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First Word that Adam Pronounced. God’s First Lesson to Adam. The Divine Will Operating in Man.



Creation of Adam 

12/10/33 – Vol. 33

The First Word that Adam Pronounced.  What the First Lesson that God gave him (Adam) was.  The Divine Will Operating in man.

            I am always the little tiny ignorant one of the Supreme Being, and when the Divine Volition plunges me in Its Seas, I see that hardly the vowels, if that, do I know about His Adorable Majesty.  And my littleness is so much, that hardly do I know how to swallow some little drop of the so much that the Creator possesses.  So, going around in the Works of the Divine Fiat, I stopped in Eden in which was made present to me the Creation of Man, and I thought to myself:  “What could be the first word that Adam said when he was Created by God?”

            And my Highest Good Jesus, visiting me with His brief little visit, all Goodness, as if He Himself wanted to tell it to me, told me:  “My daughter (Luisa), I (Jesus) also feel the desire to tell you what was the First Word pronounced by the lips of the first creature (Adam) Created by Us.  You must know that no sooner did Adam feel Life, Motion, Reason, than he saw his God before him and he understood that He had formed him.  He felt in himself, in his whole being, still fresh, the impressions, the Touch of His Creative Hands.  And grateful, in an impetus of Love he pronounced his First Word:  ‘I Love You my God, my Father, Author of this my life.’  But it was not only the word, but the breath, the heartbeat, the drops of his blood that flowed in his veins, the motion, his whole being united together said as in chorus:  ‘I Love You, I Love You, I Love You.’ 

            “In fact, the first Lesson that he learned from his Creator, the first word that he learned to say, the first thought that had life in his mind, the first heartbeat that formed in his heart, was:  ‘I Love You, I Love You.’  He felt himself Loved, and he Loved.  I could say that his ‘I Love You’ never ended, it was so long that only then was it interrupted when he had the disgrace of falling into sin.  So Our Divinity felt wounded in hearing on the lips of man ‘I Love You, I Love You.’  It was the same Word that We had Created in the organ of his voice that said to Us:  ‘I Love You.’  It was Our Love, Created by Us in the creature, that said to Us:  ‘I Love You.’  How not to remain wounded?  How not to exchange him with a larger, stronger, Love, Worthy of Our Magnificence? 

            “As We heard ‘I Love You’ said to Us, so We repeated to him ‘I Love you.’   But in Our ‘I Love you’ We let the Operating Life of Our Divine Will flow in his whole being.  In fact, We enclosed in man, as within one of Our Temples, Our Will, such that It was enclosed in the human circle, while It remained in Us so that It could work great things and It could be the thought, the word, the heartbeat, the step and the work of man.  Our ‘I Love you’ could not give anything more Holy, more Beautiful, more Powerful, that alone could form the Life of the Creator in the creature, than Our Will Operating in him.  And O! how pleasing it is to Us to see that Our Will has Its place of Actor.  And the human volition, dazzled by Its Light, enjoyed its Paradise.  And giving It full Liberty, it let It do what It wanted, giving It the Primacy in everything and the place of Honor that is befitting to a Volition so Holy. 

            “See, therefore, the beginning of the Life of Adam was an Act, with his whole being, full of Love toward God.  What a sublime Lesson—how the beginning of Love would run in the whole operation of the creature.  The First Lesson that he received from Our Supreme Being in exchange for his ‘I Love You,’ was that while We tenderly Loved him, responding to his ‘I Love You,’ We gave him the first Lesson on Our Divine Will.  And while We instructed him We communicated to him Its Life and the Infused Science of what Our Divine Fiat means.  And every time he said ‘I Love You’ to Us, Our Love prepared for him other more Beautiful Lessons about Our Volition.  He remained enraptured and We delighted Ourselves in conversing with him, and We made Perennial Rivers of Love and of Joys flow over him such that the human life became enclosed by Us in Love and in Our Will.  Therefore, My daughter (Luisa), there is no greater Sorrow for Us, than seeing Our Love as broken in the creature, and Our Will obstructed, suffocated, without Its Operating Life, and as subordinate to the human volition.  So be attentive, and in all things have Love and My Divine Will for beginning.”


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