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Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

Living in the Divine Will shortens all distances

Dear brothers and sisters, Fiat!

Once again, the Gospel presents us Jesus who goes to meet John. We have seen many times during this Christmas season that Jesus presents Himself essentially as God who meets mankind. Christmas itself is the feast that reminds us when God came to meet men, born in our mists. Christianity is the faith in a God who is close to man, so that He takes the initiative to reach out to him, because He can’t stand our distance from Him and among men.

This  truth affects all men. God makes Himself close to us in many ways, but mainly through His Word that somehow makes His presence alive among us, even after so many centuries.

Often we reverse the perspective and believe that it’s we who “grant” our presence at the Mass, despite all that we have to do. But John does not think so. He immediately notices that Jesus goes to meet him and says to those around him: “Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!” Yes, Jesus goes towards man to take away the  sin, that consists essentially in keeping our distance from God.

In fact, sin doesn’t identify so much with evil deeds. We are not sinners because we have done something. Sin is the choice of the one who keeps God away from him, though God tries to stay close to him,  it’s the choice of those who flee Him and avoid Him.  Sin is this fundamental choice; it, in turn, can generate evil deeds, but also a life spent only for ourselves, without doing anything wrong, but without even doing good. Then sin is manifested in the insignificance that we give to the Lord, to His words, to His teachings, to His way of being that He wants to infuse us, and that John identifies with the meekness and harmlessness of the Lamb. Yes, Jesus takes away the sin of those who welcome Him and accept to live like Him: “learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart” In fact, Jesus said to the crowds who were listening to Him (Mt 11:29).

One day Jesus said to Luisa that the Divine Will searches the act of the creature in order to form its life in her, and every act of the creature done in God’s Will is a step that she makes in order to draw near to God and God in his turn makes a step in order draw near to her. One can say that the Creator and the creature are always walking, they never stop, the one towards the other, and the Divine Will descends in the act of the creature in order to form its step of divine life, and she climbs in the Fiat, in the divine regions in order to make herself conqueror of light, of love, of sanctity and celestial knowledges. So that every act, word, breath, heartbeat in the Divine Will are so many steps of divine life that the creature makes, and It, the one that longs for these acts in order to have its field of action, in order to be able to form so many divine lives in the creature.

This was the purpose of the Creation: to form the divine life in the creature, to have the field of the divine action in her, and therefore God loves so much that she does the Divine Will, in order to put God’s life in safety. This was the great portent that God wanted and He wants to do in virtue of His Will: to form the divine life in the life of the creature. Therefore if He doesn’t do this, the creation would remain without its first purpose, an impediment to God’s love, a continuous bitterness to look at her and to see a work so great work, and of such magnificence, and not realized and His purpose failed. And if there was not in God the certainty that His Will might have to reign in the creature in order to form His life in her, His love would burn all the creation and would reduce it into nothing. And if he supports and tolerates so much, it is because He sees His realized purpose beyond the times.

Now as the creature does her will, thus she steps backwards, and makes a step back from her Creator, and God steps backwards and it forms an infinite distance between the one and the other. We see therefore the necessity to persevere in a continuous way, to work in the Divine Will, in order to diminish the great distance between God and the creature produced by the human will. The distance that the human volition forms is a distance of sanctity, of beauty, of goodness, of power, of love, they are infinite distances that only His working Volition in the creature can reunite and conjoin together and make inseparable the one from the other.

This happened in the Redemption, every manifestation that was made by the Most Holy Trinity on the descent of the Word upon the earth, it was a step that the Holy Trinity made toward mankind, and as they longed and prayed for it, thus they made so many steps toward the Supreme Being. So that they remained walking toward God, and God toward them, and as the time of having to descend from Heaven in earth drew near, thus He augmented the Prophets in order to be able to make more revelations, in order to be able to expedite the walk on both parts.

This slowness of walk cast coldness on the part of creatures, and almost held her from all in a way to say, God’s descent upon the earth was an absurd thing, not a reality, like one thinks today on the Kingdom of the Divine Will: a way of saying and almost a thing that can’t be.

Hence the Prophets came after Moses, almost in the last times, near to God’s descent upon the earth, which behind His manifestations the walk on both was expedited, and then the Sovereign Lady of Heaven came, whom not only walked, but raced in order to expedite the meeting with her Creator, in order to make Him descend and make Him complete the Redemption.

The manifestations on the Divine Will are certain proofs that It walks in order to come to reign upon the earth, and that the creature to which they have been made with an iron constancy walks and races in order to receive the first meeting, in order to give her soul in order to make It reign, and thus give It the step to make It reign in the midst of creatures.

Let us speed up the pace! Let us live our acts in the Divine Will as continuous acts, because only continuous acts are those that expedite the walk, overcome every obstacle, and alone are the conquerors that conquer God and the creature.

Let us to be approached by Jesus who comes to meet us, let us not flee, frightened, from the novelty of what He says and does. Let us not close the door believing that we already know and have already understood. Let us not turn on the other side to pursue the dreams and successful models that promise us happiness and wealth, but then they do not maintain. Let us turn our eyes and our ears to Him, let us get ready to Sunday and live it as an important meeting, with the docility of one who makes himself a disciple of the Lamb that by His meekness and Humility came to remove from our life the sin of our separation from God.


don Marco

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