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Sanctity in the Divine Will has no Boundaries and is the Sanctity Closest to the Creator


 11/12/21 – Vol. 13

The Sanctity in the Divine Will has no boundaries; It is the Sanctity Closest to the Creator; It will have Primacy over all other sanctities, and will be their Life. The Divine Will is the Eternal Miracle that never ends.

LUISA14I write only to obey; otherwise I would not be good at writing a single word. Only the fear that I might sadden my sweet Jesus, if I did not do it, gives me stamina and strength. Now, He continues to speak to me about His Most Holy Will; and upon coming, He said to me: “My daughter (Luisa), the Sanctity in My Divine Will is not yet known. This is the reason for their surprise; in fact, when something has been known, the surprise ceases. All sanctities are symbolized by something which is spread in the Creation: there are sanctities symbolized by mountains, others by trees, others by plants, the little flower, the stars; and many other similes. All of these sanctities have their own limited and individual Good; they have their beginning and also their end – they cannot embrace everything and do Good to all, just as a tree or a flower cannot do so.

Now, the Sanctity in My Divine Will will be symbolized by the sun. The sun has always been, and will always be; and even though It had a beginning in illuminating the world, however, since it is light which takes origin from My Eternal Light, one can say that It has no beginning. The sun does good to all; It extends to all with its light; It makes no exception with anyone. With its majesty and dominion, it rules over all and gives life to all, even to the tiniest flower – but silently, without noise, and almost unobserved. Oh, if a plant did a little something, a shadow of what the sun does, giving heat to another plant, all would shout, ‘miracle!; all would want to see it, and would speak about it with amazement. But then, the sun gives life and heat to everything and is the continuous miracle, and nobody talks about It – there is no amazement. This happens because man keeps his eyes always down below and toward earthly things – never up high and toward Celestial Things.

Now, the Sanctity in My Divine Will, symbolized by the sun, will come out from the Center of My own Sanctity; It will be a Ray delivered by My Sanctity, which has no beginning. Therefore, these souls existed in My Sanctity; they exist, and will exist. They were together with Me in the  Good I did; they never went out of the Ray in which I (Jesus) had delivered them to the Light. Since they never departed from My DivineWill, I amused Myself with them, and I still do. My Union with them is permanent. I see them floating over everything; human supports do not exist for them, just as the sun does not lean on anything – it lives up high as though isolated, but with its light it encloses everything within itself. The same for these souls: they Live up high like the sun, but their Light descends to the lowest bottom and extends to all. I (Jesus) would feel as if I defrauded them if I did not keep them aware, and did not let them do what I do. Therefore, there is no Good which does not descend from them.

In this Sanctity I (Jesus) see My Shadows, My Images, flying over the whole earth, in the air and in Heaven. This is why I Love and will Love the world: because I AM waiting for My Sanctity to have Its Echo over the earth, and for My Rays to come out to the Light, giving Me complete Glory, returning to Me the Love and the Honor which the others have not given to Me. However, just like the sun, they will be the most unobserved, without clamor at all. And if anyone will want to look at them, My Jealousy will be such that they will run the risk of remaining blinded, and will be forced to lower their eyes in order to regain their sight. Do you see how beautiful is the Sanctity in My Divine Will? It is the Sanctity closest to your Creator. This is why It will have Primacy over all other sanctities. It will enclose within Itself all other sanctities together, and will be Life of all other sanctities.

What a Grace it is for you (Luisa) to know It! To be the First, like solar ray, to come out from the Center of My Sanctity, without ever detaching from It! Greater Grace I (Jesus) could not give you (Luisa) – more Portentous Miracle I (Jesus) could not operate in you (Luisa). Be attentive, My daughter (Luisa), My Ray, because every time you (Luisa) enter into My Divine Will and operate, it happens as when the sun hits the glass: many suns are formed in it. In the same way, you (Luisa) repeat My Life many times; you multiply It, and give New Life to My Love.”

After this, I was thinking to myself: ‘In this Holy Will one cannot see miracles, and those portentous things for which creatures are so greedy, and would go around half the world in order to have some of them. On the contrary, everything passes between the soul and God; and if creatures receive Good, they don’t know where it came from. It really is like the sun which, while it gives life to all, nobody points out at it.’ Now, as I was thinking of this, Jesus, coming back, added, but with an imposing look: “What miracles, what miracles! Isn’t perhaps doing My Divine Will the Greatest Miracle? My Divine Will is Eternal, and is the Eternal Miracle that never ends. It is the Miracle of every instant in which the human will has a continuous connection with the Divine Will. Raising the dead, giving sight to the blind and the like, are not Eternal Things – they are subject to perish. They can be called shadows of miracles, fleeting miracles, compared to the Great and Permanent Miracle of Living in My Divine Will. You – do not pay attention to those miracles; I know when they are appropriate and needed.”

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