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‘The Principle’

‘The Principle’

 The Principle the long interview – Earth is the center of the universe


Vol. 34

“This is the reason My Speaking still continues, because all the Queens have not come forth form Our Divinity in order to complete their Office.  And since the Speaking about My Will is the continuation of the Creation of the Fiat that Created the universe, and as then the Creation of the universe was preparation to the Creation of Man, so today My Speaking about My Fiat is nothing other than the continuation of Creation in order to prepare the sumptuousness, the decency, for My Kingdom and for those who will possess It.  Therefore be attentive and do not let anything escape you, otherwise you would suffocate an Act of My Will and constrain Me to repeat My Lessons.”


“And now a word to all of you who read these writings… I beg you, I implore you to receive with love what Jesus wants to gives us, that is, His Will.

But to give you His Will, He wants yours, otherwise His own cannot reign. If you only knew… With this love my Jesus wants to give you the greatest gift that exists in both heaven and earth: His Will!

Oh, what bitter tears He sheds, for He sees that in following your own will you wander all over the wretched earth! You are no good at keeping a good resolution, and do you know why? Because His Will does not reign in you.

Oh, how Jesus weeps and sighs over your destiny! And sobbing, He begs you to make His will reign in you. He wants to make you change your lot: from sick to healthy, from poor to rich, from weak to strong, from hesitant to steadfast, from slaves to kings. He wants no great penances, no lengthy prayers nor anything else; except that His Will reign in you and that yours live no more.

Ah, listen to Him, and I am ready to give my life for each one of you, to suffer any hardship so that you open the doors of your soul and the Will of my Jesus can reign and triumph over the human generations!

Now will you all deign to accept my invitation? Come with me to Eden, the place of your origins where the Supreme One created man, made him king and gave him a kingdom to rule over; this kingdom was the whole universe; but his scepter, his crown and his orders came from the depths of his soul in which the divine Fiat dwells as a ruling King and constitutes man’s true kingship. His robes were royal, brighter than the sun, his acts noble, his beauty entrancing. God so loved him, entertained himself with him, called him my little king and son. All was happiness, order and harmony


Preface to the Hours

The first Fiat extracted the whole Universe from nothing. The second Fiat, pronounced by the Most Holy Virgin Mary, hailed by the Angel, determined the Incarnation of the Divine Word in Her most pure Womb and the subsequent Redemption of mankind.  The third Fiat was left to us by Our Lord Jesus Christ in the great Prayer of the Our Father, with those divine words:  “Fiat Voluntas Tua Sicut in Coelo et in terra” – Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

October 13, 1916

I was making “The Hours of his Passion, and Blessed Jesus said to me:

“My daughter, in the course of my mortal Life, thousands of Angels courted my Humanity and gathered together what I did: my words, steps, even breaths, pains, drops of my Blood, in a word, everything. They were Angels deputed to my care, to render Me honor, obedient to my every gesture; they descended and ascended to Heaven, as to present what I did to the Father.

Now, these Angels have a special office: As the soul recalls my Life, my Passion, my prayers, they place themselves round her, thus gathering together her words, her prayers, the compassion she shows Me, her tears, her offenses; whereby, uniting them to Mine, they carry them off to my Majesty, as to renew for Me the glory of my own Life. And the Angels enjoy it so much that they reverently stand in attention as to hear what the soul is saying, and they pray together with her. Therefore, with attention and respect, the soul ought to make these Hours, while remembering that the Angels hang upon her every word, as to repeat after her what she says!”….

 May 16, 1917

Then I found myself outside of myself.  I found myself among many souls—it seemed as though they were the souls of Purgatory and the Saints—who named a person I knew who died not long ago, and they said to me:  “He feels as happy in seeing that there is no soul who enters into Purgatory who does not carry the imprint of the Hours of the Passion.  Further, helped and escorted by these Hours, he takes his position in a secure place.  Moreover, there is not a soul that flies into Paradise who is not accompanied by these Hours of the Passion.  These Hours rain continuous dew from Heaven onto the earth, into Purgatory, and even into Heaven.”

Upon hearing this I said to myself:  “Perhaps my beloved Jesus, in order to keep His word given—that for every word of The Hours of the Passion He would save a soul—(grants that) there be no soul saved who would not have made use of these Hours.”

Afterwards, I returned into myself, and, having found my sweet Jesus, I asked Him if this were true.

And He:  “These Hours are the order of the universe and put Heaven and earth into harmony, as well as keep Me from destroying the world.  I feel My Blood, My Wounds, My Love, and all that I did, put into circulation; and they flow upon all to save all.  Further, as souls do these Hours of the Passion, I feel My Blood, My Wounds, and My anxieties to save souls come to life, and I feel My Life repeated to Me.

