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The Greatest Sanctity is to Live in the Divine Will. What the soul who Lives in the Divine Will should do with her rags.


 1/20/07 – Vol. 7

The Greatest Sanctity is to Live in the Divine Will.

LUISA-READING-HOLY-SCRIPTUEHaving read the lives of two female Saints – one who aspired so much to suffering, and the other who aspired so much to be little – I was thinking in my interior about which one of the two it would be better to imitate, and unable to make up my mind, I felt as though hampered. So, in order to be free and to think only about loving Him, I said to myself: ‘I want to aspire to nothing but to love Him and to fulfill His Holy Will perfectly.’

At that moment, the Lord told me in my interior: “And it is here that I want you – in My Divine Will. Until the grain of wheat is buried in the earth and dies completely, it cannot rise again to new life and multiply itself, giving life to other grains. In the same way, until the soul is buried in My Divine Will, to the point of dying completely by dissolving all of her will within Mine, she cannot rise again to New Divine Life through the rising of all the Virtues of Christ, which contain True Sanctity. Therefore, let My Divine Will be the Seal which seals your interior and exterior; and once My Divine Will has risen completely within you, you will find True Love – and this is the greatest of all the other sanctities to which one can aspire.

1/20/22 – Vol. 13

What the soul who Lives in the Divine Will should do with her rags.

I was all concerned, with the addition that I saw myself as so bad that only Jesus can know the miserable state of my soul. And my sweet Jesus, all Goodness, came and told me: “My daughter Luisa, why do you oppress yourself? Do you know how one’s own things are in My Divine Will? They are like many miserable rags and tatters, which give more dishonor than honor to the soul, and remind her that she used to be a poor one, and possessed not even one garment that was whole. When I (Jesus) want to call a soul into My Divine Will, that she may establish her residence in It, I act like a great lord who would want to take one of the poorest women into his palace, so that, laying down her clothes of poor, she may be clothed according to his same condition, living together with him, and sharing in all of his goods. Now, this lord goes around all the streets of the city, and as he finds one of the poorest women, homeless, without a bed, covered only with filthy rags, he takes her and brings her to his palace as a triumph of his charity. However, he orders her to lay down her rags, to clean herself and to clothe herself with the most beautiful garments; and in order to keep no memory of her poverty, to burn her rags. In fact, since he is extremely rich, he does not admit anything in his house which may recall poverty. Now, if the poor one sadly misses her rags, and afflicts herself because she has brought nothing of her own, would she not offend the goodness, the magnanimity of that lord?

So I AM; and if that lord goes around one city, I (Jesus) go around the whole world, and maybe all generations; and wherever I find (Luisa) the littlest, the poorest one, I take her and place her in the Eternal Sphere of My Volition, saying to her: ‘Work together with Me in My Divine Will. What is Mine is yours. If you have something from your own – lay it down, because in the Sanctity and in the immense Riches of My Divine Will, it is nothing but miserable rags.

Wanting to have one’s own merits is of servants, of slaves – not of children. What belongs to the father, belongs to his children. Besides, what are all the merits that you could acquire compared to one single act of My Divine Will? All merits have their own little value, weight and measure; but who could ever measure one single act of My Divine Will? No one – no one. And then, what are your merits compared to Mine? In My Divine Will you will find them all, and I (Jesus) make of you (Luisa) the owner. Aren’t you happy?

Listen, My daughter (Luisa), I want you to leave everything aside. Your mission is Immense, and more than words, it is Acts that I expect from you. I want you (Luisa) to be in continuous Act in My Divine Will; I want the strolling of your thoughts in My Divine Will, which, strolling over all human intelligences, may lay the Mantle of My Divine Will over all created minds; and rising up to the Throne of the Eternal One, may offer all human thoughts Sealed with the Honor and the Glory of My Divine Will. Then, lay the Mantle of My Divine Will over all human gazes, over all words, as though placing your eyes and your words in a stroll over all of their gazes and words; and sealing them with My Divine Will, rise before the Supreme Majesty once again, and offer the homage as if all had used the sight and the speech according to My Divine Will. In the same way, if you (Luisa) work, if you breathe, if your heart beats, may your strolling be continuous. Your path is extremely long – it is all Eternity that you (Luisa) must cover. If you knew how much you lose with one stop of yours; and how you deprive Me, not of a human honor, but of a Divine Honor!

These are the Merits which you should fear of losing – not your rags and your miseries. Therefore, more attention in doing your runs in My Divine Will.”


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