The Cross Forms the Incarnation of Jesus in the womb of souls, and the Incarnation of the soul in God


van-dyck-crucifixion-162212/22/03 – Vol. 6

The Cross Forms the Incarnation of Jesus in the womb of souls, and the Incarnation of the soul in God.

As I was in My usual state, My adorable Jesus came as crucified, and after He shared His pains with me, while I was suffering, He told me:  “My daughter (Luisa) in the Creation I gave My Image to the soul; in the Incarnation I gave My Divinity, Divinizing Humanity.  And since in the very Act, in the very instant, in which the Divinity Incarnated Itself in humanity, It Incarnated Itself in the Cross, in such a way that from the moment I was conceived, I was conceived United with the Cross – it can be said that just as My Cross was United with Me in the Incarnation which I did in the Womb of My Mother, so does My Cross form as many other Incarnations of Mine in the wombs of souls.  And just as the Cross forms My Incarnation in souls, the Cross is the Incarnation of the soul in God, destroying in her everything that gives of nature, and filling her with the Divinity so much, as to form a sort of Incarnation – God in the soul, and the soul in God.”  I remained as though enchanted on hearing that the Cross is the Incarnation of the soul in God, and He repeated:  “I am not saying Union, but Incarnation, because the Cross penetrates so much into her nature as to make her nature itself become suffering, and where there is suffering there is God, as God and suffering cannot be apart.  And the Cross, forming this Incarnation, renders this Union more stable, and the separation of God from the soul almost as difficult as is separating suffering from nature.  On the other hand, through Union, the separation can easily occur.  It is understood, always, that this is not the Incarnation, but a simile of the Incarnation.”

Having said this, He disappeared, but after a little while He came back in the Act of His Passion when He was covered with opprobriums, with ignominies, with spit – and I said to Him:  ‘Lord, teach me what I could do to move these opprobriums away from You, and give You back Honors, Praises and Adorations.’  And He said to me:  “My daughter (Lusia), around My Throne there is a void, and this void must be filled with the Glory that Creation owes Me.  So, one who sees Me despised by the other creatures, and Honors Me, not only for herself, but for others, makes Honors for Me arise again in this void.  When she sees Me unloved, and loves Me, she makes Love for Me arise again.  When she sees that I fill creatures with benefits, while they are not grateful to Me and do not even thank Me, and she is grateful to Me as if those benefits were given to her, and she thanks Me, she makes the flower of Gratitude and of Thanksgiving arise again for Me in this void; and so with all the rest that Creation owes Me, but denies to Me with awful ingratitude.  Now, since all this is an overflow of the Charity of the soul, who gives Me not only what she herself owes Me and what overflows from herself, but she does it for others – since this Glory and these flowers that she sends to Me into this void around My Throne are the Fruit of Charity, they receive a more beautiful shade, which is pleasing to Me.”

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Sea of Love in the Excesses of Jesus

FROM THE BOOK OF HEAVENbaby-jesus-pictures12/21/28 – Vol. 25

Sea of Love in the Excesses of Jesus.  Example of the sea.  The Divine Will, Solar Ray that brings the Life of Heaven.  The Divine Will Operating.  Happiness of Jesus.

The Novena of Holy Christmas continues, and continuing to hear the Nine Excesses of the Incarnation, my Beloved Jesus drew me to Himself, and showed me how each Excess of His Love was a Sea without boundaries.  And, in this Sea, gigantic Waves rose, in which one could see all souls flowing, devoured by these Flames.  Just as the fish flow in the waters of the sea, and the waters of the sea form the life of the fish, the guide, the defense, the food, the bed, the palace of these fish, so much so, that if they get out of the sea, they can say, “Our life is ended, because we have gone out of our inheritance—the fatherland given to us by our Creator”; in the same way, these gigantic Waves of Flames that rose from these Seas of Fire, by devouring the creatures, wanted to be the Life, the Guide, the Defense, the Food, the Bed, the Palace, the Fatherland of creatures.

But as they go out of this Sea of Love, all of a sudden, they find death.  And little Baby Jesus cries, moans, prays, shouts and sighs, for He wants no one to go out of these devouring Flames of His, because He does not want to see anyone die.  Oh! if the sea had reason, more than tender mother it would sadly cry over its fish that are snatched away from its sea, because it feels a life, that it possesses and preserves with so much love, being snatched away from itself; and with its waves, it would hurl itself at those who dared to snatch away from it so many lives that it possesses, and that form its richness, its glory.

