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St. Annibale Maria DiFrancia

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St. Annibale Maria DiFrancia – Testimonial

St. Annibale Maria DiFrancia – Statue Placed in the Arch of the Bells

St. Annibale Maria DiFrancia and Luisa Piccarreta

  LUISA PICCARRETA AND SAINT HANNIBAL DI FRANCIA In these past few years the private revelations of Luisa Piccarreta(1865-1947) on the Divine Will have been spreading throughout the U.S.A. Some commentators have called them heretical, others have equated them to a cult. Some have questioned the judgement of Fr. Hannibal in giving the Nihil Obstat …

St. Annibale Maria DiFrancia’s Witness of Luisa – A Life More Celestial

“A Life more Celestial than terrestrial” Saint Hannibal Di Francia left this beautiful witnessing about Luisa, part of which is here reported: “…She wants to live solitary, hidden and unknown. For no reason in the world would she have put in writing the intimate and prolonged communications with adorable Jesus, since her most tender age …

Novena to St. Annibale for Vocations to the Priesthood

NOVENA TO ST. ANNIBALE MARIA DI FRANCIA FOR VOCATIONS TO THE PRIESTHOOD THE SAINT OF VOCATIONS Spiritual Director of Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta St. Annibale Maria di Francia Feast day: June 1 1851 – 1927 Beatified By: 7 October 1990 by Pope John Paul II Canonized By: 16 May 2004 by Pope John Paul …

Letters from St. Annibale to Luisa

Prayer of the Little Chaplet of the Divine Will by St. Annibale