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Global Twenty Four Hours of the Passion of Jesus Christ – Audio Links

Dear generous souls in the Divine Will linked to The Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta,

United together with all the little children of the Most Holy Divine Will throughout the entire world in every country and time zone, please Prayerfully read The Twenty-Four Hours of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, before a Crucifix on Holy Thursday and Good Friday 2020.

Begin on Holy Thursday evening from 5pm to 10pm to (the 12 Hour)

then 8+ hours of sleep rise at 7am to prayerfully read from (the 13th Hour) to and conclude on (the 24th Hour) of Good Friday.

Once again, begin to prayerfully read on Holy Thursday evening at 5pm (not including the Reflections and Practices each hour)

Prayerfully read the 1st Hour (from 5pm to 6pm), continue to prayerfully read the subsequent Hours

until bedtime at 10:00pm (by finishing the 12th Hour).

(It does not take a full hour to read each “Hour,” but use these 5 hours to comfort Our Lord in His Passion.)

One more time for people like me:

Begin at 5:00pm Holy Thursday prayerfully read the 1st Hour (possibly 20-25 minutes to read),

then continue to prayerfully read the 2nd,  3rd, 4th Hours etc., up to (the 12th Hour from 4am to 5am) before retiring for the night by 10:00pm.

Make sure you get your 8+ hours of sleep (recommended) and begin again at 7am where you left off at (the 13th Hour from 5am to 6am) prayerfully read to the end of (the 24th Hour from 4pm to 5pm).

Please stay with Our Lord in His Passion from Holy Thursday at 5pm to Good Friday up to comforting Our Lady at Jesus’ Burial at 5pm.

Again, we will not pray the Reflections and Practices at the end of each hour. 

It is highly recommended that we pray the 24 Hours of the Passion before a Crucifix.

This is the most Essential and Advantageous time of 2020. We are Praying the 24 Hours of the Passion in these most difficult times, all for the Glory of God and the Salvation and Sanctification of souls, repairing and redoing for everyone and everything past, present and future so the Fiat Voluntas Tua on earth as it is in Heaven may have Its Completion and Fulfillment!


Beginning Holy Thursday

Hours 1-12

Good Friday

Hours 13 – 24

Entire Passion – Hours 1 – 24


or click on Hours below

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