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Jesus’ Word is the Greatest Miracle



V20 – 10.22.26 – “My daughter, what do you think a greater miracle was when I came upon earth: My Word, the Gospel I announced, or the fact that I gave life to the dead, sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, etc.? Ah! My daughter, My Word, My Gospel, was a greater miracle; more so, since the very miracles came out of My Word. The foundation, the substance of all miracles came out of My creative Word. The Sacraments, Creation itself, a permanent miracle, had life from My Word; and My very Church has My Word, My Gospel, as regime and foundation.

“So, My Word, My Gospel, was a miracle greater than the miracles themselves, that, if they had life, it was because of My miraculous Word. Therefore, be sure that the Word of your Jesus is the greatest miracle. My Word is like mighty wind that runs, pounds on the hearing, enters into the hearts, warms, purifies, illuminates, goes round and round from nation to nation; it covers the whole world, it wanders throughout all centuries. Who could ever give death and bury one Word of Mine? No one. And if sometimes it seems that My Word is silent and is as though hidden, it never loses its life. When least expected, it comes out and goes around everywhere. Centuries will pass in which everything—men and things—will be overwhelmed and disappear, but My Word will never pass away, because it contains life—the miraculous power of He who issued it.

“Therefore, I confirm that each word and manifestation I make to you about My Eternal Fiat is the greatest miracle, that will serve the Kingdom of My Will. And this is why I push you so much, and I care so much that not a Word of Mine be not manifested and written by you—because I see a miracle of Mine coming back to Me, that will bring so much good to the children of the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat.”

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