Reason, the eye of the soul, is light that makes her know the beauty of her good works. What are the Rights of the Divine Will, how in It there are no intentions, but Acts.


2/24/35 – Vol. 33

Reason, the eye of the soul, is light that makes her know the beauty of her good works.  What are the Rights of the Divine Will, how in It there are no intentions, but Acts.

            luisa1I am always in the Arms of the Divine Will, and although between the intense bitternesses of the privations of my sweet Jesus, that more than sea inundates my poor soul, Its inaccessible Light that it is not given to me either to enclose completely in my soul, nor to understand it, never leaves me.  Rather, the sea of my bitternesses super-abounds; It makes use of it as Victory and Conquest that It makes over my poor human will.  So, I thought to myself that all the Value, all the Good, it seems to me that everything is of the Divine Will, and nothing remains to me.

            But while I thought this, my sweet Jesus, my dear Life, making me His brief little visit, all Goodness told me:  “My blessed daughter (Luisa), you must know that We Gifted the creature with reason so that she would know the Good and evil that she did.  And in every act that she could do, if Good, she would be Gifted with New Merit, New Grace, New Beauty, and greater Union with her Creator; if bad, she would endure a suffering from it.  That suffering makes felt the weakness and distance from He who had Created her.

            “Reason is the eye of the soul and light that, while the creature makes her way, it lets her know the Beauty of her Good works, the Fruit of her sacrifices, and it knows how to torture her when she does evil.  Reason has this Virtue:  if the creature operates Good, she feels herself at her place of Honor, and as king of herself she has Order; and in Virtue of the Merit that she acquires, she feels Strength and Peace.  And if she does evil, she feels completely disordered, and slave of her own evils.

            “Now, if the creature does Good Acts in My Divine Will in Virtue of the reason that she has, We give her the Merit of Divine Acts.  The Merit is given to her according to what she knows and according to what the human will wants to operate:  if in Ours, she elevates herself so much that she does not remain in the depths of human actions, although good, but she comes into Our Divine Volition, and as sponge she dives within and soaks her acts with Light, with Sanctity, with Love, in a way that her act disappears in Ours, and Our Divine Act reappears.  Therefore with Justice the Divine Merit must flow, and since in Our Divine Will she loses the human prestige, one thinks that the creature does nothing, but it is not true.  If It Operates, it is in virtue of the thread of the human volition that It has received in Its Hands that forms the Triumph and Its Conquests over the act of the creature, and of the human reason that voluntarily comes to ceding its received rights as Homage and Mastery to He who has received her.

            “And this is more than doing, because God has received the exchange for the most Beautiful Gifts that He gave to the creature, that is, reason and will.  With this she gives Us everything that she can give Us, she recognizes Us, she strips herself of herself, she Loves Us with pure Love.  And so much is Our Love, that We clothe her with Ourselves, We give her Our Works, in a way that We and she can say:  ‘We do it together.’  We will place each other in the conditions that the creature will not be able to do anything without Our Will.  And so much is Our Goodness, that even when the creature does good humanly, since reason always flows in Good, We give her the human merit, because it is Our usual Way to not leave not even one good act of the creature without reward.  One can say that We are all Eyes over her in order to see in what We could reward her.”

            After this He was silent, and I continued to think how this Divine Will is all Eyes over us, It Loves us so much and never leaves us one instant.

            And my sweet Jesus resumed by saying:  “My daughter (Luisa), My Divine Will is everything for the creature.  Without It she would not be able to live even one minute.  All her acts, motions, and steps, can be called feedings, servings that My Volition makes her, and the creature receives them.  She feels them in herself and does not know either who feeds her, nor who gives Life to her life, and therefore for many it is as if My Divine Will were not for them, and they do not give It the Rights owed that it is appropriate to give It.  So it is necessary that they know what are these Rights of My Divine Volition in order that by knowing them they could exchange It and know who is the One who is the Life of their life, and that they are nothing other than the coverings, statues animated by It.

            “Now, the Rights are Innumerable:  Right of Creation, Right of Conservation, of continuous Animation.  Everything that It has Created, and that serves for the well-being of man, constitutes one of Its Rights over him.  Therefore the sun, the air, the wind, the water, the earth, and everything, have been Created and given to man by My Divine Will.  So, for however many things It has given him, so many more Rights It has over man.  My Redemption, the pardon after sin, My Grace, the Good to Operate, are greater Rights that It acquires over him.  One can say that he is as kneaded in My Divine Will, and yet It is not known.  What Sorrow not to be recognized!  Now, in order to have the Triumph, the Life of My Divine Will in the creature, it is necessary that she knows what It has done, what It does for Love of her, and what Its Just Rights are.  And when she knows this, she will place herself in order with My Volition; she will feel the One who it is who gives her Life, the One who moves in her motion, the One who beats in her heart.  And while she will receive from It Life that forms her life, she will re-give to It as Homage, Love, and Glory, that same Life that It forms in her.  Then My Divine Will will receive Its Rights, and everything that is Its, that with so much Love It had given her, will return into Its Womb of Light.  In sum, It will feel Reborn again in Its arms she who with so much Love It had Created.

