How the Soul Can be Food for Jesus


 11/17/04 – Vol. 6

 How the soul can be Food for Jesus.

LUISA14Having received Communion, I was thinking about the benignity of Our Lord in giving Himself as food to such a poor creature as I am, and about how I could correspond to such a great favor.  While I was thinking of this, blessed Jesus told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), just as I (Jesus) make Myself Food for the creature, so can the creature make herself My Food, converting all of her interior into nourishment for Me, in such a way that her thoughts, affections, desires, inclinations, heartbeats, sighs, love – everything, everything should tend toward Me.  And I, on seeing the true Fruit of My Food, which is to Divinize the soul and convert everything within Myself, would come to nourish Myself with the soul – that is, with her thoughts, with her love, and with all the rest.  In this way, the soul could say to Me:  ‘Just as You have reached the point of making Yourself my Food and of giving me everything, I too have made myself Your Food; there is nothing left to give You, because everything I am is all Yours.’

In the meantime I understood the enormous ingratitude of creatures, because while Jesus deigns to reach such Excess of Love as to make Himself our Food, we then, deny Him His Food and cause Him to remain on an empty stomach.

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Sin, the Chain that Binds Man – Jesus Bound to Break Man’s Chains



 11/16/21 – Vol. 13


Sin is the chain that binds man, and Jesus wanted to be bound in order to break his (man’s) chains.

This morning my always lovable Jesus made Himself seen all bound – bound were His hands, His feet, His waist; and a double iron chain was coming down from His Neck. He was bound so tightly that His Divine Person was deprived of motion. What a harsh position, such as to make even stones cry! And my Highest Good told me: “My daughter (Luisa), during the course of My Passion all the other pains competed with each other, but they would alternate – one would give the place to another. Almost like sentries, they would mount guard to do the worst to Me, and to boast about having been better than the other. But the ropes were never taken away from Me – from the moment I was taken up to Mount Calvary I (Jesus) remained always bound; rather, they kept adding more and more ropes and chains for fear that I might escape, and to make more fun of Me. But how many pains, confusions, humiliations and falls did these chains procure Me!

However, know that in these chains there was a great mystery and great expiation. As man begins to fall into sin, he remains bound with the chains of his own sin; if it is grave, they are iron chains; if venial, they are chains of rope. So, as he tries to walk in good, he feels the hindrance of the chains, and his step remains hindered. This hindrance he feels wears him out, debilitates him, and leads him to new falls. If he works, he feels hindrance in his hands and remains almost as if he had no hands to do good. In seeing him bound like this, passions make feast and say: ‘The victory is ours’; and from the king he is, they render him slave of brutal passions. How abominable man is in the state of sin! And I (Jesus), in order to break his chains, wanted to be bound and never be without chains, so as to keep my chains ever ready to break his. And when the blows and the shoves would make Me fall, I would stretch My Hands toward him to untie him and make him free again.”

As He was saying this, I saw almost all peoples bound by chains, in such a way as to arouse pity; and I prayed Jesus to touch their chains with His Chains, so that, at the touch of His Chains, those of the creatures would be all shattered.

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Novena for the Feast of Christ the King

Novena for the Feast of Christ the King 

Begins Today  – November 15

Christ the King


for the Kingdom of God’s Will to Reign on Earth as it is in Heaven,

Under the Blue Mantle of Our Blessed Mother Mary, Through the Intercession of the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta


Say one Our Father, one Hail Mary, and one Glory Be before praying the following prayer:

O Lord our God, Thou alone art the Most Holy King and Ruler of all nations.

We pray to Thee, Lord, in the great expectation of receiving from Thee, O Divine King, mercy, peace, justice and all good things. Protect, O Lord our King, our families and the land of our birth.

Guard us we pray, Most Faithful One. Protect us from our enemies and from Thy just judgment. Forgive us, O Sovereign King, our sins against Thee.

Jesus, Thou art a King of Mercy. We have deserved Thy just judgment. Have mercy on us, Lord, and forgive us. We trust in Thy Great Mercy.