“How can creatures obtain any good, if not by means of these Hours?  Why do you doubt it?  The thing is not yours, but Mine.  You have been the constrained and weak instrument.”

 The Queen

Listen, my child: as soon as the Divinity smiled and celebrated my Conception, the Supreme Fiat took the third step over my little humanity. Tiny, tiny as I was, It endowed Me with divine reason; and moving all Creation in feast, It made Me recognized by all created things as their Queen. They recognized in Me the life of the Divine Will, and the whole universe prostrated itself at my feet, even though I was tiny and not yet born.

Now, dear child, if your life and your pains have the Divine Will as their center of life, be certain that sweet Jesus will use you and your pains to give help, light and grace to the whole universe. Therefore, pluck up courage; the Divine Will can do great things where It reigns. In all circumstances, reflect yourself in Me and in your sweet Jesus, and move forward.

Volume 35

The Sun, the sky, the stars, the wind and the sea are not Lives but, being our works, how much good do they not do?  They serve as the most beautiful and primary residence for man…. What are their houses compared to the great residence We made of all the Universe?  There is a blue vault dotted with gold, which never fades; there is a Sun which is never extinguished; there is air which, being breathed, gives life; there is a wind which purifies and refreshes… and many more things.

 Volume 34

December 8, 1935

“The Creation of the universe was Created by Us in an admirable way, and it is maintained by Us under the Empire of Our Creating and Conserving Act, without Us adding anything else.  On the other hand, in this Virgin, We maintain the Creating, Conserving, and Growing Act.  This is the Prodigy of prodigies, the Life of Our Volition Reborn in Her, and Its continuous Growth in every Act that She did.  And Our Fiat, in order be Born in Her, pronounced Itself in the Act of Her Conception.  And when this pronounces Itself, Our Act has such Sumptuousness, Sublimity, Height, Immensity, Power, that It takes everything in the net of Its Love, It does not set anyone aside, everyone can take the Good that Our Operating Fiat possesses, except whoever would not want it.

“See, therefore, where Our Love arrives at for one who Lives in the Divine Will—even to not wanting to do anything without her.  She is the harmony of Our Infinite Wisdom, that as the Creation of the universe always goes around Us, and as they go around fecundating the earth and maintaining the natural life of all creatures, so this New Creation of the Conception of the Immaculate Lady always goes around God, and God always goes around Her, and They maintain the fecundity of Good, They form the Sanctity of souls, and the Recall of creatures to God.”

Volume 31

I am repeating the way that I had in Creation, I pronounced the Fiat, then I was silent; and although they say days, at that time days did not exist, therefore they can even be called epochs, in which I formed the great machine of the universe.  I spoke and I worked; and so much was My Pleasure with the Work that My Word produced, that with one ‘Fiat’ of Mine it disposed Me and enraptured from Me another ‘Fiat’ of Mine, and then still another, even to such that My ‘Fiat’ only stops when I see that nothing lacks to Its Work.  On the contrary, everything was Sumptuousness, Beauty, Order and Harmony, and in order to enjoy My Works, I remained as Life and at watch over My same ‘Fiat.’

Volume 30

I spoke in Creation, and My Word served to form the admirable things of the whole universe; I spoke in Redemption, and My Word, My Gospel, serves as guide to My Church, as light, as support.  It can be said that My Word is the substance and the Life palpitating in the womb of My Church.  Now, if I have spoken and I still speak about My Divine Will, it will not be in vain—no, but I will have the admirable effects and the Life of My Will, known, operating and palpitating in the midst of creatures.  Therefore, let Me do, and I will dispose things in a way that My Word will not be a dead word—but Alive, that will give Life with all its admirable effects.  More so, since these Celestial Fields and Seas of Ours will act as mothers to the fortunate souls who would want to live in them; they will educate them in a Divine Manner, they will nourish them with delicious foods taken from the Celestial table, and will raise them in a noble and holy way, such that in all their acts, steps and words, it will appear, written in clear notes:  ‘They are similar to their Creator.’

Volume 29

“Now, you must know that in creating the whole universe, the variety of many manifold things, We placed a determined act, an ‘enough’ to each thing, in such a way that they cannot surpass any limit from the way in which they were created.  However, even though it was a determined act and they cannot go any further, it was yet a full act; so much so, that creatures are unable, nor do they have the capacity, to take all the good that each created thing contains.  This is so true that, who can say:  ‘I can take all the light of the sun’?  ‘The heavens are not enough for me over my head’?  ‘All the waters are not enough for me to quench my thirst’?  ‘The earth is not sufficient under my feet’?  And so with many other things.  And this, because as Our Divinity does an act, creates things, Our Love, the superabundance We possess, is so great, that We put in display, luxury, pomp.  Of none of Our Works can it be said that it is poor; they all make display—some of luxury of light, some make pomp of beauty, some of variety of colors, and more.  They seem to be saying, in their mute language:  ‘Our Creator is immensely rich, beautiful, powerful, wise, and therefore all of us, as worthy works of Him, make display of luxury in the office given to us by God.’


