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No Errors In the Writings Of Luisa Piccarreta

No Errors In the Writings Of Luisa



From The Writings Of Luisa Piccarreta

“The Little Daughter Of The Divine Will”


LUISA14VOL. 3 – January 8, 1900

The ‘errors’ contained in these writings, which will do good.  Firmness and stability in operating.

    I was thinking to myself:  ‘Who knows how much nonsense, how many errors are contained in these things I write!’  At that moment, I felt I was losing consciousness, and blessed Jesus came and said to me:  “My daughter, errors too will do good; and this, in order to make known that there is no artifice on your part, and that you are not some doctor, because if you were so, you yourself would realize where you were mistaken.  This will also make shine more that it is I who speak to you, by looking at it in a simple way.  However, I assure you that they will find not a shadow of vice or anything which is not virtue, because while you write, I Myself guide your hand.  At the most, they may find a few errors at first sight, but if they look at them thoroughly, they will find the truth.”

    Having said this, He disappeared, but after a few hours He came back.  I was feeling all hesitant and concerned about the words He had spoken to me, and He added:  “My heritage is firmness and stability; I am not subject to any change, and the more the soul draws near Me and advances on the path of virtues, the firmer and more stable she feels in operating good.  And the farther she remains from Me, the more she will be subject to changing and oscillating – now toward good, now toward evil.


VOL. 6 – December 3, 1904

The ‘mistakes’ contained in these writings.  Two questions to know whether it is God or the devil that operates in Luisa.

Continuing in my usual state, I found myself outside of myself, cast to the ground, before the sun, whose rays penetrated through the whole of me, inside and out, leaving me as though enchanted.  After much time, tired of that position, I began to crawl on the ground, for I did not have the strength to get up and walk.  Then, after I struggled very much, a virgin came, who took me by the hand and led me inside a room, on a bed, in which there was Baby Jesus placidly sleeping.  Content for having found Him, I placed myself near Him, but without waking Him up.  After some time, as He woke up, He began to stroll on the bed, and I, fearing that He might disappear, said:  ‘Pretty little One of my heart, You know that You are my life – O please, do not leave Me!’  And He:  “Let us establish how many times I must come.”  And I:  ‘My only Good, what are You saying?  Life is always necessary; therefore always – always.’  In the meantime two priests came, and the Baby withdrew into the arms of one of them, commanding me to speak with the other.  This one wanted an account of my writings, and was reviewing them one by one.  Fearing, I said to him:  ‘Who knows how many mistakes are in there!’  And he, with affable seriousness, said:  “What mistakes? Against the Christian law?”  And I:  ‘No, grammar mistakes.’  And he:  “This doesn’t matter.”  And I, gaining confidence, added:  ‘I fear that it may be all an illusion.’  And he, looking straight at me, replied:  “Do you think I need to review your writings to know whether you are a deluded one or not?  With two questions I will ask you, I will know whether it is God or the devil that operates in you.  First, do you think that you have deserved all the graces that God has given you, or that they have been gift and grace of God?”  And I:  ‘Everything by the grace of God.’  “Second, do you think that in all the graces that the Lord has given you your good will has anticipated grace, or that grace has anticipated you?”  And I:  ‘Certainly grace has always anticipated me.”  And he:  “These answers make me know that you are not a deluded one.”  At that moment I found myself inside myself.

VOL. 36 – June 20, 1938

    “Every Word can be called a ‘Portent of Love,’ one Greater than the other.  Therefore trying to touch these Writings is wanting to touch Myself, the Center of My Love, the Loving keenness with which I Love creatures.  I will know how to defend Myself and confound anyone who would slightly disapprove of even one Word of what is written on My Divine Will.  Therefore, continue to listen to Me, My daughter; don’t obstruct My Love, don’t tie My arms by rejecting back into My Womb what you keep writing.  These Writings cost Me too much.  They cost Me as much as Myself.  Therefore, I will take so much care of Them that I will not allow even a Word to be lost.”


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