O most awe-inspiring King, We bow before Thee and pray: may Thy reign, Thy Kingdom, be recognized on earth as it is in Heaven. Amen.


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The Soul Forms her Paradise on Earth




Volume 11 – 11/15/16


The soul forms her Paradise on earth.


I was lamenting to my sweet Jesus that He no longer Loved me as before, and He, all Goodness, told me: “My daughter (Luisa), not Loving one who Loves Me is impossible for Me. Rather, I (Jesus) feel so drawn toward her (Luisa), that at the littlest act of love she does for Me, I respond with triple Love and I place a Divine Vein in her heart, which administers to her Divine Science, Divine Sanctity and Virtue; and the more the soul loves Me, the more this Divine Vein rises, and watering all the powers of the soul, it diffuses for the Good of the other creatures. I (Jesus) have placed this Vein in you (Luisa), and when you lack My presence and do not hear My Voice, this Vein will make up for everything, and will be Voice for you (Luisa) and for the other creatures.”

Another day, I was fusing all of myself, as usual, in the Will of Blessed Jesus, and He said to me: “My daughter (Luisa), the more you fuse yourself in Me, the more I (Jesus) fuse Myself in you. So, it is on earth that the soul forms her Paradise; according to how much she fills herself with holy thoughts, with holy affections, desires, words, works and steps, so does she keep forming her Paradise. To one more holy thought or word, one more contentment will correspond, and many varieties of Beauty, of Contentments, of Glory, for as much more Good as she has done. What will the surprise of this soul be when, once the prison of her body is broken, immediately she will find herself in the Sea of as many Pleasures and Happinesses, as much Light and Beauty, for as much more Good as she has done – be it even a thought!”

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(Luisa) One Who Lives in the Divine Will Possesses the Divine Unity




Volume 25 – 11/14/28


(Luisa) One Who Lives in the Divine Will Possesses the Divine Unity

“My daughter (Luisa), We created man with Our Likeness, therefore he too possesses his human unity.  So, if he speaks, if he operates, if he walks and so on, these can be called the effects of his unity, because one is his will, one his head on which all of his acts depend.  Therefore, it can be said that it is the strength of the unity of his will that speaks, that operates, that walks, as the effects of it.  If man did not have this unity, all of his acts would be in contradiction with one another.

“It happens as to the sun:  from the height of its sphere, one is its act of light, and since it possesses the unity of light given to it by its Creator, while it is one single act, its effects of light are innumerable.  Now, for one (Luisa) who does and Lives in My Divine Will, the human volition ceases, its life ends, nor has any reason to exist any longer, because the Life of the Unity of My Divine Will begins.  And since Mine is one single Act, and everything It created, or can do, can be called the Effects of this single Act, the soul (Luisa), Living in this Unity of My Divine Volition as in her own center, is present in all the Effects of the single Act of It, and—oh! how beautiful it is to see this happy creature in all the Effects that Our Will knows how to, and can produce.

“She (Luisa) runs in the light of the sun as the Effect of Our Will; in the heavens, in the sea, in the wind—in everything.  She runs as the human will runs in all the human acts, and as the light of the sun runs in all of its effects; so does the soul (Luisa) run in the Fiat, in all the Effects that It possesses and produces.  This is why the Living in Our Will is the greatest Prodigy, and if Our Divinity wanted to make a greater one, It could not; nor could It find anything greater, more Prodigious, more Powerful, more Beautiful, more Happy than Our Will to give to the creature, because by giving Our Divine Will We give everything.  Its Power Forms Our Echo in the depth of the soul, and Forms Our most beautiful Images; and the echo of the human littleness becomes one with Ours, in such a way that, uniting to Our Prime Act, she (Luisa) runs and diffuses herself in all the Effects that the single Act of God produces.”

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Jesus Receiving Himself in the Holy Eucharist


last supper 2 

11/13/15 – Vol. 11

In instituting the Most Holy Eucharist, before giving Himself to creatures, Jesus wanted to receive Himself. In the Divine Will the soul must offer Communion as Jesus did.

