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Everything is written in the hearts of those who Believe, Hope and Love – Each created thing holds out the Love of God to man


 Nativity 4


1/9/03 – Vol. 4

Everything is written in the hearts of those who Believe, Hope and Love.

This morning I was feeling all oppressed, and since Monsignor had come to visit me, saying that he was not sure that it was Jesus Christ who operated in me, when Blessed Jesus came, He told me: “My daughter (Luisa), in order to comprehend a subject well it takes belief, because without belief everything is dark in the human intellect. On the other hand, the mere believing turns on a Light in the mind, and by means of this Light one can recognize with clarity Truth and falsehood, when it is Grace that operates, when it is nature, and when the devil. See, the Gospel is known to all, but who comprehends the meaning of My Words, and the Truths contained in It? Who keeps them in his heart and makes of them a Treasure with which to purchase the Eternal Kingdom? One who believes. As for all others, not only do they not understand a thing, but they use My Words to mock them and to make fun of the Holiest things. So, it can be said that everything is written in the hearts of those who Believe, Hope and Love, while nothing is written for everyone else. The same with you: one who has a little bit of belief sees things with clarity and finds the Truth; one who does not, sees things as all confused.”

1/9/20 – Vol. 12

Each created thing holds out the Love of God to man.

ourladyofvictoryI was praying, and with my thought I was fusing myself in the Eternal Volition; and bringing myself before the Supreme Majesty, I said: ‘Eternal Majesty, I come to Your Feet in the name of the whole human family, from the first to the last man of the future generations, to adore You profoundly. At your Most Holy feet I want to seal the adorations of all; I come to recognize You in the name of all as Creator and absolute Ruler of all. I come to Love You for all and for each one; I come to return Love to You for all, because of each created thing, in which You placed so much Love that the creature will never find enough love to repay You in Love. But in Your Will I find this Love, and wanting that my Love, as well as the other Acts, be complete, full and for all, I have come into Your Will where everything is Immense and Eternal, and where I can find Love to be able to Love You for all. So, I Love You for each star You have created; I Love You for all the drops of light and for all the intensity of heat which You have placed in the Sun…’ But who can tell all that my poor mind was saying? I would be too long; therefore I stop here.

Now, while I was doing this, a thought told me: ‘How is it, and in what way did Our Lord place Rivers of Love for the creature in each created thing? And a Light answered my thought: “Indeed, My daughter (Luisa), My Love poured out in torrents toward the creature in each created thing. I (Jesus) told you elsewhere and I confirm to you (Luisa) now that, as My uncreated Love created the Sun, It placed Oceans of Love in it. In each drop of light which was to inundate the eye, the step, the hand, and everything of the creature, My Love ran toward her; and almost pounding sweetly on her eye, hand, step and mouth, It gives her My Eternal Kiss and It holds out My Love to her.

Together with light, runs the heat, and pounding on her again, a little more strongly, almost impatient for the love of the creature, to the extent of pelting her, I repeat to her more intensely My Eternal ‘I Love you.’ And if the sun fecundates the plants with its light and heat, it is My Love that runs to nourish man; and if I extended the heavens above man’s head, studding it with stars, it is My Love that, wanting to delight the eyes of man, also at night, repeats to him My ‘I Love you’ in every sparkling of star… So, each created thing holds out My Love to man; and if it were not so, Creation would have no Purpose; and I do nothing without Purpose. Everything has been made for man; but man does not recognize it, and he has turned into Sorrow for Me.

Therefore, My daughter (Luisa), if you want to soothe My Sorrow, come often into My Divine Will and give Me, in the name of all, Adoration, Love, Gratitude and Thanksgiving for everything.”


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The Fruit and the Purpose of Communion



1/8/09 – Vol. 8

The Fruit and the Purpose of Communion.

