Our participation in the subjective redemption

Our participation in the subjective redemption

by Fr William G Most

The Mass is the center of all In the Mass, the essential participation is interior To answer the prayers etc is good, but if the interior is not added, God will say again what He said through Isaiah 29:13: “This people honors me with their lips, but their heart is far from me.” The interior participation of the people lies in two things, according to Pius XII, “Mediator Dei:” 1) The people offer inasmuch as the priest who acts “in persona Christi” thus also represents them, who are Christ’s members; 2) They should unite their interior dispositions to His, especially their obedience to the will of the Father in acting, and in accepting the hardships that come with their daily life Vatican II, Lumen gentium par 34, calls these things “spiritual sacrifices.”

Everything but sin can be turned into gold for eternity as a share in the sufferings of Christ Romans 8:28: “For those who love God, all things work together for good.” Even worry can be made part of this, for Christ worried all His life long His human soul saw the vision of God from conception, and it showed Him everything He had to suffer That was, as it were, eating away at Him, and He let us see inside in Lk 12:50 and John 12:27.

If we love Him, we will want to make reparation for offenses committed against Him by ourselves and by others.

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The Redemption Shows God’s Love for Man

The Redemption Shows God’s Love for Man

by Fr William G Most

van-dyck-crucifixion-1622Rom 5:8 said, “God proved His love.” Now, if someone desires the well-being of another, and starts out to procure it, but then runs into an obstacle, and if a small obstacle will stop him, the love is small If it takes a great obstacle, the love is great. But if that love could overcome even the immense obstacle of the terrible death of Jesus, that love is immense, beyond measure.

It was not only the physical pain, but the rejection by those whom He loved that hurt Him. The pain of rejection can be measured by two things: 1) how severe is the form of the rejection; 2) how great is the love for the one who is rejecting.

If someone jostles me in a crowd, that is a small thing. But if he wants to kill me, that is far worse, and if he means to do it in the most hideous way possible–then the rejection is at the peak. .And what is the love of Jesus? Inasmuch as He is a Divine Person, the love is infinite; inasmuch as we consider the love of His human will, able to overcome such a measureless obstacle, the love is beyond measure.

In the Garden of Gethsemani Jesus foresaw all sins of all times, and suffered from that vision. Let us recall His foreknowledge and life-long anxiety, resulting from the vision. His soul saw from the first instant of conception, and which He let us see briefly in Lk.12:50 and Jn 12:27. In line with this, Pius XI, wrote in his Encyclical Miserentissimus Redemptor (AAS 20.174): “Now if the soul of Christ [in Gethsemani] was made sorrowful even to death on account of our sins, which were yet to come, but which were foreseen, there is no doubt that He received some consolation from our reparation, likewise foreseen.”

So now we see why obedience called for something so tremendous. Yes, even the least thing done by an Infinite Person could rebalance. In fact, the Father could have accepted an incomplete rebalance, from any religious act He might order to be done by an ordinary human. Or, He could have been content with the Incarnation in a palace since, again, any act of an Infinite Person is infinite in value. But the Father wanted not only to be able to forgive, but to forgive lavishly (The priest in giving absolution, can wipe out even a lifetime of dreadful sins in a moment: “I absolve you.”) So He went beyond the incarnation in a palace, to the stable, beyond an Incarnation with only a prayer, to the horrible death of the cross. The first thing Jesus had to say to His Apostles when He first came after His resurrection was, “Whose sins you shall forgive, they are forgiven them.” He had just paid a terrible price for that forgiveness He could hardly wait, we might say, to make that concretely possible.

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How the Redemption Operated

How the Redemption Operated

by Fr William G Most


There is some confusion today as to how the redemption produces its effect It is not enough to say that Jesus redeemed us by dying, or even that He was obedient These are of course true But we must penetrate much more deeply.

Part of the trouble comes from the metaphor used by St Paul in 1 Cor 6:20 and 7:23 about the “price” of redemption If a price was paid, to whom was it paid? It would seem at first it should go to the captor–but the captor was Satan We cannot imagine the blood of Christ being paid to Satan Nor was it paid to the Father, for He was not the captor So what is the answer?

Distinctions are needed at the outset, between objective and subjective redemption The objective redemption is the work of once-for-all earning a claim to all forgiveness and grace The subjective redemption is the process of giving out that forgiveness and grace to men through all subsequent ages, including our own.