“And if the sea does not cry, I cry,” Jesus says, “in seeing that, while My Love has devoured all creatures, ungrateful, they do not want to Live life in My Sea of Love, but tearing themselves away from My Flames, they exile themselves from My Fatherland, losing the Palace, the Guide, the Defense, the Food, the Bed, and even the Life.  How can I not cry?  They came out of Me—they were created by Me, and were devoured by My Flames of Love that I had in Incarnating Myself for Love of all creatures.

“As I hear the Nine Excesses being narrated to Me, the Sea of My Love swells—it boils; and forming huge Waves, it roars so much, that it would want to deafen everyone, that they might hear nothing but My moans of Love, My cries of Sorrow, My repeated sobs, saying:  ‘Don’t make Me cry any more, let us exchange the Kiss of Peace; let us Love each other, and we will all be Happy—the Creator and the creature.’”

Jesus kept silent, and at that moment I saw Heaven opened and a Ray of Light descend from above, that, fixing itself upon me, illuminated those who were around me.  And my always lovable Jesus resumed His speaking: (Luisa) “Daughter of My Divine Will, this Solar Ray that fixed itself upon you is My Divine Will, that brings you (Luisa) the Life of Heaven into your soul.  How beautiful is this Solar Ray, that not only Illuminates you and brings you Its Life, but whoever draws near you and remains around feels the Life of Light, because, like sun, it expands around, and gives to those who surround you the warm Kiss of Light, of Its Breath, of Its Life.  And I feel happy within you in seeing that My Divine Will diffuses and begins to beat its way.

“See, the Seas of Love that you saw are nothing other than My Divine Will Operating.  When My Divine Will wants to Operate, the Seas of My Love swell, boil, form their gigantic Waves that cry, moan, shout, pray, deafen.  On the other hand, when My Fiat does not want to Operate, the Sea of My Love is calm, it only murmurs quietly, its course of Joy and of Happiness, inseparable from it, is continuous.

“Therefore, you (Luisa) cannot comprehend the Joy I (Jesus) experience, the Happiness I feel and the interest I take in Illuminating, in offering My very Word, My very Heart, to one who occupies himself with making My Divine Will known.  My interest is so great, that I envelop him within Myself and, I Myself overflowing outside of him, I take the floor, and I Myself speak about My Divine Will operating in My Love.  Do you think that it is your confessor that speaks, in these evenings in which he is speaking in public about the nine Excesses of My Love?  It is I (Jesus) who take his heart in My hands and make him speak.”

But while He was saying this, Benediction was being given, and Jesus added:  “Daughter (Luisa), I Bless you; everything is happiness for Me when it comes to doing an Act of Mine over one who possesses My Divine Will, because, if I (Jesus) Bless you (Luisa), My Blessing finds the space in which to place the Goods and the effects that My Blessing contains; if I Love you, My Love finds in My Fiat, within you (Luisa), the space in which to place Itself and carry out Its Life of Love.  Therefore, each thing I do over you (Luisa), in you and with you, is a happiness that I feel, because I know that a Divine Will has the place for everything I want to give you, and the Virtue of multiplying the Goods I give you, because It is Our All-doer, and It occupies Itself with forming as many Lives for as many Acts as We do with the creature in whom It reigns.”

After this, I was doing my round in the Divine Fiat, and was going again to the first times of Creation, to unite myself to the acts done by our father Adam in the state of innocence, so as to unite myself with him and continue from where he left.

And my Beloved Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), in creating man I (Jesus) gave a visible universe in which he was to move freely and see the Works of his Creator, done with so much Order and Harmony, done for Love of him, and, in this void, to also do his own works.  And just as I gave a visible void, so I gave an invisible void, even more beautiful, for his soul, in which man was to form his holy works, his sun, his heavens, his stars; and echoing his Creator, he was to fill this void with all his works.

“But since man descended from My Divine Will to live in his own, he lost the Echo of his Creator and the Model with which to be able to copy Our Works.  Therefore, it can be said that in this void there is nothing other than the first steps of man—all the rest is empty.  Yet, it must be filled, and this is why I (Jesus) await with so much Love those who Live and must Live in My Divine Will, who, feeling the Power of Our Echo and having Our Models present to them, will hasten to fill this invisible void that I gave with so much Love in Creation.

“But do you know what this void is?  It is Our Will.  Just as I gave a heaven, a sun, to man’s nature, so I gave the Heaven, the Sun of My Fiat to his soul.  And when I see you  (Luisa) take your steps after the steps of Adam innocent, I say:  ‘Finally, here is the void of My Divine Will that begins to receive the first conquests and the First Works of the creature.’  Therefore, be attentive and continue always your flight in My Divine Volition.”