Having received Communion, at the best moment I was thinking of how I could cling to blessed Jesus more then ever, and He said to me: “In order to cling more tightly to Me, to the point of dissolving your being in Mine, just as I transfuse Mine into yours, you must take what is Mine in everything, and in everything leave what is yours; in such a way that if you always think of things which are Holy and regard only what is Good, and the Honor and Glory of God, you leave your mind and take the Divine. If you speak, if you operate Good, and only out of Love for God, you leave your mouth and your hands, and you take My Mouth and My Hands. If you walk along Holy and upright paths, you will walk with My Own Feet; if your heart Loves Me alone, you will leave your heart and will take Mine, and will Love Me with My Own Love; and so with all the rest. So, you will be enveloped with all My Things, and I with all of yours. Can there be a tighter Union than this? If the soul reaches the point of no longer recognizing herself, but the Divine Being within her, these are the Fruits of Good Communions, and this is the Divine Purpose in wanting to communicate Himself to souls. But, how frustrated My Love remains, and how few are the Fruits that souls gather from this Sacrament, to the point that the majority of them remains indifferent, and even nauseated by this Divine Food.”




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Feast of the Epiphany

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Feast of the Epiphany – Blessing of the Home

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The Words of Jesus in the Garden: “Not My will, but Yours be done.”



1/4/24 – Vol. 16

The Words of Jesus in the Garden: “Not my will, but Yours be done.” In this way He established with His Celestial Father the contract of the Kingdom of the Divine Will upon earth.

I was thinking about the Words of Jesus in the Garden, when He said: “Father, if it is possible, let this chalice pass from Me; yet, non mea voluntas, sed Tua fiat” (“not My will, but Yours be done”). And my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter (Luisa), do you think it was for the chalice of My Passion that I said to the Father: ‘Father, if it is possible, let this chalice pass from Me’? Not at all. It was the chalice of the human will which contained such bitterness and fullness of vice, that My human will United to the Divine felt such repugnance, terror and fright, as to cry out: ‘Father, if it possible, let this chalice pass from Me…!’ How ugly it is the human will without the Divine Will, which enclosed Itself in each creature, as within a chalice! There is no evil in the generations, of which it is not the origin, the seed, the source. And in seeing Myself covered with all these evils produced by the human will, before the Sanctity of My Divine Will, I felt like dying. And indeed I would have died if the Divinity had not sustained Me.

But do you know why I added, and as many as three times, ‘Non mea voluntas, sed Tua fiat’ (‘Not my will, but Yours be done’)? I felt upon Myself all the wills of creatures united together – all their evils, and in the name of all I cried out to the Father: ‘May the human will be done on earth no more, but the Divine. May the human will be banished, and may Yours Reign.’ Therefore, from that moment – and I wanted to do this at the very beginning of My Passion, because it was the thing which interested Me the most and the most important one: to call upon earth the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” on earth as it is in Heaven – I Myself said in the name of all: ‘Non mea voluntas, sed Tua fiat.’

From that time I constituted the Era of the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” upon earth. And by saying it three times, in the first one I impetrated It, in the second I made It descend, and in the third I constituted It Ruler and Dominator. And in saying ‘Non mea voluntas, sed Tua fiat’, I intended to empty the creatures of their wills and to fill them with the Divine.

Before dying, since I had only hours left, I wanted to negotiate with My Celestial Father My Prime Purpose, for which I came upon earth – that the Divine Will take Its First Place of Honor in the creature. This had been the first act of man – to withdraw from the Supreme Will – and therefore Our first offense. All his other evils are in the secondary order. It is always My Divine Will to have Primacy in all things. And even though the Fruits of Redemption could be seen before its effects, it was by virtue of this contract which I made with My Divine Father that His Fiat would come to Reign upon earth, realizing the true Purpose of the creation of man and the Prime Purpose for which I came upon earth, and that man could receive the Fruits of Redemption. Otherwise, My Wisdom would have lacked order. If the origin of evil was his will, it was this will that I had to order and restore, reuniting Divine Will and human will. And even though the Fruits of Redemption could be seen first, this says nothing. My Divine Will is like a king who, though being first among all, arrives as last, being preceded, for honor and decorum, by his peoples, armies, ministers, princes and the whole royal court. Therefore, the Fruits of Redemption were needed first, so that the Royal Court, the peoples, the armies and the ministers could be found worthy of the Majesty of My Divine Will.

