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Through Luisa, Knowledge and Correspondence Opens the Eyes of the Soul


 V14 – July 10, 1922 – “…Now it is necessary that you, Luisa, Rise and Carry with you My Life, My Will, so that My Volition of the earth and That of Heaven may Fuse together, and you may Live for some time in the Womb of the Divinity, where your volition will be acting in Mine, in order to expand it as much as a creature can be capable of. Then, you. Luisa, will descend again upon the earth, Bringing the Power and the Prodigies of My Divine Will, in Such a Way that the creatures will be shaken, they will open their eyes, and many will Know What it Means to Live in My Divine Will – to Live in the Likeness to their Creator. This will be the Beginning of the Coming of My Kingdom upon earth, and of the Final Fulfillment of My Divine Will.

V14 – July 24, 1922 – “My daughter, do you also want to accept the bond with each being, so that there may be no dissimilarity between Me and you?”

I don’t know how, I felt as if the weight of all were leaning on my shoulders. I saw my unworthiness and weakness, and I felt such repugnance as to feel faint, to the point that blessed Jesus, having compassion for me, took me in His arms and pressed me to His Heart, letting me place my mouth at the opening of the wound that pierced Him, telling me: “Drink, My daughter, the Blood which gushes forth from this Wound, that you may receive the strength that you lack. Courage, do not fear, I will be with you. We will share all the weight, the work, the pains and the deaths. This is why I tell you, ‘be Attentive and Faithful’ – because My Grace Wants Correspondence; otherwise, it takes nothing to go down. What does it take to open and to close one’s eyes? It takes nothing. Yet, see the great Good of keeping them opened, and the great harm of keeping them closed. By keeping them opened, the eyes are filled with light – with the sun; and with this light the hand can work, the foot can walk safely and without stumbling; one can distinguish objects, whether they are good or bad; one can reorder things, read, write… Now, what does it take to lose all this good? Closing one’s eyes! – and then the hand cannot work, the foot cannot walk, and if it does, it is subject to stumbling; one can no longer distinguish objects; he reduces himself to inability… Such is the Correspondence: nothing but opening the eyes of the soul. And as one opens them, Light comes to the mind, My Image is Reflected in all that she does, copying Me faithfully; in such a way that she does nothing but Receive continuous Light from Me, so as to Convert all of her being into Light. On the other hand, lack of Correspondence plunges the soul into darkness, and renders her inactive.”

Luisa_Piccarreta_with_JesusV36 – November 13, 1938 – “My blessed daughter, do not be surprised; My Will has the Power to let the creature reach every place, as long as she remains with It. Now, You Must Know that Its Kingdom will be Formed and Founded on the Truths I have Manifested. The more Truths I Manifest, the more Sumptuous, Beautiful, Majestic and Superabundant in Goods and Joys this Kingdom will be. My Truths will Form the Regime, the Laws, the Food, the Fierce Army, the Defense and the very Life of those who will Live in It. Each of My Truths will have Its Own Distinct Office: one will be the Master; one the Most Loving Father; one the Most Tender Mother who Carries her daughter on her lap to protect her from every danger, rocking her in her arms, feeding her with her Love, Clothing her in Light. In sum, every Truth will be the Bearer of a Special Good.

See how this Kingdom of My Will shalll be; I have been talking so much about It. I feel sorry when you are not attentive enough to write everything, because you will cause an additional Good to be missing, since creatures will Enjoy according to their Knowledge. Knowledge will Reveal the Life, the Light and the Good for them to Possess. It is almost impossible to Possess a Good without Knowing it. It would be as if they had no eyes to see, no intelligence to understand, no hands to work, no feet to walk, and no heart to love. On the other hand, the first thing Knowledge does is to give them eyes, to prevent them from being like the poor blind. It lets them Look, Understand and Desire the Good and the Life It Wants to Give them. Furthermore, the Knowledge of My Truths becomes, Itself, the Actor and Spectator Transmitting Its Own Life to the creature.”

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  • Isaias (Isaiah) 42::7 – That thou mightest open the eyes of the blind, and bring forth the prisoner out of prison, and them that sit in darkness out of the prison house.
  • Acts of Apostles 26:18 – To open their eyes, that they may be converted from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and a lot among the saints, by the faith that is in me.


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