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The Tree of Life, Rooted in the Heart of Jesus



11/5/02 – Vol. 4

The Tree of Life, Rooted in the Heart of Jesus.

This morning my adorable Jesus made Himself seen in my interior, and He seemed to have a Tree planted in His Heart, and so rooted into It, that its Roots arose from the Center of His Heart. In sum, it seemed to be born together with It, with the same Nature. I was amazed at seeing Its Beauty, Strikingness and Height, which seemed to touch the heavens; and Its Branches extended out to the farthest ends of the world. Now, on seeing me so amazed, Blessed Jesus told me: “My daughter (Luisa), this Tree was Conceived together with Me, in the Center of My Heart, and from that moment I felt in My inmost Heart all the Good and the evil that man would do with this Tree of Redemption, called ‘Tree of Life’. In fact, all those souls who remain United to this Tree will receive the Life of Grace in time, and when the Tree has raised them well, It will administer to them the Life of Glory in Eternity. Yet, what is not My Sorrow? Even though they cannot root out the Tree, nor can they touch the Trunk, many try to cut some Branches so that souls may not receive Life, and to take away from Me all the Glory and the Pleasure that this Tree of Life would have produced for Me.” While saying this, He disappeared.

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