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The Sanctity of Living in the Divine Will is Exempt from Personal Interest and Waste of Time



11/27/17 – Vol. 12

The Sanctity of Living in the Divine Will is exempt from personal interest and waste of time.

I continue in order to obey. It seems that my always lovable Jesus wants to speak about the Living in His Most Holy Will. It seems that when He speaks about His Most Holy Will, He forgets everything and makes one forget about everything. The soul finds nothing other than the necessity – no other good than to live in His Volition. So, after I wrote about His Will on November 20, my sweet Jesus, being disappointed with me, told me: “My daughter (Luisa), you did not say everything. I want you to neglect to write nothing when I speak to you about My Divine Will – not even the most tiny things, because all of them will serve for the Good of Posterity. In all sanctities there have always been Saints who first started each kind of sanctity. So, there was the Saint who started the sanctity of the penitent; another who started the sanctity of obedience; another of humility, and so with all the other sanctities. Now I (Jesus) want you (Luisa) to be the beginning of the Sanctity of Living in My Divine Will.

My daughter (Luisa), all other sanctities are not exempt from waste of time and from personal interest – as for example, a soul who lives attentive to obedience in everything. There is much waste of time; her saying and re-saying continuously, distracts her from Me, and she mistakes the virtue for Me. If she does not have the opportunity to take all the orders, she lives restless. Another one suffers from temptations – oh, how much waste of time! She never tires of telling of all her trials, and she mistakes the virtue for Me. And many times these sanctities end up in ruin. But the Sanctity of Living in My Divine Will is exempt from personal interest and waste of time; there is no danger that they might mistake the virtue for Me, because I Myself am the Living in My Divine Will.

This was the Sanctity of My Humanity on earth, and therefore It did everything for everyone, without a shadow of personal interest. Self-interest takes away the Mark of Divine Sanctity. Therefore, it can never be a Sun; at the most, as beautiful as it may be, it can be a star. This is why I (Jesus) want the Sanctity of Living in My Divine Will – in these times, so sad, this generation needs these Suns, which may warm it, illuminate it and fecundate it. The disinterest of these terrestrial angels, all for the good of others, without a shadow of their own self, will open in hearts the way to receive My Grace.

And then, churches are few and many will be destroyed. Many times I do not find Priests to consecrate Me; other times they allow unworthy souls to receive Me, and worthy souls not to receive Me; other souls are unable to receive Me, therefore My Love finds Itself hindered. This is why I want to make the Sanctity of Living in My Divine Will. In It, I (Jesus) will no longer need Priests to be consecrated, nor churches, tabernacles or hosts. These souls will be everything altogether: Priests, churches, tabernacles and hosts. My Love will be more free. Anytime I want to consecrate Myself, I will be able to do it – in every moment, during the day, at night, in any place where they might be. Oh, how My Love will have Its complete outpouring!

Ah! My daughter (Luisa), the present generation deserved to be destroyed completely; and if I will allow a little something to be left of it, it is to form these Suns of the Sanctity of Living in My Divine Will, who, through My example, will repay Me for all that other creatures, past, present and future, owed Me. Then will the earth give Me true Glory, and My “FIAT VOLUNTAS TUA, on earth as it is in Heaven” will have Its Completion and Fulfillment.”

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