            “O!  if everyone knew the Rights of My Divine Will, Its ardent and constant Love that is so much that while It gives her Life, It puts her forth to the light of day.  More than mother, so much is Its Jealousy of Love, that It does not leave her for one instant; It invests her inside and outside, from above and from below, to the right and to the left.  And although the creature might not know It, nor love It, with Divine Heroism It continues to Love her and to make Itself Life and Bearer of the acts of the creature.  O!  My Divine Will, You alone know how to Love with Heroic, Strong, Incredible, and Infinite Love, her whom You Created and who does not even recognize You.  Human ingratitude, how great you are.”

            So I felt that I touched with my hand the Great Love of the Divine Fiat, and I thought to myself:  “How can one Live in It?  Perhaps by always placing the intention of Living in It?”

            And my always Lovable Jesus added:  “My good daughter (Luisa), Living in My Divine Will there are no intentions.  Intention serves for when they cannot do the acts, because there lacks the One who has the Virtue of giving Life to all the Good that the creature wants to do.  And this is outside of Living in My Volition, and I give the merit to them not as acts, but as Holy intentions.

            “On the other hand, My Divine Will is the Vivifying, Active, and Operating Virtue, in a way that for everything that the creature wants to do, she finds the One who forms the Life of her acts, she feels the Vivifying Strength that Vivifies her act and it converts into works.  Therefore, in My Divine Will all things change; all things possess the Life, the Love, the Prayer, the Adoration, the Good that she wants to do.  All the Virtues are Full of Life, therefore they are not subject to ending, to changing, because the One who administers Life to her keeps her with Itself so that they Live together, and I give her the Merit of Works Animated by My Divine Will.

            “What difference between the intention and the Works.  The intention symbolizes the poor, the sick, who, not being able to do, they would want to at least with their good will exercise charity, propagate good, do who knows how many beautiful things, but poverty, sickness, hinders them and renders them almost prisoners without being able to attain the good that they want to do.

            “On the other hand, Operating in My Divine Will symbolizes the rich who, having riches at her disposition, the intention has no value, because if she wants she can do charity, she can go where she wants, she can do good to everyone, help everyone.  Such and so many are the Riches of My Volition, that the creature loses herself in It, and with full hands she can take what she wants in order to help everyone, and even more, without making either noise, or racket, almost like Light she silently brings help, then withdraws.”

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The sign to know whether a state is Will of God. Men do not want Jesus Christ as their Head. The Church will always be Church.


Luisa12/23/00 – Vol. 3

The sign to know whether a state is Will of God.

This morning, after I had almost lost the hope that Blessed Jesus would come, all of a sudden He came and renewed in me the Pains of the Crucifixion; and He told me:  “The time has come, the end is approaching, but the hour is uncertain.”  And I, without paying attention to the meaning of the Words He spoke, remained in doubt about whether I should apply them to my complete crucifixion or to the chastisements.  So I said to Him:  ‘Lord, how I fear that my state may not be Will of God!’  And He:  “The surest sign in order to know whether a state is My Divine Will is when one feels the Strength to sustain that state.”  And I:  ‘If it were Your Will, this change – that You do not come as before – would not happen.’

And He:  “When a person becomes intimate with a family, one no longer uses those formalities, those regards which were used before, when he was a stranger.  So I do.  But nevertheless, this is not a sign that it is not the will of that family to have that person with them, or that they no longer love him as before.  Therefore, be at Peace, let Me do – do not want to rack your brains or trouble the Peace of your heart.  At the appropriate time you will Know My Working.”

2/23/03 – Vol. 4

Men do not want Jesus Christ as their Head. The Church will always be Church.

As I was in my usual state, I found myself near a garden which seemed to be the Church. Near it there seemed to be people plotting an attack against the Church and the Pope, and in their midst there was Our Lord, Crucified, but without a Head. Who can say how painful, how horrifying it was to see His Most Holy Body in that state! I comprehended how men do not want Jesus Christ as their Head, and since the Church represents Him on this earth, they try to destroy what stands in His place.

