One Jesus for Each Creature


V35 – 2.20.38

“My little daughter of My Will, you must know that My Love is so Great that It needs to be unleashed, and to entrust Its secrets to the one who Lives in My Will, so that making her aware of everything, we may Love with One Love, and It may repeat in her all that I did within Myself. Listen then, daughter, the Excesses that My Love reached, making Me do things, Unheard-of and incredible to created minds.

“Coming upon earth, I wanted to make Myself into one Jesus for each creature that had existed, was existing, and was going to exist. Therefore, everyone had to have his own Jesus—completely his own—at his disposal. So, each one had to have My Conception to remain conceived in Me—My Birth to be Reborn, My tears to be washed, My infantile age to be Restored and to begin his New Life, My Steps to guide his own, My Works to make rise his works in Mine, My Pains as balm and Strength for his pains, and as repayment of any debt incurred with the Divine Justice; My Death to find again his Life; My Resurrection to Rise Again Completely in My Will, for the Glory he had to give to his Creator…. And all this, with Highest Love, with Reason, with Justice and with Highest Wisdom.

“My Celestial Father had to find in Me as many of My Lives for as many creatures He had given, and was going to give to daylight, in order to be satisfied, Glorified and repaid for His Great Love. Although not everyone would take this Life of Mine, My Celestial Father demanded My Life in order to be Glorified for everything He had done in the Work of Creation and Redemption. I can say that, as soon as man subtracted himself from My Will, the Glory that was due to My Divine Father ceased. So, if I didn’t form from Myself one Jesus for each existing creature, the Glory of the Celestial Father would have been incomplete—and I can not do incomplete Works. My Love would have waged a war against Me, if I hadn’t formed of Myself many Jesuses—first, for Our own Decorum and Glory, and then, to give this Complete Good to each creature.

“Therefore, Our Greatest Pain is that, in spite of the many of My Lives available for each one, some don’t recognize Them, some don’t even look at Them, some do not use Them, some offend Them, some just take the scraps of My Life…. Few are the ones who say: ‘I do the Life of Jesus, with Jesus. I Love like Jesus Loves, and I want what Jesus wants.’ These creatures are, together with Me, the return of the Glory and the Love of Creation and Redemption. But even if not all of these Lives of Mine serve to the creature, they admirably serve to the Glory of My Divine Father, since I did not come on earth only for the creatures, but also to reintegrate the interests and the Glory of My Celestial Father. O, if you could see what a Beautiful court these many Lives of Mine form around Our Divinity. And when Love and Glory pour out of these Lives, you would remain so enraptured that it would be difficult for you to go back into yourself!”

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Prayers of the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta, to Visit Jesus 33 Times Each Day in the Sacrament




“And I, Heart of my heart, want to be always with You in each Tabernacle, in all the pyxes and in each consecrated Host which will ever be until the end of the world, to emit my acts of reparation, according to the offenses You receive.”


V1 – “Lord, I beg You to be with me until I acquire the habit of doing them, for I know that with You I can do everything – but without You, what can miserable I do?”

V1 – (Jesus says to Luisa): “As for the visits and the acts of reparation, You Must Know that everything I did in the course of thirty-three years, from when I was Born up to when I died, I AM continuing in the Sacrament of the Altar. Therefore I want you to visit Me thirty-three times a day, Honoring My years and also Uniting with Me in the Sacrament with My Own Intentions – that is, Reparation, Adoration… You will do this at all times: with the first thought of the morning, fly before the Tabernacle in which I AM present for Love of you, and visit Me; and also with the last thought of the evening, while you sleep at night, before and after your meal, at the beginning of each one of your actions, while walking, working…”

While He was saying this to me, I saw myself all confused, not knowing whether I could manage to do them; and I said to him: ‘Lord, I beg You to be with me until I acquire the habit of doing them, for I know that with You I can do everything – but without You, what can miserable I do?’ And He, benignly, added: “Yes, yes, I will content you – when have I ever failed you? I want your Goodwill – whatever you want, I will give to you.” And so He did.

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Enrapturing Beauty of Jesus at His Birth-Jesus Knocks at our Hearts


nativity 5V20 – 12.25.26

“My daughter, do you want to see how My inseparable Mama saw Me when I came out of Her Maternal Womb? Look at Me, and see.”

