May 16

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PopeFrancis: Pray, Celebrate and Imitate Jesus


Pope Francis

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis says studying Jesus is not enough to get to know him, we must also pray to Him, celebrate Him and imitate Him. This was the Pope’s core message at Mass on Friday in the Santa Marta residence.

In his homily the Pope reflected on the best way for us to get to know Jesus, describing it as the most important work in our lives. At the same time he warned that studying or having ideas was not enough on its own to acquire that knowledge of Jesus.“Ideas by themselves do not lead anywhere and those who pursue the path of their own ideas end up in a labyrinth from where they can’t get out again! It’s for this reason that heresies have existed from the very beginning of the Church. Heresies are this: trying to understand with our minds and with only our personal light who Jesus is. A great English writer wrote that a heresy is an idea that’s gone crazy. That’s right! When they are ideas by themselves they become crazy… This is not the right path!”

Pope Francis went on to explain that we need to open three doors in order to know Jesus.The first door is praying to Jesus. You must realize that studying without prayers is no use. We must pray to Jesus to get to know Him better. The great theologians did their theology while kneeling. Pray to Jesus! By studying and praying we get a bit closer… But we’ll never know Jesus without praying. Never! Never! The second door is celebrating Jesus. Prayer on its own is not enough, we need the joy of celebration. We must celebrate Jesus through his Sacraments, because these give us life, they give us strength, they nourish us, they comfort us, they forge an alliance with us, they give us a mission. Without celebrating the Sacraments, we’ll never get to know Jesus. This is what the Church is all about: celebration. The third door is imitating Jesus. Take the Gospel, what did he do, how was his life, what did he tell us, what did he teach us and try to imitate Him.”

“Entering via these three doors, the Pope went on, means entering into the mystery of Jesus and it’s only in this way that we can get to know him and we mustn’t be afraid to do this. “During the day, today, we can think about how the door leading to prayer is proceeding in our life: but prayer from the heart is not like that of a parrot! How is prayer of the heart? How is the Christian celebration in my life proceeding? And how is the imitation of Jesus in my life proceeding? How must I imitate him? Do you really not remember! The reason is because the Book of the Gospel is full of dust as it’s never opened! Take the Book of the Gospel, open it and you will discover how to imitate Jesus! Let’s think about how these three doors are positioned in our life and this will be of benefit to everybody.


L_Luisa_Reading-a2Letter #106 – So, dear Father, let us pray.  Let us do this Will so Holy and let us live in It.  May It be our breath and heartbeat.  If we do so, we will be carried in the Divine Arms; It will lower Itself to breathe in our breathing, to beat in our heartbeat, to move in our motion.  Then, in the ardor of our love, we will say to Him:  “I love You for all, and for love of You, I give You the heartbeat, the breath and the motion of all.”

Letter # 122 – Therefore, let us pray and let us never allow the Divine Will to escape us – both in small and in great things, both in spiritual and in natural things – because everything is of God, and it is just that we recognize the Divine Will as prime act in everything (…)

Letter #131 – How happy we will be, thinking that in every little act of ours – even in the breath, in the motion, in the steps – we will form as many Jesuses, as many Divine Lives, for as many acts as we do!  Oh, how Jesus longs for this, reaching the point of counting the minutes, the breaths, to form His life in the acts of the creature and say:  “The creature loves Me with my own Love; she adore Me, she prays to Me with My own prayers…”  In this way we will populate the Sun, the earth, the sea, with many Divine Lives.  Then will our lives live hidden in God, and we will do what the Lord wants and does.  Therefore, let us pray, in order to obtain such a great good.

Letter #133 – Poor Jesus, how much He suffers!  And how He sighs and cries because the creatures do not pray Him, do not press Him to concede them the gift of living in the Will of God.  And if He finds one, He takes her in His arms, He makes feasts, He feels like a victorious King who, although He had to suffer for six thousand years receiving wounds and defeats, has now finally made His first conquest.  And He enjoys her triumphantly, calling all of Heaven to celebrate His first victory.  And while He makes feast, He places His Sanctity, His Love, His Light, His graces, at the creature’s disposal, and gives her the right to her Celestial Fatherland…

Letter # 87 – Now, I let you know that I receive Holy Communion every day, and Holy Mass once a week, while, before, even when I went out of the convent, It was celebrated every day.  

Letter #125 –You will certainly not neglect to make Holy Masses be celebrated for her soul.

Letter #51 – It takes trust and love with blessed Jesus; the braver we are, the more He loves us.  Your fear of receiving Communion comes from the enemy; he would be pleased if we formed more firewood for hell, otherwise he would not have told you this, nor caused so many fears within you.  On the contrary, I tell you that when you abstain because of fear, you form firewood for Purgatory, and the Communions you do not receive on earth, you will receive them with fire in Purgatory, because Jesus burns with love in the Most Holy Sacrament and wants to come into our hearts in order to pour His flames out; while if we abstain, He burns more, becoming fidgety and delirious, and with Justice He will make us burn more in Purgatory.  Therefore, think only of loving Jesus, of how to make Him happier, and love will destroy all the wood and, as celestial dew, will cover you and purify you from everything.

Letter #23 – I send you Jesus to keep you company.  Keep your gaze fixed in Him to imitate Him, your heart to love Him, your hands to hug Him, your lips to repeat always:  Fiat, Fiat!

Letter # 102 – Therefore, courage and trust.  With courage we will challenge everyone, and with trust we will live safely in the Heart and in the Arms of our sweet Jesus; our Queen Mama will take us on Her knees and will keep us hidden under Her Blue Mantle.  I leave you in the Divine Volition to make yourself a saint.  I recommend to you:  let us not change in the different circumstances of life; many times they serve to make us copy and imitate our dear Jesus.

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