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The Word of Jesus is Sun – One who Lives in the Divine Will Lives in the Most Holy Humanity of Jesus



12/14/11 – Vol. 10
The Word of Jesus is Sun; it nourishes the mind, and satiates the heart with Love.

I continue my most bitter days, though resigned to the Will of God. My always lovable Jesus, if He makes Himself seen, is always afflicted and taciturn; it seems He no longer wants to pay attention to me in anything. This morning, making Himself seen, He put two earrings on my ears – so shining as to look like two suns. Then He told me: “My beloved daughter (Luisa), for one who is all intent on listening to Me, My Word is Sun, which not only delights the hearing, but nourishes the mind and satiates the heart with Me and with My Love. Ah! they don’t want to understand that all My intent is to have all of you intent within Me, without paying attention to anything else. Look at her (pointing at someone), with her way of scrutinizing everything – she pays attention to everything, she is affected by everything, up to the excesses – and even in holy things. This is nothing but a living outside of Me, and one who lives outside of Me, by necessity feels herself very much. She thinks she does honor to Me, but it is the opposite.”

12/14/12 – Vol. 11


One who Lives in the Divine Will Lives in the Most Holy Humanity of Jesus, in order to do what He does and embrace everyone and everything. One who Lives completely in His Will is not tempted.

This morning, when my always adorable Jesus came, He tied me with a golden thread and told me: “My daughter (Luisa), I do not want to tie you with ropes and chains. Iron shackles and chains are used with the rebels, but with the docile – with those who want no life other than My Divine Will, and who take no food other than My Love – a thread is enough to keep them united with Me; and many times I don’t even use this thread. They are so deeply into Me, that we form one single thing. So, if I use the thread, it is almost to joke with them.”

While Jesus was tying me, I found myself in the endless sea of the Will of my Jesus and, consequently, of all creatures; and I went wandering in the mind of Jesus, in the eyes of Jesus, in the mouth of Jesus, in the Heart of Jesus, as well as in the mind, in the eyes and in everything else of the creatures, doing all that Jesus did. Oh, how Jesus embraces all, without excluding anyone! Then, Jesus added: “One (Luisa) who Lives in My Divine Will, embracing everything, praying and repairing for all, takes within herself the Love that I (Jesus) have for everyone; she encloses in just herself the Love that I have for all. For as much as I (Jesus) love her (Luisa), she is equally dear to Me and beautiful. She leaves everyone behind.”

Then, having read that one who is not tempted is not dear to God, and since it seems to me that for a long time I have not known what temptation is, I mentioned this to Jesus, and He told me: “My daughter (Luisa), one who Lives completely in My Divine Will is not subject to temptation, because the devil does not have the power to enter My Divine Will; not only this, but he, himself, does not want to enter because My Divine Will is Light, and in front of this Light the soul would recognize his tricks and would therefore make fun of the enemy. The enemy does not like this mockery, which are more terrible for him than hell itself; so he does all he can to stay away from her. Try to get out of My Divine Will, and you will see how many enemies will swoop down on you. One (Luisa) who Lives in My Divine Will always carries the Flag of Victory high, and none of the enemies dare to confront this impregnable Flag.”

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