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Behold the days come, saith the Lord, and I will raise up to David a just branch: and a king shall reign, and shall be wise, and shall execute judgement and justice in the earth.  Jeremiah 23:5

V2 – February 28, 1899 – “…Now, let us go back again to the idea of food: by taking food, the body is not only sustained, but shares in the substance of the food, which transforms into the body itself. The same for the soul who Lives of Faith: since Faith is God Himself, the soul comes to Live of God Himself; and by nourishing herself with God, she comes to share in the substance of God; and by sharing in Him, she comes to resemble Him and to be transformed with God Himself. Therefore, it happens to the soul who lives of Faith, that, just as God is holy, the soul is holy; powerful God – powerful the soul; Wise, Strong and Just God – Wise, Strong and Just the soul; and so with all the other Attributes of God. In sum, the soul becomes a little god. Oh, the Blessedness of this soul on earth, to then be more Blessed in Heaven!

V2 – August 10, 1899 – “The Daughter of Justice is Truth. Just as I AM the Eternal Truth, and I do not deceive, nor can I deceive, in the same way, the soul who possesses Justice makes Truth shine in all of her actions. Therefore, since she knows by experience the True Light of Truth, if someone wants to deceive her, since that Light which she feels within herself is missing, she immediately recognizes the deceit. And so it happens that with this Light of Truth she deceives neither herself, nor her neighbor, nor can she be deceived. The Fruit produced by this Justice and by this Truth is Simplicity, which is another quality of My Being – being Simple; so much so, that I penetrate everywhere; there is nothing that can prevent Me from penetrating inside of it. I penetrate into Heaven and into the abysses, into good and into evil; but My Being, which is most Simple, by penetrating even into evil, does not get dirty; even more, it does not receive the slightest shadow. In the same way, through Justice and Truth, gathering this Beautiful Fruit of Simplicity within herself, the soul penetrates into Heaven, she enters into hearts to lead them to Me, she penetrates into everything that is good; and if she finds herself with sinners and sees the evil that they do, she does not get dirty because, being Simple, she immediately brushes it off, without receiving any harm. Simplicity is so Beautiful, that My Heart is wounded at one gaze alone of a Simple soul. She is the admiration of Angels and men.”

V2 – October 14, 1899 – “Peace, Peace, Peace, don’t you know that the Kingdom of Hope is a Kingdom of Peace, and that the Right of this Hope is Justice? You, when you see that My Justice Arms Itself against the people – enter into the Kingdom of Hope, and investing yourself with the most Powerful Qualities she possesses, rise up to My Throne and do as much as you can to Disarm the Armed Arm. And you will do this with the most Eloquent, the most Tender, the most Compassionate Voices, with the most Compelling Reasons, with the most Heated Prayers, which Hope Herself will Dictate to you. But when you see that Hope Herself is about to support certain Rights of Justice which are Absolutely Necessary, and wanting to give them up would be wanting to give affront to herself, which cannot be – then Conform to Me and Surrender to Justice.”

Paragraph 1807 – I. The Human Virtues

1807    Justice is the moral virtue that consists in the constant and firm will to give their due to God and neighbor. Justice toward God is called the “virtue of religion.” Justice toward men disposes one to respect the rights of each and to establish in human relationships the harmony that promotes equity with regard to persons and to the common good. The just man, often mentioned in the Sacred Scriptures, is distinguished by habitual right thinking and the uprightness of his conduct toward his neighbor. “You shall not be partial to the poor or defer to the great, but in righteousness shall you judge your neighbor.”68 “Masters, treat your slaves justly and fairly, knowing that you also have a Master in heaven.”69 (2095, 2401)

 Paragraph 1060 – VI. The Hope of the New Heaven and the New Earth 2854

1060  At the end of time, the Kingdom of God will come in its fullness. Then the just will reign with Christ for ever, glorified in body and soul, and the material universe itself will be transformed. God will then be “all in all” (1 Cor 15:28), in eternal life.

Paragraph 271 – IV. The Divine Works and the Trinitarian Missions

271      God’s almighty power is in no way arbitrary: “In God, power, essence, will, intellect, wisdom, and justice are all identical. Nothing therefore can be in God’s power which could not be in his just will or his wise intellect.”110

Job 31:6 – Let him weigh me in a just balance, and let God know my simplicity.

2 Thessalonians 1:5 – For an example of the just judgment of God, that you may be counted worthy of the Kingdom of God, for which also you suffer.

Daniel 9:14 – And the Lord hath watched upon the evil, and hath brought it upon us: the Lord our God is just in all his works which he hath done: for we have not hearkened to his voice.

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