Divine Will Must be Like the Soul to the Body


10/27/21 – Vol. 13

The Divine Will must be like the soul to the body.

You must know that My Divine Will must be like the soul to the body. See, this happens also within Us, the Three Divine Persons. Our Love is Great, Infinite and Eternal, but if We did not have a Will that Animates and Gives Life to this Love, Our Love would be without Life, without Works. Our Wisdom seems incredible, Our Power can crush everything in one minute, and in another minute It can redo everything. But if We did not have a Will that wanted to Manifest the Mastery of Our Wisdom, as It Manifested it in the Creation, in which It Ordered and Harmonized everything, and with Its Power It made it Fixed in such way that it cannot move one bit – both Wisdom and Power would have had nothing to do; and so with all the rest of Our Attributes.

Now, in the same way I want My Divine Will to be like the soul to the body. The body without the soul is lifeless; even though it contains all the senses, it cannot see, nor speak, hear, work – it is almost a useless thing, and maybe even unbearable. But if the body is animated, how many things can it not do? Yet, oh! how many render themselves useless and unbearable because they are not Animated by My Divine Will! They are like those electric systems without light; like those machines without motion, covered with rust and dust, and almost impotent to motion. Ah, how pitiful they are! Each thing which is not Animated by My Divine Will is a Life of Sanctity that is missing. This is why I (Jesus) want to be in you (Luisa) like the soul to the body; and My Divine Will will make New Surprises of Creations – It will Give New Life to My Love, It will do New Works, It will Manifest the Mastery of My Wisdom, It will Give New Motion to My Power. Therefore, be attentive and let Me do, so that I (Jesus) may Accomplish My Great Design – that the creature (Luisa) be Animated by My Divine Will.”

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One (Luisa) Who Lives in the Divine Will Forms the Support for her Creator



10/26/38 – Vol. 36

The effects of disturbance.  The little ill one in the Divine Will.  One (Luisa) who Lives in the Divine Will forms the support for her Creator, so the Holy Trinity secures Its interests.

My poor being feels the extreme need to Live in the Divine Will.  The bitterness and the pains that invade me are such that I feel as if they wanted to tear out the Divine Fiat from inside of me.  I feel, more than ever, the Desire to Live in It.  But with all the efforts I make to Live abandoned in Its Arms, I still can’t do without feeling embittered, stunned, disturbed by the many troubles and hard pains that surround me, so much that I can’t take it anymore.  My Jesus, Celestial Mother, help me.  Can’t you see that I am about to succumb?  If You don’t hold me in Your Arms, if You don’t continue to inundate me with the Waves of Your Divine Volition, I tremble and fear.  What will happen to me?  Please, don’t leave me!  Don’t abandon me to myself in such a hard state. 

But as I was thinking this, my always Adorable Jesus ran to sustain me in His arms, and all Goodness told me: “My good daughter (Luisa), do not fear, Courage; I (Jesus) won’t leave you (Luisa).  I (Jesus) cannot leave you (Luisa).  The chains of My Love tie Me to you (Luisa) and make us inseparable; but then, why do you fear to be leaving My Will?  Just as to enter It, it took a Firm Resolute Act of wanting to Live in It, in the same way, to get out of It, it would take another firm and resolute act; and you (Luisa) didn’t do this, neither will My daughter (Luisa) ever do it, will you?

“All I (Jesus) want is that you (Luisa) do not let yourself be surprised by any disturbance.  It pales you, it makes you lose freshness, it debilitates your Strength, it makes you lose the Liveliness of the Light of the Fiat; so My Love remains repressed, Attention loses its Pace, and although you (Luisa) are in My Divine Will, you stay there as if inside a house in which you don’t bother doing your duties—to Decorate it, put it in Order and give it all the Sumptuousness that befits it.  So, being troubled like this in My (Divine) Will, you don’t pay Attention to Receiving My Creative and Operating Act; you are as if idle.  But, Courage then; since your pains are because of Me, We keep you (Luisa) in Our Will as the little ill one.  I AM the First who Suffers with you (Luisa), since your pains are Mine and I (Jesus) Suffer more than you; I AM like your Nurse; I (Jesus) Assist you (Luisa), I (Jesus) make your bed out of My Arms, and I (Jesus) Place My Pains around you (Luisa) to Strengthen you.  Our Mother and Queen (Mary) runs to put you on Her Lap, to protect her little ill daughter (Luisa).  Since one (Luisa) who operated in My Divine Will brought Glory and Joy to all Heaven, all the Angels and Saints run around Our little infirm one (Luisa) to Assist her and Serve her needs, in Our Divine Will.  But they cannot enter into strange things that do not belong to Us.  Even the pains must be Our Pains, otherwise they can’t find the way to enter them.  Therefore, Courage, all that I (Jesus) want is that you (Luisa) be at Peace.  How many times I (Jesus) too, under the press of hard Pains, became infirm, and the Angels ran to sustain me.  Even My Heavenly Father, in seeing Me in Excruciating Pains, ran to Me and took Me in His Arms to Strengthen My groaning Humanity.  And how many times My Mother fell ill in My Divine Will, in seeing the sufferings of Her Son—to the Point of feeling as though dying—and I (Jesus) ran to sustain her, holding her to My Heart, not letting Her succumb.   All I (Jesus) want is Courage and Peace.  Don’t trouble yourself too much, and I’ll take care of everything.”

