The “FIAT MIHI” of the Most Holy Virgin. God wants a Second “YES” in His Will. The “FIAT” of Luisa.



1/10/21 – Vol. 12

The “FIAT MIHI” of the Most Holy Virgin. God wants a Second “YES” in His Will. The “FIAT” of Luisa.

I was concerned about what is written above, and I said to myself: ‘I don’t know what Jesus wants from me; yet, He knows how bad I am, and how good at nothing.’ And Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter (Luisa), remember that years ago I (Jesus) asked you (Luisa) if you wanted to Live in My Divine Will; and since I wanted you in My Divine Will, I wanted you (Luisa) to pronounce your ‘YES’ in My Own Volition. This ‘YES’ was bound to an Eternal Point, and to a Will which will never end. This ‘YES’ is in the Center of My Volition, surrounded by infinite Immensity; and if it tries to go out, it almost cannot find the way. Therefore, at your little oppositions, at some discontent of yours, I (Jesus) laugh and I amuse Myself, because I (Jesus) see you (Luisa) like those people who are bound, by their own will, in the depth of the sea, and wanting to go out, they find nothing but water. And since they are bound in the depth of the sea, they feel the bother of wanting to get out, and in order to remain tranquil and happy, they plunge themselves even more into the depth of the sea. In the same way, in seeing you (Luisa) perplexed, as though wanting to go out, and in seeing that, unable to do it, being bound by your own ‘YES’, you plunge yourself even more into the Depths of My Divine Will – I (Jesus) laugh, and I amuse Myself. And then, do you think it is something trivial and easy to move from within My Divine Will? You would move an Eternal Point; and if you knew what it means to move an Eternal Point, you would tremble with fright.”

Then He added: “I asked the first ‘YES’ in My FIAT, of My dear Mama (Mary), and – oh, the Power of Her FIAT in My Divine Will! As soon as the Divine FIAT met with the FIAT of My Mama (Mary), the two became one. My FIAT raised Her, Divinized Her, overshadowed Her, and with no human intervention, conceived Me, the Son of God. Only in My FIAT could She conceive Me. My FIAT communicated to Her Immensity, Infinity, Fecundity, in a Divine Manner, and therefore the Immense Eternal Infinite One could be conceived in Her. As soon as She said, ‘FIAT MIHI’, not only did She take possession of Me, but She overshadowed all creatures and all created things. She felt within Herself the Life of all creatures, and from that moment She began to Act as the Mother and Queen of all. How many Portents does this ‘YES’ of My Mama (Mary) not contain – if I wanted to tell them all, you would never stop listening.”

Now, I (Jesus) asked a second ‘YES’ in My Divine Will, of you (Luisa); and you, though trembling, pronounced it. This ‘YES’ in My Volition will accomplish its Portents – it will have its Divine Fulfillment. You (Luisa) – follow Me, plunge yourself more deeply into the Immense Sea of My Divine Will, and I (Jesus) will take care of everything. My Mama did not think about how I would manage to Incarnate Myself in Her; She just said, ‘FIAT MIHI’, and I (Jesus) took care of how to be Incarnated. So you (Luisa) will do.”


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Everything is written in the hearts of those who Believe, Hope and Love – Each created thing holds out the Love of God to man


 Nativity 4


1/9/03 – Vol. 4

Everything is written in the hearts of those who Believe, Hope and Love.

This morning I was feeling all oppressed, and since Monsignor had come to visit me, saying that he was not sure that it was Jesus Christ who operated in me, when Blessed Jesus came, He told me: “My daughter (Luisa), in order to comprehend a subject well it takes belief, because without belief everything is dark in the human intellect. On the other hand, the mere believing turns on a Light in the mind, and by means of this Light one can recognize with clarity Truth and falsehood, when it is Grace that operates, when it is nature, and when the devil. See, the Gospel is known to all, but who comprehends the meaning of My Words, and the Truths contained in It? Who keeps them in his heart and makes of them a Treasure with which to purchase the Eternal Kingdom? One who believes. As for all others, not only do they not understand a thing, but they use My Words to mock them and to make fun of the Holiest things. So, it can be said that everything is written in the hearts of those who Believe, Hope and Love, while nothing is written for everyone else. The same with you: one who has a little bit of belief sees things with clarity and finds the Truth; one who does not, sees things as all confused.”

