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Luisa, Jesus Cannot be Without her

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Happy Birthday to Pope Benedict XVI – Happy Feast of his Baptism – April 16

Joseph Aloysius Ratzinger – Pope Benedict XVI +April 16, 1927 – HOLY SATURDAY – EASTER VIGIL – Born and Baptized – Month of the Holy Eucharist (Tuesday of Holy Week 2019) +Ordained – June 29, 1951 – Friday of Month of Sacred Heart (Feast Sts. Peter and Paul / Immaculate Heart of Mary 2019) +Elected Pope …

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Luisa is Fully Abandoned in the Arms of the Father

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Luisa Makes Everyone do what She is Doing

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Novena for Luisa’s Birthday Begins April 14 – 23

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The Our Father is Prayed Precisely for Luisa – Luisa in Who Jesus Forms the Great Foundation of the Divine Will in her Soul

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Luisa is Perfected, Divinized, Spiritualized

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Luisa is the Soul Best Known in Heaven and on Earth – the Most Loved

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Luisa’s State of Victim is Embankment for Divine Justice

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Luisa, Jesus Finds Everything and Everyone in her

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