Then He added: “My daughter (Luisa), you don’t know yet all the Good the creature receives by Living in My Divine Will, and the Great Glory she gives to her Creator.  Every act she (Luisa) does in It is a Leaning of God on the creature, Leaning His Power of Love and of Sanctity.  The more acts she (Luisa) Repeats the more We Trust her and the more We can Lean on what is Ours, since Our Divine Will is there, giving Capacity and Strength to the creature (Luisa) to Receive what We want to Give.  But if We don’t find Our Divine Will and her acts Repeated in It, We don’t know where to lean; she doesn’t have Strength, Capacity, or the Space in which to Receive Our Gifts and Graces, so that I (Jesus) can Trust her.  Poor creature, without Our Divine Will.  She, the True Citadel, without Doors and without Sentries to Defend it—exposed to all the dangers. If We want to Give, it would be like exposing Our Gifts and Our very Life to uselessness and to the danger of receiving offenses and ingratitude, so that they make Us turn Gifts and Graces into chastisements. 

“Therefore, you must know that when the creature does Our Divine Will, We settle Our Interests.  We never Operate to Our disadvantage:  First We secure the interests—Our Glory—and then We Operate; otherwise it would be as if We didn’t have Heart for Our Sanctity, or as if We did not appreciate Our Gifts or what We do, or as if We didn’t know Ourselves—Our Power and Our Ability.  Who would ever start an enterprise without first securing his interests? Nobody.  It may happen that, by disgrace, his enterprise suffers some losses, but by having thought of securing his interests first, he won’t have to leave his situation—he can maintain his status.  But if he hadn’t put his interests in a safe place, he could reduce himself to starvation.  This is why We want the creature (Luisa) in Our Will:  because We want to secure Our Concerns—what We Give of Love, Sanctity, Goodness, and all the Rest.  Our Divine Will takes charge of having them returned to Us in as many Divine Acts—We gave Divine Love, she (Luisa) gives Us Divine Love back.  Our Divine Will Transforms the creature (Luisa) into Our Sanctity and Goodness, and makes her (Luisa) give Us back Holy and Good Acts.  Therefore, even her (Luisa’s) breath, her (Luisa’s) motion and her (Luisa’s) steps are Pure and Holy.  We feel in her (Luisa’s) acts their similarity with Ours, because they are Rendered so by Our Divine Will.  So when We Receive from the creature (Luisa) what is Ours, made Divine by Our Fiat, Our Interest is settled; Our Love celebrates, Our Glory Triumphs, and We Prepare New Surprises of Love, Gifts, Graces.  When Our Interest is Returned, We don’t mind about anything.  We Abound, so much that the Heavens Overflow.”



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Echo of the Love of God and Echo of the Ingratitude of Creatures


book of heaven8 (2)

10/25/99 – Vol. 2

The Echo of the Love of God, and the echo of the ingratitude of creatures.

My most sweet Jesus continues to manifest Himself almost always in the same way. This morning He added: “My daughter (Luisa), My Love toward creatures is so Great that it Resounds like an Echo in the Celestial Regions, it Fills the atmosphere and diffuses over the whole earth. But what is the correspondence that creatures give to this Loving Echo? Ah, they requite Me with an echo of ingratitude, poisonous, filled with every kind of bitternesses and sins; with an echo almost deadly, fit only for wounding Me. But I will depopulate the face of the earth, so that this echo resounding with poison may not deafen My Ears.”