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The Divine Fiat made the Virgin Conceived in each creature so that everyone would have a Mother completely his own

FROM THE BOOK OF HEAVENOur Lady of Sorrows for September 312/20/36 – Vol. 34

The Divine Fiat made the Virgin Conceived in each creature so that everyone would have a Mother completely his own.  Dowry that God gave to the Virgin.  Triumphs and Victories of God, Victories and Triumphs of the Virgin, in which all creatures are provided with a Dowry.

My Highest Good Jesus holds me as immersed in the Great Prodigy of the Sovereign Queen, and it seems that He has the Will of wanting to tell what God Operated in this Great Lady.  And composing Himself to feast, and with Indescribable Joy, He tells me:  “Listen to Me—here follows the same argument of what was written before—My blessed daughter (Luisa).  The Prodigies are Unheard-of.  The Surprises that I (Jesus) will narrate to you will astonish everyone.  I feel the need of Love to make known what thing We have done with this Celestial Mother, and the Great Good that all the generations have received.  Therefore you must know that in the Act of Conceiving this Holy Virgin, Our Divine Will that possesses everything, and with Its Immensity embraces everything and possesses the All-Seeingness of all the possible and imaginable beings, and with Its Virtue all Its own, that when It Operates It always does Universal Work, as She was therefore Conceived, with Its Creative Virtue It called all creatures to be conceived in the Heart of this Virgin.

“But it was not enough for Our Love.  Giving into the most incredible Excesses, It made this Virgin Conceived in every creature so that each one would have a Mother to himself, all his.  They would feel Her Maternity in the depth of their souls, Her Love that while She holds them, more than children, conceived in Herself, Bilocating Herself She Conceives Herself in every creature in order to place Herself at their disposition so as to raise them, guide them, free them from dangers, and, with Her Maternal Power, feed them the milk of Her Love and the food with which She nourishes Herself, that is, the Divine Fiat.  Our Will, having Free Life in Her, Its Total Dominion, with Its Power, It called everything into this Celestial Creature in order to have the Joy of seeing everyone contained in Her, in order to hear Her say:  ‘They are already all in Me, My and Your children, therefore I Love You for everyone.’  Then She Bilocated Herself in everyone and in each one in order to make felt in every soul the Love of this Daughter of Ours, All Beautiful and All Love.

“We can say:  ‘There is no creature in whom She does not take the pledge of Loving Us.’  Our Fiat elevated Her so much, as to give everything to Her.  And even from the first instant of Her Life, We constituted Her Queen of Our Fiat, Queen of Our Love.  And when She Loved Us, Her Maternity was felt in Her Love, and it harmonized with the Love of all creatures.  And O! how Beautiful it was that She formed of everything One Single Love.  How She Wounded Us, Felicitated Us, even to feeling Ourselves languish.

3c3527af8097bb56461281d33dc89f8a“Her Love disarmed Us, it made us see all created things—sky, sun, earth, seas, and creatures—covered and hidden in Her Love.  O! how Beautiful it was to see Her, feel Her, that She acted as Mother in every creature, and forming in them Her Sea of Love, She sent Her notes, Her arrows, Her Loving darts to Her Creator.  And acting as True Mother She brought them to Us, even to before Our Throne, in the Sea of Her Love, in order to make Us look at them, so as to render Us Favorable.  And with the Strength of Our Divine Volition She imposed Herself over Us, She placed them in Our Arms, She made Us caress and kiss them, and She made Us give Surprising Graces.  How many Sanctities were formed and impetrated by this Celestial Mother, and in order to be sure, Her Love remained to watch.

“In addition to this, you must know that even from the first instant of the Life of this Celestial Creature, so much was Our Love that We provided Her with a Dowry of all Our Divine Qualities such that She held as Dowry Our Power, Wisdom, Love, Goodness, Light, Beauty, and all the rest of Our Divine Qualities.  Already for all creatures, in placing them to the light of day, We give the Dowry.  No one is born if he is not provided with a Dowry by his Creator.  But since they broke away from Our Will, one can say that they do not even know It.  On the other hand, this Holy Virgin never broke away, She made Perennial Life in the Interminable Seas of Our Fiat, therefore She grew together with Our Attributes.  And as She formed Her Acts in Our Divine Qualities, so She formed Seas of Power, of Wisdom, of Light, and others.

“We can say that Living with Our Science We give Her continuous Lessons on who Her Creator was.  She grew in Our Knowledges, and She knew so much about the Supreme Being, that not one Angel or Saint could reach Her.  Rather, they are all ignorant before Her, because no one grew and Lived together with Us.  She entered into Our Divine Secrets, into the most Intimate hiding places of Our Divine Being without beginning or end, into Our Joys and Everlasting Beatitudes.  And with Our Power that She held in Her Power, She dominated Us and lorded over Us, and We let Her do it.  Rather, We enjoyed Her lording over Us, and in order to render Her Happier, We gave Her Our Chaste Embraces, Our Smiles of Love, Our Condescesions, telling her:  ‘Do what you want.’