Then I found myself in another place in which I found other people who were asking me: “What do you say about the Church?” And I, feeling a Light within my mind, said: ‘The Church will always be Church. At the most, She might be washed in Her own blood, but this bath will render Her more Beautiful and Glorious.’ On hearing this, they said: “This is false – let us call our god and let us see what he says.” So a man came out who surpassed everyone in height, with a crown on his head, and he said: “The Church will be destroyed, there will be no more public services – at the most, some hidden ones; and the Madonna will no longer be recognized.” On hearing this, I said: ‘And who are you to dare to say this? Aren’t you perhaps that serpent condemned by God to crawl on the earth? And now you are so daring as to make yourself believed a king, deceiving people? I command you to let yourself be known for what you are.’ While I was saying this, from tall he became very, very short; he assumed the shape of a serpent, and making a flash, he plunged himself down deep. Then I found myself inside myself.

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February 22


chair-actual-chair of St. Peter

click image for 2006 General Audience on the Chair of St. Peter

“Blessed are you, Simon Bar-Jona: because flesh and blood have not revealed it to you, but My Father who is in Heaven. And I say to you: That you are Peter [Cephas, a rock], and upon this rock [Cephas] I will build My Church [ekklesian], and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. And I will give to you the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven. And whatsoever you shall bind upon earth, it shall be bound also in Heaven: and whatsoever you shall loose on earth, it shall be loosed also in Heaven”. (Mt 16:17-19)

Chair of St. Peter Triumph

click image for more on the Primacy of Peter and the Divine Will

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The Third FIAT will give such Grace to the creature as to make him return almost to the State of Origin; then, God will take His Perpetual Rest in the Last FIAT


2/22/21 – Vol. 12

The Third FIAT will give such Grace to the creature as to make him return almost to the State of Origin; then, God will take His Perpetual Rest in the Last FIAT.

I was in my usual state, and my sweet Jesus was all silent. I said to Him: ‘My Love, why are You not saying anything to me?’ And Jesus: “My daughter (Luisa), it is My usual Way to remain silent after having spoken. I want to Rest in My Own Word – that is, in the very Work that came out from Me. I did this in the Creation: after I said, ‘FIAT LUX’, and light came to be – ‘FIAT’ to all the other things, and things came to Life, I wanted to Rest, and My Eternal Light Rested in the light delivered in time. My Love Rested in the Love with which I invested the whole of Creation; My Beauty Rested in the whole universe, which I Molded after My Own Beauty. My Wisdom and My Power Rested as well, with which I ordered everything, with such Wisdom and Power that, in looking, I Myself said: ‘How Beautiful is the Work that came out from Me – I want to Rest in It.’ I do the same with souls: after I have spoken, I want to Rest and enjoy the Effects of My Word.”

After this, He added: “Let us say ‘FIAT’ together.” And everything – Heaven and earth – was filled with Adoration to the Supreme Majesty. Then, again, He repeated, “FIAT”, and the Blood, the Wounds and the Pains of Jesus arose and Multiplied to Infinity. And then, for the third time, “FIAT”, and this FIAT Multiplied in all the wills of creatures to Sanctify them. Then, He said to me: “My daughter (Luisa) these three FIATs are the Creating, the Redeeming, and the Sanctifying FIAT. In Creating man, I Endowed him with three Powers – intellect, memory and will; and with Three FIATs will I accomplish the Work of Sanctification of man.

At the Creating FIAT, the intellect of man remains as though enraptured. How many things he understands about Me and about My Love for him, as I AM hidden inside all Created things in order to make Myself Known, and to give him Love so as to be Loved. In the FIAT of Redemption, his memory remains as though Enchanted by the Excesses of My Love in suffering so much in order to help and save man in the state of sin. In the third FIAT, My Love wants to display even more. I want to assail the human will; I want to place My Own Will as Support of his will, so that the human will may remain not only Enraptured and Enchanted, but Sustained by an Eternal Will. And as My Divine Will becomes his Support in everything, man will almost be unable to escape It.

The generations will not end until My Divine Will Reigns upon earth. My Redeeming FIAT will place Itself in the middle, between the Creating FIAT and the Sanctifying FIAT. They will interweave, all Three together, and will Accomplish the Sanctification of man. The Third FIAT will give such Grace to the creature as to make him return almost to the State of Origin; and only then, when I see man just as he came out from Me, will My Work be complete, and I will take My Perpetual Rest in the Last FIAT. Only the Life in My Volition will give back to man his State of Origin. Therefore, be attentive, and together with Me, help Me to complete the Sanctification of the creature.”