And I: ‘Ah, Lord, what are You saying?’ And Jesus: “I (Jesus) Act just like a pitying doctor, who has the extreme remedies for his children, and these children are full of wounds. What does this father and doctor do, who loves his children more than his very life? Will he let these wounds become gangrenous? Will he let them die for fear that by applying fire and knife they may suffer? No – never! Even though he will feel as if those instruments were applied to himself, in spite of this, he grabs the knife, he rips and cuts the flesh, and he applies to it the poison, the fire, to prevent corruption from advancing further. Even though many times it happens that in these operations the poor children die, this was not the will of the father doctor – his will was to see them healed. So I AM. I (Jesus) wound in order to Heal them, I (Jesus) destroy them in order to resurrect them. If many perish, this is not My Divine Will, it is only the effect of their wickedness and obstinate will – it is the effect of this poisonous echo which they want to keep sending Me to the point of seeing themselves destroyed.”

And I: ‘Tell me, my only Good, how could I sweeten this poisonous echo for You which afflicts You so much?’ And He: “The only means is that you (Luisa) always do all your actions with the sole Purpose of pleasing Me, and that you (Luisa) employ all your senses and powers for the Purpose of Loving Me and of Glorifying Me. Let your every thought, word, and everything else, want nothing but the Love you (Luisa) have for Me; in this way your echo will Rise Pleasant to My Throne and will Sweeten My Hearing.”

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The soul (Luisa) who Lives in the Fiat Makes All Divine Works Arise

10/25/28 – Vol. 25      
The soul (Luisa) who Lives in the Fiat makes All the Divine Works Arise and puts them All in the Field.  Example.  The Welcomed one of the Celestial Father.

LUISA14I feel my little and poor mind as though fixed in the Divine Fiat.  I feel all the Strength of the Sweet Enchantment of the Light of Its Truths, the Enchanting Scenes of all the Prodigies and Varieties of Beauties It contains; and even if I wanted to think about something else, I lack the time to do it, because the Sea of the Divine Volition Murmurs always, and Its Murmuring deafens and strikes dumb all other things, and keeps me Plunged into Its Sea, to Murmur together with It.  Oh! Power! oh! Sweet Enchantment of the Eternal Volition!  How Admirable and Lovable You are!  And so I would want everyone to Murmur together with me, and I prayed the Sovereign Queen to give me the Murmuring of Her Love, of Her Kisses, so as to give them back to Jesus, because I had received Communion and I felt that, in order to please Jesus, I wanted to give Him the Kisses of His Mama.

And my always lovable Jesus, moving and making Himself felt in my interior, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), everything that the Queen of Heaven did is all in that Divine Fiat that She had the Glory, the Honor to Possess.  It can be said that all of Her Acts are Enveloped within the Endless Sea of the Divine Volition, and swim in It like the fish swim in the sea; and the soul (Luisa) who Lives in It makes Arise not only all the Acts of My Celestial Mama, but she makes Arise again, and puts in the Field, all the Works of her Creator.  Only one (Luisa) who Lives in My Will can sit at the Divine Table, can open all His Treasures, can enter into the Sacrarium of the most intimate Secrets of the Divine Hiding Places, and, as the owner, takes them and gives them back to her Creator.

“And, oh! how many things she (Luisa) puts in Motion.  She (Luisa) makes them Arise, and Places all the Divine Works in Attitude, and now she (Luisa) Plays a Divine Melody, now she (Luisa) Performs a Scene, of the most Beautiful and Touching, now she (Luisa) Puts all of His Love in Motion, and making it Arise again, she (Luisa) Forms an Enchanting Scene, all of Love, for Her Creator.  So, she (Luisa) is the Renewer of all Joys and Happinesses for Her Creator.

“See, as you (Luisa) wanted to give Me the Kisses of the Queen Mama, you (Luisa) put them in Motion and they ran to Kiss Me.  It happens to one (Luisa) who lives in My Divine Will as to someone who entered into a royal palace, and the king who lives in it has music concerts, objects with which to form the most beautiful scenes, and works of art of varied beauty.  Now, the person who enters, sits at the music concert and plays.  Attracted by that sound, the king runs and goes to listen to the sonata.  Then, seeing that the king enjoys it, that person moves on and puts the objects in motion, putting the scene in action.  The king remains enraptured, and even though he knows that those are his own things, yet, it was that person who put them in motion in order to give him pleasure.