“Our Volition has so much Love toward the creatures, and great is Its Desire of making them Live in It, that if It obtains this, It casts her into an abyss of Graces, of Love, even to drowning her, such that the human littleness is constrained to say:  ‘Enough, I am already drowned; I feel myself devoured by Your own Love, I am not able to endure more.’  Now, you must know that Our Love is not content; it never says ‘enough.’  However much more it can give, more it wants to give.  And when We give it is Our Feast, We set the table for the one who loves Us, and We urge her remain with Us in order to Live together.

“Now, My daughter, listen to another Prodigy of Our Fiat in this Celestial Creature, and how She Loved Us and rendered Her Maternity extendable to all creatures:  In every Act that She did, if She Loved, Prayed, Adored, if She Suffered, everything, even the breath, the heartbeat, the step, being Our Fiat, were Triumphs and Victories that Our Supreme Being made in the Acts of the Virgin.  The Celestial Lady Triumphed and Conquered in God, in every instant of Her Admirable and Prestigious Life.  They were Triumphs and Victories between God and the Virgin.  But this is nothing.  Acting as True Mother She called all Her children, and She covered and hid all their acts in Hers, and She covered them with Her Triumphs and with Her Victories, giving all Her acts as Dowry, with all Her Victories and Triumphs.  And then, with a Tenderness and Love as to break hearts and feel Ourselves Conquered, She told Us:  ‘Adorable Majesty, look at them, they are all My children.  My Victories and Triumphs are of My children, they are My Conquests that I give to them.  And if the Mama has Conquered and Triumphed, the children have Conquered and Triumphed.’

“And so many Triumphs and Victories She did in God, for however many acts all creatures would have ourladyofvictorydone, such that all can say:  ‘I am provided with a Dowry by the Acts of My Queen Mama, and for Seal She has Invested them for me with Her Triumphs and Victories that She made with Her Creator.’  In fact, one who wants to make himself holy, finds the Dowry of his Celestial Mother and Her Triumphs and Victories in order to arrive at the greatest Sanctity.  The weak one finds the Strength of the Sanctity of his Mama and Her Triumphs in order to be strong.  The afflicted, the suffering one, finds the Gift of the sufferings of his Celestial Mother in order to obtain the Triumph, the Victory, of resignation.  The sinner finds the Victory and the Triumph of pardon.  In sum, everyone finds in this Sovereign Queen the Dowry, the support, the help for the state in which they find themselves.  And O! how Beautiful it is.  It is the most moving scene, enrapturing and enchanting, to see this Celestial Mother in every creature, that She acts as Mama.  We feel that She Loves and prays in Her children.  This is the Greatest Prodigy among Heaven and earth, Greater Good We could not give to the creatures.

“Now My daughter, I must tell you a Sorrow of the Celestial Mother:  to so much Love of Hers, the ingratitude of creatures.  This Dowry that with so many sacrifices, even to the heroism of the Sacrifice of the Life of Her Son-God with so many atrocious sufferings, some do not know it; some hardly take a small interest, and they live poor in sanctity.  And O! how She Suffers in seeing Her children poor.  To possess Immense riches of Love, of Grace, of Sanctity—because they are not material riches, but the riches of this Celestial Mother are riches that She has placed Her Life in order to acquire for them—and not to see them possessed by Her children, and to hold them without the Purpose for which She had acquired them, is a continuous Sorrow.  And therefore She wants to make this Great Good known to everyone, because if it is not known, it cannot be possessed.  And since She acquired these Dowries in virtue of the Divine Fiat that Reigned in Her, that Loved Her so much that It let Her do what She wanted, and anywhere She would want to reach, for the Good of creatures, so it will be My Reigning Divine Volition that will make them aware of these Celestial Dowries, and will let them take possession.  Therefore pray that a Good so Great be known and wanted by creatures.”

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How, in the Creation, the Divinity bilocated Its Will


Creation of man 12/19/26 – Vol. 20

How, in the Creation, the Divinity bilocated Its Will.  The Nature of the Divine Will is Happiness.  How It constituted Itself act of everything.  The possession It wants to give to the creature.

