The Ones Who Experience the Benefits of Having Jesus Close to Themselves

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True Love Makes Up for Everything

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The Favor Jesus Gives to Luisa

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Feast of Pope St. Gregory the Great – Sept. 3

Saint Gregory the Great

Pope Gregory saw himself as the “servant of the servants of God.” He was the first of the Bishops of Rome to popularize the now-traditional Papal title, which referred to Christ’s command that those in the highest position of leadership should be “the last of all and the servant of all.”

Even as he undertook to consolidate Papal power and shore up the crumbling Roman west, St. Gregory the Great maintained a humble sense of his mission as a servant and pastor of souls, from the time of his election until his death in 604.

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St. Pius X – Traditional Feast Day – September 3 – THE CATECHISM OF ST. PIUS X

The Venerable Father Annibale DiFrancia related the audience he had with St. Pius X, to whom he submitted the reading of some excerpts from the diaries of Luisa: “Reverend Father”– said the Pope – “you must kneel when you read these writings, because it is Our Lord Who Speaks.” – (Memoir on the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta – Padre Bucci)

Words quite significant with respect to the writings of a Living mystic (Luisa Piccarreta)

Pope St. Pius X

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Keep the Light of the Passion Ever Before Your Mind

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In the Interior Souls There Cannot be Disturbance

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Man has lost Religion

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Passion of John the Baptist – Memorial

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Consecration to Mary, Queen and Mother of the End Times – August 28

Queen and Mother of the End Times, I am your little child in the Most Holy Divine Will, receive me and all people, past present and future.

I give to You, my Mother and Queen, my life and in Your Hands, I surrender my human will, with all I have and all I am, all my aspirations, all my desires and and all my projects as Jesus Our King has ordained.

Take away from me all attachment to earthly material things, so that I will look with the eyes of Jesus only for Heavenly possessions, which cannot be seen because they are spiritual.

I consecrate my life and my all to You today, my Queen and Mother. I freely surrender to Your Protection in the Most Holy Divine Will these difficult instants in which I live, be my lifesaving Ark that will help me to remain afloat without sinking in the middle of the great purification.

May the Rays from Your Hands bring my mind, my thoughts and my memories with that of Jesus so that they be completely healed, and all my sufferings with the sufferings of Jesus, so that I offer them and my many falls one with Him, as you did, so that You may lift me to Heaven.

Illuminate my human reason to the Divine Reason of Jesus so that it does not compete with my Faith, but may they be one in the Divine Light of the other.

I Consecrate myself to Jesus through You and surrender to Jesus through You within the great freedom of the little children of the Most Holy Divine Will one with The Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta.       Amen.

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