‘My Creative Strength maintains all this machine of the universe; if It withdrew, the sun would disappear as if by magic, the heavens and all the other things would resolve into nothing, just as from nothing they came out.  So, My Creative Power keeps on creating It continuously, and can say in all reality:  ‘It is precisely for you that I am creating the sun, so that your life, your journey, may be strewn with light.  For you the azure heavens, so that your eye may wander afar and delight in their extension.  I am creating everything for you; I maintain everything in order because I love you.’  My Divine Will makes Itself life in act of all things, It sustains them and preserves them, It places them around the creature to make her feel, from all things and from all sides, Its unmovable Life, Its immutable Strength, Its invincible Love.  It can be said that It clasps her everywhere as triumph of Its Love.  And It maintains not only the external order and all things in act, as if It were creating them, but It maintains internally, with Its Creative Strength, the whole internal order of the creature.  So, It is always in act of creating the heartbeat, the breath, the motion, the circulation of the blood, the intelligence, the memory, the will.  It runs as life in the heartbeat, in the breath—in everything; It sustains and preserves, without ever withdrawing from the soul and from the body.  Yet, this Supreme Will of Mine is everything, does everything, and is not recognized, but rather, forgotten.  It could say as I said to the Apostles:  ‘I have been with you for so long, and you still do not know Me.’  Many things are made known that do not form the life of the creature; and of My Will, that forms the life and is continuous Act of Life—otherwise she could not live—nothing is made known.  Therefore, My daughter, be attentive, recognize It in you and outside of you—in everything, more than your own life, and you will feel admirable things, Its continuous Act that loves you with untiring love, and only because It loves you, It gives you Life.”

 “But do you know where We can form this Life and this fulfilled Act of Ours, as much as it is possible and imaginable for a creature to receive from her Creator?  In the soul who lives in Our Divine Will and lets herself be dominated by It.  Ah! only in her can We form the Divine Life and carry out Our fulfilled Act.  Our Will disposes the creature to receive all the Divine Qualities and colors; and Our Breath, never interrupted, as most skillful brush, paints with admirable and inimitable mastery the most beautiful shades, and forms the facsimiles of Our Supreme Being.  If it were not for these facsimiles, the work of Creation would have been nothing great, nor a great work of the Power of Our Creative Hands; to create the sun, the heavens, the stars and the whole universe would have been an absolute nothing for Our Power.

Volume 28

Then, I continued my round in the Creation, and my always lovable Jesus added:  “My daughter, see what order there is in the creation of the whole universe:  there are heavens, stars, suns – all ordered.  Much more so in creating man; Our Divine Being stretched out the order of Our divine qualities like many heavens in the depth of his soul.  So, We stretched out in him the heaven of love, the heaven of Our goodness, the heaven of Our sanctity, of Our beauty, and so on.  And after We stretched out the order of the heavens of Our divine qualities, Our Fiat, in the vault of these heavens, constituted Itself Sun of the soul, which, with Its light and heat, reflecting Itself in him, was to grow and preserve Our Divine Life in the creature.  And just as Our divine qualities point out Our Supreme Being, so do these heavens, stretched out in man, point out that he is Our dwelling.  Who can tell you the way – the Love with which We delighted in creating man?  Oh! if he knew who he is, what he possesses, oh! how he would esteem himself more, and would be attentive not to stain his soul, and would love the One who created him with so much love and grace.”

“My daughter, my Love toward creatures is so great, that It does not cease to love them for one single instant.  If I ceased to love them for one instant alone, the whole machine of the universe and all creatures would resolve into nothing, because the existence of all things had the first act of life from my Love – full, whole, complete, interminable and incessant; and so that my Love might have all Its fullness, I released from Myself, as act of life of the whole universe and of each act of creature, my Divine Will.  So, my Will is life of everything, my Love is continuous nourishment of all Creation.

Volume 27

In fact, this great machine of the universe was done in order to give It to the creature – but to that creature who would let Our Divine Volition reign. 

So, after the universe was created and all things were at their place of order, waiting for the one around whom, like an ordered army, they were to line up so as to serve him and obey his wishes, We created man.  All created things and his very Creator poured themselves over him to sing to him Our eternal loves, and say to Him:  ‘We all have the mark of our Creator, and we pour it over you, who are His image.’  Heaven and earth made complete feast, and Our very Divinity celebrated with so much love the creation of man, that at the mere memory of it, Our love seethes so strongly that, overflowing, it forms immense seas around Us.