Three aspects or modes

The objective redemption is a rich reality So there are three ways of looking at it:

crucified-jesusa) Sacrifice: We can gather the nature of sacrifice from Isaiah 29:13: “This people honors me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.” We see there are two elements: the outward sign, and the interior dispositions The outward sign is there to express and perhaps even promote the interior dispositions But without the interior, it is worthless, as we see in Isaiah We see from Romans 5:19 that the essential interior disposition is obedience: “Just as by the disobedience of the one man (first Adam) the many were made sinners, so by the obedience of the one man (Christ, the new Adam) the many will be constituted just.” Lumen gentium (par 3) agrees: “By His obedience He brought about redemption.” Without obedience, the death of Christ would have been a tragedy, but not a redemption It was obedience that gave it its value.

Thus the sacrifice of Christ was pleasing to the Father, and since it was undertaken in the name of the whole human race, it was able to restore mankind to God’s friendship, which had been lost by sin.

We are still left with a question: Why did obedience to the Father call for something so tremendously difficult and painful?

b) New Covenant: The death of Christ in obedience to His Father provided a basis for a new covenant between God and man, with Christ’s obedience supplying man’s part in the covenant In a covenant, each party pledges something The things should be of at least approximately equal value Since the price of redemption was of infinite worth, that to which the Father obligated Himself would be similarly infinite, i.e., an inexhaustible treasury of forgiveness and grace G Philips of Louvain, one of the chief drafters of Lumen gentium, in his commentary on LG pars 61-62 has noticed that graces are not like jewels: one cannot put them in a box So what this really means is a claim to grace and forgiveness, to be given out at the suitable times.

This claim is not only inexhaustible for our race as a whole, but as Gal 2:20 shows, there is an infinite objective title for each individual human being: “He loved me, and gave Himself for me.” The fact that this is true not only of St.Paul–a special person–but of all of us is brought out in Gaudium et spes par 22: “…each one of us can say with the Apostle: The Son of God loved me, and gave Himself for me.” So there is an infinite objective title for each individual human being, generated by Christ’s obedience.

(This does not imply one could have a spree of sin, and plan to pull up in time No, such a plan would fail for two reasons: 1) since the change at the end was preplanned, it would not be a real change or repentance, which is change of heart; 2) a spree of sin is apt to cause hardness, which prevents graces offered by God from getting in).

But the question still remains: Why did obedience call for something so immense?

c) Rebalance or restoration of the objective order: The answer to the question begins to appear now Pope Paul VI, in the doctrinal introduction to the constitution on indulgences of Jan 1, 1967, began by pointing out (AAS 59.5): “For the correct understanding of this doctrine…it is necessary that we recall certain truths which the universal Church, illumined by the word of God, has always believed.” This is a significant statement Paul VI tell us that what he is about to present is part of the universal belief of the Church But that belief is infallible (cf LG 12).

On p 6.2: “As we are taught by divine revelation, penalties follow on sin, inflicted by the divine Holiness and justice….” It is important to note that Holiness is put in the first place The old theory of St Anselm on the redemption unfortunately said God had to provide satisfaction for sin Of course not! God does not have to do anything Further, Anselm focused on the justice of God Now that is not wrong, but the more basic consideration is His holiness, put in the first place by the text of Paul VI For if we center our thoughts on justice, some objectors may say: “When someone offends me, I do not always demand full justice Why cannot God just be nice about it? ” The answer is, that even though He could do that way, His love of what is objectively right urges Him to provide that rebalance.

So Paul VI continues: “For every sin brings with it a disturbance of the universal order, which God arranged in unspeakable wisdom and infinite love.” In other words, God being Holiness itself, loves everything that is right This was a striking idea when it first broke on the world For the gods of Mesopotamia, Greece and Rome were not just immoral but amoral–they acted as if there were no morality at all But Psalm 11:7 told the world: “God is sadiq [morally righteous] and He loves the things that are morally right.” Hence the notion that sin is a debt which the Holiness of God wants paid.

Simeon ben Eleazar, a Rabbi writing about 170 A.D (“Tosefta, Kiddushin” 1.14), and claiming to base himself on Rabbi Meir from earlier in the same century, gives us a striking comparison which helps to illustrate the text of Paul VI: “He [meaning “anyone”] has committed a transgression Woe to him He has tipped the scale to the side of debt for himself and for the world.”

