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The New Day

 THE NEW DAY – Feast of Tabernacles/Fall Harvest continues

  • V12 – 11.27.17 – “Now I want you Luisa, to be the Beginning of the Sanctity of Living in My Divine Will.”
  • V26 – 4.28.29 – “…until Our Will Reigns, that shall Spread the Divine Order, Its Firmness and Harmony, and Its Perennial Day of Light and of Peace in the midst of creatures, everything will be in danger for him and for Us;”
  • V36 – 5.27.38 – “Make Me Content, don’t make Me Sigh any more. If you Live in My Fiat, through Luisa, the night shall be over for you and you shall Enjoy the Fullness of the Day;”

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OUR LADY OF FATIMA  – October 13

OUR LADY OF FATIMA  – October 13

Miracle of the sun; OUR LADY OF AKITA – continuation of Fatima messages and 101 times Weeping; POPE LEO XIII remarkable vision, then he composes the St. Michael prayer and promulgated it worldwide; HEBREW CELEBRATION OF THE FALL HARVEST

  • The Mercy and Generosity of God allowed that this day be the last of the 101 years of the great tribulation as revealed to Pope Leo XIII in the vision of October 13, 1884. It was Our Lady of Fatima, October 13, 1917, Who Alerted Her children of the beginning of this great tribulation period of 100 years. In Her messages and 101 times weeping, Our Lady of Akita Warned Her children of this ongoing period and imminent Chastisements, with an added year. How are we to know of this added year? Holy Mother Church gave us the Year of Mercy in 2016. Between October 13, 1917 and October 12, 2019 is 101 years. This makes October 13, 2019 the beginning of the NEW DAY.
  • Genesis 1:5 – “And he called the light Day, and the darkness Night; and there was evening and morning, one day.”

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Our Lady of the Pillar

Our Lady of the Pillar (36/Hist)

October 12

In the year AD 36, while She was yet on earth, Our Lady Bilocated and Appeared to Saint James, the Apostle, on the banks of the river Ebro, near the city of Caesar-Augusta (now Zaragoza or Saragossa). She Appeared, Accompanied by Celestial Music, on a six-foot Pillar of Jasper. Her Purpose was to comfort and encourage St. James and his disciples. Our Lady Commanded that a chapel be built on the spot in Her Honor and She Promised Her Assistance to those who invoke Her. The Apostle was quick to carry out the Wishes of the Queen of Apostles.

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Saint Faustina – Oct. 5

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Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels – October 2

Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels

Ángel de la Guarda.jpg

“And since the Joys of Heaven are Communal, your Angel offers the accidental Beatitude he has received from you, his Doubled Paradise, to the whole Celestial Court as the Fruit of the Divine Will of his Protected one.  All make Feast and Magnify and Praise the Power, the Sanctity, the Immensity of My Will.  Therefore, be Attentive; in My Will one cannot lose time – there is much to do; you have to follow the Act of a God, which is never interrupted.” – V19 – 2.28.26

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October – Month of the Holy Rosary

“While still a child, I kept hearing the name of a woman who had been bedridden for more than forty years.  My mother was fond of her, and often spoke about her.  Especially in the moments of sorrow and oppression, she would run to her to implore her prayers.  After twenty years, I went back to visit this soul again, and I found her always the same: placid and smiling, working with the fusetti of the tombolo in her hands, or with the Rosary between her fingers, in attitude of prayer…Seventy years in bed!  One entire long existence.  Well, from 1878 to 1947, this soul spent her life in solitude, in suffering, in silence, and in prayer.

 This soul had a name known to many: Luisa Piccarreta, called “Luisa, the Saint.”

From Luisa Piccarreta, The Little Daughter of the Divine Will
Written by Father Bernardino Giuseppe Bucci, OFM

Parish Priest Cappuccino

Immaculate Church – Trinitapoli (Foggia) 1980

With Ecclesiastical Approval

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Feast of St. Michael and the Archangels

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Feast of Our Lady of Ransom – Sept. 24

OUR LADY OF RANSOM (1218) (Trad)

September 24

Our Lady of Ransom Appeared to Saint Raimund, of the order of Saint Dominic, in the year 1218, and also to King James I of Aragon, and likewise to Saint Peter Nolasco in three separate Apparitions, making known to all three that She Desired each of them to contribute to establishing an order for redeeming captives. That Order they established is known as the Royal, Celestial, and Military Order of Our Lady of Mercy and the Redemption of the Captives, is also known as The Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy, the Order of Merced, the Order of Captives, or the Order of Our Lady of Ransom.

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Memorial of St. Pio of Pietrelcina – September 23


September 23

Luisa said to my aunt (Fr. Bernardino Giuseppe Bucci, O.F.M. referring to his Aunt Rosaria Bucci) “You will be my witness” and one day Padre (now Saint) Pio told her point-blank in his Benevento dialect: “Rosa’, va nanz, va nanz ca Luisa iè gran e u munn sarà chin di Luisa” (Rosaria, go ahead, go ahead for Luisa is great and the world will be full of Luisa)

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Participating in the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady through Luisa in the Holy Divine Will

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