“So it is for one (Luisa) who Lives in My Divine Fiat.  She Enters into the Royal Palace of her Celestial Father, and finding many varied Beauties, she puts them in Motion, to Gladden, Delight and Love He who let her in.  And since there is no Good that My Eternal Volition does not Possess, there is no Joy, Love, Glory that the soul (Luisa) cannot give to her Creator.  And, oh! how pleasing she (Luisa) is to Us, as We see this Fortunate Creature (Luisa) in Our Royal Palace of Our Divine Volition, who wants to take everything, wants to put everything in Motion, wants to touch everything.

“It seems that she (Lusia) is not content if she (Luisa) does not take everything in order to give Us everything, to make Feast for Us and Renew for Us Our Joys and Happinesses.  And We (the Holy Trinity), in seeing her (Luisa), welcome her, and We Ourselves say to her:  ‘Dearest daughter (Luisa), hurry, hurry, Play for Us (the Holy Trinity) a little Divine Sonata of Ours, repeat for Us (the Holy Trinity)  a Touching Scene of Love, Renew for Us (the Holy Trinity) Our Happiness.’

“And she (Luisa) Renews for Us (the Holy Trinity) now the Joys of Creation, now that of the Sovereign Queen, now that of Redemption.  And she (Luisa) always ends with her, and Our (the Holy Trinity’s), pleasing Refrain:  ‘Your Will be Known and Reign on earth as It does in Heaven.’”

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Investing Self with Jesus to Receive Him in the Sacrament



10/24/18 – Vol. 12

The soul must invest herself with Jesus to be able to receive Him in the Sacrament.

I was preparing myself to receive my sweet Jesus in the Sacrament, and I prayed that He Himself would cover my great misery. And Jesus told me: “My daughter (Luisa), in order to allow the creature to have all the necessary means to receive Me, I (Jesus) wanted to Institute this Sacrament on the last day of My Life, so as to line up My whole Life around each Host, as preparation for each creature who would receive Me. The creature could never have received Me, if she had not had a preparing God, Who was taken only by Excess of Love for wanting to Give Himself to the creature. And since the creature was unable to receive Me, that same Excess of Love led Me to Give My whole Life in order to prepare her, so It placed My Steps, My Works, My Love before her own. And since within Me there was also My Passion, It placed also My Pains in order to prepare her. So, invest yourself with Me; cover yourself with each one of My Acts, and come.”

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Let the Life of Our Hearts be All Love/Jesus’ First Act in Receiving Himself Sacramentally



10/23/11 – Vol. 10

We must let the life of our hearts be all love, because Jesus wants to take food within our hearts.

This morning my always lovable Jesus came, but who can say how much in suffering He makes Himself seen! It seems that He feels within Himself all the pains of the creatures, and they are so many that He looks for Refreshment and Relief. Now, after keeping Him with me in silence, telling Him my nonsense of Love as Refreshment, and adding kisses and caresses, it seemed He was relieved; and then He told me: “My daughter (Luisa), let the Life of your heart be all Love; let nothing else enter into it, because I (Jesus) want to take Food from within your heart, and if I (Jesus) do not find it all Love, it will not be enjoyable Food for Me.  As for the other parts of you (Luisa), you can give to each one its office – that is, to your mind, to your mouth, to your feet, to all of your senses; to some adoration, to some reparation, to some praise, thanksgiving and all the rest.  But from your heart I (Jesus) want Love only.”

10/23/17 – Vol. 12

The First Act that Jesus did in receiving Himself Sacramentally.

LUISA14This morning, after I received blessed Jesus, I was saying to Him: ‘My Life, Jesus, tell me: what was the First Act that You did when You received Yourself Sacramentally?’ And Jesus: “My daughter (Lusia), the First Act I (Jesus) did was to Multiply My Life into many Lives, for as many creatures as can exist in the world, so that each one of them might have one Life of Mine only for herself; a Life that continuously prays, thanks, satisfies, loves only for her. In the same way, I (Jesus) Multiplied My Pains for each soul, as if I were suffering only for her, and not for others. In that Supreme Moment of receiving Myself, I (Jesus) gave Myself to all, to suffer My Passion in each heart, to be able to Conquer the hearts by dint of pains and of Love. In giving all My Divinity, I (Jesus) came to take the Dominion of all. But, alas! My Love remained disappointed by many; and I (Jesus) anxiously await Loving hearts which, in receiving Me, would Unite with Me to Multiply themselves in everyone, desiring and wanting what I want, so that I (Jesus) may take at least from them what the others do not give to Me, and receive the Contentment of having them as Conformed to My Desire and to My Divine Will. Therefore, My daughter (Luisa), when you receive Me, do what I (Jesus) did, and I (Jesus) will Receive the Contentment that at least the two of us want the same thing.”