The image is a two-pan scales.The sinner takes from one pan what he has no right to have The scale is out of balance The Holiness of God wants it righted How do that? If he stole some property, he begins to rebalance by giving it back If he stole a pleasure, he begins to rebalance by giving up some pleasure of similar weight.

But we kept saying “begins” For the imbalance from even one mortal sin is infinite, an Infinite Person is offended So if the Father wanted a full rebalance – He did not have to – the only way to achieve it would be to send a divine Person to become man That Person could produce an infinite value Paul VI put the redemption into this framework.

Since the chief topic of this constitution was that of indulgences, which depend on the “treasury of the Church” Paul VI spoke of the redemption in that background He said the “treasury of the Church is the infinite and inexhaustible price which the expiations and merits of Christ the Lord have before God….”

All sinners of all times took an immense weight from the two-pan scales But Jesus gave up far more than they had stolen, in His terrible passion.

To explain this universal moral order more fully: God established an objective order in the universe, according to which all things work together for the glory of God and the happiness of man When man sins, rejecting the gifts of God, he disturbs this order, and brings great evils upon himself as a natural result of this disturbance Given this situation, God’s Holiness, or love of the objective moral order, demands one of two things. Either: men will have to live with with the consequences of his actions, and thus never attain the supernatural happiness for which they had been destined by God.

Or, some supernatural action of moral worth will have to take place in order to compensate for the disorder caused by sin Such an action would be pleasing to God, and might be accepted by Him in place of the loss suffered by men, which the good order of the universe would otherwise have demanded But having already lost the grace of God, men were incapable of undertaking such a supernatural action.

Thus, the Father willed that His only Son should become man As God, Jesus, would be able to perform an action of infinite moral worth As man, he would be able to offer this action to His Father in reparation for the sins of men The redemption of mankind, accomplished by Jesus out of love for men and in obedience to the Father, more than balanced the objective order This redemption was far more pleasing to the Father than merely preserving due order by leaving men to the evil consequences which they had brought upon themselves by their sins.

So this is the price of redemption, the rebalancing of the objective order, which the Holiness of God willed.

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The Privation of Jesus and the Effect it Produces. How Jesus Suffered the Privation of the Divinity.


220px-Christ_in_Gethsemane3/12/23 – Vol. 15

The Privation of Jesus and the Effect it Produces.  How Jesus Suffered the Privation of the Divinity.

I felt I was dying of pain because of the Privation of my sweet Jesus.  If He comes at all, it is like flash that escapes.  Then, as I could not take any more, having compassion for me, He came out from within my interior, and as soon as I saw Him, I said to Him:  ‘My Love, what pain, I feel I am dying without You – but dying without dying, which is the hardest of deaths.  I don’t know how the Goodness of Your Heart can bear seeing me in a state of continuous death only because of You.’  And Jesus:  “My daughter (Luisa), Courage, don’t lose heart too much – you are not alone in suffering this pain.  I too suffered it, as well as My Dear Mama – oh, how much harder than yours!  How many times in My Moaning Humanity, although It was inseparable from the Divinity, in order to give place to expiation, to pains, since these were incapable of touching It, I remained alone, and the Divinity was as though apart from Me.  Oh! how I felt this Privation – but it was necessary.

You must know that when the Divinity Issued the Work of Creation, It also Issued all the Glory, all the Goods and Happiness that each creature was to receive, not only in this Life, but also in the Celestial Fatherland.  Now, the whole part which was destined for souls who are lost remained suspended, having no one to whom to give itself.  Therefore, having to complete everything and absorb everything into Myself, I offered Myself to suffer the Privation which the very damned suffer in hell.  Oh! how much did this pain cost Me – it cost Me pain of hell and ruthless death.  But it was necessary.  Having to absorb everything into Myself – everything that came out of Us in Creation, all the Glory, all the Goods and Happiness, so as to let them come out of Me and enter the Field again for all those who wanted to enjoy them, I had to absorb all Pains and the very Privation of My Divinity.