But do you know who was the first one to cry out together with Me: ‘Non mea voluntas, sed Tua fiat’? It was (Luisa) My Little Newborn of My Divine Will, My little Daughter (Luisa), who felt such repugnance and fright for her will as to cling to Me; and trembling, she cried out with Me: ‘Father, if it possible, let this chalice pass from Me’. And crying, she added with me: ‘Non mea voluntas, sed Tua fiat’. Ah, yes, you (Luisa) were together with Me in that First Contract with My Celestial Father, because at least one creature was needed in order to validate this Contract. Otherwise, to whom give it? To whom entrust it? And in order to render the custody of the Contract safer, I (Jesus) gave you (Luisa) all the Fruits of My Passion as Gift, lining them up around you like a formidable Army which, while forming the Royal Court of My Divine Will, wages a fierce war against your will.

Therefore, have courage in the state in which you (Luisa) find yourself. Dismiss the thought that I may leave you; it would go against My Divine Will, since I (Jesus) keep the Contract of My Divine Will deposited in you (Luisa). So, be at Peace; it is My Divine Will that tests you, and wants not only to purge you, but to destroy even the shadow of your will. So, in all Peace, continue your flight in My Divine Will and be concerned with nothing. Your Jesus will do in such a way that everything which may happen inside and outside of you (Luisa), will make My Divine Will stand out even more and will expand Its Boundaries in you (Luisa), in your human will. I Myself will maintain the Rhythm in your interior, in order to direct everything in you according to My Divine Will.

I occupied Myself with nothing else but the Will of My Father; and since all things are in It, I occupied Myself with everything. And if I taught a prayer, it was no other prayer than this – that the Divine Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. However, it was the Prayer which enclosed everything. Therefore, I did not move if not around the Supreme Will; My Words, My Pains, My Works, My Heartbeats, were filled with Celestial Will. So do I (Jesus) want you (Luisa) to do: you must go around It so much as to let yourself be burned by the Eternal Breath of the Fire of My Divine Will, in such a way as to lose any other knowledge, and to know nothing else but My Divine Will – only and always.”

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Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus





“Now, dearest child, in so much pain, the most beautiful joy arises, such as to arrest our tears. As He was circumcised, we gave Him the Most Holy Name of Jesus, wanted by the Angel. In pronouncing this Most Holy Name, the joy, the contentment, was such as to sweeten our sorrow. More so, since in this name, whoever wanted would find balm for his pains, defense in dangers, victory in temptations, a hand so as not to fall into sin, and the medicine for all his evils. This Most Holy Name of Jesus makes hell tremble; the Angels revere It, and It sounds sweet to the ear of the Celestial Father. Before this Name, all bow down and adore. Powerful Name, holy Name, great Name; whoever invokes It with faith will feel marvels – the miraculous secret of the virtue of this Most Holy Name.

Now, my child, I recommend to you: pronounce always this Name, “Jesus”. When you see that your human will, weak and vacillating, hesitates in doing the Divine, the Name of Jesus will make it rise again in the Divine Fiat. If you are oppressed, call upon Jesus; if you work, call upon Jesus; if you sleep, call upon Jesus; and when you wake up, may your first word be “Jesus”. Call Him always; it is a Name that contains seas of grace, which He gives to those who call Him and love Him.

The soul to her Queen:

Celestial Mama, how I must thank You for the beautiful lessons You have given me. I pray You, inscribe them in my heart, that I may never forget them. I pray You to give the bath of the Blood of the Celestial Baby to my soul, that It may heal the wounds of my human will to enclose in them the Divine; and I pray You to write over each wound, as a guard, the Most Holy Name of Jesus.

