3/7 – 1947 – Funeral Liturgy and Burial of Luisa Piccarreta

3/7 – 1947 – Funeral Liturgy and Burial of Luisa Piccarreta – Biography by Padre Bucci, OFM –

“More than forty priests, the Capitolo [the Ecclesiastical authorities] and the local Clergy, were present; the sisters, who brought her on their shoulders in turns, and an immense crowd of citizens. The streets along which the procession was to pass, were packed – incredibly; even the balconies and the roofs of the houses were crammed with people, and the procession proceeded with great difficulty. The funeral was celebrated in the Matrice Church by the entire Capitolo. All the people of Corato followed the body of Luisa to the cemetery, and everyone tried to bring home a souvneir of the flowers which had accompanied and touched the body. A few years later, the body of Luisa was transferred to her Parish Church of Santa Maria Greca, where she is humbly waiting for her glorification.

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