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The Soul Who Seeks the Lord Receives a Divine Shade, a Divine Feature – Effects of Prayers when Intimate with Jesus


LUISA PRAYING 12/10/03 – Vol. 6

Every time the soul seeks the Lord, she receives a Divine Shade, a Divine Feature.

Continuing in my usual state, I felt a weight over my soul, as if the whole world weighed upon me because of the privation of blessed Jesus; and in my immense bitterness I did as much as I could to look for Him.  Then, once He came, He told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), every time the soul looks for Me, she receives a Divine Shade, a Divine Feature, and is reborn in Me as many times, and I AM reborn in her.”  While He was saying this, I was thinking of what He had said, almost surprised, and I said:  ‘Lord, what are You saying?’  And He added:  “Oh, if you knew the Glory – the Taste that the whole of Heaven feels in receiving this note from the earth:  a soul (Luisa) that constantly seeks God, all similar to them.  What is the Life of the Blessed?  What is it that forms It?  Their being reborn continuously in God, and God in them.  This is the saying:  ‘God is ever Old and ever New’.  Nor do they ever feel tired, because they are in continuous attitude of New Life in God.”

12/10/18 – Vol. 12

Effects of the prayers of the souls who are intimate with Jesus.

I was saying to my sweet Jesus: “See, I don’t know how to do anything, nor do I have anything to give You, but I want to give You my trifles. I unite these trifles of mine to the All, as You are, and I ask You for souls. Therefore, as I breathe, my breathing asks You for souls; the beating of my heart, with incessant cries, asks You for souls; the motion of my arms, the blood which circulates in me, the batting of my eyelids, the movements of my lips – are souls that I ask of You. And I ask this united with You, with Your Love and in Your Will, so that everyone may hear my incessant cry within You, always asking for souls.”

Now, as I was saying this and other things, my Jesus moved in my interior and told me: “My daughter (Luisa), how sweet and pleasing to Me, is the prayer of the souls who are intimate with Me! How I (Jesus) feel My hidden Life of Nazareth being repeated – with no outward appearance, without any circle of people, with no sound of bells; completely neglected and alone, to the extent that I was barely known. I kept rising between Heaven and earth, asking for souls – not even a breath or a heartbeat escaped Me, which did not ask for souls. And as I did this, My blast resounded in Heaven, and drew the Love of the Father to give Me souls. This same sound, reverberating in hearts, cried out in a sonorous Voice: ‘Souls!’ How many wonders did I not work during My hidden Life, known only to My Father in Heaven and to My Mother on earth!

The same for the hidden soul (Luisa), who is intimate with Me: as she prays, though no sound is heard on earth, her prayers, like bells, resound more vibrantly in Heaven, to the extent of calling the whole of Heaven to unite Itself with her, and to let Mercy descend upon the earth, which resounding not to the hearing but to the hearts of creatures, may dispose them to convert.”

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