After I had received Holy Communion, I thought to myself: ‘How should I offer It in order to please Jesus?’ And He, always kind, told me: “My daughter (Luisa), if you want to please Me, offer It as My own Humanity did. Before giving Communion to the others, I (Jesus) gave Communion to Myself, and I wanted to do this in order to give to the Father the complete Glory of all the Communions of creatures, and to enclose within Me all the reparations for all the sacrileges, for all the offenses that My Humanity would receive in the Sacrament. Since I (Jesus) enclosed the Divine Will, I enclosed all the reparations of all times; and since I received Myself, I received Myself worthily. And since all the works of the creatures were Divinized by My Humanity, I wanted to seal the communions of the creatures with My Communion. Otherwise, how could the creature receive a God? It was My Humanity that opened this door to the creatures, giving them merit to receive Me.

You – My daughter (Luisa), do it in My Divine Will; unite it to My Humanity. In this way you will enclose everything, and I (Jesus) will find in you (Luisa) the reparations of all, the reward for everything, and My Satisfaction. Even more, I (Jesus) will find in you (Luisa) another Me.”

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Sanctity in the Divine Will has no Boundaries and is the Sanctity Closest to the Creator


 11/12/21 – Vol. 13

The Sanctity in the Divine Will has no boundaries; It is the Sanctity Closest to the Creator; It will have Primacy over all other sanctities, and will be their Life. The Divine Will is the Eternal Miracle that never ends.

LUISA14I write only to obey; otherwise I would not be good at writing a single word. Only the fear that I might sadden my sweet Jesus, if I did not do it, gives me stamina and strength. Now, He continues to speak to me about His Most Holy Will; and upon coming, He said to me: “My daughter (Luisa), the Sanctity in My Divine Will is not yet known. This is the reason for their surprise; in fact, when something has been known, the surprise ceases. All sanctities are symbolized by something which is spread in the Creation: there are sanctities symbolized by mountains, others by trees, others by plants, the little flower, the stars; and many other similes. All of these sanctities have their own limited and individual Good; they have their beginning and also their end – they cannot embrace everything and do Good to all, just as a tree or a flower cannot do so.

Now, the Sanctity in My Divine Will will be symbolized by the sun. The sun has always been, and will always be; and even though It had a beginning in illuminating the world, however, since it is light which takes origin from My Eternal Light, one can say that It has no beginning. The sun does good to all; It extends to all with its light; It makes no exception with anyone. With its majesty and dominion, it rules over all and gives life to all, even to the tiniest flower – but silently, without noise, and almost unobserved. Oh, if a plant did a little something, a shadow of what the sun does, giving heat to another plant, all would shout, ‘miracle!; all would want to see it, and would speak about it with amazement. But then, the sun gives life and heat to everything and is the continuous miracle, and nobody talks about It – there is no amazement. This happens because man keeps his eyes always down below and toward earthly things – never up high and toward Celestial Things.

Now, the Sanctity in My Divine Will, symbolized by the sun, will come out from the Center of My own Sanctity; It will be a Ray delivered by My Sanctity, which has no beginning. Therefore, these souls existed in My Sanctity; they exist, and will exist. They were together with Me in the  Good I did; they never went out of the Ray in which I (Jesus) had delivered them to the Light. Since they never departed from My DivineWill, I amused Myself with them, and I still do. My Union with them is permanent. I see them floating over everything; human supports do not exist for them, just as the sun does not lean on anything – it lives up high as though isolated, but with its light it encloses everything within itself. The same for these souls: they Live up high like the sun, but their Light descends to the lowest bottom and extends to all. I (Jesus) would feel as if I defrauded them if I did not keep them aware, and did not let them do what I do. Therefore, there is no Good which does not descend from them.

