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The Joy of the Soul who Performs Works in the Divine Will


V19 – April 9, 1926 – “My daughter, My Will contains the Creative Power; therefore It Creates in the soul the Strength, the Grace, the Light and the very Beauty with which It wants Its own things to be done by the soul.  So, the soul feels a Divine Strength within herself, as if it were her own; a Grace which is sufficient for the good that she must do, or for a pain that she is given to suffer; a Light which, as though naturally, makes her see the Good that she does.  And attracted by the Beauty of the Divine Work that she performs, she rejoices and makes Feast, because the Works that My Will performs in the soul carry the Mark of Joy and of a perennial feast.  This feast was started by my Fiat in Creation, but it was interrupted by the split of the human will from that of God; and as the soul lets the Supreme Will Operate and Dominate, the Feast resumes its course, and the Amusements, the Games, the Delights, continue between the creature and Us.  There is no unhappiness or sorrow within Us – how could We give it to creatures?  And if they feel unhappiness, it is because they leave the Divine Will and enclose themselves within the little field of the human will.  Therefore, as they return to the Supreme Volition, they find the Joys, the Happiness, the Power, the Strength, the Light, the Beauty of their Creator; and making them their own, they feel within themselves a Natural Divine Substance, which reaches the point of giving them Joy and Happiness even in sorrow.  Therefore, it is always a Feast between the soul and Us – we play and we Delight together.

On the other hand, in the human will there is not a Creative Power which, if one wants to exercise the virtues, might be able to create patience, humility, obedience, etc.  This is why one feels hardship, fatigue, in order to be able to practice the virtues:  because the Divine Strength that sustains them, the Creative Power that Nourishes them and Gives them Life, is missing.  And so inconstancy appears, and one passes easily from Virtues to vices, from Prayer to dissipation, from Church to amusements, from Patience to impatience – all this mix of Good and evil produces unhappiness in the creature.  On the other hand, one who lets My Will Reign within herself feels Firmness in Good; she feels that all things bring her Happiness and Joy.  More so, since all the things Created by Us Carry the Mark – the Seed of the Joy and the Happiness of the One Who Created them; and they were Created by Us so that all of them might bring Happiness to man.  Each created thing has the Mandate from Us to bring to the creature the Happiness and the Joy it possesses.  In fact, what Joy and Happiness does the Light of the sun not bring?  What pleasure do the blue heavens, a flowery field, a murmuring sea, not bring to one’s sight?  What enjoyment do a sweet and tasty fruit, some very fresh water, and many – many other things, not bring to one’s palate?  All Created things say to man in their mute language:  ‘We bring you the Happiness, the Joy of our Creator.’  But do you want to know in whom all Created things find the Echo of their Joy and Happiness?  In one in whom they find My Will Reigning and Dominating, because that Will which Reigns in them as whole, That which God Himself Possesses, and That which Reigns in the soul, become one and make Seas of Joys, of Happiness and of Contentments Overflow into one another.  Indeed, it is a True Feast.

Therefore, My daughter, every time you Fuse yourself in My Will, and you go around through all Created things to impress your love, your glory, your adoration upon each thing I created to make you happy, I feel Joy, Happiness and glory being renewed in Me, as in the act in which We issued the whole Creation.  You cannot understand the Feast You make for Us, when We see your littleness, which, wanting to embrace everything in Our Will, Repays Us in Love and in Glory for all Created things.  Our Joy is so great, that We put everything aside to Enjoy the Joy and the Feast that you give Us.  Therefore, to Live in the Supreme Will is the greatest thing for Us and for the soul – it is the Outpouring of the Creator over the creature; and Pouring Himself over her, He Gives her His Shape and Makes her share in all the Divine Qualities, in such a way that We feel Our Works, Our Joy, Our Happiness, being Repeated by her.”

  • Paragraph 2819 – II. “Thy Kingdom Come”
    2819 “The kingdom of God [is] righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy
    Spirit.” 90 The end-time in which we live is the age of the outpouring of …
  • Paragraph 1721 – III.       Christian Beatitude
    … and of eternal life. 21 With beatitude, man enters into the glory of Christ
    22 and into the joy of the Trinitarian life. ( 260 )
  • DEUTERONOMY 16:15 – Seven days shalt thou celebrate feasts to the Lord thy God in the place which the Lord shall choose: and the Lord thy God will bless thee in all thy fruits, and in every work of thy hands, and thou shalt be in joy.


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