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Living in the Divine Will Means to Multiply the Life of Jesus – Blessed are you, Luisa



11/8/21 – Vol. 13

To Live in the Divine Will Means to Multiply the Life of Jesus, with all the Good It Possesses. Jesus says to Luisa: “Blessed are you (Luisa), and all generations will call you (Luisa) Blessed.”

As I was in my usual state, my always lovable Jesus made Himself seen while taking a light from my interior, and carrying it away. I shouted: ‘Jesus, what are You doing? Do You want to leave me in the dark?’ And He, with all sweetness, told me: “My daughter (Luisa), do not fear. I AM taking your little light with Me, and I (Jesus) leave you Mine. This little light of yours is nothing other than your will which, having placed itself in front of Mine, has received the Reflection of My Divine Will. That’s why it became a light. I AM taking it in order to let it go around. I (Jesus) will take it to Heaven as the most rare and beautiful thing – which is the human will that has received the Reflection of the Will of its Creator. I (Jesus) will let it wander among the Divine Persons, so that They may receive the Homages and Adorations of Their own Reflections – the only ones worthy of Them. Then I will show it to all the Saints, so that they too may receive the Glory of the Reflections of the Divine Will in the human will. And then, I (Jesus) will make it flow through the whole earth, so that all may take part in such a Great Good.”

Immediately, I added: ‘My Love, forgive me. I thought You wanted to leave me in the dark. This is why I said, “What are You doing?” But when it is about my will, feel free to take it and do whatever You want.’

Now, while Jesus was carrying this little light in His Hands, I cannot say what happened – I lack the words to express myself… I just remember that He placed the little light in front of His Person, and the little light received all His Reflections, in such a way as to Form another Jesus. And every time my will repeated its acts, so many Jesuses were multiplied. Then, my Jesus told me: “Do you (Luisa) see what it means to Live in My Divine Will? It is to multiply My Life as many times as one wants, and to repeat all the Good which My Life contains.”

Afterwards, I was saying to my Jesus: ‘My Life, I enter into Your Will to be able to extend myself in everyone and to everything – from the first to the last thought, from the first to the last word, from the first to the last action and step that were done, are done, and will be done. I want to seal everything with Your Will, so that You may receive from everything the Glory of Your Sanctity, of Your Love, of Your Power; and so that all that is human may remain covered, hidden, marked by Your Divine Will. May nothing – nothing human remain, in which You do not receive Divine Glory.’

Now, while I was doing this and other things, my sweet Jesus came all Festive, accompanied by innumerable Blessed, and said: “The whole of Creation says to Me: ‘My glory, my glory’.” And all the Saints answered: ‘Here, O Lord, we give You Divine Glory for everything.’ I could hear an Echo from all sides, saying: ‘For everything we give You Love and Glory.’

And Jesus added: “Blessed are you (Luisa), and all generations will call you (Luisa) Blessed. My Arm will make Works of Power in you. You (Luisa) will be the Divine Reflection; and filling the whole earth, you will make Me receive from all generations that Glory which they deny to Me.” On hearing this, I remained confused, annihilated, and I did not want to write. And He, caressing me, told me: “No, no, you (Luisa) will do it – I want it. What I said will serve as Honor of My Divine Will. I Myself wanted to pay the just Homage which befits the Sanctity of My Divine Will; rather, I (Jesus) said nothing compared to what I could say.”

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