I looked at Him, and I saw Him as a tiny little Baby, of a Rare and Enrapturing Beauty. From the whole of His little Humanity, from His Eyes, from His Mouth, from His Hands and Feet, came out most Refulgent Rays of Light, that not only enveloped Him, but extended so much as to be able to wound each heart of creature, almost to give them the first greeting of His Coming upon earth—the First Knock, to Knock at the hearts, to have them open and ask for a shelter in them. That Knock was Sweet but Penetrating; however, being a Knock of Light, it made no clamor, and yet it made itself heard strongly, more than any sound.

So, on that night, all felt something unusual in their hearts, but very few were those who opened their hearts to give Him a little accommodation. And the tender Infant, in feeling Himself unrequited in His Greeting, and that no one was opening at His repeated Knocking, began His Crying with His Lips livid and shivering with cold; He Sobbed, Wailed and Sighed. But while the Light that came out of Him was doing all this with creatures, receiving the first rejections, with His Celestial Mama, as soon as He came out of Her Womb, He threw Himself into Her Maternal Arms to give Her the First Embrace, the First Kiss.

And since His little Arms could not reach to embrace Her completely, the Light that came out of His little Hands surrounded all of Her, in such a way that Mother and Son remained Invested with the same Light. Oh! how the Queen Mama requited Her Son with Her Embrace and Kiss; in such a way that They remained so clasped to each other as to seem Fused, one within the other. With Her Love, She compensated for the first rejection that Jesus received from the hearts of creatures, and the Dear and Charming little Baby placed His First Act of being Born, His Graces, His First Sorrow, in the Heart of His Mama, so that what was seen in the Son could be seen in His Mama.

Then, after this, the Gracious little Baby came into my arms, and as He squeezed me so very tightly, I felt Him Entering into me, and I into Him. And then He said to me: “My daughter, I wanted to Embrace you as I Embraced My Dear Mama as Newly Born, so that you too may receive My First Act of being Born and My First Sorrow, My Tears, My tender Wailings, that you may be moved to compassion for My Sorrowful State at My Birth. Had I not had My Mama in whom I could place all the Good of My Birth and Fix in Her the Light of My Divinity that I, Word of the Father, contained, I would have found no one in whom either to place the Infinite Treasure of My Birth, or to Fix the Light of My Divinity that Shone forth from My little Humanity.

“Therefore, see how necessary it is that, when the Supreme Majesty decides for a great Good to be done for creatures, that can serve as Universal Good, We choose one to whom to give so much Grace that she may be able to receive within herself all the Good that all others must receive. In fact, if others do not receive all of it or part of it, Our Work does not remain suspended and without its Fruit, but the chosen soul receives all of that Good within herself, and Our Work receives the return of its Fruit.

“So, My Mama was the depository, not only of My Life, but of all My Acts. Therefore, in all My Acts, first I looked to see whether I could deposit them in Her, and then I did them. In Her I deposited My Tears, My Wailings, the Cold and the Pains that I Suffered; and She Echoed all of My Acts, and with Incessant Thanksgivings She received everything. There was a Contest between Mother and Son—I in Giving, She in Receiving.

“As this little Humanity of Mine made Its First Entrance upon earth, My Divinity wanted to Shine forth from It, in order to go around everywhere and make the First Sensible Visit to all Creation. Heaven and earth—all received this Visit of their Creator, except for man. They had never received so much honor and glory as when they saw their King, their Maker, within their midst; all felt honored, for they were to serve Him from whom they had received their existence, therefore all made Feast. So, My Birth was of great Joy and Glory for Me on the part of My Mama and of all Creation; but it was for Me of great Sorrow on the part of creatures. This is why I have come to you—to feel the Joys of My Mama being Repeated in Me, and to Place in you the Fruit of My Birth.”

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Jesus Came on Earth not only to Redeem Man but to Give back to Man the Divine Will


Nativity-smallV19 – 7.29.26

“My daughter, by sinning, the first man lost a Divine Will, and therefore My Humanity was needed, United with the Eternal Word, which was to sacrifice the human will of My Humanity entirely and completely in order to reacquire this Divine Will, so as to give It back to the creature.  So, My Humanity gave not even a breath of life to Its human will, but kept it only to sacrifice it, and to pay for the freedom that man had taken, of rejecting this Supreme Will with so much ingratitude; and as he lost It, all of Its Goods, Its Happiness, Its Dominion, Its Sanctity, failed him – everything failed him.  If man had lost something human given to him by God, a Saint could have rendered it back to him, but since he lost a Divine Will, another Man and God was needed, who would be able to give It back to him.

