaking heavens, stars and suns; but My Happiness is doubled when you make the sacrifice of writing, because I see that these speaking heavens will go out, and their word will form New Heavens that will bring the life of My Divine Fiat into the midst of creatures. Then will Heaven no longer be foreign to the earth, because these speaking heavens will form the New celestial family upon earth, and their word will place Creator and creature in communication.

V26 – 8.7.29 – Therefore, the foundations, the hope, the certainty of the Kingdom of My Divine Will will be formed by the knowledges about It. This is why I have told so many of them—because they will be the riches, the nourishment, and the New suns, the New Heavens, that the peoples of the Kingdom of My Volition will possess.

V33 – 6.24.34 – Everything that We have done passes through the channel of the creature, in which it is Our Will that this would happen, and We feel repeated to Us, in virtue of It, the Glory as if We were to extend a New Heaven, We were to Operate a New Creation. And as We feel her come into Our Volition, We welcome her, and overflowing with New Love We tell her: ‘Come, touch with your hand what We have done. Our Works are Living for you, not dead, and by knowing them you will repeat the New Glory and the New Exchange of Love.’

V35 – 11.20.37 – “My Will shall give so much Love to this creature who Lives in It, as to be able to inundate the whole of Creation. My Volition will lay a New Heaven of Love upon all human generations, so as to feel embraced and Loved by the Love of this creature, which was given by My Will Itself, everywhere, in everyone and in every place. And this creature, while hugging and Loving My Will, will say: ‘O Supreme Volition, come to Reign upon earth! Invest all generations! Win and Conquer all!’ Can’t you see how Beautiful it is to Live in It; having your love in Its Power, which contains so much Power and Virtue that nobody can resist? When this Love will have Invested everything and everyone—the Love of a creature who Lived in Our Fiat, and who carries with her the bond of the human family—We will let Ourselves be won. We will demolish all the obstacles and will have Our Kingdom on the face of the earth. Therefore, pray and make everything serve to ask Me that My Will may come to Reign on earth as in Heaven.”

Chapter 14.—Of the Damnation of the Devil and His Adherents; And a Sketch of the Bodily Resurrection of All the Dead, and of the Final Retributive Judgment:

For this world shall pass away by transmutation, not by absolute destruction.  And therefore the apostle says, “For the figure of this world passeth away.  I would have you be without anxiety.”1383  The figure, therefore, passes away, not the nature.

From the Book of Heaven:

V6 – 11.8.05 – “…Now, such is resignation for the soul. As she resigns herself, in her very resigning she sees a divine light, and this light dispels what prevents her from seeing God; and as she sees God, she desires to enjoy Him; and while she enjoys Him, she feels as if she were eating Him, in such a way as to feel God Himself all Transmuted into herself.

Therefore, it follows that the first step is to resign oneself; the second is to desire to do the Will of God in everything; the third is to make of It one’s favorite food, daily; the fourth is to consume the Will of God within one’s own. But if one does not take the first step, he will remain empty of God.”

V19 – 9.3.26 – “…As the Divine Will’s Light pounds on the soul and she receives It, It communicates all the effects It contains, because, coming out of the Supreme Being, my Will contains all the qualities of the Divine Nature.  So, in investing her, It communicates the goodness, the love, the power, the firmness, the mercy and all the divine qualities – not in a superficial way, but in a real way, such as to Transmute all of Its qualities into the human nature; so much so, that the soul will feel within herself, as her own, the nature of true goodness, of power, of sweetness, of mercy; and so with all the rest of the supreme qualities.  My Will alone has this power to convert Its virtues into one’s nature – but only for one who abandons herself prey to Its light and to Its heat, and keeps the tenebrous night of her own will away from her, the true and perfect night of the poor creature.”

V28 – 5.2.30 – “…Therefore, one who lives in My Fiat feels within herself the virtue-bearer of happiness, and in everything she does she feels a vein of happiness flowing, that renders every act, every pain and sacrifice, light.

“This happiness carries with itself the emptying of all evils, and it fills the creature with invincible strength, in such a way that, with all truth, she can say: ‘I can do anything, I can reach anything, because I feel Transmuted into the Divine Will that has banished weaknesses, miseries, passions away from me. My very will, made happy by Its happiness, wants to drink in large gulps Its Divine Happiness, and does not want to have anything more to do with living but of Divine Will.’

