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Prodigies of the Creature Operating in the Divine Will


10/30/22 – Vol. 14

The Prodigies of the creature Operating in the Divine Will.

Continuing in my usual state, my always adorable Jesus came, and plunging me into the Immense Light of His Most Holy Will, told me: “My daughter (Luisa), look at the Prodigies of the creature Operating in My Divine Will. As she Enters into My Divine Will and thinks, prays, works…, she rises with Me. And since I AM Voice without word, My Voice is Formed and Reaches each heart according to its own needs, and in many different ways and languages which are in the creatures, in such a way that all can understand Me. I AM Work without hands, and therefore I AM work of each one; I AM Step without feet, in such a way that wherever I (Jesus) go I find Myself in Act. In the same way, the soul (Luisa), by Operating in My Divine Will, becomes Voice without word, Work without hands, Step without feet, and I (Jesus) feel her Flowing in My Voice, in My Works and in My Steps – I feel her (Luisa) everywhere. And as I feel her always together with Me, I (Jesus) no longer feel lonely; and since I Love the company of the creature (Luisa) very much, taken by Love for her, I Divinize her (Luisa), I Enrich her (Luisa), and I Give her (Luisa) such Graces as to astonish Heaven and earth.”

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