Now, had I come upon earth to redeem him, one drop of My Blood, one little pain of Mine would have been enough to put him in safety; but since I came not only to save him, but to give him back My Divine Will, which he had lost, this Divine Will wanted to descend into all My pains, into My tears, into My sighs and moans – into everything I did and suffered, in order to reacquire the Dominion in all and over all human acts, and therefore be able to form, once again, Its Kingdom in the midst of creatures.  So, as a little Child, when I cried, wailed, moaned, My Divine Will, more than solar ray, invested all Creation with My tears, with My moans and sighs.

The stars, the sun, the starry sky, the sea, the little flower – all cried, moaned, wailed and sighed, because the Divine Will present in Me was the same as That which Reigned in all Creation, and therefore, as though naturally, the stars cried, the sky moaned, the sun wailed, the sea sighed.  The Light of My Divine Will brought My Echo into all created things, and repeating My Acts, they kept company with their Creator.

Oh, if you knew the assault that the Divine Majesty received in hearing My crying, My moans and sighs in all Creation!  All created things, animated by My Divine Will, prostrate at the foot of the Divine Throne, deafened It with their moans, drew It with their tears, moved It to pity with their sighs and prayers; and my pains, reverberating in them, bound It to surrender the keys of Heaven, and implored that the Kingdom of the Divine Will come upon earth once again.  My Celestial Father, moved to Compassion and Tenderness by His Own Will that cried, moaned, prayed and suffered in all His Works, surrendered the Keys and gave His Kingdom once again.  But in order to be sure, He placed It in My Humanity, so that at the appropriate time He might give It back again to the human family.  Here is the necessity for Me to do the human actions and to descend into the order of the human actions – because My Divine Will was to take Its Dominion and substitute the order of Its Divine Will in all the acts of creatures.  See, then, how much this Kingdom cost Me, with how many pains I ransomed It.  This is why I love It so much, and I want to Establish It in the midst of creatures at any cost.”

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First Purpose of the Incarnation of Jesus was the Kingdom of the Divine Will


Excerpt from V26 – 5.16.29

Nativity 6“My daughter, if you knew the ardor of My Love that I feel, because I want to establish the Kingdom of My Divine Will upon earth, so as to realize the only purpose for which man was created. In fact, in everything that has been done by the Divine Persons, from the time when the world was created, and in what We will do, Our Principle will always be that one—nor will We ever cease it—that man return into the inheritance of the Kingdom of Our Fiat, that he rejected from Us.

“This is so true, that in My very Incarnation, when I descended from Heaven to earth, the First Purpose was the Kingdom of My Divine Will; it is into Its Kingdom—that is, in My Immaculate Mother who possessed It—that I directed My first steps; My first dwelling was within Her most pure womb, in which My Fiat held Its absolute dominion and Its Kingdom, whole and beautiful. And in this Kingdom of My Will that My Celestial Mama possessed, I began and I formed My Life down here—made of pains, of tears and of expiations. I knew that I was to be the Jesus neglected, unloved, nor sought for, but I wanted to come because I could see through the centuries how My coming upon earth was to serve to form the Kingdom of My Divine Will and, by necessity, I was to redeem them first in order to obtain My first Purpose.

“And so, even from that time, I descended from Heaven in order to come to find, to search for and to clasp to My breast the children of My Kingdom, who would search for Me, love Me, recognize Me, to the point of being unable to be without Me. Therefore, in what I did and suffered, I put a mark and I said: ‘Here I shall wait for the children of My Will; I shall embrace them, we shall love one another with one single love, with one single Will.’ And for love of them, My pains, My tears, My steps, My works, changed for Me into refreshment, into joy for My Heart drowned with love.

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‘Love’ Made Jesus Come from Heaven and be Born in the World

 Blessed Mother and Baby Jesus 2FROM THE BOOK OF HEAVEN

V6 – 12.24.03

This morning, as I was in my usual state, Baby Jesus came, and on seeing Him so very little, as if He were just born, I said to Him: ‘My pretty little one, what was the cause – who made You come from Heaven and be born, so little, in the world?’ And He: “The reason was love; not only this, but my birth in time was the outpouring of love of the Most Holy Trinity toward creatures. In an outpouring of love of my Mother I was born from Her womb, and in an outpouring of love I am reborn in souls. But this outpouring is formed by desire. As soon as the soul begins to desire Me, I am conceived; the more she advances in her desire, the more I keep growing in the soul; and when this desire fills her whole interior and reaches the point of overflowing outside, then I am reborn in the whole of man – in his mind, in his mouth, in his works and steps. In the opposite way, the devil also makes his births in souls. As soon as the soul begins to desire and to want evil, the devil is conceived with his perverted works; and if this desire is nourished, the devil grows and fills all of man’s interior with passions, the most ugly and disgusting ones, and reaches the point of overflowing outside, as man lets all vices rush in. My daughter, how many births the devil makes in these most sad times! If men and demons had the power to do it, they would have destroyed my births in souls.”

