Oct 08

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God’s Divine Truths are Seeds that Will Produce an Abundant Harvest

Luisa bookParagraph 2429 – “…everyone should make legitimate use of his talents to contribute to the abundance that will benefit all and to harvest the just fruits of his labor.”

Matthew 9:38 – Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he send forth labourers into his harvest.

Mark 4:29 – And when the fruit is brought forth, immediately he putteth in the sickle, because the harvest is come.

Apocalypse (Revelation) 14:15 – And another angel came out from the temple crying with a loud voice to him that sat upon the cloud: Thrust in thy sickle, and reap, because the hour is come to reap: for the harvest of the earth is ripe.


V23 – 12.30.27 “My daughter, all that you think now, you have thought from the time you were writing the sixteenth Volume—that I would cease to speak about My Divine Will. But I was doing nothing but sowing the field of your soul with many drops of light that, germinating and fecundated in your field, from little lights have turned into suns. These suns are the many surprising manifestations that, from that time until now, I have made known to you about My Will. Oh! how beautiful was the field of your soul, invested by these suns, one more beautiful than the other. It transformed completely into a Divine field; all Heaven was enamored by this field, and in looking at it, It felt Its happiness being doubled.

“Now, one who has sowed has the right to harvest; and since it is a Divine field, I am the owner of it—not only to harvest, but to sow it again. So, I am doing nothing other than sowing it again. Don’t you see how I am all intent on the work of sowing seeds of light into this field, so that, as they germinate, the new suns of the knowledges on My Will may come out? And work brings silence, and My silence is warmth, maturation and fecundity, in order to transform the little seeds of light into more refulgent suns. I work in you always, either in one way or in another; the work of My Divine Will is long, and therefore I am always occupied and I keep you occupied. So, let Me do and follow Me.”

V31 – 2.24.33 “You must know that My Truths are seeds that I, Celestial Farmer, continue to sow in souls. And if I make My Sowing, with certainty I must gather the fruit. Many times it happens to Me as to a poor sower who casts his seed into the earth, but for lack of moisture, the earth does not have the strength to eat the seed in order to digest it and convert it into earth, and give the substance that has been absorbed from the seed to give to the poor farmer ten, twenty, a hundred of the seed that the earth has eaten. Other times, he casts his seed, but for lack of rain the earth becomes hard over the seed, and the substance of the seed that it encloses does not find a way to make life go forth, and the poor farmer must have patience to receive the harvest of his seeds. But still, by having sown the seed he has already done something, and can hope—who knows, a rain can give moisture to the earth that, possessing the substance of his seed, will put forth what he has sown. Or else cutting the hardness, tilling it, forms the ways in order to let his seed reproduce so that—in spite of the fact that the earth does not immediately produce the multiplicity of the seed that it received—with time, circumstances, rain, it can produce a most abundant harvest that the sower did not expect.

            “Now, if the farmer, despite all the difficulties of the earth, can hope to receive an abundant harvest, more so I, Celestial Farmer, having put forth from My Divine Bosom the so many Seeds of Celestial Truths in order to sow them in the depth of your soul, and the whole world will be filled by the Harvest. Do you want to believe, therefore, that because of the doubts and difficulties of a few—some like earth without moisture, some like hard and calloused earth—I would not make My Superabundant Harvest? My daughter, you are mistaken!

“The time, the people, the circumstances, change, and what today can be seen black, tomorrow will be seen white, because many times one sees according to the predispositions they have, and according to the sight, either long or short, that the intellect possesses. Poor little ones, one needs compassion for them; but everything is in that I have already made the sowing in her, the thing most necessary, most substantial, most interesting, that is, Manifested My Truths. If I have done My Labor, the main part has been put forth in Work; I have found your earth in order to cast My Seed, the rest will come by itself. And the doubts, the difficulties, the pains, serve just like the wood, the fire, the poor farmer would make use of in order to cook the harvested seed, and make of it his food—they serve for Me and you as suns in order to make My Truths mature in hearts; as wood and fire in order to give them not with Words alone, but with practice; and by the sacrifice of the fire of their own life, to cook them in order to convert it into the sweetest food, and to feed it to the creatures.

V33 – 10.7.34 – Now, as in Creation We Created a sun that with its operating light and heat gives light to everything, it transforms the face of the earth and goes sowing in each plant to some the color, to some the fragrance, to some the sweetness—there is nothing in which the sun does not cast its effect, almost as seed of maturity, in order to render all the plants fit for nourishing man and giving him pleasure with so many tastes, almost innumerable; in the same way Our Supreme Being reserved for Itself the most noble part of man, that is the soul.

            “More than sun We fix his interior, We dart it, We mold it, and as We touch him, more than solar light, We cast the seed of the Thought in the intelligence, the seed of Our Memory in the memory, the seed of Our Will in his, the seed of the Word in the voice, the seed of Motion in the works, the seed of Our Love in the heart, and the same for all the rest. Now, if he pays attention to Us, laboring the field of his soul together with Us—because We never withdraw Our Divine Sun, by night and by day We are over him more than a tender mother, now to nourish him, now to warm him, now to defend him, now to labor together, and to cover him and hide him in Our Love—therefore We will make a Beautiful Harvest that will serve to nourish them with Us, and to praise Our Love, Our Infinite Power and Wisdom. And if he does not pay attention to Us, Our Divine Seed remains suffocated, without producing the Good that it possesses, and he remains fasting without the Divine Nourishments, and We remain fasting for his love. How sorrowful it is to sow without harvesting.

            “But with all this, so much is Our Love that We do not leave, We continue to dart him, to warm him, almost as sun that never tires of making its little pass of light, even though it finds neither plants, nor flowers, for where to cast the seed of its effects. O! how many more goods the sun could do if it did not find so many sterile soils, stony, and abandoned by man. We are the same, if We find more souls who would pay attention to Us, We give so many Goods as to Transform creatures into Living Saints and Our faithful Copies. However, in Our Divine Will there is no danger that she does not receive Our daily Sowing, and that she does not labor together with her Creator in the field of her soul. Therefore I want you always in My Fiat, do not let yourself think about anything else, in this way we will make a Beautiful Harvest, and you and I will have Abundant Nourishments so as to be able to supply the others, and we will be happy with one single Happiness.”

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