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Investing Self with Jesus to Receive Him in the Sacrament

BOOK OF HEAVEN 10/24/18 – Vol. 12 The soul must invest herself with Jesus to be able to receive Him in the Sacrament. I was preparing myself to receive my sweet Jesus in the Sacrament, and I prayed that He Himself would cover my great misery. And Jesus told me: “My daughter (Luisa), in order …

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Let the Life of Our Hearts be All Love/Jesus’ First Act in Receiving Himself Sacramentally

BOOK OF HEAVEN 10/23/11 – Vol. 10 We must let the life of our hearts be all love, because Jesus wants to take food within our hearts. This morning my always lovable Jesus came, but who can say how much in suffering He makes Himself seen! It seems that He feels within Himself all the …

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The Cross, a Way Strewn with Stars

BOOK OF HEAVEN   10/22/99 – Vol. 2 The cross, a way strewn with stars. Jesus continues to make Himself seen afflicted. The moment He came, He threw Himself into my arms, totally exhausted, almost wanting Refreshment. He shared with me a little bit of His Sufferings, and then He told me: “My daughter (Luisa), …

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Upright Intention – October 21

BOOK OF HEAVEN   10/21/01 – Vol. 4 The upright intention. Everything which is not done for God is dispersed like dust by a mighty wind. This morning, on coming, blessed Jesus seemed to be making a Circle with His Arms almost to enclose me inside of it; and while clasping me, He told me: …

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The Soul can Make of herself a Host for Love of Jesus

BOOK OF HEAVEN 10/20/17 – Vol. 12 The soul can make of herself a host for love of Jesus. Having received my Jesus, I was thinking about how I could give back Love for Love. It was impossible for me to be able to shrink and become smaller, like Jesus does in the Host for …

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Garabandal, MMP, Luisa and the Divine Will

Garabandal, the MMP, Luisa and the Divine Will  Within one year of the Warning, according to Conchita of Garabandal, the Great Miracle will occur at Garabandal, in April, between the 8th and the 16th, on a Thursday, on the feast of a little known Martyr of the Eucharist. Conchita will announce this Miracle eight days …

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October 18 – Hidden Works

THE BOOK OF HEAVEN THE WORKS WHICH MOST PLEASE JESUS ARE THE HIDDEN WORKS 10/18/06 – Vol. 7 As I was in my usual state, blessed Jesus just barely came and told me: “My daughter (Luisa), the works which I (Jesus) like the most are the hidden works because, free from any human spirit, they …

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October 17 – God’s Love in Creating Souls

The Book of Heaven 10/17/24 – Vol. 17 With how much Love God Creates souls. How He Raises them; how He Waters them and Gives All of Himself to them. I was thinking of the Great Love with which Jesus Loves us. My mind was wandering within the Eternal Love, and my sweet Jesus, Moving …

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October 16 – Feast Day of the Purity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Feast Day of the Purity of the Blessed Virgin Mary October 16 This image of Our Lady of Purity hung in Padre Pio’s cell in San Giovanni Rotondo. We have no information on the artist or date. His own mother gave him this picture. He said that “The Blessed Mother is the Mother of all …

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October 15 – All are Waiting for the Story of the Divine Will

BOOK OF HEAVEN 10/15/29 – Vol. 27 How all are in waiting for the narration of the story of the Divine Will.  Void of the acts of the creature in the Divine Will. I was feeling all immersed in the Divine Fiat; before my poor mind I could see the whole Creation and the great …

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