1/9/20 – Vol. 12

Each created thing holds out the Love of God to man.

ourladyofvictoryI was praying, and with my thought I was fusing myself in the Eternal Volition; and bringing myself before the Supreme Majesty, I said: ‘Eternal Majesty, I come to Your Feet in the name of the whole human family, from the first to the last man of the future generations, to adore You profoundly. At your Most Holy feet I want to seal the adorations of all; I come to recognize You in the name of all as Creator and absolute Ruler of all. I come to Love You for all and for each one; I come to return Love to You for all, because of each created thing, in which You placed so much Love that the creature will never find enough love to repay You in Love. But in Your Will I find this Love, and wanting that my Love, as well as the other Acts, be complete, full and for all, I have come into Your Will where everything is Immense and Eternal, and where I can find Love to be able to Love You for all. So, I Love You for each star You have created; I Love You for all the drops of light and for all the intensity of heat which You have placed in the Sun…’ But who can tell all that my poor mind was saying? I would be too long; therefore I stop here.

Now, while I was doing this, a thought told me: ‘How is it, and in what way did Our Lord place Rivers of Love for the creature in each created thing? And a Light answered my thought: “Indeed, My daughter (Luisa), My Love poured out in torrents toward the creature in each created thing. I (Jesus) told you elsewhere and I confirm to you (Luisa) now that, as My uncreated Love created the Sun, It placed Oceans of Love in it. In each drop of light which was to inundate the eye, the step, the hand, and everything of the creature, My Love ran toward her; and almost pounding sweetly on her eye, hand, step and mouth, It gives her My Eternal Kiss and It holds out My Love to her.

Together with light, runs the heat, and pounding on her again, a little more strongly, almost impatient for the love of the creature, to the extent of pelting her, I repeat to her more intensely My Eternal ‘I Love you.’ And if the sun fecundates the plants with its light and heat, it is My Love that runs to nourish man; and if I extended the heavens above man’s head, studding it with stars, it is My Love that, wanting to delight the eyes of man, also at night, repeats to him My ‘I Love you’ in every sparkling of star… So, each created thing holds out My Love to man; and if it were not so, Creation would have no Purpose; and I do nothing without Purpose. Everything has been made for man; but man does not recognize it, and he has turned into Sorrow for Me.

Therefore, My daughter (Luisa), if you want to soothe My Sorrow, come often into My Divine Will and give Me, in the name of all, Adoration, Love, Gratitude and Thanksgiving for everything.”


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The Fruit and the Purpose of Communion



1/8/09 – Vol. 8

The Fruit and the Purpose of Communion.

Having received Communion, at the best moment I was thinking of how I could cling to blessed Jesus more then ever, and He said to me: “In order to cling more tightly to Me, to the point of dissolving your being in Mine, just as I transfuse Mine into yours, you must take what is Mine in everything, and in everything leave what is yours; in such a way that if you always think of things which are Holy and regard only what is Good, and the Honor and Glory of God, you leave your mind and take the Divine. If you speak, if you operate Good, and only out of Love for God, you leave your mouth and your hands, and you take My Mouth and My Hands. If you walk along Holy and upright paths, you will walk with My Own Feet; if your heart Loves Me alone, you will leave your heart and will take Mine, and will Love Me with My Own Love; and so with all the rest. So, you will be enveloped with all My Things, and I with all of yours. Can there be a tighter Union than this? If the soul reaches the point of no longer recognizing herself, but the Divine Being within her, these are the Fruits of Good Communions, and this is the Divine Purpose in wanting to communicate Himself to souls. But, how frustrated My Love remains, and how few are the Fruits that souls gather from this Sacrament, to the point that the majority of them remains indifferent, and even nauseated by this Divine Food.”




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The Smile of Jesus when He will see the First Fruits, the children of His Will Living not in the Human Sphere, but in the Divine Sphere


 1/7/21 – Vol. 12

The Smile of Jesus when He will see the First Fruits, the children of His Will, Living not in the human sphere, but in the Divine Sphere.