   Now, having absorbed into Myself all these Goods of the whole Work of Creation, being the Head from which every Good descends upon all generations, I keep searching for souls who are like Me in Pains and in Works, so as to let them partake in so much Glory and Happiness which My Humanity contains.  And since not all souls want to enjoy them, nor are all of them empty of themselves and of the things of down here, I keep searching for souls to whom I may make Myself Known and then withdraw, forming this Pain of My Privation in these voids of themselves and of their acquired Knowledge of Me.  In the Privation she suffers, the soul comes to absorb into herself this Glory of My Humanity which others reject.  Had I not been almost always with you (Luisa), you would not have Known Me nor loved Me, and would not feel this Pain of My Privation, nor could it form in you (Luisa) – the Seed and the Nourishment of this Pain would be missing in you.  Oh! how many souls are without Me, and maybe they are even dead; they grieve if they are deprived of some little pleasure, of whatever trifle, but they have no pain, and not even a thought, if they are deprived of Me.  So, this Pain should console you (Luisa), because it brings you the sure Sign that I have come to you, that you (Luisa) have Known Me, and that your Jesus wants to place in you (Luisa) the Glory, the Goods and the Happiness which others reject.”

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Encounter with a soul in Purgatory. Difference between Jesus and the Virgin.


mary-and-luisa3/11/00 – Vol. 3

Encounter with a soul in Purgatory.

It continues almost always in the same way.  This morning I saw Good Jesus more afflicted than usual, threatening a great mortality of people, and I saw that in certain towns many were dying.  Then I passed by Purgatory, and as I recognized a late friend of mine, I questioned her about various things regarding my state, especially whether my state is Will of God, and whether it is true that it is Jesus who comes, or the devil.  So I said to her:  “Since you are present before the Truth and you know things with clarity, with no possibility of deceiving yourself, you can tell me the Truth about my things.’

And she said to me:  “Do not fear, your state is Will of God, and Jesus Loves you (Luisa) very much – this is why He is pleased to Manifest Himself to you.”  And I, proposing some of my doubts to her, prayed her to be so kind as to see before the light of truth whether they were true or false, and to do me the charity to come and let me know; and if she did that, as recompense I would have a Mass Celebrated in her suffrage.  And she added:  “If the Lord wants it, because we are so immersed in God that we cannot even flutter our eyelashes if we do not have His concourse.  We dwell in God just like a person who dwelled in another body, who can think, speak, look, work, walk, insofar as it is allowed to him by that body which surrounds him on the outside.  In fact, for us it is not like for you, who exercise your free volition, your own will; for us every will has ceased, our will is only the Will of God – from It we Live, in It we find all our contentment, and It forms all our Good and our Glory.”  And as she was showing an unspeakable Contentment for this Will of God, we separated.

3/11/28 – Vol. 23

Difference between Jesus and the Virgin.  How the whole Hidden Life of Jesus in Nazareth was the Recall of the Kingdom of the Divine Will upon earth.  How the human will is the fount of good or of evil.

I was thinking about what was the difference that passed between the Holy Virgin and my Lovable Jesus, since in both of them the Divine Volition had Its Life, Its Full Dominion, Its Kingdom; and my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), between Myself and the Celestial Queen, one was the Will that animated Us, one the Life; however, between Her and Me passed this difference:  between a house that is such that the sun enters into it from all sides—in a way that the light invests it, dominates it, and there is not one part of this house in which the light does not act as queen, and therefore it is prey to the light, receives always light, and grows under the influence of the light—and another house that possesses the sphere of the sun within itself, therefore it does not receive the source of the light from outside, but possesses it inside.  Is there not difference between one and the other?

“Now, this is the difference that passes between Me and My Mama.  She is the house invested by the light, She gave Herself prey to it, and the Sun of My Will kept giving to Her always, always; It nourished Her with Light, and She grew within the Endless Rays of the Eternal Sun of My Fiat.  On the other hand, My Humanity Possessed within Itself the Sphere of the Divine Sun, Its Source that always Arises without ever decreasing; and the Sovereign Queen drew from Me the Light that gave Her Life and the Glory of Queen of Light, because one who Possesses a Good can be called Queen of that Good.”

After this, I was following my Divine Fiat, doing my round in It; and as I arrived at the home of Nazareth in which my Lovable Jesus had conducted His Hidden Life, in order to follow His Acts, I was saying to Him:  “My Love, there is no Act You do in which my ‘I love You’ does not follow You, to ask You, by means of Your Acts, for the Kingdom of Your Will.  My ‘I love You’ follows You everywhere—in the Steps You take, in the Words You Speak, in the wood You hammer; and while You hammer the wood, may You hammer the human will, that it may be undone, and Your Divine Will may rise again in the midst of creatures.

