Jun 27

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Feast of Our Lady of Perpetual Help


Missa “Gaudeámus ómnes”

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Today [June 27] is the Traditional Feast of Our Mother of Perpetual Help which can be said in place of the Feria Mass. In the thirteenth century, a beautiful picture of Our Lady holding the Child Jesus, with the Archangels Michael and Gabriel on either side of her, was painted in the East. In the fifteenth century, this picture was brought from the Island of Crete and was taken to Rome. It was placed in the Church of Saint Matthew in Rome. There, for three hundred years, pilgrims came to reverence and pray before this holy picture, because everyone loved its simplicity, its beauty and its truth. After the French Revolution, when the vicious Napoleon desecrated thirty Catholic Churches in Rome, this precious picture of Our Lady of Perpetual Help was hidden away, but it was rediscovered in 1862.

It was then placed in the Church of Saint Alphonsus Maria de Liguori, founder of the Redemptorist Order, in Rome, where it is now kept. The purpose of this lovely picture is by way of simple and innocent symbol to teach us that

Our Lady is our help in all things, and our help at all times. Many Catholic churches in all countries are called by the name, Our Lady of Perpetual Help.


mary-and-luisaV34 – 5.20.36 – “So the Great Lady is all eye in order to look, all heart in order to Love, so as to HELP the one whom She sees in some way disposed, that they want to Live of Divine Will. Therefore in the difficulties, think that She is around you, She sustains you, She fortifies you, She takes your volition in Her Maternal Hands in order to make it receive the Life of the Supreme Fiat.”

V34 – 12.20.36 – “Now, My daughter, listen to another Prodigy of Our Fiat in this Celestial Creature, and how She Loved Us and rendered Her Maternity extendable to all creatures: In every Act that She did, if She Loved, Prayed, Adored, if She Suffered, everything, even the breath, the heartbeat, the step, being Our Fiat, were Triumphs and Victories that Our Supreme Being made in the Acts of the Virgin. The Celestial Lady Triumphed and Conquered in God, in every instant of Her Admirable and Prestigious Life. They were Triumphs and Victories between God and the Virgin. But this is nothing. Acting as True Mother She called all Her children, and She covered and hid all their acts in Hers, and She covered them with Her Triumphs and with Her Victories, giving all Her acts as Dowry, with all Her Victories and Triumphs. And then, with a Tenderness and Love as to break hearts and feel Ourselves Conquered, She told Us: ‘Adorable Majesty, look at them, they are all My children. My Victories and Triumphs are of My children, they are My Conquests that I give to them. And if the Mama has Conquered and Triumphed, the children have Conquered and Triumphed.’

“And so many Triumphs and Victories She did in God, for however many acts all creatures would have done, such that all can say: ‘I am provided with a Dowry by the Acts of My Queen Mama, and for Seal She has Invested them for me with Her Triumphs and Victories that She made with Her Creator.’ In fact, one who wants to make himself holy, finds the Dowry of his Celestial Mother and Her Triumphs and Victories in order to arrive at the greatest Sanctity. The weak one finds the Strength of the Sanctity of his Mama and Her Triumphs in order to be strong. The afflicted, the suffering one, finds the Gift of the sufferings of his Celestial Mother in order to obtain the Triumph, the Victory, of resignation. The sinner finds the Victory and the Triumph of pardon. In sum, everyone finds in this Sovereign Queen the Dowry, the support, the HELP for the state in which they find themselves. And O! how Beautiful it is. It is the most moving scene, enrapturing and enchanting, to see this Celestial Mother in every creature, that She acts as Mama. We feel that She Loves and prays in Her children. This is the Greatest Prodigy among Heaven and earth, Greater Good We could not give to the creatures.



Our Lady of Perpetual Help“Celestial Mama, in the midst of many, I, who am the littlest, the neediest of your children, want to come up onto Your Maternal Lap, to bring You, not flowers and roses, but a Sun each day. But my Mama must HELP Her child, giving me Her Lessons of Heaven, to Teach me how to Form these Divine Suns, in order to give You the Most Beautiful Homage and the Most Pure Love. Dear Mama, You have Understood what Your child Wants: I Want You to Teach me How to Live of Divine Will. And I, transforming my acts and all of myself into Divine Will According to Your Teachings, will Bring to Your Lap each day, all of my acts Changed into Suns.”

“Holy Mama, HELP me; don’t You see how weak I am? Your Beautiful Lessons Move me to tears, and I cry over my great misfortune of having fallen many times into the maze of doing my own will, detaching myself from that of my Creator. O please! be my Mama, do not leave me to myself. With Your Power, Unite the Divine Will to mine; Enclose me in Your Maternal Heart, in which I will be sure never to do my wil.l”

“Beautiful Mama, HELP your child. You Yourself, Place me into the Sea of the Divine Will, and Cover me with the Waves of the Eternal Love, that I may see and hear nothing but Divine Will and Love.”

“Holy Mama, HELP your child; Make a Visit to my soul, and with Your Maternal Hands, snatch from me everything You find which is not Will of God. Burn away thorns and noxious herbs, and You Yourself, Call the Divine Will to Reign in my soul.”

“Holy Mama, if You HELP me and Keep me Sheltered under Your Mantle, Acting as my Celestial Sentry, I am Certain that I will convert all my pains into Will of God; and I will Follow You, step by step, along the Unending Ways of the Supreme Fiat, because I Know that Your Charming Love of Mother and Your Power will Win over my will, and You will Keep it in Your Power and Exchange it with the Divine Will. Therefore, my Mama, I Entrust myself to You, and I Abandon myself into Your Arms.”

“Divine Teacher (Mary), today your little child feels her heart swollen, to the point of pouring myself out in crying, and wetting Your Maternal Hands with my tears. A veil of sadness invades me, and I fear that I will not Profit from Your Many Teachings and from Your Many More than Maternal Cares. My Mama, HELP me, Fortify my weakness; put to Flight my fears; and I, Abandoning myself in Your Arms, will be Certain to Live Fully of the Divine Will.”

“Divine Mama, Your Love Calls me Powerfully to You, because You Want to Let me Share in Your Joys and in Your Sorrows, to Enclose them in my heart as Pledge of Your Love and of the Love of little Baby Jesus, that I May Comprehend How Much You Have Loved me, and How Obliged I am to Imitate You, Keeping the Model of Your Life to Make a Perfect Copy of it. And You, Holy Mama, HELP me, that I may be able to Imitate You.”

“Holy Mama, I tremble in thinking of the abysses into which my will is capable of making me fall. Because of it, I can lose You, I can lose Jesus, and All the Celestial Goods. Mama, if You do not HELP me, if You do not Surround me with the Power of the Light of the Divine Will, I feel it is not possible for me to Live of Divine Will with Constancy. So I Place All my Hope in You, in You I Trust, from You I Hope for Everything. Amen.”


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