On hearing this, I said: ‘Jesus, my Love, I not able to do as You do, nor as You teach Me; and I am almost afraid of Your reproaches if I don’t do well whatever You want from me.’ And He, all Goodness: “I too know that you cannot do perfectly what I tell you, but wherever you cannot reach, I will make up for you. However, it is necessary that I Attract you (Luisa), and that you understand what you must do, so that, even if you cannot do everything, you may do what you can. And as I speak to you (Luisa), your will remains chained with Mine; you would like to do what I tell you, and I consider this as if you did everything.” And I: ‘How can this way of Living in the Divine Will be spread and taught to others – and who will be disposed?’ And Jesus: “My daughter (Luisa), even if nobody had been saved with My Descent upon earth, the Work of Glorifying the Father would already be complete. The same now: even if no one wanted to receive this Gift – which will not be – you (Luisa) alone will be enough, and you will give Me the Complete Glory which I (Jesus) want from all creatures.”


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The Reason for the Great Interest of Jesus in wanting to make the Divine Will Known


2/21/27 – Vol. 20

The Reason for the Great Interest of Jesus in wanting to make the Divine Will Known.

LUISA14My poor mind was wandering in the Midst of the many Knowledges about the Supreme Volition, and I thought to myself:  ‘Why does Jesus have so much interest that this Divine Will become Known and that It Reign in the midst of creatures?’  Now, while I was thinking of this, my always lovable Jesus came out from within my interior and told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), do you want to know why I have so much interest in making My Divine Will Known, and that It Reign in the midst of creatures?  Because It alone is the means to be able to redo the creature, and It places Me in the condition of being able to give, and her in the condition of being able to receive.  Until My Divine Will returns triumphant and dominating into the midst of creatures, I will not be able to give what I want, and they will lack the capacity, the space to be able to receive that which I can and want to give.  In fact, My Divine Will alone has this Virtue, this Power – establishing Order and Balance between Creator and creature, It opens all the Ways of Communication between them.  God has His Royal Path through which to send His Gifts with no danger, descend whenever He wants, and bring, personally, His Greatest Goods to her; and the creature, possessing the same Path, can receive Him, or ascend in order to go, herself, to take that which her Lord wants to give her.

As rich and powerful as a king may be, if he finds no one to whom to give, he will never have the contentment, the satisfaction of being able to give; his riches will remain idle, isolated, abandoned.  Perhaps he will live drowned within his own riches, but he will not have the contentment, the happiness to give, and to let others enjoy his goods, because he finds no one to whom to give them.  This king will be a king isolated, abandoned, without cortege; he will have no one who smiles at him, who says a ‘thank you’; it will never be feast for him, because a feast is formed by giving and by receiving.  So, with all his riches, this king will have a nail in his heart, abandonment, monotony; he will be rich, but without glory, without heroism, without name.  What sorrow for this king, with all his riches?

Now, My daughter (Luisa), the Reason for which We delivered Creation and Created man was to give Our Riches, so that the External Glory of Our Works may add to the Internal Glory and the Immense Happiness which We Possess.  So, since the creature is not in Our Will, We feel her far away from Us; there is no one who surrounds Us with his ‘thank you’, nor anyone who smiles at Us with delight for Our Works.  Everything is isolation – We are surrounded by Immense Riches, but because Our creatures are far away from Us, We have no one to whom to give them; We have no one who admires Our Works in order to enjoy them.  We are Happy – but because of Ourselves, nor is there anyone who can slightly disturb Our Happiness; however, We are forced to see the unhappiness of the creatures, because being disunited from Us, they cannot take, and We cannot give.  The human will has formed the fences, and has locked the doors of communication.  To Give is Generosity, Heroism, Love – to receive is Grace; and the creature, by doing her own will, hinders Our Generosity, Our Heroism, Our Love.  And if something is given, it is always restricted, and given by dint of strains, of intrigues, because since the order between them and Us does not exist, things do not flow freely.  We are not capable of sorrow – Our Being is intangible to all evils; but if We were capable of sorrow, the creature would poison Our Existence.  This is, then, the Reason for all Our Interest:  We want to Give; We want to see them Happy of Our Own Happiness, and Our Will alone can do this – realizing the Purpose of Creation and allowing Us to place Our Goods in common.”

Oh Will of God, how Admirable, Powerful and Desirable You are.  O please! With Your Empire, Conquer all, make Yourself Known, and make us all surrender to You.

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How Jesus, in His Incarnation, formed from Himself one Jesus for each creature to exist, so that each one of them might have one Jesus at her disposal.


queenship-of-mary-mary-and-angel12/20/38 – Vol. 35

How Jesus, in His Incarnation, formed from Himself one Jesus for each creature to exist, so that each one of them might have one Jesus at her disposal.

I am in the Arms of the Divine Volition, that Loves me so much and, to show me how much, It wants to tell me continuously Its Eternal and long Love Story, adding always New Surprises, to the extent that one remains enraptured, finding it impossible not to love It.  Only the ungrateful and mindless would not.

