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Feast Day of St. John Bosco

Feast Day of St. John Bosco January 31 For information click image  

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True Spirit of Adoration

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Episcopal Ordination of Leonardo D’Ascenzo as Archbishop of Trani-Barletta-Bisceglie

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Archbishop Leonardo D’Ascenzo – L’insediamento del vescovo D’Ascenzo

The Harvest is Plenty    

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Jesus in the Sacramental Host to Accomplish the Kingdom of the Divine Will

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Each Word Spoken by Jesus on His Fiat is like a Child that Comes out of His Womb

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As the Soul Does Acts in Divine Will she Grows in Wisdom

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Prayer in the Divine Will Holds Great Empire over God, Changes into Command

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Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul – Luisa Wants Everyone to Convert

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Novena to Our Lady of Good Success begins February 24

click image for more information NOVENA TO OUR LADY OF GOOD SUCCESS through Mother Marianna De Jesus Torres Say once a day for nine days, especially starting on 24 January and ending on 1 February, the eve of the Feast of the Purification, or Candlemas Hail Mary Most Holy, Beloved Daughter of God the Father …

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