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The Goodness of God


V1 – One morning – it was the eve of the nativity of Mary Most Holy – my always benign Jesus Himself came to dispose me. He did nothing but come and go continuously. He would speak to me now about Faith, and then He would leave me, and I would feel a life of faith being infused in my soul. As rough as I felt it before, at the speaking of Jesus, I would feel my soul become very light, in such a way as to penetrate into God; and I would contemplate now His Power, now His Sanctity, now His Goodness, and so on. My soul would remain stupefied, and in a sea of stupefaction, I would say: ‘Powerful God, what power is not undone before You? Immense Sanctity of God, what other sanctity, as sublime as it might me, would dare to appear before You?’ Then I would feel myself descend into myself, and I could see my nothingness, the nonentity of earthly things, how everything is nothing before God. I would see myself as a little worm, all full of dust, climbing up in order to take a few steps; it would take nothing to destroy me but someone who would trample me under foot, and I would be undone. So, seeing myself so ugly, I almost would not dare to go to God, but His Goodness would make itself present before my mind, and I would feel drawn as though by a magnet, to go to Him. And I would say to myself: ‘If He is holy, He is also merciful; if He is powerful, He also contains full and highest Goodness within Himself.’ It seemed to me that Goodness surrounded Him on the outside and inundated Him from within. So I would contemplate the Goodness of God.

V19 – 7.11.26 “…Now, My daughter, just as it was necessary to make known to creatures who He and She were, and how much it cost Them to form the Kingdom of Redemption, so it is necessary to make known she whom my paternal goodness has chosen, first, to form the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat within her, and then, to give rise to Its transmission to others.

V23 – 10.30.27“My little daughter, you must know that Our Love gushed out in Creation, and overflowing outside of Ourselves—without anyone having merited such a great good, not even with a single word—Our highest Goodness and Liberality with no limits created the whole machine of the universe with such great magnificence, order and harmony, for love of the one who did not yet exist.

“After this, Our Love gushed out more strongly, and We created he for whom all things had been created. And since, in operating, We operate always with unreachable magnanimity, and while We are not depleted, We give everything, so that nothing of magnanimity, of greatness and of all goods may be lacking to Our work—in creating man, with no merit at all on his part, as dowry, foundation and substance of all goods, joys and happinesses, we gave him Our Will as his Kingdom, so that he might lack nothing, having a Divine Will at his disposal and, with It, Our Supreme Being.

V23 – 2.28.28“…each additional knowledge about My Divine Volition is one new creation that It forms in creatures, of happiness and of unreachable beauty, because it is a Divine Life that runs within it, bringing within itself all the shades of the Beauties of He who manifests them, and all the keys and sounds of the Joys and Happinesses of Our Divine Being.

“So, if Our paternal Goodness exposes Its life, Its beauty and happiness, to the point of creating it in the midst of creatures, and they do not interest themselves in knowing it in order to take it by means of Our knowledges already given to them, it is not right that they receive either the beauty, or the sounds of Our Joys as their own endowments. They will take what they have known. Therefore, there will be various choirs in the hierarchy of the Kingdom of My Divine Will.

            … My Goodness is so great that I reward justly and superabundantly the good that the creature does, especially in this work of My Will, that I so much care for. What will I not give to those who occupy and sacrifice themselves in order to place in safety the rights of My Eternal Fiat? I will exceed so much in giving, as to make Heaven and earth astonished.”

V23 – 3.8.28 – “My daughter, Our Paternal Goodness created man to keep him on Our paternal knees, for Us to enjoy him continuously, and for him to enjoy himself perennially with his Creator. And so that his enjoyments and Ours might be stable, We kept him on Our paternal knees; and since Our Will was to be his also, It brought the echo of all Our Acts into man’s inmost being, whom We loved as Our child. And Our child, in hearing Our echo, acted as the repeater of the Acts of his Creator. What contentments did not form between him and Us, as this creating echo of Ours resounded in Our child’s inmost heart, forming in him the order of Our Acts, the harmony of Our Joys and Happinesses, the image of Our Sanctity. What happy times for him and for Us.



BARUCH 2:27 – And thou hast dealt with us, O Lord our God, according to all thy goodness, and according to all that great mercy of thine:

ROMANS 11:22 – See then the goodness and the severity of God: towards them indeed that are fallen, the severity; but towards thee, the goodness of God, if thou abide in goodness, otherwise thou also shalt be cut off.

TITUS 3:4 – But when the goodness and kindness of God our Saviour appeared:

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