Then, the Divine Fiat was making me aware of all It did in the Descent of the Word upon earth, and my Jesus, repeating His usual little visit, all Goodness told me:  (Luisa) “My little daughter of My Divine Will, you must know that My Love is so Great that It needs to be unleashed, and to entrust Its Secrets to (Luisa) the one who Lives in My Divine Will, so that making her aware of everything, we may Love with One Love, and It may repeat in her all that I did within Myself.  Listen then, daughter (Luisa), the Excesses that My Love reached, making Me do things, Unheard-of and incredible to created minds.

“Coming upon earth, I wanted to make Myself into one Jesus for each creature that had existed, was existing, and was going to exist.  Therefore, everyone had to have his own Jesus—completely his own—at his disposal.  So, each one had to have My Conception to remain conceived in Me—My Birth to be Reborn, My Tears to be washed, My Infantile Age to be Restored and to begin his New Life, My Steps to guide his own, My Works to make rise his works in Mine, My Pains as balm and Strength for his pains, and as repayment of any debt incurred with the Divine Justice; My Death to find again his Life; My Resurrection to Rise Again Completely in My Divine Will, for the Glory he had to give to his Creator…. And all this, with Highest Love, with Reason, with Justice and with Highest Wisdom.

“My Celestial Father had to find in Me as many of My Lives for as many creatures He had given, and was going to give to daylight, in order to be satisfied, Glorified and repaid for His Great Love.  Although not everyone would take this Life of Mine, My Celestial Father demanded My Life in order to be Glorified for everything He had done in the Work of Creation and Redemption.  I can say that, as soon as man subtracted himself from My Divine Will, the Glory that was due to My Divine Father ceased.  So, if I didn’t form from Myself one Jesus for each existing creature, the Glory of the Celestial Father would have been incomplete—and I can not do incomplete Works.  My Love would have waged a war against Me, if I hadn’t formed of Myself many Jesuses—first, for Our own Decorum and Glory, and then, to give this Complete Good to each creature.

“Therefore, Our Greatest Pain is that, in spite of the many of My Lives available for each one, some don’t recognize Them, some don’t even look at Them, some do not use Them, some offend Them, some just take the scraps of My Life…. Few are the ones who say:  ‘I do the Life of Jesus, with Jesus.  I Love like Jesus Loves, and I want what Jesus wants.’  These creatures are, together with Me, the return of the Glory and the Love of Creation and Redemption.  But even if not all of these Lives of Mine serve to the creature, they admirably serve to the Glory of My Divine Father, since I did not come on earth only for the creatures, but also to reintegrate the interests and the Glory of My Celestial Father.  O, if you could see what a Beautiful court these many Lives of Mine form around Our Divinity.  And when Love and Glory pour out of these Lives, you would remain so enraptured that it would be difficult for you to go back into yourself!”

Jesus kept silent.  I remained with the scene before my mind, of so many Jesuses for as many existing creatures.  But I had a thorn in my heart that tortured me and embittered me—down to the marrow of my bones—for a person very dear to me, and necessary to my poor existence, who was in danger of death, and I wanted to save this person at any cost.

Therefore, I took the Divine Will, I made It all mine, and in my pain I said to Jesus:  ‘Jesus, Your Will is mine.  Your Power and Immensity are in my power.  I don’t want it, so neither must You want it.’   My God, I felt as if I were battling a Power; and in order to win, my mind had brought itself before the Divinity, while I was placing around It the expanse of Heaven with all the stars in prayer, the vastness of the light of the sun with the force of its heat, the entire Creation—in prayer; and also the Seas of Power and Love of the Queen of Heaven, the Pains and the Blood shed by Jesus, like many Seas around the Divinity—all in prayer;  and then the many Jesuses for each creature, so that they might give a sigh—a prayer, to obtain what I wanted… But what was not my surprise and commotion together, in seeing and hearing that the many Jesuses of all the creatures prayed to obtain what I wanted?  I remained confused in seeing so much Goodness and Divine Compliance.  May He always be thanked and blessed.  And may all be for His Glory.

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The Divine Will is like opium for the soul. The creature does nothing other than want Jesus to do everything in her.


LUISA PRAYING2/19/13 – Vol. 11

The Divine Will is like opium for the soul. The creature does nothing other than want Jesus to do everything in her.

Continuing in my usual state and having received Holy Communion, my always adorable Jesus told me: “My daughter (Luisa), My Divine Will is like opium to the body. The poor patients who have to undergo an operation – the severing of one leg or one arm – are put to sleep with the opium. With it, they will not feel the sharpness of the pain and, after they wake up, they will find themselves with the results of the accomplished operation. If they haven’t suffered too much, it is thanks to the opium.

