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The Queen of Heaven Yearns with Love, Wanting to Endow Her children.

The Queen of Heaven Yearns with Love, Wanting to Endow Her children.

3c3527af8097bb56461281d33dc89f8aFROM THE BOOK OF HEAVEN

 11/7/37 – Vol. 35

“My blessed daughter (Luisa), one who Lives in My Will can enter everywhere, and can give Me everything, even My Celestial Mother—as if She (Mary) were her own; the way in which She (Mary) Loved Me, and everything that I (Jesus) did.  This creature (Luisa) can even duplicate My Life—as if It were her own, and give It to Me to Love Me.

“You must know that, as I (Jesus) Formed the Day of the creature by Manifesting many Truths on My Divine Will to you (Luisa), so the Sovereign of Heaven, with Her Love, sufferings, Prayers and Acts—which, done in My Divine Will, filled Heaven and earth, Forming the appropriate Endowment for those who will Live in It—with great anxiety longs and sighs to be able to equip Her children!  She (Mary) sees Herself immersed in many Riches of Grace, Love and Sanctity, but She can’t find Her children to equip them, since they don’t Live in that same Will in which She Lived.  Look, My daughter (Luisa), how it is written in everything She (Mary) did and suffered: ‘For My children.’  Therefore, if She (Mary) Loves, She calls her children to receive the Endowment of Her Love in order to make Us Recognize them as Her children and as Our children too, and to Love them as We Love Her; if She (Mary) prays, She wants to give the Endowment of Her Prayer…. In sum, She (Mary) wants to provide them with all Her Sanctity, with Her Pains, and with the very Life of Her Son.

“How touching it is to hear Her (Mary) and to look at Her keeping Her children within Her Maternal Heart, as if inside a Sacrarium.  In all Her Acts and breaths She (Mary) calls Her children, and says to Our Supreme Being:  ‘All that I am and possess, is all for My children. Please, listen to Me!  I feel My Heart bursting for Love!  Have mercy on a Mother, who Loves and wants to provide for Her children, to make them happy!  My Happiness is not full.  I feel it halved because I don’t have My children delighting together with Me.  Therefore, hurry—may the Divine Will be known, so that they may also know the restlessness of their Mother, and how I (Mary) want to provide for them, and make them Happy and Holy!’

“Do you think that We remain indifferent before this touching scene; before She (Mary), who is in spasms of Love—so much that, with Her Maternal Tenderness and with Her Rights as a Mother, She prays to Us, and begs Us?  Ah, no!  How many times, because of Her (Mary’s) concerns, I (Jesus) Manifest more surprising Truths on My Fiat, to give Her Free Reign to pour out to Her children a more extensive provision, since She will be allowed to do it only in accordance with their Knowledge.  Therefore, you (Luisa) too, enter My Divine Will and, together with this Celestial Mother, pray and supplicate that Our Will may be Known and Reign in all the creatures.”

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