“My ‘I love You’ flows in the water You drink, in the food You take, in the air You Breathe, in the Rivers of Love that pass between You and Your Mama and Saint Joseph, in the Prayers You do, in Your Ardent Heartbeat, in the Sleep You take.  Oh! how I wish to be near You, to whisper to Your Ear:  ‘I love You, I love You…. O please! let Your Kingdom come.’”

Now, while I would have wanted my “I love You” to form a circle around all the Acts of Jesus, He moved in my interior and told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), all of My Hidden Life, and such a long one, was nothing other than the Recall of the Kingdom of My Divine Will upon earth.  I wanted to redo within Myself all the acts that creatures were to do in It, to then hold them out to them; and I wanted to do this together with My Mama, I wanted Her always together with Me in My Hidden Life, in order to form this Kingdom.  Two people had destroyed this Kingdom of My Divine Fiat, Adam and Eve; and two more, Myself and the Height of the Sovereign Queen, were to redo It.

“So, first I took care of the Kingdom of My Divine Will, because the human will had been the first to offend Mine by withdrawing from It; all other offenses came in the second degree, as the consequence of the first act.  It is the human will that is the life or the death of the creature, her happiness or her tyranny and misfortune into which she hurls herself; her good angel that leads her to Heaven, or the one who, transforming into a demon, hurls her into hell.  All evil is in the will, as well as all Good, because the will is like the Fount of Life placed in the creature, that can spring Joys, Happiness, Sanctity, Peace, Virtue, or spurts from itself little fountains of troubles, of miseries, of sins, of wars, that destroy all Goods.

“Therefore, First I took care of the Kingdom of My Will in this Hidden Life, for as long as thirty years; and then, with My short Public Life, just three years, I took care of Redemption.  And while in Forming the Kingdom of My Divine Fiat, I had the Celestial Mama always near Me, in My Public Life I did without Her Presence, at least corporally, because for the Kingdom of My Fiat I Constituted Myself King, and the Virgin, Queen, in order to be, I First, and then She, the Foundation of the Kingdom that had been destroyed by the human will.

“See, then, how the Kingdom of My Divine Will, by Necessity, by Reason, and as a Result, was formed with My coming upon earth in the First Order; nor could I have Formed the Redemption had I not satisfied My Celestial Father for the first offensive act that the creature had done against Him.  Therefore, the Kingdom of My Will is Formed, there is nothing left but to make It Known; and this is why I do nothing but follow with you (Luisa), and hold out to you, My Acts that I did in order to form It, Accompanying your acts so that the Foundation of Mine may flow in them.  I AM on guard so that your will may have no life, and so that Mine may be free.  In sum, I AM Acting as with a second mother of Mine, Recalling all theAacts done together with the Virgin, in order to deposit them in you (Luisa).  Therefore, be attentive to follow My Will in everything.”

May everything be for the Glory of God and for the Fulfillment of His Most Holy Will.


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How, in Creation, God Gave the Rights to Possess the Kingdom of the Divine Will.


L_Luisa_Reading-a23/10/27 – Vol. 21

How, in Creation, God gave the Rights to Possess the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

I was following the Acts of the Supreme Volition in the Creation according to my usual way, and as I arrived at the Point when God issued the Creation of man, I United myself with the First Perfect Acts that Adam did when he was Created, in order to start together with him, and to continue there where he stopped Loving Him and Adoring Him, when he sinned, with that Perfection with which he had started, in the Unity of the Supreme Fiat.  But while I was doing this, I thought to myself:  “But, do we have the Right to this Kingdom of the Divine Will?”

And my Sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), you must know that, before sinning, Adam did his Acts in the Divine Fiat.  This meant that the Trinity had given him Possession of this Kingdom, because, in order to Possess a Kingdom, it takes one who Forms it, one who Gives it, and one who Receives it.  The Divinity Formed It and Gave It; man received It.  So, in his First Period of Creation, Adam Possessed this Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat, and since he was the head of all human generations, all creatures received the Right to this Possession.