Such is My Divine Will: the opium of the soul, which puts to sleep the intelligence, the love of self and the self-esteem – everything that is human. The opium of My Divine Will does not allow displeasure, slander, suffering, or a state of interior pain to penetrate deeply into her, because it keeps her as if asleep. But with this, the soul still finds herself with the same effects and the same merits; even more – oh, how much she surpasses them, just as if she had deeply felt that suffering. But with this difference: opium for the body has to be purchased and cannot be used often, or every day, and if a person wanted to over-use it, he would become dazed, especially if he is of weak constitution; on the other hand, I give the Opium of My Divine Will gratis; it can be taken at any moment; the more often the soul takes it, the more Light of Reason she acquires; and if she is weak, she acquires Divine Strength.”

After this, I seemed to see people around me, and I said to Jesus: ‘Who are they?’ And Jesus: “They are the ones whom I entrusted to you some time ago. I commend them to you – watch over them. I would like to form this Bond of Union between you in order to have them always around Me.” And He pointed out to me one in particular. And I: ‘Ah, Jesus, have You forgotten about my misery and nothingness, and the extreme need I have? What shall I do?” And Jesus: “My daughter (Luisa), you will not do anything, just as you’ve never done anything. I (Jesus) will speak and operate within you (Luisa), and I will speak through your mouth. If you only want it so, and if there is good disposition in them, I will offer Myself for everything. Even if I should keep you asleep in My Divine Will, I will wake you up when necessary, and I will let you speak to them. I will delight more in hearing you (Luisa) speak about My Divine Will both in vigil and in sleep.”


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Pope Benedict calls Mary a ‘Perfect Model’ of Obedience to Divine Will

Pope Benedict calls Mary a ‘Perfect Model’ of Obedience to Divine Will

pope-benedict-xvi_13 L’Aquila, Italy, July 4, 2010 / 11:30 am (CNA/EWTN News).– Before leading the Angelus prayer from the Italian city of Sulmona he visited on Sunday, the Holy Father proposed Mary as “the Perfect Model of Obedience to the Divine Will.” He hoped also for increased appreciation of the simple life, as St. Celestine lived it, and the subsequent freedom of heart and mind that opens us up to sharing.

During the visit for the occasion of the 800th anniversary of the birth of St. Celestine, the Holy Father led thousands of faithful in the recitation of the Marian prayer after Mass in the town square.

He prayed that the people of God would be able to “walk joyously and united on the path of faith, hope and love” and that, “faithful to the inheritance of St. Celestine, we may always know how to put evangelical radicality and Mercy together, so that all who seek God may find him.”

St. Celestine was a13th century hermit that became Pope Celestine V. His remains are now housed in the crypt of Sulmona’s Cathedral of San Panfilo, where Benedict XVI will pay a visit Sunday afternoon to host an encounter with area youth.

Turning to Mary, “Virgin of silence and of listening,” Benedict XVI said that, in her, St. Celestine “found the Perfect Model of Obedience to the Divine Will,” as he lived  a simple and humble life, seeking the “truly essential” and thanking the Lord always as he recognized “in everything the Gift of His Goodness.”

Turning to the present, the Pope said “also we, who live in an age of greater comforts and possibilities, are called to appreciate a sober lifestyle, to keep our hearts and minds freer and to be able to share our possessions with our brothers.”

He prayed that “Holy Mary, who encouraged the First Community of disciples of Jesus with her Maternal Presence, help also the Church of today to give good witness to the Gospel.”


V2 – 10.3.99

‘But, what is this obedience? What is it made of? What is the Nourishment that sustains it?’ And Jesus makes His harmonious Voice heard to my hearing, which says: “Do you want to know what Obedience is? Obedience is the quintessence of Love; Obedience is the Finest, the Purest, the Most Perfect Love, extracted from the Most Painful Sacrifice – to destroy oneself in order to Live again of God. Being Most Noble and Divine, Obedience tolerates nothing human in the soul, and nothing which does not belong to it. Therefore, all Its attention is on destroying within the soul everything which does not belong to Its Divine Nobility – that is, love of self. And once It has done this, It cares very little about whether it alone struggles and toils on behalf of the soul, while allowing the soul to rest Peacefully. Finally, I Myself am Obedience.”

 V8 – 7.26.08

Continuing in my usual state, blessed Jesus came for just a little and told me: “My daughter, Obedience is the Ark of My Dwelling in the soul. Where this Ark of Obedience is not present, I can say that there is no place for Me in that soul, and I AM forced to remain outside.”

 The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will

Immaculate-Heart-of-Mary-icons-immaculate-heart-of-mary-19300636-165-200Day 14

The soul to the Celestial Queen, Model for Souls:

Celestial Mama, I, your poor child, feel the irresistible need to be with You, to follow your steps, to look at Your actions in order to copy them, to make of them my model and keep them as guide of my life. I feel so much the need of being guided, because by myself I can do nothing; but with my Mama who Loves me so much, I will be able to do everything – and also the Divine Will.