LUISA14As I was in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus came and surrounded my neck with His Arm. Then He drew near my heart, and holding His Breast between His Hands, He pressed it to my heart, and Rivulets of Milk came out of it. He filled my heart with those Rivulets of Milk; and then he told me: “My daughter (Luisa), do you see how much I (Jesus) Love you? I wanted to fill all your heart with the Milk of Grace and of Love; so, everything you (Luisa) will say and do, will be nothing other than the Outpouring of the Grace with which I (Jesus) filled you. You will do nothing – you will just place your volition at the Mercy of My Divine Will, and I will do everything. You (Luisa) will be nothing but the Sound of My Voice, the Bearer of My Divine Will, the Destroyer of the Virtues in a human manner, and the Restorer of the Virtues in a Divine Manner, which are founded on an Eternal, Immense, Infinite Point.” Having said this, He disappeared.

After a little while He came back, and I was feeling all annihilated, especially in thinking about certain things which it is not necessary here to say. My affliction was at its summit, and I said to myself: ‘How can this be? My Jesus, do not permit this! Maybe You want the will, but not the act of this sacrifice. And then, in the hard state in which I find myself, I aspire to nothing but Heaven.’ And Jesus, coming out from my interior, burst into sob. I could hear that sob resound in Heaven and on earth; but as He was about to stop sobbing, a Smile arose which, just like the sob, reverberated in Heaven and on earth. I remained enchanted, and my Jesus told me: “My beloved daughter (Luisa), after the great Sorrow which creatures are giving Me in these sad times, to the extent of making Me cry – and because this is the Crying of a God, it Resounds in Heaven and on earth – a Smile will take over, which will fill Heaven and earth with Gladness. This Smile will arise on My Lips when I see the First Fruits – the children of My Divine Will – Living not in the human sphere, but in the Divine Sphere. I (Jesus) will see them all Marked with the Eternal, Immense, Infinite Will; I will see that Eternal Point which has Life only in Heaven, flow upon earth and mold the souls with its infinite Principles, with Divine Acting, with the Multiplication of Acts within one single Act. And just as Creation came out from the FIAT, in the FIAT It will be Fulfilled. Only the children of My Volition will accomplish everything in the FIAT; and in My FIAT, which will have Life in them, I (Jesus) will receive complete Love, Glory, Reparation, Thanksgiving and Praise, for everything and for everyone. My daughter (Luisa), things return there where they come from: everything came out from the FIAT, and in the FIAT everything will return to Me. They will be few, but in the FIAT they will give Me everything.”



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Jesus Communicates Himself to the Three Magi through Love, through Beauty, through Power

JANUARY 6, 2014



1/6/01 – Vol. 4

Jesus Communicates Himself to the Three Magi through Love, through Beauty and through Power.

As I was outside of myself, I seemed to see the moment when the Holy Magi arrived at the grotto of Bethlehem. As they arrived in the presence of the Baby, He pleased to let the Rays of His Divinity shine externally, communicating Himself to the Magi in three Ways – through Love, through Beauty and through Power – in such a way that they remained enraptured and engrossed in the Presence of Little Baby Jesus; so much so, that if the Lord had not withdrawn the Rays of His Divinity internally again, they would have remained there forever, unable to move any more. Then, as the Baby withdrew His Divinity, the Holy Magi returned into themselves; they stirred themselves, stupefied, in seeing an Excess of Love so great, because through that Light the Lord had let them understand the Mystery of the Incarnation. Then they stood up and offered their gifts to the Queen Mother (Mary), and She spoke at length with them, but I am unable to say everything She said. I can only remember that She inculcated into them, strongly, not only their own salvation, but also taking to heart the salvation of their peoples, having no fear even to lay down their lives to obtain the intent.

