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Divine Will Must be Like the Soul to the Body


10/27/21 – Vol. 13

The Divine Will must be like the soul to the body.

You must know that My Divine Will must be like the soul to the body. See, this happens also within Us, the Three Divine Persons. Our Love is Great, Infinite and Eternal, but if We did not have a Will that Animates and Gives Life to this Love, Our Love would be without Life, without Works. Our Wisdom seems incredible, Our Power can crush everything in one minute, and in another minute It can redo everything. But if We did not have a Will that wanted to Manifest the Mastery of Our Wisdom, as It Manifested it in the Creation, in which It Ordered and Harmonized everything, and with Its Power It made it Fixed in such way that it cannot move one bit – both Wisdom and Power would have had nothing to do; and so with all the rest of Our Attributes.

Now, in the same way I want My Divine Will to be like the soul to the body. The body without the soul is lifeless; even though it contains all the senses, it cannot see, nor speak, hear, work – it is almost a useless thing, and maybe even unbearable. But if the body is animated, how many things can it not do? Yet, oh! how many render themselves useless and unbearable because they are not Animated by My Divine Will! They are like those electric systems without light; like those machines without motion, covered with rust and dust, and almost impotent to motion. Ah, how pitiful they are! Each thing which is not Animated by My Divine Will is a Life of Sanctity that is missing. This is why I (Jesus) want to be in you (Luisa) like the soul to the body; and My Divine Will will make New Surprises of Creations – It will Give New Life to My Love, It will do New Works, It will Manifest the Mastery of My Wisdom, It will Give New Motion to My Power. Therefore, be attentive and let Me do, so that I (Jesus) may Accomplish My Great Design – that the creature (Luisa) be Animated by My Divine Will.”

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