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How to Make Jesus be Born in Our Hearts


V8 – 12.25.08

“My daughter, the best way to make Me be Born in one’s own heart, is to empty oneself of everything, because in finding empty space, I can place all My Goods in it. And only then can I remain in it forever, if there is room to be able to carry all that belongs to Me, all that is My Own. A person who went to live in the house of someone else, could be called happy only if he found empty space in which to be able to put all of his belongings; otherwise, he would be unhappy. So I AM.

The second thing in order to make Me be Born and to increase My Happiness, is that everything the soul contains, both internal and external – everything, must be done for Me; everything must serve to Honor Me, to Execute My Orders. If only one thing, one thought, one word, is not for Me, I feel unhappy, and while I should be the Master, they make Me a slave. Can I tolerate all this?

The third one is Heroic Love, Magnified Love, Love of Sacrifice. These Three Loves make My Happiness Grow in a Marvelous Way, because they Render the soul capable of works which are Superior to her strengths, as she does them with My Strength alone. They will Expand her, by making not only her, but also others Love Me. And she will reach the point of Enduring anything, even death, in order to Triumph in everything, and be able to say to Me: ‘I have nothing else; everything is only Love for You.’ In this way, she will not only make Me be Born, but will make Me Grow, and will Form a Beautiful Paradise in her heart.”

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Incarnation of the Word



Maternity of Mary New Popup 01Now, my child, listen to Me. I continued my life in Nazareth; the Divine Fiat continued to expand Its Kingdom within Me. It used my most tiny acts, even the most indifferent ones – such as keeping the little house in order, starting the fire, sweeping, and all the acts which are usual in families – to let Me feel Its life palpitating in the fire, in the water, in the food, in the air I breathed – in everything. And investing my little acts, It formed over them seas of light, of grace, of sanctity; because wherever It reigns, the Divine Will has the power to form, even from little trifles, new heavens of enchanting beauty. Being immense, It does not know how to do little things, but with Its power It gives value to trifles, making of them the greatest things, such as to astonish Heaven and earth. Everything is holy, everything is sacred, for one who lives of Divine Will.

Now, child of my Heart, pay attention to Me and listen: several days before the descent of the Eternal Word upon earth, I could see Heaven opened and the Sun of the Divine Word at Its doors, as though to look out for the one upon whom He was to take His flight, to render Himself Celestial Prisoner of one creature. Oh, how beautiful it was to see Him at the doors of Heaven, as though on the lookout to spy the fortunate creature who was to host her Creator! The Sacrosanct Trinity no longer looked at the earth as alien to It, because there was little Mary who, by possessing the Divine Will, had formed Its Divine Kingdom in which the Word could safely descend, as in His own residence, in which He would find Heaven and the many suns of the many acts of Divine Will done within my soul. The Divinity overflowed with love, and removing the mantle of Justice which It had worn with the creatures for so many centuries, It covered Itself with the mantle of infinite mercy, and decreed the descent of the Word… and It was now in the act of sounding the hour of fulfillment! At this sound, Heaven and earth were astounded, and all stood at attention, to be spectators of such a great excess of love, and a prodigy so unheard-of.

Your Mama felt ignited with love, and echoing the love of my Creator, I wanted to form one single sea of love, so that the Word might descend upon earth within it. My prayers were incessant, and while I was praying in my little room, an Angel came, sent from Heaven as messenger of the great King. He came before Me, and bowing, he hailed Me: “Hail, O Mary, our Queen; the Divine Fiat has filled You with grace. He has already pronounced His Fiat, for He wants to descend; He is just behind my shoulders, but He wants your Fiat to form the fulfillment of His Fiat.”

At such a great announcement, so much desired by Me – although I had never thought I was to be the chosen one – I was stupefied and I hesitated one instant. But the Angel of the Lord told Me: “Do not fear, our Queen, for You have found grace before God. You have conquered your Creator; therefore, to complete the victory – pronounce your Fiat.”

I pronounced my Fiat, and – oh, marvel! – the two Fiat fused together and the Divine Word descended into Me. My Fiat, which received the same value as the Divine Fiat, from the seed of my humanity, formed the tiny little Humanity which was to enclose the Word, and so the great prodigy of the Incarnation was accomplished.