After this, I withdrew inside myself and I found myself together with Jesus. He wanted me to tell Him something, but I saw myself so cattiva [bad] and confused that I would not dare to tell Him anything. Seeing that I was not saying anything, He Himself continued to speak about the Holy Magi, telling me: “By having communicated Myself to the Magi in three Ways, I obtained three Effects for them, because I never communicate Myself to souls uselessly; rather, they always receive some profit for themselves. So, as I communicated Myself through Love, they obtained detachment from themselves; through Beauty, they obtained contempt for earthly things; and through Power, their hearts remained all bound to Me, and they obtained the bravery to lay down their blood and lives for Me.”

Then He added: “And you, what do you want? Tell Me – do you love Me? How would you want to Love Me?” Not knowing what to say, as my confusion increased, I said: ‘Lord, I would want nothing but You, and if You say to me, ‘do you Love Me?’, I have no words to be able to manifest it. I can only say that I feel this passion that no one may be able to prevail over me in Loving You, and that I should be the First in Loving You, above everyone, and no one may be able to surpass me. But this does not content me yet; in order to be content, I would want to Love You with Your Own Love, so that I may be able to Love You as You Love Yourself. Ah, yes! Only then would my concerns about Loving You cease.’ Content, one could say, with my nonsense, Jesus clasped me so tightly to Himself, that I could see myself transmuted in Him, inside and out, and He communicated part of His Love to me. After this, I returned inside myself, and it seemed to me that for as much Love as I give, so much do I possess my Good; and if I Love Him little, I possess Him little.




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Feast of the Epiphany

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Feast of the Epiphany – Blessing of the Home

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Jesus Prays that His Will be One with the will of the Soul.


1/5/23 – Vol. 15

Jesus Prays that His Will be One with the will of the Soul.  The Divine Will must be like the air that one breathes.  Attentiveness is the Way to Knowledge. 

sh12Continuing in my usual state, I could hear my adorable Jesus praying in my interior, saying:  “My Father, I pray You that Our Will be one with the will of this little daughter of Our Volition.  She is a legitimate birth from Our Will.  O please! for the honor and decorum of Our Eternal Will, let it be so that nothing may come out of her which is not a birth from Our Volition, and that she may know nothing but Our Will.  And in order to obtain this, I offer You all the acts of my Humanity, done in Our adorable Will.”

Afterwards, He remained in deep silence, and I, I don’t know how, felt so transfused in the acts that my Jesus had done in the Divine Will, that I kept following them, one by one, doing my own united with His.  This made me absorb so much light, that Jesus and I remained immersed in a sea of light; and Jesus, coming out from within my interior, standing up, with His soles on the place of my heart, and waving His hand which, more than sun, sent forth light, cried out loudly:  “Come, come all of you, Angels, Saints, pilgrim souls, all generations – come and see the portents and the greatest miracle never before seen:  my Will operating in the creature.”  At the sonorous, melodious and powerful voice of Jesus, which filled Heaven and earth, the Heavens opened and all ran around Jesus, and looked at me to see how the Divine Will was operating.  All remained enraptured and thanked Jesus for such a great excess of His goodness.  I remained confused and humiliated to the summit, and I said to Him:  ‘My Love, what are You doing?  It seems that You want to show me to everyone, to let everyone point at me.  What repugnance I feel.’  And Jesus:  “Ah! my daughter, it is my Will that I want everyone to know and to point at, as new Heaven and means of new regeneration; and you will remain as though buried in my Will.

My Will must be like the air that one breathes which, while it cannot be seen, can be felt.  It cannot be seen, and it gives life; it penetrates everywhere, even into the most intimate fibers, to give life to each beat of the heart.  Wherever it enters – into darkness, into the abysses, into the most secret receptacles – it constitutes itself life of everything.  In the same way, my Will will be more than air within you, which, coming out of you, will constitute Itself life of everything.  Therefore, be more attentive, and follow the Will of your Jesus, because attentiveness will make you know where you are and what you are doing.  Knowledge will make you appreciate and esteem more the divine royal palace of my Will.  Suppose that someone finds himself in the royal palace of a king, and that he does not know that that residence belongs to the king.  He will have no appreciation; he might even walk distractedly, talking, laughing; nor will he dispose himself to receive the gifts of the king.  But if he knew that that is the royal palace of the king, he would look at things with attention, and would appreciate them; he would walk on tiptoe, speak in a low voice, be all eyes to see whether the king comes out of some room, and would put himself as though in waiting, to receive great gifts from the king.

