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All that Enters into the Divine Will Acquires Eternity, Infinity, Immensity


V12 – 1.8.19

nativity 2“My beloved, Courage. Enter into Me, come and swim in the immense sea of My Volition, of my Love. Hide yourself inside the uncreated Will and Love of your Creator. My Volition has the Power to render infinite all that enters into My Divine Will, and to raise and transform the acts of the creatures into Eternal Acts. In fact, all that enters into My Divine Will acquires Eternity, Infinity, Immensity, losing all that has a beginning, that which is finite, little. All that My Divine Will is, so It renders their acts. Therefore, say – shout loudly in My Divine Will: ‘I Love You’. I will hear the note of My Eternal Love; I will feel the created love hidden inside the Uncreated Love, and I will feel Myself being loved by the creature with an Eternal, Infinite, Immense Love – a Love worthy of Me, which stands in for Me, and which can compensate Me for the love of all.”

I remained surprised and enchanted, and I said: ‘Jesus, what are You saying?’ And He: “My dear, do not be surprised. Everything is Eternal in Me – nothing has a beginning, nor will it have an end. You yourself and all creatures were Eternal in My Mind. The Love with which I formed Creation, which was unleashed from Me and which Endowed every heart, was Eternal. What is the wonder, then, if the creature, leaving her own will, enters into Mine, and uniting herself to the Love which Longed for her and Loved her from Eternity, and binding herself with that Eternal Love from which she came, performs her acts,Lloves Me, and acquires Eternal, Infinite,Iimmense Value and Power? Oh, how little it is Known about My Divine Will! This is why It is neither Loved nor Appreciated; and because of this, the creature is content with remaining down below, operating as if she did not have an Eternal Origin, but a temporary one.”

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