In this Sanctity I (Jesus) see My Shadows, My Images, flying over the whole earth, in the air and in Heaven. This is why I Love and will Love the world: because I AM waiting for My Sanctity to have Its Echo over the earth, and for My Rays to come out to the Light, giving Me complete Glory, returning to Me the Love and the Honor which the others have not given to Me. However, just like the sun, they will be the most unobserved, without clamor at all. And if anyone will want to look at them, My Jealousy will be such that they will run the risk of remaining blinded, and will be forced to lower their eyes in order to regain their sight. Do you see how beautiful is the Sanctity in My Divine Will? It is the Sanctity closest to your Creator. This is why It will have Primacy over all other sanctities. It will enclose within Itself all other sanctities together, and will be Life of all other sanctities.

What a Grace it is for you (Luisa) to know It! To be the First, like solar ray, to come out from the Center of My Sanctity, without ever detaching from It! Greater Grace I (Jesus) could not give you (Luisa) – more Portentous Miracle I (Jesus) could not operate in you (Luisa). Be attentive, My daughter (Luisa), My Ray, because every time you (Luisa) enter into My Divine Will and operate, it happens as when the sun hits the glass: many suns are formed in it. In the same way, you (Luisa) repeat My Life many times; you multiply It, and give New Life to My Love.”

After this, I was thinking to myself: ‘In this Holy Will one cannot see miracles, and those portentous things for which creatures are so greedy, and would go around half the world in order to have some of them. On the contrary, everything passes between the soul and God; and if creatures receive Good, they don’t know where it came from. It really is like the sun which, while it gives life to all, nobody points out at it.’ Now, as I was thinking of this, Jesus, coming back, added, but with an imposing look: “What miracles, what miracles! Isn’t perhaps doing My Divine Will the Greatest Miracle? My Divine Will is Eternal, and is the Eternal Miracle that never ends. It is the Miracle of every instant in which the human will has a continuous connection with the Divine Will. Raising the dead, giving sight to the blind and the like, are not Eternal Things – they are subject to perish. They can be called shadows of miracles, fleeting miracles, compared to the Great and Permanent Miracle of Living in My Divine Will. You – do not pay attention to those miracles; I know when they are appropriate and needed.”

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(Luisa) One who Lives in the Divine Will Feels the very Wound which God Feels



11/11/15 – Vol. 11

(Luisa) One who Lives in the Divine Will feels the very Wound which God feels as if it were her own; so she (Luisa) becomes like another Jesus on earth.

This morning I felt such compassion for the offenses that Jesus receives and for the many poor creatures who have the misfortune of offending Him that I would face any pain in order to prevent sin. So I prayed and repaired from the heart. At that moment, blessed Jesus came and seemed to carry the same wounds of my heart, but – oh, how much larger! He told me: “My daughter (Luisa), in delivering the creature, My Divinity remained wounded by My own Love, for Love of the creature. This Wound made Me come down from Heaven to earth; it made Me cry, shed My Blood, and do all that I did.

Now, the soul (Luisa) who Lives in My (Divine) Will vividly feels this Wound of Mine as if it were her own. She (Luisa) cries, prays and would suffer anything, to save the poor creature, and so that My Wound of Love may not be exacerbated by the offenses of the creatures. Ah, My daughter (Luisa), these tears, pains, prayers and reparations soothe My Wound and descend upon My Breast, to be shown to My Father and move Him to pity for creatures.

Therefore, a Divine Vein ascends and descends between Me and these souls (souls Linked with Luisa, who Live in the Divine Will); a Vein which keeps consuming their human blood. The more they take part in My Wound and in My own Life, the larger this Vein becomes. It becomes so large as to render them other Christs. And I (Jesus) keep repeating to My Father: ‘I AM in Heaven, but there are other Christs on earth, wounded with My own Wound, who cry like Me; who suffer, pray etc., like Me; so We must pour Our Mercy upon the earth…’ Ah, only these who Live in My Volition take part in My Wound. They are like Me on earth, and they will be like Me in Heaven, sharing in the same Glory of My Humanity.”

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Perfect Love – True Love




11/10/00 – Vol. 4

The most Perfect Love is in True Trust in the Beloved.