See, attentiveness is the way to knowledge, and knowledge changes a person, as well as things, disposing him to receive great goods.  So, by knowing that you are in the royal palace of my Will, you will always receive, and will take so much as to be able to give to all of your brothers.”

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The Words of Jesus in the Garden: “Not My will, but Yours be done.”



1/4/24 – Vol. 16

The Words of Jesus in the Garden: “Not my will, but Yours be done.” In this way He established with His Celestial Father the contract of the Kingdom of the Divine Will upon earth.

I was thinking about the Words of Jesus in the Garden, when He said: “Father, if it is possible, let this chalice pass from Me; yet, non mea voluntas, sed Tua fiat” (“not My will, but Yours be done”). And my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me: “My daughter (Luisa), do you think it was for the chalice of My Passion that I said to the Father: ‘Father, if it is possible, let this chalice pass from Me’? Not at all. It was the chalice of the human will which contained such bitterness and fullness of vice, that My human will United to the Divine felt such repugnance, terror and fright, as to cry out: ‘Father, if it possible, let this chalice pass from Me…!’ How ugly it is the human will without the Divine Will, which enclosed Itself in each creature, as within a chalice! There is no evil in the generations, of which it is not the origin, the seed, the source. And in seeing Myself covered with all these evils produced by the human will, before the Sanctity of My Divine Will, I felt like dying. And indeed I would have died if the Divinity had not sustained Me.

But do you know why I added, and as many as three times, ‘Non mea voluntas, sed Tua fiat’ (‘Not my will, but Yours be done’)? I felt upon Myself all the wills of creatures united together – all their evils, and in the name of all I cried out to the Father: ‘May the human will be done on earth no more, but the Divine. May the human will be banished, and may Yours Reign.’ Therefore, from that moment – and I wanted to do this at the very beginning of My Passion, because it was the thing which interested Me the most and the most important one: to call upon earth the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” on earth as it is in Heaven – I Myself said in the name of all: ‘Non mea voluntas, sed Tua fiat.’

From that time I constituted the Era of the “Fiat Voluntas Tua” upon earth. And by saying it three times, in the first one I impetrated It, in the second I made It descend, and in the third I constituted It Ruler and Dominator. And in saying ‘Non mea voluntas, sed Tua fiat’, I intended to empty the creatures of their wills and to fill them with the Divine.

Before dying, since I had only hours left, I wanted to negotiate with My Celestial Father My Prime Purpose, for which I came upon earth – that the Divine Will take Its First Place of Honor in the creature. This had been the first act of man – to withdraw from the Supreme Will – and therefore Our first offense. All his other evils are in the secondary order. It is always My Divine Will to have Primacy in all things. And even though the Fruits of Redemption could be seen before its effects, it was by virtue of this contract which I made with My Divine Father that His Fiat would come to Reign upon earth, realizing the true Purpose of the creation of man and the Prime Purpose for which I came upon earth, and that man could receive the Fruits of Redemption. Otherwise, My Wisdom would have lacked order. If the origin of evil was his will, it was this will that I had to order and restore, reuniting Divine Will and human will. And even though the Fruits of Redemption could be seen first, this says nothing. My Divine Will is like a king who, though being first among all, arrives as last, being preceded, for honor and decorum, by his peoples, armies, ministers, princes and the whole royal court. Therefore, the Fruits of Redemption were needed first, so that the Royal Court, the peoples, the armies and the ministers could be found worthy of the Majesty of My Divine Will.

But do you know who was the first one to cry out together with Me: ‘Non mea voluntas, sed Tua fiat’? It was (Luisa) My Little Newborn of My Divine Will, My little Daughter (Luisa), who felt such repugnance and fright for her will as to cling to Me; and trembling, she cried out with Me: ‘Father, if it possible, let this chalice pass from Me’. And crying, she added with me: ‘Non mea voluntas, sed Tua fiat’. Ah, yes, you (Luisa) were together with Me in that First Contract with My Celestial Father, because at least one creature was needed in order to validate this Contract. Otherwise, to whom give it? To whom entrust it? And in order to render the custody of the Contract safer, I (Jesus) gave you (Luisa) all the Fruits of My Passion as Gift, lining them up around you like a formidable Army which, while forming the Royal Court of My Divine Will, wages a fierce war against your will.