I continue in my state of abandonment in the Supreme Volition, and while I was going around with my mind in the whole Creation, to follow It in all created things and make my will one with Its Own, so as to form one single act with Its Own, my always lovable Jesus, making me pause, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), in issuing the Creation, the Divinity bilocated Its Will, and one remained within Us, for Our Regime, Joy, Happiness, Contentments and innumerable and infinite Beatitudes that We possess; because Our Will has the First Place in all Our Acts.

“The other bilocated Will of Ours came out from Us into Creation, to give Us, also externally, Divine Honors and Glory, and innumerable Happinesses and Joys.  In fact, Our Will possesses Joys, Happinesses and Beatitudes as Its Own Qualities—this is Its Nature; and if It did not release from Itself these innumerable Beatitudes and Contentments that It possesses, it would be for It something against Its Own Nature.

“Now, the Supreme Majesty, by issuing Our bilocated Will into the whole Creation so that It might be constituted Life and Act of each created thing, issued from Itself innumerable Riches, countless Beatitudes and Joys, that only the Power of the Eternal Fiat could preserve, maintaining their regime, so that they would never lose their integrity and beauty.  Now, while all these Properties issued by Us glorified Us, giving Us the Glory of as many continuous and Divine Acts for as many created things as came out to light, they were established as properties of creatures, who, unifying their wills with Ours, were to have their act in each Act of Our Will, in such a way that, just as We were to have the Divine Act of Our Will in each created thing, We were to have the act of the creature, transfused, as if they were one alone.

“With this, she would come to know Its Riches; by Knowing them, she would Love them, and she would acquire the Right to possess them.  How many Divine Acts does My Supreme Will not do in each created thing, and the creature has not even the most remote Knowledge of these Acts?  And if she does not know them, how can she Love them and possess them, if they are unknOwn to her?  So, all the Riches, the Happinesses, the Divine Acts present in the whole Creation are inactive and lifeless for creatures; and if they receive anything at all, it is not as Property, but as the Effect of the Supreme Goodness that always gives of Its Own.  It gives, as alms, also to those who have no right of possession; others, then, take them as usurpations.

“In fact, in order to Possess these Goods that the Celestial Father put out in the Creation, the creature must make her way; she must elevate herself to Union with that Divine Will, in order to work together with It, do the same Acts, Know them in order to do them, so as to be able to say:  ‘What It does, I do.’  With this, she acquires the Right of Possession in all the Acts of this Supreme Will; and when two wills form one single will, ‘Mine’ and ‘yours’ no longer exist; rather, by Right, what is Mine is yours, and what is yours is Mine.

“And so, this is the reason why My Supreme Will calls you (Luisa)—awaits you in each created thing, to make KnOwn to you the Riches that are in It, to make you (Luisa) repeat Its Divine Acts together with It, and to give you the Right of Possession.  You (Luisa) yourself become Its Own Property; you remain dissolved within Its immense Riches and within Its very Acts, and—oh! how the Divine Fiat enjoys making you (Luisa) the Owner of Its immense Riches.  Its Desire of constituting Its heiresses is so great, that It feels twice as Happy when It sees (Luisa) one who Knows Its Possessions and makes Its Divine Act her Own; so much so, that even though It saw that man, by withdrawing from Its Will, lost his way to reach the possession of Its Dominions, It did not stop, but in the Excess of Its Love and of Its long sorrow of seeing Its Riches inactive for the Good of creatures, as soon as the Eternal Word clothed Himself with human flesh, It constituted Itself Life of each of His Acts, so as to form more Goods for them, powerful Aids and effective Remedies, more within the reach of decayed humanity, so as to realize the Purpose of making them possess what was issued in Creation.

“There is nothing that comes from Us, that does not have this Purpose—that the creature and everything return into Our Will.  If it were not so, We would render Ourselves extraneous to Our Own Works.  So, Creation, Redemption, My daughter (Lusia), have the Primary Purpose that everything be Our Will, in Heaven and on earth; therefore, It flows everywhere, It is present in every place, to make everything Its Own, and to give everything that belongs to It.  Therefore, be attentive in following Our Works; satisfy this Desire, so insistent, of My Supreme Will, that wants those who possess Its Goods.”

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Return of Love and Thanksgiving for all that God operated in the Celestial Mama



queen-rosary12/18/20 – Vol. 12

Return of Love and Thanksgiving for all that God operated in the Celestial Mama.


