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Difference Between the Operating of Jesus and that of Man ~ Effects of Continuously Meditating on the Passion ~



Christ the King. 3


11/9/02 – Vol. 4

 Difference between the operating of Jesus and the operating of man.

While I was longing for my adorable Jesus, He came in the appearance He had when His enemies were slapping Him, covering His face with spit, and blindfolding Him. With admirable Patience He suffered everything; even more, it seemed He would not even look at them, so much was He intent in His Interior on looking at the Fruit which those sufferings would produce. I admired everything with amazement, and Jesus told me: “My daughter (Luisa), in My Operating and Suffering I (Jesus) never looked outside, but always inside; and whatever it might be, in seeing its Fruit, I would not just suffer it, but I would suffer everything with Yearning and Avidity. On the other hand, completely opposite, man, in operating Good, does not look inside the work, and not seeing its Fruit, he becomes easily bored, everything bothers him, and many times he neglects doing Good. If he suffers, he easily loses his patience; and if he does evil, not looking inside that evil, he does it with ease.” Then He added: “Creatures do not want to convince themselves that Life must be accompanied by various circumstances, now of sufferings, now of consolation. Yet, even plants and flowers give them an example of this by remaining submitted to winds, snows, hail and heat.”



11/9/06 – Vol. 7

 Effects of meditating continuously on the Passion.

Finding myself in my usual state, I was thinking about the Passion of Our Lord; and while I was doing this, He came and told me: “My daughter (Luisa), one who meditates continuously on My Passion and feels sorrow for it and compassion for Me, pleases Me so much that I (Jesus) feel as though comforted for all that I suffered in the course of My Passion; and by always meditating on it, the soul (Luisa and the souls Linked to Luisa) arrives at preparing a continuous Food. In this Food there are many different Spices and Flavors, which form different Effects. So, if in the course of My Passion they gave Me ropes and chains to tie Me, the soul releases Me and gives Me freedom. They despised Me, spat on Me, and dishonored Me; she appreciates Me, cleans Me of that spittle, and honors Me. They stripped Me and scourged Me; she heals Me and clothes Me. They crowned Me with thorns, mocking Me as king, embittered My Mouth with bile, and crucified Me; while the soul, meditating on all My Pains, Crowns Me with Glory and Honors Me as her king, fills My Mouth with Sweetness, giving Me the most delicious Food, which is the memory of My own Works; and unnailing Me from the Cross, she makes Me rise again in her heart. And every time she does so, I (Jesus) give her a New Life of Grace as recompense. She is My Food, and I (Jesus) become her Continuous Food. So, the thing that pleases Me the most is meditating continuously on My Passion.”

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