Little Sacrifice:

Today, to honor Me, you will do five acts of love for the Most Holy Name of Jesus, and will compassionate Me in the sorrow I suffered in the circumcision of my Son Jesus.

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Our Lady of America Newsletter, January 1, 2014

Our Lady of America Newsletter, January 1, 2014
Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God

21lpg93Click image for more information

Please join this thirty (30) Days of Prayer for the Triumph of the Devotion to Our Lady of America in the Civil Trial by the Defeat of Patricia Ann Fuller and her Cohort, and the Repudiation of her Contentions

Please pray beginning on this Friday, January 3rd, the Feast of The Holy Name of Jesus, through February 2nd, the Feast of The Presentation of Child Jesus, each day for the thirty (30) days, The Most Holy Rosary, or a Chaplet of Divine Mercy, along with the Prayer to Saint Michael, The Archangel, and the invocation: “By Your Holy and Immaculate Conception, O Mary, deliver us from all evil!”

We invite you to join in this thirty (30) days of prayer for the Triumph of the Devotion through the defeat of Patricia Ann Fuller in the civil trial scheduled to begin on January 20th in the United States District Court at Indianapolis, Indiana. The only apparent barrier to the Solemn Procession into the National Shrine of The Immaculate Conception is this pending litigation and its primary Defendant (who actually claims ownership rights in the Devotion to Our Lady of America to the exclusion of The Church).

The trial is scheduled to take three (3) weeks. Notwithstanding that Miss Fuller is aided by an admitted liar, we pray that the truth will prevail in every regard and that Our Lord Jesus Who is Truth Himself will cause every falsehood to be exposed and the judge, the jury, the lawyers and the witnesses, in fact, the entire proceeding and the United States Courthouse, to be totally free, directly or indirectly, from demonic contact, imposition or influence of any kind.

May The Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, triumph!

“By Your Holy and Immaculate Conception, O Mary, Deliver Us From Evil.”



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Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God – The Circumcision of Jesus

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$T2eC16dHJF0E9nmFS0(hBP6g(UeZcg~~60_35From the Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will 

Day 25

The soul to her Sovereign Queen:

Most sweet Mama, here I am again at Your Maternal knees. You are together with the little child Jesus, and caressing Him, You tell Him Your Love Story, and Jesus tells You His. Oh, how beautiful it is to find Jesus and His Mama talking to each other! The ardor of Their Love is so great that they remain mute – enraptured: the Mother in the Son, and the Son in the Mother. Holy Mama, do not put me aside, but keep me with You, so that, in listening to what You say, I may learn to love You and to do always the Most Holy Will of God.

Lesson of the Queen of Heaven:

Dearest child, oh, how I longed for you to continue My Lessons on the Kingdom which the Supreme Fiat extended ever more within Me.

Now, you must know that for your Mama, for dear and sweet Jesus, and for Saint Joseph, the little house of Nazareth was a Paradise. Being the Eternal Word, My dear Son possessed the Divine Will within Himself, of His own Virtue; immense Seas of Light, of Sanctity, of infinite Joys and beauties resided in that little Humanity. I possessed the Divine Will by Grace, and even though I could not embrace Immensity, as did beloved Jesus – since He was God and Man, while I was always His finite creature – still, the Divine Fiat filled Me so much as to form Its Seas of Light, of Sanctity, of love, of Beauties and of Happiness. And the Light that came from us, the Love, and all that a Divine Will can possess, were so great that Saint Joseph remained eclipsed, inundated, and lived from our reflections.

Dear child, in this house, the Kingdom of the Divine Will was in full force. Every little act of Ours – working, starting the fire, preparing the food… – all were animated by the Supreme Volition, and were formed on the solidity of the Sanctity of Pure Love. Therefore, from the tiniest to the greatest of our acts, immense Joys, Happinesses and Beatitudes were unleashed. And we remained so inundated as to feel ourselves as though under a pouring rain of New Joys and indescribable Contentments.