‘My Jesus, while I am clinging to You, I want to prove to You my love, my gratitude, and everything which the creature has the duty to do, because You have created our Immaculate Queen Mama – the most beautiful one, the holiest, a portent of Grace, enriching Her with all Gifts, and making Her also our Mother. And I do this in the name of creatures, past, present and future; I want to seize each act of creature – each word, thought, heartbeat and step – and tell You, in each one of them, that I love You, I thank You, I bless You, I adore You, for all that You have done in your Celestial Mama and mine.” Jesus enjoyed my act – but so much that He said to me: ‘My daughter (Luisa), I (Jesus) was anxiously awaiting this act of yours in the name of all generations. My Justice and My Love felt the need of this return, because great are the Graces which descend upon all, for having enriched My Mama so much. Yet, they never have a word, a ‘thank You’ to say to Me.

Another day I was saying to my lovable Jesus: ‘Everything is over for me – suffering, visits of Jesus – everything.’ And He, immediately: “Have you perhaps stopped loving Me, or doing My Will?” And I: ‘No, may this never be.’ And He: “If this is not – nothing is over.”

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The Adoration that the Most Holy Virgin did when She Encountered Jesus Carrying the Cross


Jesus meets Mary on the Road to Calvary12/17/03 – Vol. 6
The Adoration that the Most Holy Virgin did when She encountered Jesus carrying the Cross.  The True Spirit of Adoration.


Continuing in my usual state, for a few instants a saw blessed Jesus with the Cross on His Shoulders, in the act of encountering His Most Holy Mother; and I said to Him:  ‘Lord, what did Your Mother do in this most sorrowful encounter?’

And He:  “My daughter (Luisa), She did nothing but a most profound and simple Act of Adoration.  And since the simpler the act, the more easily it Unites with God, Most Simple Spirit, in this act She infused Herself in Me and continued what I Myself was doing in My interior.  This was immensely pleasing to Me, more than if She had done any other greater thing.  In fact, the True Spirit of Adoration consists in this:  the creature dissolves herself and finds herself in the Divine Sphere; she adores all that God does, and she Unites with Him.  Do you think that when the mouth adores but the mind is somewhere else, it is true adoration?  That is, the mind adores but the will is far away from Me?  Or, one power adores Me, and the others are all disordered?  No, I (Jesus) want everything for Myself, and everything I have given her, in Me.  This is the greatest Act of cult, of Adoration, that the creature can do for Me.”

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Nine Excesses of Jesus in the Incarnation – Jesus Speaks of the Nine Excesses to Luisa

December 16 Begins the Christmas Novena of the Nine Excesses of Jesus in the Incarnation

Praying for all this Christmas time, in the Name of Jesus, under the Mantle of Mary
and through the intercession of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta.
St. Annibale said of this Novena:

“…I also tell you that in reading the nine Exercises of Christmas, of which we have already prepared the proofs, one remains astounded at the immense Love and the immense suffering of Our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ for love of us, and for the salvation of souls.  I have never read in any other book on this topic a Revelation so touching and penetrating!”    St. Annibale Maria Di Francia Feb. 14, 1927

May we all come to know and love Our Lord, Our Lady and all our brothers more and more, and prepare well for the coming of Jesus Who yearns to Reign in our hearts!

Fiat Voluntas Tua!

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Immaculate-Heart-of-Mary-icons-immaculate-heart-of-mary-19300636-165-200 12/16/28 – Vol. 25

Speaking of the Nine Excesses of Jesus in the Incarnation.  Contentments of Jesus.  His Word is Creation.  Jesus sees the scenes of His Love being repeated.  Preludes of His Kingdom.

I was doing my meditation, and since today it was the beginning of the Novena of Baby Jesus, I was thinking about the nine excesses of His Incarnation, that Jesus had narrated to me with so much tenderness, and that are written in the first volume.  I felt great reluctance at reminding the confessor about this, because, in reading them, he had told me that he wanted to read them in public in our chapel.

Now, while I was thinking of this, my little Baby Jesus made Himself seen in my arms, so very little, caressing me with His tiny little hands, and saying to me:  “How beautiful is My little daughter (Luisa)!  How beautiful!  How I (Jesus) must thank you (Luisa) for having listened to Me.”

And I:  “My Love, what are You saying?  It is I who must thank You for having spoken to me, and for having given me, with so much love, acting as my teacher, so many lessons that I did not deserve.”

And Jesus:  “Ah, My daughter (Luisa), to how many do I want to speak, and they do not listen to Me, reducing Me to silence and to suffocating My Flames.  So, we must thank each other—you thank Me, and I thank you.  And then, why do you want to oppose the reading of the Nine Excesses?  Ah! You do not know how much Life, how much Love and Grace they contain.  You must know that My Word is Creation, and in narrating to you the Nine Excesses of My Love in the Incarnation, I not only renewed My Love that I had in incarnating Myself, but I created New Love in order to invest the creatures and conquer them to give themselves to Me.