Day 15

Now, my child, listen to Me: I enclosed myself in the temple; the Lord wanted it so, that I might lay the Kingdom of the Divine Will in the acts which I was to do in it, so as to let Me prepare the ground with my human acts, as well as the heaven of the Divine Will which was to be formed over this ground, for all souls consecrated to the Lord. I was most attentive to all the duties which were normally done in that holy place. I was peaceful with everyone, nor did I ever cause any bitterness or bother to anyone. I submitted myself to the most humble tasks; I found difficulty in nothing, either in sweeping or in doing the dishes. Any sacrifice was an honor – a triumph for Me. But do you want to know why? I looked at nothing – everything was Will of God for Me. So, the little bell that called Me was the Fiat; I would hear the mysterious sound of the Divine Will which called Me in the sound of the little bell, and my Heart would rejoice and run to go wherever the Fiat was calling Me. My rule was the Divine Will, and I saw My superiors as the ones who imparted the Commands of a Will so Holy. So, for Me, the little bell, the rule, the superiors, and my actions, even the most humble ones, were joys and feasts which the Divine Fiat prepared for Me; and extending Itself also outside of Me, It called Me to extend Its Will in order to form Its Kingdom in the smallest of my acts.

Day 17

I continued my life in the temple and my little escapes up there to my Celestial Fatherland. I had my rights as daughter to make my little visits to my Divine Family which, more than Father, belonged to Me. But what was not my surprise when in one of these visits the Divine Persons made Known to Me that it was Their Will for Me to leave the temple; first, to unite myself in bond of marriage, according to the manner of those times, to a holy man called Joseph; and then, to withdraw together with him to live in the house of Nazareth.

So, in spite of my surprise, immediately I said: “Fiat”, knowing that the Divine Will would not harm me, or prejudice my sanctity. Oh, had I wanted to put in one act of my human will, even in the aspect of not wanting to know man, I would have sent to ruin the plans of the coming of the Word upon earth! Therefore, it is not the diversity of states that prejudices sanctity, but the lack of Divine Will, and of the fulfillment of one’s own duties to which God calls the creature. All states are holy, marriage too, provided that the Divine Will is present, as well as the exact sacrifice of one’s own duties. But the great part are indolent and lazy, and not only do they not become saints, but of their own state, some make a purgatory, and some a hell.

…So, as I learned I was to leave the temple, I did not say a word to anyone, waiting for God Himself to move the external circumstances to make Me fulfill His adorable Will, as in fact happened. The superiors of the temple called Me and let Me know that it was their will, and also the custom of those times, that I prepare myself for marriage. I accepted. Miraculously, among many, the choice fell upon Saint Joseph; so the marriage was made and I left the temple.

Day 19

Now, dear child, listen to Me: how much you should take to your heart doing the Divine Will and Living of It! My Power still exists: let Me pronounce My Fiat over your soul. But in order to do this, I want your own. One alone cannot do True Good; the Greatest Works are always done between two. God Himself did not want to do it by Himself, but wanted Me together with Him, to form the Great Prodigy of the Incarnation. In My Fiat and in His, the Life of the Man-God was formed; the destiny of mankind was restored, Heaven was no longer closed, and all goods were enclosed between the two Fiat. Therefore, let us say together, “Fiat! Fiat!”, and My Maternal Love will enclose in you the Life of the Divine Will.

Day 25

My child, you must know that the Divine Will possesses, by nature, the Source of Joys, and when It Reigns in the creature It delights in giving, in each one of her acts, the New and Continuous Act of Its Joys and Happinesses. Oh, how Happy we were! Everything was Peace, Highest Union, and each of us felt honored in Obeying the other. My dear Son also competed in wanting to be Commanded by Me and by dear Saint Joseph in the little jobs.

Meditation 2

My Heart of Mother bled with sorrow in having to submit My Dear Son, My Life, My own Creator, to such a bitter pain. Oh, how I would have wanted to take His place! But the Supreme Volition imposed Itself on My Love, and giving Me Heroism, Commanded Me to circumcise the Baby God. My child, you cannot comprehend how much it cost Me; but the Divine Fiat won, and I Obeyed, united with Saint Joseph.

Meditation 3

Now, at the end of the forty days, the dear Baby, drowned more than ever in His love, wanted to Obey the law, presenting Himself to the temple to offer Himself for the salvation of each one. It was the Divine Will that called us to the great sacrifice, and we Promptly Obeyed. My child, when this Divine Fiat finds Promptness in doing what It wants, It places at the creature’s disposal Its Divine Strength, Its Sanctity, Its Creative Power to multiply that act, that sacrifice, for all and for each one. In that sacrifice It places the little coin of infinite value, with which one can pay and satisfy for all.