Therefore, have courage in the state in which you (Luisa) find yourself. Dismiss the thought that I may leave you; it would go against My Divine Will, since I (Jesus) keep the Contract of My Divine Will deposited in you (Luisa). So, be at Peace; it is My Divine Will that tests you, and wants not only to purge you, but to destroy even the shadow of your will. So, in all Peace, continue your flight in My Divine Will and be concerned with nothing. Your Jesus will do in such a way that everything which may happen inside and outside of you (Luisa), will make My Divine Will stand out even more and will expand Its Boundaries in you (Luisa), in your human will. I Myself will maintain the Rhythm in your interior, in order to direct everything in you according to My Divine Will.

I occupied Myself with nothing else but the Will of My Father; and since all things are in It, I occupied Myself with everything. And if I taught a prayer, it was no other prayer than this – that the Divine Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. However, it was the Prayer which enclosed everything. Therefore, I did not move if not around the Supreme Will; My Words, My Pains, My Works, My Heartbeats, were filled with Celestial Will. So do I (Jesus) want you (Luisa) to do: you must go around It so much as to let yourself be burned by the Eternal Breath of the Fire of My Divine Will, in such a way as to lose any other knowledge, and to know nothing else but My Divine Will – only and always.”

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Certainty of the Coming of the Kingdom of the Divine Will upon Earth.


 Christ the King

1/3/32 – Vol. 30

Certainty of the coming of the Kingdom of the Divine Will upon earth.  How all difficulties will melt like snow before a burning sun.  The human will is the dark room of the creature.

My abandonment continues in the Divine Fiat, but I felt worried by the thought:  “How will this Kingdom of the Divine Will ever be able to come?  Sin abounds, evils get worse, it seems to me that the creatures are not disposed to receive such a great Good; so much so, that there is not a soul, as good as they may be, who truly wants to occupy himself with making known what regards the Divine Will.  If God does not operate a prodigy of His Omnipotence, the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat may be in Heaven, but as for the earth, it is useless to think about it.”

But while I was thinking of this and other things, my beloved Jesus, making His usual visit to my soul, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), everything is possible for Us.  The impossibilities, the difficulties, the insurmountable obstacles of creatures melt before Our Supreme Majesty like snow in front of a burning sun.  Everything is in whether We want it; all the rest is nothing.  Did the same not happen in Redemption?  Sin abounded more than ever; only a small group of people was awaiting the Messiah, and in the midst of this group, how many hypocrisies, how many sins of all kinds—they were often idolatrous.  But it was decreed that I was to come upon earth.  In the face of Our Decrees, all evils cannot prevent what We want to do.  We are glorified more by one act alone of Our Will than We are offended by all the evils and sins committed by creatures, because Our Act of the Will is Divine and Immense, and in its Immensity it embraces all eternity, all centuries, it extends to all.  Therefore, it is not of Our infinite Wisdom not to give Life to even just one act of Our Will because of the evils of creatures.  We place Ourselves on Our Divine Side, and We do what We have to do; and the creatures We leave by their human side; and acting as Sovereigns, We lord it over everything and everyone, even over evil, and We put out Our Decrees.

“Now, just as My Coming upon earth was Our Decree, so is Our Decree the Kingdom of Our Will upon earth; even more, it can be said that one and the other are one single Decree, and having carried out the first act of this Decree, We are to carry out the second.  It is true that We pace Ourselves according to the good disposition of the creatures in order to give the great Good that an Act of Our Will can produce, and therefore at most We take time, and We make Our Way in the midst of their evils in order to dispose them.  It is true that the times are sad; the peoples themselves are tired, they see all the ways closed to them, they can find no way out even for the necessary natural means; the oppressions, the demands of the leaders are unbearable—just penalty, since they have elected as leaders godless men, of evil life, without a just right to be leaders, who deserved a prison more than the right of regime.  Many thrones and empires have been overthrown, and those few that are left are all vacillating and about to be overthrown.  So, the earth will remain almost without kings, in the hands of iniquitous men.