“By withdrawing from Our Will, Adam lost the Possession of this Kingdom, because by doing his own will, he placed himself as though in a state of war against the Eternal Fiat, and—poor one—not having enough strength to fight, nor an army well equipped to be able to wage war on a Will so holy, that Possessed an Invincible Strength and a Formidable Army, he was defeated and lost the Kingdom he had been given by Us.  More so, since the Strength he Possessed before was Our Own, as We had given him also Our Own Army at his disposal; but as he sinned, the Strength returned to Our Source, and the Army withdrew from him, placing itself at Our Disposal.  However, all this did not take away from his descendants the Rights to Reconquer the Kingdom of My Divine Will.

“It happened as to a king who loses his kingdom in war.  Can there not be the chance that one of his children, with another war, may reunite the kingdom of his father, that once was his?  More so, since I, Divine Conqueror, came upon earth to make up for the losses of man, and finding anyone who would receive this Kingdom, I would give him back the Strength, placing My Army at his disposal once again, in order to maintain Its Order, Its Decorum, Its Glory.  And what is this Army?  It is the whole Creation, in which, more than a marvelous and Formidable Army, the Life of My Divine Will is bilocated in each created thing, in order to maintain the Life of this Kingdom.  Only if man saw the whole Invincible Army of Creation disappear—then would he lose the Hope to Possess this Kingdom again.  Then could one say:  ‘God has withdrawn His Will from the face of the earth, that Vivified it, Embellished it, Enriched it.  There is no more Hope that the Kingdom may be in our Possession.’  But as long as Creation exists, it is a matter of time, in order to find those who want to receive the Kingdom.

“And besides, if there were no Hope to Possess this Kingdom of the Divine Fiat, it would not have been necessary that I Manifest to you (Luisa) so many Knowledges about It—either Its Will that wants to Reign, or Its Sorrow because It does not Reign.  When something cannot be realized, it is useless to talk about it; therefore, I would have had no interest in saying so many things that regard My Divine Will.  So, My mere speaking about It is sign that I want It to be Possessed once again.”

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Padre Bernardino Bucci’s Prayer Request for 50th Anniversary

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Luisa Piccarreta – The Little Daughter of the Divine Will

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Our Lady of America Newsletter, March 8, 2014

Our Lady of America Newsletter, March 8, 2014

our-lady-of-america-2-cropFeast of Saint John of God


Again, thank you for your prayers. Success appears very close. The Jury in McCarthy v. Langsenkamp rendered its verdict Friday which seems quite favorable to the devotion becoming widely available and not subject to the control restrictions claimed by Patricia Ann Fuller. However, we await the entry of a judgment by United States District Judge William T. Lawrence some time in the next 30 days.

The case entailed 27 separate claims and the Judge is preparing a final decree of judgment. In addition, that judgment could be subject to appeal to the United States Court Appeals for the Seventh Circuit such that it could be weeks or even months before the faithful can finally act with complete freedom regarding the devotion.

Nonetheless, the news is very positive, and we will keep you advised. Pending that, please keep praying at least through Wednesday, March 12, 2014, the Feast of Pope Saint Gregory The Great. By then we hope that the District Court will give some further indication as to when it may enter its final judgment clearly describing specific findings. In fact, until the Final Judgment is actually entered in the next 30 days, by Judge Lawrence, please keep praying. We will keep you apprised of the progress. Please see the original January and the Last Newsletter. Thank you.

“By Your Holy and Immaculate Conception, O Mary, deliver us from evil.”

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How only Jesus was the Author of her (Luisa’s) state of sufferings, and because they forced Him to, He has permitted a pause. How in God there is Absolute Rest; outside of God, work.



3/6/31 – Vol. 29

How only Jesus was the Author of her (Luisa’s) state of sufferings, and because they forced Him to, He has permitted a pause.  How in God there is Absolute Rest; outside of God, work.