As He continued not to come, I felt immersed in the greatest bitterness; my soul was tortured in a thousand ways. Then I felt as though a shadow near me, and I heard the voice of my Adorable Jesus, though I could not see Him, saying to me: “The most Perfect Love is in the True Trust that one must have in the loved object, and even if it should appear that the object one loves is lost – then more than ever is the time to prove this Living Trust. This is the easiest means to take possession of that which one ardently Loves.” Having said this, both shadow and voice disappeared. Who can say the pain I feel for not having seen my Beloved Good?

11/10/03 – Vol. 6

How True Love forgets himself.

Continuing in my usual state, I saw blessed Jesus for just a little, saying to me:  “My daughter (Luisa), True Love forgets himself and lives of the interests, of the pains and of everything that belongs to the beloved.”  And I:  ‘Lord, how can one forget himself when we feel ourselves so much?  It is not something far away from us, or separated, which can easily be forgotten.’  And, again, He added that that is precisely the sacrifice of True Love – that while one has himself, he must live of everything that belongs to the beloved.  Even more, if he remembers himself, this memory must serve him to become more industrious about how to consume himself for the loved object.  And if the beloved sees that the soul gives all of herself to Him, He will know well how to repay her by giving her all of Himself and letting her Live of His Divine Life.  So, one who forgets himself completely, finds everything.  Moreover, it is necessary to see the difference that exists between what one forgets and what one finds:  one forgets what is ugly and finds what is Beautiful; one forgets nature and finds Grace; one forgets passions and finds Virtues; one forgets poverty and finds Richness; one forgets foolishness and finds Wisdom; one forgets the world and finds Heaven.”

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Difference Between the Operating of Jesus and that of Man ~ Effects of Continuously Meditating on the Passion ~



Christ the King. 3


11/9/02 – Vol. 4

 Difference between the operating of Jesus and the operating of man.

While I was longing for my adorable Jesus, He came in the appearance He had when His enemies were slapping Him, covering His face with spit, and blindfolding Him. With admirable Patience He suffered everything; even more, it seemed He would not even look at them, so much was He intent in His Interior on looking at the Fruit which those sufferings would produce. I admired everything with amazement, and Jesus told me: “My daughter (Luisa), in My Operating and Suffering I (Jesus) never looked outside, but always inside; and whatever it might be, in seeing its Fruit, I would not just suffer it, but I would suffer everything with Yearning and Avidity. On the other hand, completely opposite, man, in operating Good, does not look inside the work, and not seeing its Fruit, he becomes easily bored, everything bothers him, and many times he neglects doing Good. If he suffers, he easily loses his patience; and if he does evil, not looking inside that evil, he does it with ease.” Then He added: “Creatures do not want to convince themselves that Life must be accompanied by various circumstances, now of sufferings, now of consolation. Yet, even plants and flowers give them an example of this by remaining submitted to winds, snows, hail and heat.”



11/9/06 – Vol. 7

 Effects of meditating continuously on the Passion.

Finding myself in my usual state, I was thinking about the Passion of Our Lord; and while I was doing this, He came and told me: “My daughter (Luisa), one who meditates continuously on My Passion and feels sorrow for it and compassion for Me, pleases Me so much that I (Jesus) feel as though comforted for all that I suffered in the course of My Passion; and by always meditating on it, the soul (Luisa and the souls Linked to Luisa) arrives at preparing a continuous Food. In this Food there are many different Spices and Flavors, which form different Effects. So, if in the course of My Passion they gave Me ropes and chains to tie Me, the soul releases Me and gives Me freedom. They despised Me, spat on Me, and dishonored Me; she appreciates Me, cleans Me of that spittle, and honors Me. They stripped Me and scourged Me; she heals Me and clothes Me. They crowned Me with thorns, mocking Me as king, embittered My Mouth with bile, and crucified Me; while the soul, meditating on all My Pains, Crowns Me with Glory and Honors Me as her king, fills My Mouth with Sweetness, giving Me the most delicious Food, which is the memory of My own Works; and unnailing Me from the Cross, she makes Me rise again in her heart. And every time she does so, I (Jesus) give her a New Life of Grace as recompense. She is My Food, and I (Jesus) become her Continuous Food. So, the thing that pleases Me the most is meditating continuously on My Passion.”

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