V32 – 10.15.33 – “My blessed daughter, there is nothing more Beautiful, more welcome, and that pleases and Glorifies Us more, than to form the Life of Our Divine Volition in the creature. In her is formed a little Paradise where Our Supreme Being delights to descend in order to make His Sojourn. Do you see, instead of one Paradise We have two, in which We find Our Harmonies, the Beauty that enraptures Us, the Pure Joys that double Our Happiness, because of having formed an additional Life of Ours in the little circle of the creature. In this Paradise, for however little, for as much as the creature can be capable of, We find everything; everything is Ours. Rather We find the littleness that enamors Us more, and We contemplate Our Divine Art, that in the little, by the virtue of Our Power, We have enclosed the Great. We can say that by Our Labyrinth of Love We have Transmuted things: the Great in the little, and the little in the Great. Without a Divine Prodigy of Ours, We could not form either Our Life or Our Paradise in the creature. And does it seem little to you to have one more Life of Ours, and a Doubled Paradise at Our disposal, in order to make Us all the more Happy?

Chapter 14.—Of the Damnation of the Devil and His Adherents; And a Sketch of the Bodily Resurrection of All the Dead, and of the Final Retributive Judgment:

After John had said that he had seen One sitting on the throne from whose face heaven and earth fled, though not till afterwards, he said, “And I saw the dead, great and small:  and the books were opened; and another book was opened, which is the book of the life of each man:  and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their deeds.”  He said that the books were opened, and a book; but he left us at a loss as to the nature of this book, “which is,” he says, “the book of the life of each man.”  By those books, then, which he first mentioned, we are to understand the sacred books old and new, that out of them it might be shown what commandments God had enjoined; and that book of the life of each man is to show what commandments each man has done or omitted to do.  If this book be materially considered, who can reckon its size or length, or the time it would take to read a book in which the whole life of every man is recorded?  Shall there be present as many angels as men, and shall each man hear his life recited by the angel assigned to him?  In that case there will be not one book containing all the lives, but a separate book for every life.  But our passage requires us to think of one only.  “And another book was opened,” it says.  We must therefore understand it of a certain divine power, by which it shall be brought about that every one shall recall to memory all his own works, whether good or evil, and shall mentally survey them with a marvellous rapidity, so that this knowledge will either accuse or excuse conscience, and thus all and each shall be simultaneously judged.  And this divine power is called a book, because in it we shall as it were read all that it causes us to remember.  That he may show who the dead, small and great, are who are to be judged, he recurs to this which he had omitted or rather deferred, and says, “And the sea presented the dead which were in it; and death and hell gave up the dead which were in them.”  This of course took place before the dead were judged, yet it is mentioned after.  And so, I say, he returns again to what he had omitted.  But now he preserves the order of events, and for the sake of exhibiting it repeats in its own proper place what he had already said regarding the dead who were judged.  For after he had said, “And the sea presented the dead which were in it, and death and hell gave up the dead which were in them,” he immediately subjoined what he had already said, “and they were judged every man according to their works.”  For this is just what he had said before, “And the dead were judged according to their works.”

From the Book of Heaven:

V29 – 7.6.31 – “My daughter, one who does My Will and lives in It forms in her soul the Book of the Divine Fiat. But this Book must be full, not empty or with only a few pages written; if it is not full, she will soon finish reading it, and having nothing to read, she will occupy herself with something else, and therefore the Life of My Divine Will will be interrupted and as though broken in the creature. On the other hand, if it is full, she will have always something to read; and if it seems that it ends, I will add other pages more sublime, so that she may never lack the life, the knowledge ever new, and the substantial nourishment of My Divine Volition.

“So, the interior must be like many pages in order to form this Book: page the intelligence, page the will and the memory, page the desire, the affection, the heartbeat, page the word, that must be able to repeat what it read, otherwise it will remain like a book that will do good to no one, while for one who forms a book the first purpose is to propagate it. So, the whole interior must be written with pages of My Divine Will, and this Book must be so full, that she must be unable to find anything else to read but My Will alone. Now, when the soul has her interior book full, she will know very well the external Book of the Divine Will. All of Creation is nothing other than a book of It; each created thing is a page that forms an immense book, and of many volumes. So, having formed her interior book and read it thoroughly, she will be able to read very well the external Book of all Creation, and in all things she will find My Divine Will in act of giving her Its Life, Its lessons, most high and sublime, and Its delicious and holy food.

It will happen to one who has formed in her interior this Book of the Divine Fiat, and has read it thoroughly, as to someone who has possessed a book, has read it over and over again, has studied well the most difficult things, has smoothed out all difficulties, elucidated the most obscure points, in such a way that he has consumed his life over that book. If a person from outside brought to him another similar book, he will most certainly be able to read it, and will recognize in that one his own book. More so, since My Divine Will has enclosed the creature within Its most holy circle, and has placed in the depth of the soul the Book of Its Fiat, and in Creation It has repeated Its Divine Book, in such a way that one echoes within the other, and they understand each other in an admirable way. Here is why it is necessary to recognize the Book of the Divine Fiat in the depth of one’s soul, read it thoroughly to make of it perennial life; and in this way one will easily be able to read the beautiful pages and the great Book of My Will of all Creation.”

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