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Six Steps the Blessed Mother gave to Luisa to pray every day

The Blessed Virgin Taught Luisa Six Steps

of How to Live In the Divine Will

From the first six days of

The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will

Heavenly Father, with the Holy Spirit following Our Lady’s

Lessons in union:

•(Step one)
With Luisa, I sacrifice my human will in honor of God.
•(Step two)
With Luisa, I empty myself of my human will to constitute the Divine Will as Principle of Life of my soul.
•(Step three)
With Luisa, I decide with a firm resolution to no longer give life to my human will.
•(Step four)
With Luisa, I give to You, my God, my human will as proof, giving my “Fiat!” and my acceptance of Your test.
•(Step five)
With Luisa, I make the sacrifice of living without my human will, and bind it to the foot of the Divine Throne of God, for my entire life, without ever giving life to my human will.
•(Step six)
O Most Holy Divine Fiat, in Unity with Luisa, allow my soul to take possession of all the Divine Qualities as much as is possible and imaginable for a soul.
I ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen.


Note:  These can also be found in the Communion Book of Prayers here

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