Volume 25

One is the Virgin, and therefore universal Mother and Queen of all.  One is your Jesus, and therefore my Redemption extends everywhere and in a universal way; everything I did and suffered is at the disposal of all and of each one.  One is the little newborn of my Divine Will, and therefore the whole entire universe will receive, in a universal way, all the goods of the manifestations and knowledges of my Divine Fiat which, like sacred deposit, I have deposited in you, so that, more than splendid sun, it may shine its innumerable rays to illuminate the whole entire world.  Therefore, everything I tell you contains the universal virtue, which will give itself to all and will do good to all.  So, be attentive, and always follow my Divine Will.”

May everything be for the glory of God and for the fulfillment of His Fiat!!!

 Volume 24

I was doing my round in the Divine Fiat, and many things about the Supreme Volition wandered through my mind; so I thought to myself:  ‘How can it be that if the knowledges about this Divine Will become known, then Its Kingdom can come?  If He did so much for the coming of the Kingdom of Redemption – the mere knowledge of it was not enough, but He worked, suffered, died, performed miracles… – will the knowledges alone be enough for the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat which is greater than Redemption?’  But while I was thinking of this, my lovable Jesus moved in my interior and told me:  “My daughter, in order to form the smallest thing, creatures need works, steps and raw materials; but God, your Jesus, does not need anything to create and form the greatest works and the entire universe.

So, all that you see in the whole universe are nothing but the effects of the one single act of God; and because it is one single act, it possesses the virtue of order and harmony in all of the effects it produces.

Volume 23

“My little daughter, you must know that Our love gushed out in Creation, and overflowing outside of Ourselves – without anyone having merited such a great good, not even with a single word – Our highest goodness and liberality with no limits created the whole machine of the universe with such great magnificence, order and harmony, for love of the one who did not yet exist.  After this, Our love gushed out more strongly, and We created the one for whom all things had been created.  And since, in operating, We operate always with unreachable magnanimity, and while We are not depleted, We give everything, so that nothing of magnanimity, of greatness and of all goods may be lacking to Our work – in creating man, with no merit at all on his part, as dowry, foundation and substance of all goods, joys and happinesses, we gave him Our Will as his Kingdom, so that he might lack nothing, having a Divine Will at his disposal and, with It, Our Supreme Being.

 Volume 22

It happens as it did in Creation:  Our Being existed ab eterno[1][1], but nothing could be seen outside of Ourselves before Creation, because all Our operating, Our portents and beatitudes were carried out within Ourselves; but when Our Divine Being wanted to operate outside of Ourselves, Our Will had the occasion to operate, and It issued the whole universe, with such sumptuousness, order and harmony, as to form the amazement of all generations and the triumph and victory of Our Supreme Being.  The same with the soul who lives in Our Will:  as she operates, she gives It the occasion to form more works worthy of It.  Therefore, she is Our continuous triumph and the carrying out of Our works; she keeps the divine attitude up.  So, while forming Our triumph and Our victory, at the same time the soul triumphs and conquers the Divine Will.  Therefore, both one and the other are seen as victorious:  God and the littleness of the creature.  Do you think it is trivial that the littleness of the creature sings victory, moves a Divine Will to operate, and conquers It?”

[1][1]  From eternity.

Volume 1

It happens in two ways: the first is instantaneous, almost in a flash; and it is so sudden, that it seemed to me that the body would lift a little bit from the bed in order to follow the soul, but then it would stay there. And it seemed to me that the body would remain as dead, while the soul would follow Jesus, walking throughout the whole universe – the earth, the air, the seas, the mountains, Purgatory and Heaven, where many times He showed me the place where I will be after I die. The other way, then, for the soul to go out, is more quiet. It seems that the body dozes off insensibly and remains as though petrified at the presence of Jesus Christ; however, the soul remains with the body, and the body no longer feels anything of external things – even if all the universe turned upside down; even if they burned me up and reduced me to pieces.

Dear Friend in Christ,

My guests on this week’s Mic’D up were Robert Sungenis & Rick DeLano, discussing the highly debated documentary, ‘The Principle’. Set for release this spring, it’s a 90 minute spectacle of cinematography which presents the most compelling 21st century scientific and cosmological data. All of this research raises questions about Earth’s place in the Universe. Could Earth really be at the center of the entire universe? Is mankind at the center of this vast universe? And if we are…why?

If this sounds interesting, please watch this Mic’D Up episode!

GOD Bless you and your loved ones,

Michael Voris
~senior executive producer at ChurchMilitant.TV

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