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The Cross, a Way Strewn with Stars




10/22/99 – Vol. 2

The cross, a way strewn with stars.

Jesus continues to make Himself seen afflicted. The moment He came, He threw Himself into my arms, totally exhausted, almost wanting Refreshment. He shared with me a little bit of His Sufferings, and then He told me: “My daughter (Luisa), the way of the cross is a way strewn with stars, and as one walks through it, those stars change into most luminous suns. What will be the happiness of the soul for all Eternity in being surrounded with these suns? Furthermore, the great reward I (Jesus) give to the cross is so great that there is no measure, either of width or of length – it is almost incomprehensible to the human minds; and this, because in bearing crosses, there can be nothing human – all is Divine.”

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Upright Intention – October 21



10/21/01 – Vol. 4

The upright intention. Everything which is not done for God is dispersed like dust by a mighty wind.

This morning, on coming, blessed Jesus seemed to be making a Circle with His Arms almost to enclose me inside of it; and while clasping me, He told me: “My daughter (Luisa), when the soul does everything for Me, everything remains Enclosed in this Circle – nothing goes out, be it even a sigh, a heartbeat, or just any movement. Everything enters into Me, and in Me everything is numbered. And I (Jesus), as Recompense, pour them back into the soul, but all doubled with Grace, in such a way that, as the soul (Luisa and the souls Linked to Luisa) pours them once again into Me, and I into her, she comes to Acquire a Surprising Capital of Grace. All this is My Way of Delighting – that is, to give to the creature what she has given Me as if it were her own, always adding from My Own. One who, with his ingratitude, prevents Me from giving what I want, prevents My Innocent Delights. If then one does not operate for Me, everything goes out of My Circle, dispersed, like dust by a mighty wind.


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The Soul can Make of herself a Host for Love of Jesus


10/20/17 – Vol. 12

The soul can make of herself a host for love of Jesus.

Having received my Jesus, I was thinking about how I could give back Love for Love. It was impossible for me to be able to shrink and become smaller, like Jesus does in the Host for Love of me. This is not in my power, as it is in the Power of Jesus. And my beloved Jesus told me: “My daughter (Luisa), if you cannot shrink all of yourself within the brief circle of a host for love of Me, you can very well shrink all of yourself within My Divine Will, to be able to form the host of yourself in My Divine Will. For every act you (Luisa and the souls Linked to Luisa) do in My Divine Will, you will make a host for Me; and I will Feed Myself from you, as you do from Me. What forms the host? My own Life in it. And what is My Divine Will? Isn’t It the whole of My Life? Therefore, you (Luisa and the souls Linked to Luisa) too can become host for Love of Me: the more acts you do in My Divine Will, the more hosts you will form, to give back to Me Love for Love.”

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Garabandal, MMP, Luisa and the Divine Will

Garabandal, the MMP, Luisa and the Divine Will


conchita garabandalWithin one year of the Warning, according to Conchita of Garabandal, the Great Miracle will occur at Garabandal, in April, between the 8th and the 16th, on a Thursday, on the feast of a little known Martyr of the Eucharist. Conchita will announce this Miracle eight days beforehand. A permanent sign will then be left at Garabandal and everywhere Our Blessed Mother has appeared. The people of the world will know Jesus is God as a result of this and will have a short time for conversion and repentance. If the world does not repent and convert then the great tribulation and chastisement will follow. In any event, by the year 2000, or thereabouts, we will have the Second Pentecost, the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and the return of Jesus in glory as we enter the New Era of Peace, sin will be no more, an era when heaven and earth will be joined and we have new heavens and a new earth.


This will be the New Era in which Our Lord’s Prayer, “Our Father, Who art in Heaven….Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven” will at last be fulfilled.



 fr. gobbi 2Our Blessed Mother told Fr. Gobbi, in Message 532, December 5, 1995:


“I confirm to you that, by the great jubilee of the year two thousand, there will take place the triumph of my Immaculate Heart, of which I foretold you at Fatima, and this will come to pass with the return of Jesus in glory, to establish his Reign in the world.  Thus you will at last be able to see with your  own eyes the new heavens and the new earth.”