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How Jesus can Live in the soul, and the soul in Jesus and from His Life.


2/18/12 – Vol. 11

How Jesus can Live in the soul, and the soul in Jesus and from His Life.

L_Luisa_Reading-a2Finding myself in my usual state, my always adorable Jesus came and told me: “My daughter (Luisa), everything you do for Me, even a breath, enters into Me as a pledge of your love for Me; and I (Jesus) give you (Luisa), in exchange, My Pledges of Love. Therefore, the soul can say, ‘I Live on the Pledges that my Beloved gives to me.’” Then He added: “My beloved daughter (Luisa), one can say that, as you Live in My Life, your life is finished – you do not live any longer. Therefore, since you no longer live, but Myself within you (Luisa), anything they may do to you, pleasing or displeasing, I will receive as if it were done directly to Me. Here is how you can understand this: you won’t feel anything, pleasure or displeasure, whatever they may do to you; and who else could feel it if not Myself, who Lives in you (Luisa) and loves you very, very much?”

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Love is the Cradle of man.


Creation of Adam2/17/22 – Vol. 14

Love is the Cradle of man.

I felt oppressed because of the privation of my sweet Jesus, and I did nothing but call Him, desire Him – but in vain. After much hardship, when I could take no more, He came. Who knows how many things I wanted to tell Him; but He rose up high without giving me time, and I looked at Him and called Him: ‘Jesus, Jesus, come!’ He too looked at me, and He let a Dew rain upon me from His Person, which beaded all of me. This Dew drew Him toward me, in such a way that He lowered Himself toward me and told me: “My daughter (Luisa), the desire of the soul to see Me tears the veil which exists between time and Eternity; and her repeated desire makes her take flight to come close to Me. My Love is almost restless when I see that the soul yearns for Me, and I do not make Myself seen. And only then does she calm herself when I not only make Myself seen, but I give her New Charisms and New Pledges of Love.

My Love is always in the Act of wanting to give New Pledges of Love to the creature; and as soon as It sees that My Divine Will takes the Operating and Directing Role of giving Itself to the creature, My Love makes Feast, runs – flies toward her, and becomes the Cradle of man. And if It sees that she does not rest in Its Cradle, It rocks her and sings for her, to make her rest and sleep on Its Lap. And while she sleeps, It breathes into her mouth to give her New Life of Love. If It sees from her interrupted breath that her heart is not Happy, by sending her Its Breath, My Love forms the Cradle for her within her heart so as to take bitternesses, hindrances and bothers away from her, and make her Happy with Love. And when she wakes up – oh, how My Love rejoices in seeing her Reborn, Happy and Full of Life. It says to her: ‘See, I rocked you on My Lap to give you rest; I kept vigil at your side during your sleep, so that you might wake up Strong, Happy, and completely different from the one you were. Now I want to be a Cradle for your steps, for your works, for your words – for everything. Think that you are being rocked by Me, and place your love in the Cradle of My Love, so that, identifying ourselves with each other, we may make each other happy. Be careful not to put anything else; otherwise you will sadden Me, and will make Me cry bitterly.

My Love is that which comes closest to man – even more, It is the Cradle in which he was born, although everything is in Harmony in My Divinity, just as the members are in full harmony with the body. Even though the intelligence takes on the directing role, in which the will of man resides, if he does not want, one can say that the eye does not see, the hand does not work, the foot does not walk. On the other hand, if he wants, the eye sees, the hand works, the foot runs – all members place themselves in accord. The same with My Divinity: My Divine Will takes on the Directing Role, and all the other Attributes place themselves in Full Harmony in order to follow what My Divine Will wants. Therefore, Wisdom, Power, Science, Goodness, etc., concur. And since all of My Attributes, although distinct among themselves, Live in the Fount of Love and overflow with Love, this is why, while it is Love that Runs, Acts and gives Itself, all of My other Attributes concur with It.

Furthermore, that which is most necessary to man is Love. Love is like bread for the natural life. One can do without Science, Power, Wisdom, or at most, these are things which one wants in time and circumstance. But what would one say if I had created man and did not Love him? Besides, why create him if I were not to Love him? It would be a dishonor for Me, and a Work unworthy of Me, who can do no other thing but Love. And what would happen to man if he did not have an Origin of Love and could not Love? He would a brute, and unworthy even to be looked at. Therefore, Love must run in everything. Love should run in all the human actions, just as the image of the king circulates in the currency of a kingdom; and if the coins are not marked with the image of the king, they are not recognized as currency. In the same way, if Love does not run in a work, it is not recognized as My Work.”


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