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Luisa, the Supreme Being Centralizes Itself in her

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Per “La Notte dei Santuari”, open night per il Santuario Santa Maria Greca e la Casa Museo Luisa Piccarreta | Luisa Piccarreta official

June 5, 2019 http://it.luisapiccarretaofficial.org/news/per-la-notte-dei-santuari-open-night-per-il-santuario-santa-maria-greca-e-la-casa-museo-luisa-piccarreta/469  

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Archbishop Picchierri- 2015 – All the Volumes can be read

Go to following website at mark 1hr. 18min. to hear translation of Archbishop Picchierri’s instructions that the Volumes of Luisa Piccarreta may be read from Volume 1 through 36: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/d1dykmwhh0kay3i/AACb5v45pIsGaxYOrtk84-Hea?dl=0  FIAT!!!

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Luisa Grows within the Womb of her Celestial Father

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Luisa is True Portrait of Jesus

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Luisa and St. Annibale Maria di Francia

Luisa and St. Annibale Maria di Francia  V22 – 6.1.27– St. Annibale Maria di Francia to Heaven 1927 – Luisa: “I saw the blessed soul of father (St. Annibale Maria di Francia) before me, near my bed, Invested with Light, Suspended from the earth, fixing on me, but without telling me one word.  I too …

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