“These Nine Excesses of My Love, manifested with so much Love of Tenderness and Simplicity, formed the prelude of the many Lessons I (Jesus) was to give you (Luisa) about My Divine Fiat, in order to form Its Kingdom.  And now, by their being read, My Love is renewed and redoubled.  Don’t you want, then, that My Love, being redoubled, overflow outside and invest more hearts, so that, as a prelude, they may dispose themselves for the Lessons of My Will, to make It Known and Reign?”

And I:  “My dear Baby, I believe that many have spoken about Your Incarnation.”

And Jesus:  “Yes, yes, they have spoken, but those have been words taken from the shore of the Sea of My Love, therefore they are words that possess neither Tendernesses, nor Fullnesses of Life.  But those few Words that I have spoken to you, I have spoken from within the Life of the Fount of My Love, and they contain Life, irresistible Strength, and such Tendernesses, that only the dead will not feel themselves being moved to pity for Me, tiny little One, who suffered so many Pains even from the Womb of the Celestial Mama.”

After this, the confessor was reading in the chapel the First Excess of the Love of Jesus in the Incarnation; and my sweet Jesus, from within my interior, pricked up His ears to listen.  And drawing me to Himself, He said to me:  “My daughter (Luisa), how happy I feel in listening to them.  But My Happiness increases in keeping you (Luisa) in this House of My Divine Will, as both of us are listeners:  I (Jesus), of what I have told you (Luisa), and you, of what you (Luisa) have heard from Me.  My Love swells, boils and overflows.  Listen, listen—how beautiful it is!  The Word contains the Breath, and as it is spoken, the Word carries the Breath that, like air, goes around from mouth to mouth and communicates the Strength of My Creative Word; and the New Creation that My Word contains descends into the hearts.

“Listen, My daughter (Luisa):  in Redemption I (Jesus) had the cortege of My Apostles, and I was in their midst, all Love, in order to instruct them; I spared no toil in order to form the Foundation of My Church.  Now, in this House, I feel the cortege of the First Children of My Divine Will, and I feel My Loving Scenes being repeated, in seeing you (Luisa) in their midst, all Love, wanting to impart the Lessons about My Divine Fiat in order to form the Foundations of the Kingdom of My Divine Will.  If you knew how happy I (Jesus) feel in seeing you (Luisa) speak about My Divine Volition….  I (Jesus) anxiously await the moment when you (Luisa) begin to speak, in order to listen to you, and to feel the Happiness that My Divine Will brings Me.”

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On the Conception of the Eternal Word

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The Word of Jesus is Sun – One who Lives in the Divine Will Lives in the Most Holy Humanity of Jesus



12/14/11 – Vol. 10
The Word of Jesus is Sun; it nourishes the mind, and satiates the heart with Love.

I continue my most bitter days, though resigned to the Will of God. My always lovable Jesus, if He makes Himself seen, is always afflicted and taciturn; it seems He no longer wants to pay attention to me in anything. This morning, making Himself seen, He put two earrings on my ears – so shining as to look like two suns. Then He told me: “My beloved daughter (Luisa), for one who is all intent on listening to Me, My Word is Sun, which not only delights the hearing, but nourishes the mind and satiates the heart with Me and with My Love. Ah! they don’t want to understand that all My intent is to have all of you intent within Me, without paying attention to anything else. Look at her (pointing at someone), with her way of scrutinizing everything – she pays attention to everything, she is affected by everything, up to the excesses – and even in holy things. This is nothing but a living outside of Me, and one who lives outside of Me, by necessity feels herself very much. She thinks she does honor to Me, but it is the opposite.”

12/14/12 – Vol. 11


One who Lives in the Divine Will Lives in the Most Holy Humanity of Jesus, in order to do what He does and embrace everyone and everything. One who Lives completely in His Will is not tempted.

This morning, when my always adorable Jesus came, He tied me with a golden thread and told me: “My daughter (Luisa), I do not want to tie you with ropes and chains. Iron shackles and chains are used with the rebels, but with the docile – with those who want no life other than My Divine Will, and who take no food other than My Love – a thread is enough to keep them united with Me; and many times I don’t even use this thread. They are so deeply into Me, that we form one single thing. So, if I use the thread, it is almost to joke with them.”

While Jesus was tying me, I found myself in the endless sea of the Will of my Jesus and, consequently, of all creatures; and I went wandering in the mind of Jesus, in the eyes of Jesus, in the mouth of Jesus, in the Heart of Jesus, as well as in the mind, in the eyes and in everything else of the creatures, doing all that Jesus did. Oh, how Jesus embraces all, without excluding anyone! Then, Jesus added: “One (Luisa) who Lives in My Divine Will, embracing everything, praying and repairing for all, takes within herself the Love that I (Jesus) have for everyone; she encloses in just herself the Love that I have for all. For as much as I (Jesus) love her (Luisa), she is equally dear to Me and beautiful. She leaves everyone behind.”