Our Blessed Mother told Fr. Gobbi, in Message 453 on August 15, 1991: 


“The New Era, which I announce to you, coincides with the complete Fulfillment of the Divine Will, so that at last there is coming about that which Jesus taught you to ask for, from the Heavenly Father:  “Your Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”  This is the time of the Holy Spirit is being accomplished by the creatures.  From the perfect fulfillment of the Divine Will, the whole world is becoming renewed, because God finds there, as it were, His new garden of Eden, where He can dwell in loving companionship with His creatures… Herein, Christ reigns in the splendor of His Glorified Body, and the Immaculate Heart of your heavenly Mother Triumphs in the light of her body, Assumed into the Glory of Paradise.




February 5, 1928

Solemn promise of Jesus in the Our Father

for the advent of the Reign of the Divine Will on Earth.


I was thinking how the Reign of the Divine Will could ever become reality upon the earth, and my beloved Jesus, making his usual little visit to me, said:


“My daughter (Luisa), as Adam sinned, God made him the promise of the future Redeemer. Centuries passed, but the promise did not fail and the generations had the good of the Redemption. Now, as I came from Heaven and formed the Kingdom of the Redemption, before departing from the earth, I made another promise, more solemn, of the coming of the Kingdom of My Divine Will in the prayer of the ‘Our Father.’


“Furthermore, so that this Kingdom would be more surely obtained, I (Jesus) made this formal promise in the solemnity of My prayer–praying that the Father would let His Kingdom come, and that the Divine Will be done on earth as in Heaven. I wanted to place myself as head of this prayer, knowing that such was the Divine Will of My Father, that, prayed by me, My Father could not have denied Me, much less since, with His own Divine Will, I prayed and asked for a thing desired by My own Father.


“After having formed this prayer before My Celestial Father, confident that he would have accorded Me the Kingdom of My Divine Will upon the earth, I (Jesus) taught it to My Apostles so that, in their turn, they might teach it to all the world. Thus one would be the cry of all: ‘Your Will be done on earth as in Heaven.’ Promise more certain and solemn could not have been made. The centuries for Us (Triune God) are as one point alone, and Our Words are Acts and Deeds accomplished; thus centuries have passed, but the Kingdom of the Divine Will certainly will come.

“My very prayer to the Celestial Father: ‘Come. Your Kingdom come, your Will be done on earth as in Heaven,’ signifies that with My coming upon the earth, I (Jesus) did not come to establish the Kingdom of My Divine Will. Otherwise, I would have said: ‘My Father, may Our Kingdom which I have already established upon the earth be confirmed and Our Will Rule and Reign.’ Instead, I said ‘Come,’ which signified that It must come, and creatures must await It with that certainty with which the Hebrews awaited the future Redeemer.


“There is My Divine Will, bound and committed in those words of the ‘Our Father’; and, when It is bound, what It promises is more than certain. Even much more so, since all was prophesied by Me (Jesus). There is not lacking other than the Manifestations of My Kingdom; and thus I am already doing. Moreover, if I manifest so many truths about my Fiat, it is not to give a simple report, no, but because I want that all know that Its Kingdom is near, and that they appreciate Its beautiful prerogatives–so that all live and yearn to enter to Live in a Kingdom so Holy, Full of Felicity, and all Good Things. Therefore, that which to you seems difficult, to the power of our Fiat is easy, because our Fiat knows how to remove all difficulties and conquer everything as It wishes, and when It wishes.”


(Words of Our Lord to Luisa taken from various Volumes)


Jesus to Luisa: Why marvel that I (Jesus) have called you (Luisa) to be the First? …it is so True that I (Jesus) have called you (Luisa) to be the First, that to no other soul, however dear to Me, have I (Jesus) Manifested the manner of Living in My Divine Will, Its Effects, the Marvels and the Goods the creature (Luisa) Receives Operating in the Supreme Will. Check how many lives of the Saints you wish, or books of Doctrine; in none will you find the Prodigies of My Divine Will operating in the creature and the creature operating in Mine. At the most you will find resignation, union of wills; but the Divine Will operating in it and it in Me, in no one will you find it. This signifies that the time had not yet arrived in which My Goodness should call the creature (Luisa) to Live in this Sublime state. Even the very manner in which I (Jesus) have you (Luisa) pray cannot be compared to any other….If I waited so many centuries before making Known My Divine Will Operating in the creature and its Operating in Mine, it was because I (Jesus) first had to dispose men to pass from lesser knowledge to Greater…. When I (Jesus) make a Truth Known to man it is a Sign that I (Jesus) want to Give it to him as a Gift.