“Poor peoples, poor children of Mine—under the regime of men without pity, without heart, and without the grace to be able to act as guides for their subjects.  Indeed, the epoch of the Jewish people is being repeated, as they remained without a king when I was near to coming upon earth, and were under the dominion of an alien empire, of barbarous and idolatrous men who did not even know their Creator.  Yet, this was the sign of My nearing Coming into their midst.  That epoch and this one hold hands in many things, and the disappearance of thrones and empires is the announcement that the Kingdom of My Divine Will is not far.  It having to be a Universal, pacific Kingdom, there will be no need of kings to dominate It—each one will be king to himself.  My Will will be for them Law, Guide, Support, Life and absolute King of all and of each one; and all the arbitrary and rightless leaders will be shattered like dust in the wind.  The nations will continue to fight against one another—some by war, some by revolution, among themselves and against My Church.  They have a fire in their midst that devours them, that gives them no peace, and they can give no peace.  It is the fire of sin, and the fire of acting without God that gives them no peace; and they will never make peace if they do not call God into their midst, as regime and bond of Union and of Peace.  And I let them do, and I will make them touch with their own hands what it means to act without God.

“But this does not prevent the Kingdom of My Supreme Fiat from coming; this is all creature’s stuff, of the low world, that My Power knocks down and disperses whenever it wants, and it makes the most serene sky and the most refulgent sun arise from the storm.  On the other hand, the Kingdom of My Divine Will is from on high, from the Heavens, formed and decreed in the midst of the Divine Persons—no one can touch It or disperse It.  First We will deal about It with one creature alone, forming the first Kingdom in her; then with few; and then, making use of Our Omnipotence, we will divulge It everywhere.  Be certain, do not worry because evils get worse; Our Power, Our winning Love that has the Virtue of always winning, Our Will that can do everything and, with invincible Patience, knows how to wait even for centuries—but what It wants and has to do is worth more than all the evils of creatures—in the face of Its invincible Power and Its infinite Value, their evils will be like little drops of water, like many trifles that will serve for the Triumph of Our Love and for the greater Glory of Our fulfilled Will.

“And then, when We have the great Glory of forming this Kingdom inside (Luisa) one creature alone, she will be like sun, such that all have the right to enjoy and possess its Light.  More than sun, she (Luisa) will give to all creatures the right to possess a Kingdom so holy; and We, with infinite Wisdom, will abound with Graces, with Light, with Helps, with surprising Means, so that they may let the Kingdom of My Will reign in their midst.  Therefore, let Me do; when it is your Jesus that has told you (Luisa) this, that’s enough—it is as though already done.  All evils and all creatures together have no power and no right over Our Will, nor can they prevent a single Act of Our Will, wanted by Decrees of Our Wisdom.”

Then, I continued to think about the Divine Fiat, and my sweet Jesus added:  “My daughter (Luisa), My Will is Light, the human will is the dark room in which the poor creature lives.  As My Will enters into this dark room, it remains all invested by this Light that illumines everything, even the most remote and little hiding places of the soul.  It makes Itself Light of the thought, of the word, of the works, of the steps—but with a marvelous variety.  The thought takes on a variety of colors animated by the Light; the word takes on another variety of colors; the action, the step, other varieties of colors.  And as she repeats the thought, the word, the action, the step, animated by the Light of My Will, so are the hues of the Divine Colors formed; and the beauty of it is that they are all colors animated by Light.

“O! how beautiful it is to see the creature animated by the Rainbow of Our Divine Colors—it is one of the most beautiful scenes that she presents to Us and makes Us enjoy.  We look at her and We see that those are nothing other that the reflection of Our Thoughts, of Our Actions, and so forth, that has formed that variety of Our Divine Colors; and Our Will makes display of Light in the acts of the creature who, with her sweet enchantment, enraptures Us and makes Us the Spectators of Our Acts; and—O! how We await with all Love the repetition of these scenes so beautiful and delightful.”

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