Then, having read that one who is not tempted is not dear to God, and since it seems to me that for a long time I have not known what temptation is, I mentioned this to Jesus, and He told me: “My daughter (Luisa), one who Lives completely in My Divine Will is not subject to temptation, because the devil does not have the power to enter My Divine Will; not only this, but he, himself, does not want to enter because My Divine Will is Light, and in front of this Light the soul would recognize his tricks and would therefore make fun of the enemy. The enemy does not like this mockery, which are more terrible for him than hell itself; so he does all he can to stay away from her. Try to get out of My Divine Will, and you will see how many enemies will swoop down on you. One (Luisa) who Lives in My Divine Will always carries the Flag of Victory high, and none of the enemies dare to confront this impregnable Flag.”

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How all created things possess a dose of Happiness


12/13/28 – Vol. 25


How all created things possess a dose of Happiness.  How the privation of Jesus makes Life rise again.

I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Volition, and as I accompanied Its Acts done in the Creation, my sweet Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), all created things were created by Us with a dose of Happiness, one distinct from the other; so, each created thing brings to man the Kiss, the Air that delights, the Life of Our Happiness.  But do you know who feels all the effects of Our many Happinesses that are spread in the Creation descend into her interior, to the point of remaining soaked with them like a sponge?  (Luisa) One who Lives in Our Divine Will.

“Our Happinesses are not foreign to her (Luisa), because, since she has her taste purified by Our Fiat and not corrupted by the human will, her taste and all of her senses have the virtue of enjoying all the happinesses that are present in the created things, and We feel so much happiness and joy in seeing one who does Our Will as though sitting at the table of Our Happinesses and feeding herself with as many different bites for as many as are the happinesses present in the created things.  Oh! how beautiful it is to see the creature happy.”

At that moment, Jesus kept silent, and I heard the sound of the harmonium playing in the chapel; and Jesus pricked up His ears to listen, and then He added:  “Oh! how happy I feel because this sound delights (Luisa) the little daughter of My Divine Will.  And I, in hearing it, delight together with her.  Oh! how beautiful it is to be delighted together.  To make one who loves Me happy is the greatest of My Happinesses.”

And I:  “Jesus, my Love, my happiness for me is You alone, all other things hold no attraction over me.”

And Jesus:  “Certainly the greatest Happiness for you (Luisa) is I (Jesus), because I contain the source of all Joys and Happinesses; but I (Jesus) enjoy in giving you (Luisa) the small happinesses, and just as I Myself feel them and enjoy them, I want you to feel them and enjoy them together with Me.”

Then, I was thinking to myself:  “Jesus delights so much when I delight in the many happinesses that He spread in the Creation; and why, then, does He grieve me so much, and He renders me so unhappy, to the point of feeling as if I had no Life without Him?  And in feeling myself without Life, all happinesses lose life over my poor soul!”

And Jesus added:  “My daughter (Luisa), if you knew what the utility of My privations is….  You feel yourself Lifeless without Me, you feel you are dead; yet, over that pain and that death, My New Life is formed; and this New Life brings you (Luisa) the New Manifestations of the Life of My Divine Will.  In fact, since your pain is a Divine Pain, that has the Virtue of making you feel death, but without dying, it has the Virtue of making My very Life rise again, with the enchantment of My Truths.

“The pain of My privation prepares the place for My New Life, and disposes your soul to listen to and to comprehend the important Truths on My Divine Fiat.  If I did not deprive you of Me so very often, you (Luisa) would not have had the New Surprises of your Jesus, His many Teachings.  Have you yourself not seen how, after you have been without Me and you thought that everything was over for you, My Life would rise again in you (Luisa) and, all Love and Festive, I would set about giving you (Luisa) My Lessons?  So, when I (Jesus) deprive you (Luisa) of Me, I remain hidden in you and I (Jesus) prepare the work to give you (Luisa), and My New Life to rise again.

“I too suffered the pain of death, to make all creatures rise again in the Pain of My Death.  Death, suffered in the Divine order and in order to fulfill the Divine Will, produces Divine Life, so that all creatures might receive this Divine Life.  And, after having suffered so many deaths, I wanted to really die—how many Goods did My Resurrection not produce?  It can be said that with My Resurrection all the Goods of My Redemption rose again, and, with it, all Goods rose again for creatures, as well as their very Life.  Therefore, be attentive, and let Me do.”

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