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Priests Prayer Team

This is a gentle reminder that on a weekly basis a number of our Priests celebrate in private at 8pmon a Thursday worldwide, the Institution of the Blessed Sacrament and the Priesthood, just as Jesus did on Holy Thursday.

In parallel a number of us as Intercessor Prayer Warriors For our Priests are simultaneously also from our own homes and communities, in secret, uniting @ 8pm weekly on a Thursday in prayer with each of our Priests to pray this hour virtually in the Divine realm or any hour this week.

It is important to stress that there is great flexibility on when we can pray this hour of prayer.

We fully acknowledge that this time @8 pm weekly on a Thursday may not suit everyone including our priests and their demanding schedules so we ask all to pray any hour within the week.

In this hour it is all our intention to unite with Jesus’s intentions at his First Mass.

United to Jesus and Our Blessed Mother Mary and to each other we each close our doors and talk to our Father in secret; and make sure that the world does not know who we are.

During this 8 pm hour some of us opt to attend mass.

St. Brendan’s Cathedral, Loughrea, Co. Galway is an on line option as they celebrate Mass on a Thursday @8 pm link below:

In other countries and time zones other mass options will naturally be available locally and on line.

For those who feel called to silence and stillness for this hour, Adoration is also a beautiful option.

Perpetual Live Adoration from Poland is available 24/7 on this Link:

Please do not worry about what time zone our priests are operating within and/or our Intercessor Prayer Warriors, our recommendation is very simple pray:

  •        within our local time zone @8 pm every Thursday for an hour when we can; or
  •       any hour within this  week.

It is all being done within Divine Time anyway and as we understand it Divine Time covers all time zones and there are no limitations. 

 We know that regularly all Jesus needs us to do is take the first step and he does the rest. So maybe that first step is to put aside an hour once a week to pray the First Mass and the establishment of the Priesthood with Jesus and / or to share this email with our contacts who may wish to participate in this weekly Prayer for Priests Initiative or perhaps something completely different to support our beloved Priests.

Please feel free to share this Call to Prayer for our Priests with all our brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ.

We ask you Blessed Mother as Mother of the Church to bless this weekly Holy Hour commencing weekly ‘8pm on Thursday for all our Priests past, present and future and all who participate in this Holy Hour.

We ask Saint Annibale Maria  Di Francia to intercede on our behalf and grant us all the Graces we need daily to pray, do penance and intercede for our Priests as one eternal act in the Divine Will.

Thank you for answering the Call for Prayer for our Priests and may you and your Family and your Communities continue to be blessed in abundant Graces and Peace by Our Blessed Mother, Mother of the Church for all you do for our Priests and Church.

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