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It is Always Christmas for One Who Does the Divine Will


queen-rosaryV16 – 12.26.23

“My daughter, for one who does my Will, it is always Christmas. As the soul enters my Will, I am conceived in her act; as she performs her act, I develop my Life; as she completes it, I rise again, and the soul remains conceived in Me, develops her life in Mine, and rises again in my own acts. See, then, how Christmas holidays are for those who, once a year, prepare and place themselves in my Grace, and so they feel something new about my Birth within them. Bur for one who does my Will it is always Christmas: I am born again in each one of her acts. So, would you want Me to be born in you once a year? No, no – for one who does my Will, my birth, my Life, my Death and my Resurrection must be a continuous act, which is never interrupted; otherwise, what would be the difference, the immeasurable distance, from the other sanctities?”

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