…Its First Fulfillment, My Daughter (Luisa), I (Jesus) want from you… This is why I (Jesus) often speak to you about Living in My Divine Will, which until now I (Jesus) have not Manifested to anyone. At most they have known the shadow of My Divine Will, the Enchantment, the Sweetness which doing It contains. But to penetrate there within, to embrace Its Immensity, to multiply oneself in Me and penetrate every- where (even while being on earth), into Heaven and into hearts, to give up the human ways and to work with the Divine Ways, this is not yet Known; such that it will appear strange to not a few. And he who does not have his mind open to the Light of the Truth will not understand anything about it; but, little by little, I (Jesus) shall make My Way…


The Theme which your Jesus asks of  you is the Most Noble Theme that can exist: that is of the Eternal Will … When I speak to you of My Divine Will, which is My whole Self, there goes out from Me a Life, which is the Greatest Gift which exists. I AM eager to see if men are capable of receiving It…. This Knowledge will be a Powerful Magnet which will draw creatures. It will bring them to Receive the Inheritance of My Divine Will; and it will at last bring to light the Second Generation of the Sons of Light, the Sons of the Divine Will. Be attentive, My Daughter (Luisa), because you will be the spokesman, the bell, which will call together this generation of My Predilection, so ardently desired by Me.


The world Finds itself in the precise situation that existed when I (Jesus) was about to come upon the earth. All were in expectation of a Great Event, of a New Era; as in fact did come to pass. And so it is now. With the Great Event which must come to pass – the New Era in which the Will of God is done on earth as in Heaven – all are in expectation of this New Era, weary of the present, but without knowing what this New Thing will be – this change – as they did not know it when I came upon the earth.


In My All-seeingness I see that these writings will be for My Church as a New Sun that will Rise in her midst; and, attracted by Its Radiant Light, they will be diligent in Transforming themselves into this Light and go out Spiritualized and Divinized; wherefore, Renewing the Church, they shall Transform the face of the earth…. Thus, in view of the Good that I (Jesus) see, I urge you (Luisa) to omit nothing in writing.




 Excerpt from a speech by Father Stefano Gobbi

June 24, 1996 in San Marino, Italy


father_gobbi“Dear Mother (Father Gobbi turns to the statue of Our Lady next to him), forgive me, I am not pleased that the serpent is here but I am pleased that You crush its head—crush it!


“Finally, the power of the serpent will be broken, it will be powerless, it will no longer be able to seduce creatures to say no to the Divine Will. The creatures will say YES to the Divine Will of God.


“In this complete fulfillment of the Divine Will the creation will be almost transposed into an original state, in a state of a new earthly paradise, in which all creatures will say YES to the Divine Will of the Heavenly Father.


“Here in Italy, a certain woman named [Luisa] Piccarreta, [Servant of God,] whose beatification is in progress, wrote a great book about Divine Will. Once when I was in Mexico, I was shown

passages of the book, which related to so many topics about which our book [To the Priests: Our Lady’s Beloved Sons] also speaks.


“Let me cite a passage from this book [The Book of Heaven] by [the Servant of God, Luisa] Piccarreta. She says that 2000 years after creation came the Great Flood so that the water would

cleanse mankind; and 2000 years later, came the flood of the Blood: the Redemption; and still 2000 years hence, there will be the flood of fire—a spiritual fire, I believe—and finally the

Kingdom of [the] Divine Will will come upon this world: because every creature will fulfill the Divine Will of God in a complete way.


“This is what I think, that the Second Coming of Christ in glory will bring this Kingdom of [the] Divine Will.


“Every creature will fulfill the Will of the Father completely and the Heavenly Father will be glorified in His children, who will say YES to His Divine Will. Christ will bring His Kingdom, the Kingdom of holiness and of humble obedience to the Will of the Heavenly Father.”


Editor’s Note: The YES of the children of God is that FIAT (Let it be done) we learn from the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta.

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