My child, you must know that the Divine Will possesses, by nature, the source of Joys, and when It Reigns in the creature It delights in giving, in each one of her acts, the New and continuous act of Its Joys and Happinesses. Oh, how Happy we were! Everything was Peace, highest Union, and each of us felt honored in obeying the other. My dear Son also competed in wanting to be commanded by Me and by dear Saint Joseph in the little jobs. Oh, how beautiful it was to see Him in the Act of helping His foster father in the smith-work, or to see Him take food! But how many Seas of Grace did He let flow in those acts for the Good of creatures?

christmas-nativity-scene-1sepiaNow, dear child, listen to Me: in this house of Nazareth, the Kingdom of the Divine Will was formed in your Mama and in the Humanity of My Son, to make of It a Gift for the human family, when it would dispose itself to receive the good of this Kingdom. But even though My Son was King and I was Queen, We were King and Queen without a people. Our Kingdom, even though It could enclose all and give life to all, was deserted, because Redemption was needed first, in order to prepare and dispose man to come into this Kingdom, so holy. More so, since It was possessed by Me and by My Son, who belonged to the human family according to the human order, as well as to the Divine Family by Virtue of the Divine Fiat and of the Incarnate Word, and therefore the creatures received the right to enter into this Kingdom. And the Divinity conceded this right, and left the doors open to those who wanted to enter. So, Our hidden Life of so many years served to prepare the Kingdom of the Divine Will for the creatures. This is why I want to let you know what this Supreme Fiat operated in Me, so that you may forget your will, and as you hold the hand of your Mama, I may lead you into the Goods which I have prepared for you with so much Love.

Tell me, child of my Heart, will you make Me content, and also your, and my, dear Jesus, who await you with so much Love in this Kingdom so Holy, to Live together with Us, and to Live only of Divine Will?

Now, dear child, listen to another trait of Love which My dear Jesus made for Me in the house of Nazareth: He made of Me the Depository of His own Life. When God does a Work, He does not leave it suspended, or in the empty space, but He always looks for a creature in whom to enclose and place all of His Work. Otherwise, there would be the danger that God might expose His Works to uselessness – which cannot be. Therefore, My dear Son placed in Me His Works, His Words, His pains – everything. He deposited even His Breath into His Mama. And when, withdrawn in our little room, He would speak sweetly and narrate to Me all the Gospels He was to preach to the public, and the Sacraments He was to institute, He entrusted everything to Me; and depositing everything in Me, He constituted Me Perennial Channel and Source, because His Life and all His Goods were to come from Me for the Good of all creatures. Oh, how Rich and Happy I felt in feeling that all that My dear Son Jesus did, was being deposited in Me! The Divine Will which reigned in Me gave Me the capacity to be able to receive everything, and Jesus felt He was receiving from His Mama the return of Love and glory of the great Work of Redemption. What did I not receive from God, because I never did My will, but always His? Everything; even the Life of My Son was at my disposal; and while it remained always with Me, I could bilocate it, to give it to whomever would ask Me for it with Love.

Now, my child, a little word to you. If you always do the Divine Will and never your own, and if you live in It, I, your Mama, will make the deposit of all the Goods of My Son in your soul. Oh, how fortunate you will feel! You will have a Divine Life at your disposal, which will give you everything. And I, acting as your true Mama, will watch over you, so that this Life may grow within you, forming the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

The soul:

Holy Mama, I abandon myself into your arms. I am a little child who feels the extreme need of your Maternal cares. O please! I pray You to take this will of mine and to enclose it in your Heart. Never give it to me again, that I may be happy to Live always of Divine Will. In this way, I will make You and my dear Jesus content.

Little Sacrifice:

Today, to honor Me, you will come to make three little visits in the house of Nazareth to honor the Holy Family, reciting three Paters, Aves and Glorias, asking us to admit you to Live in our midst.

Ejaculatory Prayer:

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, take me with you to Live in the Kingdom of the Will of God.

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