I continue to live amid the bitternesses of my present state.  The thought that Blessed Jesus is making scourges pour down, and that the peoples remain naked and starving, tortures me.  And to think that my beloved and Highest Good, Jesus, has remained alone in His Suffering, and I am no longer together with Him in His Pains, oh! how it torments me!  It seems to me that Jesus is all attention over me so as not to let me fall into sufferings as before.  Even more, He hides all the pains within Himself, to leave me free.  And in seeing me afflicted, it seems to me that His intense Love makes Him put His Pains aside to pay attention to my affliction; and He says to me:  “Good daughter (Luisa), My daughter, Courage, your Jesus still Loves you—in nothing has My Love for you decreased; and this, because it was not you who refused Me the suffering—no, My daughter would never have done this.  They forced you to; and I, in order to give you Peace and to make them see that it was really I who kept you in that state of suffering for so many years—it was neither illness nor any other natural cause, but My Paternal Goodness that wanted to have one who would make up for My Pains on earth; and these, for the Good of all.  And now that they have forced you, and have forced Me also with their impositions, I made it cease completely, giving you a break.  This says in clear notes that only your Jesus was the Author of your State; but I cannot hide My Sorrow—it is so great that I can say that in the whole history of the world I have never received a similar sorrow from creatures.  My Heart is so grieved and torn by this sorrow, that I AM forced to hide from you (Luisa) the deep gash, so as not to embitter you more.  And then, to see the indifference of some, and you know who they are, as if they had done nothing to Me, increases My Sorrow, and they force My Justice to continue to pour the scourges.  And I will continue, My daughter, to pour the chastisements; I told you this before—that if even just one month would pass, of My keeping you (Luisa) suspended from your State of suffering, they will hear and see how many chastisements will pour down over the face of the earth.  And while My Justice does Its Course, we will occupy ourselves together with My Divine Will—I, making It Known to you; and you, receiving the Good of Its Knowledges; because each Knowledge brings the Growth of the Life of My Will in you, and for each act of yours done in the New Knowledge, My Fiat gains more ground in your soul and extends more Its Kingdom in it.  More so, since creatures have no power to enter into My Divine Will to disturb us and dictate to us the law; therefore we are free to do whatever we want—we have absolute freedom.  Therefore, be attentive to continue to cross Its Interminable Seas.”

Then, while He was saying this, I felt my little intelligence being transported into an abyss of inaccessible Light.  This Light concealed all the Joys, all the Beauties; in appearance, it seemed to be Light, but looking inside, there was no Good that it did not possess.  And my sweet Jesus added:  “My daughter (Luisa), Our Divine Being is Most Pure Light—Light that contains everything, fills everything, sees everything, does everything; Light, such that no one can arrive at seeing where Our Boundaries reach—Its Height and Depth.  The creature gets lost within Our Light because she does not find its Shore, its Port, in order to get out.  And if the creature takes from this Light of Ours, they are just little drops that serve her to fill herself completely with Light, to the point of overflowing outside.  But Our Light does not decrease because the creature has taken from Our Own, but is replaced instantly by the Resurrective Virtue of Our Light.  So, Our Supreme Being is always at one level in Perfect Balance.  We can give as much as We want if We find souls who want to take from Our Own—without losing anything.  Even more, if We find one who wants to take, We set to Work.  In fact, you must know that, within Us, there is Perfect Rest, nor do We have anything to do—there is nothing to remove or to place; Our Happiness is Full and Complete, Our Joys are always New.  Our One and Only Will, as acting in Us, gives Us the Perfect Rest of the Beatitudes of Our Divine Being, that has no beginning and will have no end.  So, this abyss of Light that you see contains an abyss of Joy, of Power, of Beauty, of Love, and so on; and We, while Delighting, Rest in them, because only when nothing is lacking and there is nothing to add—then can it be called True and Absolute Rest.  On the other hand, outside of Our Divinity, Our Work comes out into the Field, and this Field is the creatures.  Our very Divine Qualities, that inside of Us give Us Rest, outside of Ourselves give Us to Work; and now We make Our Will Work for the Good of creatures.  That Divine Fiat, that We put out in the Field in Creation, from which all things came out, never desists from Its Work—It Works Incessantly:  It Works by Preserving everything; It Works for It wants to be Known, for It wants to Reign; It Works in Issuing more souls to the Light of the world, and forms Its Admirable Designs to carry out Its Work and to have the occasion to always Work; It Works in withdrawing souls into the Bosom of Eternity.  We can call Our Divine Will the All-Doer that never spares Its Continuous Work, even for the Good of those who do not recognize It.  Our Love Works, Our Mercy, Our Power Works, and also Our Justice Works for the Good of creatures, otherwise Our Supreme Being would not be a Balanced and Perfect Being, but would show weaknesses if Our Justice were put aside, leaving It aside when there is all the reason for It to do Its Punishing Course.  See, then, Our Work is the creatures, because having issued them from within Our Ardor of Love, Our Love leads Us to Work in order to always—always Love them; because, if Our Work ceased, Love would cease, and Creation would resolve into nothing.”



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