Oh, power of the Supreme Fiat! You raised Me so high as to render Me powerful, to the point of being able to create within Me that Humanity which was to enclose the Eternal Word, Whom Heaven and earth could not contain! The Heavens were shaken, and all Creation assumed the attitude of feast. Exulting with joy, they peeked over the little house of Nazareth, to give homages and obsequies to the Creator made man; and in their mute language, they said: “Oh, prodigy of prodigies, which only a God could do! Immensity has become little, power has made itself powerless, His unreachable height has lowered itself deep into the abyss of the womb of a Virgin and, at the same time, He is little and immense, powerful and powerless, strong and weak!”

My dear child, you cannot comprehend what your Mama felt in the act of the Incarnation of the Word. All pressed upon Me and awaited my Fiat, I could say, omnipotent.

Now, dear child, listen to Me: how much you should take to your heart doing the Divine Will and living of It! My power still exists: let Me pronounce my Fiat over your soul. But in order to do this, I want your own. One alone cannot do true good; the greatest works are always done between two. God Himself did not want to do it by Himself, but wanted Me together with Him, to form the great prodigy of the Incarnation. In my Fiat and in His, the life of the Man-God was formed; the destiny of mankind was restored, Heaven was no longer closed, and all goods were enclosed between the two Fiat. Therefore, let us say together, “Fiat! Fiat!”, and my maternal love will enclose in you the life of the Divine Will.

Enough for now; tomorrow I will wait for you again, to narrate to my child the continuation of the Incarnation.

Prayer of the soul:

Beautiful Mama, I feel stupefied in hearing your beautiful lessons. O please! I pray You to pronounce your Fiat over me; and I will pronounce my own, so that the Fiat which You so much yearn to reign as life in me, may be conceived within me.

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Feast of St. Andrew – Prayer

Download (PDF, 4.14MB)

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November 23, 2014

by Fr. George W. Rutler

The Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, is a modern celebration. Pope Pius XI added it to the liturgical calendar in 1925, inspired to contradict the growing statism of Communist and Fascist movements that would give the civil authority pre-eminence over all human affairs.

Eight decades ago, in Germany, Bishop Johannes Schmidt preached on the Feast of Christ the King against the neo-pagan attempt of the National Socialists to replace the spiritual realm of the Church with a new social order based on racism and national interests. The Vatican Radio broadcast his “magnificent sermon” to Germany in German, including his comment that no state has a right to rewrite reality: “Twice two makes four, whether you are a Japanese, a German or an Eskimo. There is a truth common to all mankind, and every nation is but a different incarnation of the same truth about man.”

There are influences in our culture today that want Christ to abdicate his throne by having the Church abandon the truths of the Faith. There are also bolder attempts to overturn Christ’s kingship through judicial arrogance. Today, you can read their opinions in the newspapers as they say: “We have no king but Caesar.” It is a repetition of the moral arrogance that Pope Pius XI addressed, when governments attacked the sanctity of life through eugenics and social engineering.

Then as now, marriage was in the crosshairs, for if Caesar is to rule reality, he must be allowed to subvert natural law. This includes redefining marriage, the very core of civilization, an indissoluble bond between a man and a woman. It is significant that Pope Alexander III, who canonized St. Thomas Beckett, that defender of Christ the King against an earthly ruler, also issued some 400 decretals on the sanctity of marriage. Later attempts of the secretly married Protestant archbishop Cranmer to permit a system of divorce were not sanctioned for three centuries in English civil law. Even then, Lord Russell of Killowen lamented: “What was once a holy estate enduring for the joint lives of the spouses is steadily assuming the characteristics of a contract for a tenancy at will.”

Cultural sanity can only return with obedience to the Kingship of Christ, and no Congress, or Supreme Court, or Synod can contradict him without contradicting their own integrity. In 1970, Blessed Pope Paul VI happily changed the Feast of Christ the King to the climactic Sunday of the liturgical year, to declare to all the world that our Divine Sovereign “was and is and is to come.”

On the solemnity of Christ the King in 1997, Saint John Paul II said: “His was a shameful death, but it represents a confirmation of the Gospel proclamation of the kingdom of God. In the eyes of his enemies, that death should have been proof that all he had said and done was false: ‘He is the King of Israel; let him come down now from the cross, and we will believe in him’ (Mt 27:42). He did not come down from the cross but, like the Good Shepherd, he gave his life for his sheep (cf. Jn 10:11). The confirmation of his royal power, however, came a little later when on the third day he rose from the dead, revealing himself as ‘the first-born of the dead’ (Rv 1:5).”

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