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Everything Which is Light Comes from God



10/28/06 – Vol. 7

Everything which is Light comes from God.

Having received Communion, I found myself within a Great Light – it was Jesus Himself, and He said to me: “My daughter (Luisa), everything which is Light is all Mine – not of the creature. It happens as to a person who is invested by the rays of the sun: if he wanted to attribute the light which he enjoys to himself, he would be foolish and brainless. However, there is this: that that person, instead of enjoying the light of the sun, could say, ‘I want to walk in the shade’, and withdraw from the light; while the soul, in withdrawing from My Light, becomes darkness, and darkness can produce nothing but evil.”

10/28/15 – Vol. 11

The Life on earth of Jesus has been a Continuous Sowing, so that it may be Harvested by creatures and produce Fruit in them.

This morning, my always adorable Jesus came and told me: “My daughter (Luisa), My Life on earth was nothing other than Sown Seeds, which My children will Harvest, provided that they will remain on the same Land in which I Sowed these Seeds. Depending on their Act of Harvesting, My Seeds will Produce their Fruit. Now, these Seeds are My Works, My Words, My Thoughts, even My Breaths, etc. So, if the soul Picks them all, making them her own, she will be Enriched in such a Way as to Purchase the Kingdom of Heaven. But if she doesn’t, these Seeds will serve as her condemnation.”

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